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  1. Thank you very much for the translations. While difference seems to be slight, it actually adds more meaning to the conversation. So, please keep it coming.
  2. Hi. Hi, thanks for the videos. But do you have one in subbed in english? Thanks much.
  3. I'm also glad QH has his own happy ending. He deserves it. I'm waiting for Xiaotao's and Shitou's happy ending as well. I hope just like Danju, I see Xiaotao in a wedding dress.
  4. In Viki, it says there are 76 episodes. And given the days countdown, it seems last episode is this Friday. There seem to be less ep in Viki because they're running DVD version, which I believe has longer running time per ep, compared to TV version.
  5. Thank you! You've perfectly described my feelings in watching this show. I adore Minglan. IMO, she's the best woman character I've ever watched in any show (and Zhao Liying portrayed her brilliantly). While I'm glad that it's a happy ending, I'm sad that I won't be able to see more of her after Wednesday, except to re-watch it. It's been one heck of a roller coaster ride. Ups and downs. And I enjoyed every moment of it. Also, I agree that other characters are all well fleshed out and I appreciate that the show gave some background about them, which explained why they turned out to be that way. And I love GTY and ML's love story. I love watching it grow from practical/survival union to one true love.
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