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  1. They just need a reason to hide a big thing. Small fish compared to big fish. Small fish will be a scapegoat anyway. I choose to be a woman rather than being a loyal fan. Immoral & illegal are different things.
  2. Be good & nice to others. Sad but still hoping a good life for Lee Jong Hyun & Seung Yeon also for all of us. Sarangahanda chinguya.
  3. Lee Jong Hyun from CNBLUE and love and support his friends
  4. Hi chingu, i'm new in C-drama. Can you guys please help me. Where can i watch this cute drama with Eng sub. Love this drama.
  5. Annyeong chingu, today i'm understood why he is so greedy in his life with YR. Thanks writer-nim , you used PAST - PRESENT - FUTURE wisely. A lovely drama for end my 2018. Hope Lee Je Hoon will win a Daesang this year.
  6. Yeaaaa..love it , i cant wait he open his shirt just to show his arm to Yeo Rum haha Anyway its a happy ending for me even though YR being stabbed.
  7. Annyeong my chingu in dramaland hehe another drama which can beat my current drama Where Stars Land, anyway i love TVN ; they are generous with so much teaser & clip. I love Moon Chae Won , hope this drama will make her rise and rise. Gud luck for this drama, hopefully TVN will success with another fantasy genre after Goblin. Woww i can't wait !! Kayanya 8TV hehe
  8. YR was his strength , don’t sad chingu but, kissing and collapsed in the same time was a rare scene in my dramaland story. Too dramatic for me.
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