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  1. I can’t wait for this drama to start. I’m a fan of Jang Na Ra and I just love her since I first watch her in “Fated to Love You”. Since then, I’ve watched her in pretty much every tv series I can get a hold of where she’s the FL - “Go Back Couple”, “School 2013”, “One More Happy Ending” (I especially love this one and her chemistry with her ML who’s so handsome), “Babyfaced Beauty” and “The Last Empress” (I don’t especially like this since I didn’t ship her love story with the King because any spouse abuse, even if there’s repentance in the end, is not cool in my book). I think she’s gorgeous. And more and more so as she age. Go, Jang Na Ra. Fighting!
  2. I love the chemistry between Nokdu and Dong-joo. My heart flutters every time they bicker, while at the same time, their attraction with each other just keep on growing. I’m totally shipping them and my fave scene so far was when ND is teaching DJ how to dance. That’s just so sweet, while hot at the same time.
  3. Agree. Each of us have different POV. And it's why I like this thread a lot because each have expressed their opinion while respecting others' opinion. I'm pretty much new to watching asian dramas in general, just less than a year, so, I haven't watched as many as, maybe, a lot of you here. With me, I actually started with C-Dramas. I got curious enough to watch Love 020 series and I love it, and I got hooked since then. Although, it's disappointing that most of the C-Dramas I watched after that, especially those with more than 30 episodes, kinda follow the same pattern of, first half, it was awesome, then the second half, it's crap. I think C-Drama should do the same as K-Drama. Just keep it short and sweet. 16 by standard, if it's too good, 20. But no more than that because almost always, plot just go nowhere after that. So, what's my list other than WWW? Since, I'm pretty "young" in this, 5 of the ones I love are pretty much recent ones: KDrama What's Wrong with Secretary Kim - This is my very first KDrama and it's what sold me to continue watching KDrama. Korean Odyssey Pinocchio Healer - Ji Chang-Wook is hot! Kill Me, Heal Me - Ji Sung is brilliant in his portrayal of his 7 split personalities CDrama Love 020 - It's a simple love story that shows that you don't need a third wheel/love triangle to make a plot work. Plus, the virtual world of gaming is an awesome addition. The Story of Minglan - While this has 68 episodes, I find that almost all episodes are relevant and not just filler, as what usually happen with a Cdrama. Le Coup de Foudre Princess Agents - It was really good until the ending, which is a major, major, cliffhanger. When the last scene ended, I'm like, "huh?!?!??? That's it???" Eternal Love (10 Miles of Peach Blossoms) - I've watched this at least 3x.
  4. I just want to add... I find Jang Ki Yong a really fine actor. I'm impressed by his performance. And he's just 26 years old! It's my first time to watch him, but I'm buying what he's selling. He need not say anything, his expressions say it all. Especially in his last scene with Ta-Mi where I've felt his joy, relief, love and excitement that he's together again with Ta-Mi. And when he scrunched his nose, Omo! Cuteness overload. Now, I'm off to hunting more of his shows. I've heard he killed it in "Kill It" - pun intended.
  5. So I'm done watching the finale too. I'm glad how it ended but I'm sad that it is the end. Half of my fantasy ending came true for TM/MG. TM initiated the communication (although in my fantasy, she followed him in Australia, haha), MG gladly welcomed it, and they decided to move forward together with full awareness that there are still those outstanding issues between them. They just want to live in the now and take it day by day. I like this. It's very realistic. No magic, instant solution. I just wish though that there's some make out/makeup kisses and a few more screen time. lol I love the surprise that JH did for CH, but gosh, I hate Scarlet's dress. She looks like an old spinster and she's too pretty to be wearing it. And it's so fun to watch CH telling TM that's she's going on leave for 4 days and TM shouldn't disturb her, but she'll miss TM anyway. No comment on GG and JW since I'm not really shipping their boat. And what better way to end it but to have all our girls in a bad-richard simmons Maserati top down car driving off to a place where there are no traffic lights.
  6. So, is it really 90 minutes? I look forward in watching it tonight.
  7. I love your post. It's very spot on. Thanks for the background on filming schedule. It made me appreciate this series more. And Netflix and Amazon Prime, I'm with you 100%. I thought the same. Of all Kdrama in Netflix, I only liked the Korean Odyssey and Strong Woman Bong Soon. The rest, I started watching for 1-2 episodes, and decided it's just a waste of my time. It's why I decided to subscribed with Viki. At least I'm getting my money's worth there. I hope the marketing or media gods of Netflix and Amazon Prime will see the light and make better decisions on what to include in their program. I'm sure when and if it happens that there will be more people like me, who lives outside of Asia/South Korea, who will appreciate more the K-dramas
  8. I just finished ep 15 and wow, it didn't disappoint. First of, may I just say, Scarlet (LDH) is freakin' gorgeous! In any angle and any outfit, she's just so beautiful. I like her in Beauty Inside but now, I love her. I'm definitely a fan now. Also, Scarlet is the best friend I want to become. She's just so awesome. She's there for you through thick and thin. She'll fight for you without asking what for. She'll join you in your misery and celebrate with you your triumphs. She'll even save you from sticky situation even if you're not in such good terms as before (she saved SGG from a mob of reporters). And she's so funny too! Scarlet and BTM's friendship is BFF goals. I hope there can be a spin-off about their friendship. I'll totally watch it. About our couples. CH and SJH is a cute relationship. I felt like they've been written to give the light and fluff in ep 14 and this episode. A comic relief and a heart fluttering moments to an otherwise, heavy drama. I adore them. They're so sweet. SGG and JW. I can't say much because I'm not as drawn to them as with the other 2 couples, but I hope they get their happy ending as well. I'm not much into their relationship I guess because of the past episodes wherein they're the "bad" people, and even in this episode, I still can't make out if SGG is someone I like but still hate because of her business ethics. And for BTM and PMG, still my fave couple. I love the montage of their day-to-day lives. It's obvious that they try to move on, but they're so not over about each other. And when PMG's mom died, without hesitation, BTM went and simply be there for him. While for the other couples, it's clear where they're headed in their relationship, with BTM/PMG, it's still a cliffhanger. It can go both ways, and both ways has a perfect reason why it has to be so. This is another reason why I'm so invested in their relationship. It keeps me wondering what will happen next. As for the mom's death and what it means, I agree with 12blbl. I think it's for BTM to realize that life is short. That it's time to let go of her worries of a future that may or may not happen. And instead, focus more on her relationship with PGM. After all, as what she said to Ah Ra, while break ups are messy and it hurts every time it happen, with PMG, it's different because it feels like it will hurt forever (I paraphrase the translation ). So, doesn't it tell her that PMG may be "The One"? For tonight, I think there will be a time skip especially with the first scene in preview of an empty chair with falling leaves (I'm reading it as change of seasons. hehe). And all couples will have their happy ending. ================== My fantasy ending for PMG/BTM: PMG go to Australia. BTM follow him there and profess her love. They move forward with their relationship, just to see how it goes, just because they really love each other. And after the time skip, they decide that marriage is worth a try and it's BTM who proposes. ================== About the other plot regarding IT, it's happening now. Data manipulation is a hot topic now, especially here in US. I have a lot of thoughts about this and maybe I'll share it after the series ends. ================== I just love, love this series. And while I'm looking forward to see the ending tonight, I'm also sad to say goodbye.
  9. I started as a lurker, looking for spoilers. And then, I've watched The Story of MingLan, and discussion there is so good, I gotta jump in. And then, went back to being a lurker looking for spoilers. And then this. I really love the drama. The discussions here are very insightful, and all are respectful of each others' opinions. So, I thought, I'll join in the fun. There's one more episode left. But I hope to see you all in the next KDrama for more interesting discussions. Thanks a lot for opening to this forum. It made my watching a lot more fun.
  10. Really??? I wish I'm home now so I can already watch it even without subs.
  11. I agree. And it’s refreshing to watch a reversal of sorts on roles, with the woman (BTM) as the one hesitant to get married, while the man (PMG) is very much willing. That last scenes in Episode 14 killed me as well. I guess it’s pride that prevented BTM to talk PGM out of breaking up with her. I guess it’s also pride that made her abruptly walk away so that PGM don’t see her hurting/crying that much. All the while she’s walking away, I was screaming at BTM like, “No Ta-Mi! Go back! Don’t leave him!”. And for some reason, their push and pull remind me of this quote from Runaway Bride, which I think if they do get to a proposal of sorts of being together, this is very appropriate, especially if BTM says this to PGM... ”I guarantee there'll be tough times. I guarantee that at some point, one or both of us is going to want get out. But I also guarantee... that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life. Because I know in my heart... you're the only one for me.” - Maggie Carpenter to Ike Graham, Runaway Bride
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