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  1. JSY - Bridal mask LSH - Scholar who walks the night JKY - Come and hug me? i watched it's okay thats love but dont remember him there at all??
  2. https://streamable.com/u3h62a Omg i just watched JSY Vlive and guess what i found. She confirm that the ending is indeed open ending haha. What shes saying above is : (reading comment) : im sad for SaFo couple. No, if u think about SaFo couple, it can be SaFo couple. If you think about Cheonsa couple, it can be Cheonsa couple. Its like that. ps : sorry for the background haha. My apps wont record when i open Vlive. It needs another app that can work for the background lol.
  3. LOL so SEVEN people fight in one script??? no wonder the messed is hardcore. yepp, korean netizen are sane like us lol. i actually read some of korean netizen comment and they r basically same like us. confuse, angry and cursing the writer my personal thinking of this : they changed the story line here and there but the ratings wont go up. KBS now they cant save it no matter what they do. so, why not make it a "makjang" drama??? with how ridiculous the story went by, people will angry and keep talking about it. even if the ratings wont increase, at least people will get "noisy" with this Born Again drama. then at least the drama will be remembered by some people as an absurd and unbelievable drama, rather than become forgettable drama. and guess what?? i finally watched the last episode! hahahahah im proud of myself! of course i fast forward most of it, only see SH scene there. and surprisingly, i love his newly found bromance with STH. i wont comment any further bcs i did a lot it already and my opinion doesnt change.
  4. SB didnt scream tho, she just sobs hard at the epilogue. i dunno if ppl mentioned she screamed? but im pretty sure there's only one version of ending. yes he damage his face so that the corpse wont be recognized later. but the cause for his death is JB's stab. it was mentioned clearly by SB when she did the autopsy. JB stab him several times, and she said the stab at his stomach ( or lungs or some part of body i dont remember ) is the fatal strike that cause his death. this! even at ep 14 she clearly said that her hearts always remembers him. and at ep 16, before SH confessed about the accident to SB, SB said to SH : let's talk about our story now. then she took out the rings, saying : we ... but SH interrupted her. i dunno what would she say to him at that time, but pretty sure she wont give back the ring. because the words she said before is that she wants to talk about their story. but after SH confessed abt that accident, and she collapse and JB carried her she suddenly remember her HE's memories when GJC carried her and hold her hands. ewwww. how come she cant remember how HE loved HB so much, how she vows to love him in 20-30 years blah blah, but she remember those??? then suddenly she make up her mind. all of that in less than 10 mins. thats why it's hard for many people to swallow it. true. im disappointed about SB abruptly changing feeling towards SH. but they tainted the eternal love message they build in 10 eps. it was unacceptable. and what make me angry about the ending wasnt bcs SB didnt end up with SH. but bcs SB suddenly and absurdly realize that he love JB all this time. and to make it worse, the writer destroyed SH character so muchhhh to make SB can go to JB with no guilt. but sadly many people not buying it, if you watch kbs youtube channel the amount of dislikes and cursing comments there are no joke lol.
  5. hahahaha yes the filter game is so fun. as i understand JSY said, why the filter only works on LSH not with her face and JKY. oh did u know that JSY is following LSH real account on instagram?? his real acc only got like 40ish follower. i guess they must b close irl. ahhh its the scene where he said 'it's crazy'. i thought he really said that the script is crazy LOL. i think i watched that interview already haha. i wonder if the actors know that netizen were criticizing their drama? or how do they feel with the drama itself? im sure they r baffled as well with the script right? especially JSY, since she got the most hate here portraying SB.
  6. I actually find the scene where she keeps showing those item is too funny! Lol it was like she's doing PPL with those thing. She must have known brain surgery will have a lot of side effects, so she shud have prepare for memory lost if he did wake up. But her screamed there sounds terrified so my bet is that JB dead.
  7. Hahahahahahahha ikr when i watched it, i was like WTF? R u serious?? Sadly im the type who obssesed over a character lol. Especially when they have a great chemistry, then it will be hard for me to let them go. I need a newly found couple for me to do so haha. You know, last night is the first time i streamed live a korean drama. Im curious as how far the writer will ruined her own drama lol. And when i know for 99% shes going to choose JB. I still hold on to that 1% hope. But my heart really hurts for SH when she gave back the rings to him. From there i just hope both JB and SB will die and leave SH alone so he can start fresh. Sadly she survives ......
  8. LOL same! i feel depressed for days already. try watch Like Likes Like, LSH is funny and smiling a lot there! im feeling happier and less depressed after watching it haha. hahahaha he foreshadow it already! oh, did he said "its crazy" at the mid press conf?? is it the script he's talking about or?? NO for me. im going to avoid him for sometime. i cant bear thinking of JB and GJC looking at him. i want to quickly forget and bury this drama from my head, but somehow i keep lurking here to read all ur post lol. i guess it's the lingering feeling of regret and anger for they tainted SH character so much.
  9. Yes its an open ending. No matter what ppl say, im going to think that JB died and SB only saw her imagination. Then SH looking SB from afar thinking, why did this girl smiling alone?? She must be crazy i need to move on from her! And he meets a pretty and sane woman later on. Woah.. im proud of u! I cant bring myself to watch lol One question, did SB forgive SH? In the hospital scene i tought i heard her saying its not his fault and she didnt blame him. Is that true? Or i heard it wrong? And yes, her crying at the end definitely isnt a cry of relief. And at the end she said something like she forget all her painful memories already is it? Must be JB death.
  10. Yes it was SH hands she's talking about. If u watch carefully, the hand that holds SB is the little brother hand. Lol true. Even the flashback she's having is SH hand that hold his neck. My last thought of the drama : i watched this at first for JSY. I love her in QLAW hence i decide to check this. I never paid any attention to both male leads at first place. But watching the series, like many of u guys im sold of the love story HE and HB, starting from the recited poems, the vows, the doll with red string, etc. Then as the drama move to the modern time, im again sold to the love story of SH and SB as well. So i thought, ahh even if he's second lead here, the love story must be abt him and the FL. I didnt favor anyone at the first place, it was hows the drama going that makes me choose and believe that SH will end up with SB. But suddenly they turned all this around from ep 11. At first i was like, okay a couple in kdrama must have a seperation, theres no way for them to be lovey dovey all the time. Then i wait wait and wait, but things keep going down hill. To the point i cant watch it anymore. The last ep i watched properly with sub was ep 13. Then the story become worst at the ending. They tainted SH chatacter so much, make him a sinner for an accident he didnt intend to do. And i feel like thats the way the writer want to make us to believe now the FL can go to the other man peacefully. But JB did alot more of bad things at the first place, yet he makes him so saintly, so heroic all of sudden. And as u all know, the worst of the worst come, the ending. i know theres many ways to intepret the ending. Either JB live or dead, the one thats unacceptable for me was how they portrayed SH at the end. The book place shud have remained as a memories place for HE and HB. I wish they didnt taint this. Some more SH becoming like GJC in the past, longing for the girl from afar. Wow i really dumbfounded and angryyy how they ruined SH character in only 1 eps. This will remain as one of the worst ending i watched in my kdrama life. I regret a lottttttttt watching this drama. But the only thing console me is that i discover my love for LSH here. Last thing. For those who wants to wash their brain, try watch Like Likes Like. I watched 2 eps of it and im happier and less deppresed now haha. Seeing LSH there really help to tend my scattered heart! If anyone found the subbed episode for ep 3 and the rest, PLEASE do message me the link. @whiteclover @innrukia @Plummpychan @fluffyloaf @raziela @Yi Gui @jeilopes @Jalhanda @pamela572 @emmaleigh Nice knowing u all and thanks for sharing all ur thoughts here. U guys really make it fun in this frustating drama haha. Im sorry if i missed anyone here, but i like reading all the post posted here. See you guys on another thread! Maybe u will find me on Mystic Popup Bar, Its okay not to be okay, and Evil flower.
  11. this. exactly most of us here think. they spent an entire 10 episode believing that damned eternal love. and spent the rest of it with the FL two timing both men, and suddenly she ditch her eternal love and went to her stalker. i feel like i've been fooled. as i understand, SB did forgive SH. but i didnt watch it with sub i might hear it wrong. i dont plan to watch either, so someone who watch later maybe can answer this. i agree thats a big plot hole. i know something happened between HB and HE's parent death, but not in my wild guess that HB is the cause. as for what's the writer trying to say, i got nothing to say. @Plummpychan scholar is just so-so for me. and fyi he didnt get the girl as well there haha. yes please, its time for LSH to get a lead role already!
  12. me too! yes im relieved we r now free from this mess! this drama end at episode 10 for me. when he shot JB and carry SB outside. thats the ending for me. i only watched 2 of his drama actaully. this one and the scholar who walks at night. didnt give much attention in scholar, but im mesmerized by him here! any nice drama of him? im thinking of local hero, is that any good?
  13. lol did you read this comment?? " this drama wanna show sasaeng's fantasy visions after stalking idol for 20-30 years" HAHAHAHAHAH. OMG this comment make me laugh so hard!!! we will never figure it out. what can we expect from an insane writer!
  14. @whiteclover u shud have written the script instead of this crappy writer! i know. all those recite poems and vows and promise, all went down the drain. i wonder did JSY speak of her mind to the writer? because its too ridiculous and destroying her character too much. i wonder how long i need to recover from this mess. wont start a new drama soon i guess. will be watching like likes like to tend my scattered heart haha oh, and the scene where SH chase the culprit. i remember that was the last scene they shoot. saw it at his MUA ig story. did you guys notice his style is totally different than HB? so the writer just throw in the ideas last minute??
  15. right? i thought it was imagination as well. but one thing made me doubt it is SH. why did he stand there?? if i hear correctly SB was saying, " im okay now, im healthy, and i forget all those painful memories already." what memories? JB death? maybe its really an open ending then. lets make our own ending, im sure we r far better than the writer! omg this is what exactly i feel. i keep waiting for the writer to get her redemption. but she went crazy till the end. conclusion is : this drama SUCKS
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