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  1. I love his role either, very lovable and cool. And I enjoy this drama so much because it mentions LGBT which still does not fairly recognize in Korea. Btw, I like the lovely friendship between our actresses. Still feeling sad when watching Cha In Ha's scene :(. Agree with you guys, it's hard to have fun after knowing the truth, I just see sorrow in his eyes. Hope there's no more bad things happen to our drama members, I just wish a new bright day comes to them.
  2. Wow, I can see that many big channels in Korea love him very much! He's a gem! He's not like any actors I've known in Korea, I mean that whatever he does I feel it's true, not pretend to be someone or something. That makes him different to other people, especially in Korea, where the society is very strict. Korean people seem like to criticize every act of celebrities. His future is so bright from now on <3.
  3. I love OYS unnie so I watch this drama, but... how many sad things happening :(. Hope all of our casts and staffs stay strong for whatever it can lead to.
  4. Hi guys, this is the first time I post in this topic, although I've secretly read all your posts since the start! I made a full of kiss scenes clip of our OTP (oh my god, do they kiss so much in a historical drama nowadays? ) and I would like to share with you, please enjoy it with me.
  5. I'm dying in reading about him, I fall so hard for him . I love his personality the most, it's showed though his making decision, such as, he's decided to work on his own (with his manager-CEO-closed friend) since his contract with Clover was over. He had to argue with many people love and worry for him because his taking risk, but whatever happen, he choose to believe himself with his talent and consideration I guess . He's still feel sorry for his mom, but now she trusts and wishes him be happy. Oh dear, he's a man now, don't worry, he's stronger than many celebrities we've known. And ye, I totally agree with TTON's director, besides acting skill, he has a nice voice also, it's warm and manly at the same time . Wish our actor will get more fame in the future and of course, happyness is the major.
  6. Well, he looks like actors in 80s, so elegant and romantic. Love his look sooo much
  7. Yeye, hope to see him in another project, especially genre of action or investigation <3.
  8. I think people can travel to Korea, buy his FM ticket at: http://m.ticket.yes24.com/Perf/Detail/PerfInfo.aspx?IdPerf=35564 I want to be there tooo :"(
  9. His cuteness makes this song more popular . It's Be Melodramatic's OST. What a good choice of drama
  10. Yeah, he seems like and open-minded person with a great humanity. He might not care what people think about him, he loves himself and tiny lovely things around him (which is proved in his poem). He shows off his personality very well, natural but I can feel that he's very careful and serious. Oh my god, I love him crazily . I can talk about him all day with my bad English . Here you are, my dear friend I love his acting in this film, although by the time of the movie, he'd just debuted for 2 years.
  11. Hi guys, I've watched The Tale of Nokdu and realized he's the same boy plays in Solomon's perjury, which he debuts as an actor. I have to say that he improved his acting day by day. After falling in love with his performance, I looked for his work before, than I found If we were a season and Beautiful Days (2018) are also very interesting to watch. (I have the film Beautiful days in Eng-sub, in case you want to take a look) I just want to say what make me adore him is not only his acting but also his personality, so natural. Like he do what he want to do, he just shows it with his sincerity, but by a very clever way, I mean the quality that many actors don't. That's why his acting is very natural and pure. Love to share my opinion with you!
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