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  1. wow damn this show just went next level, watching ep 6 now but havent finished it i like the new doctor hehe don't really like the son..seems like hes like his dad but he's a kid so gotta see his POV and also the cultural views of divorce (hated what he said in front of the cliff/water scene so heart breaking) ex-husband will always leach off others lol gold digger hoping once SW is in a healthier state of mind and situation she dates the doc lol, they look good
  2. Has anyone watched this with english subs yet? If you have do you still have the link for it? Searching but all sites I've found aren't subbed yet
  3. i started watching this last week. lol the husband is trash, basically using both ladies (DK for her family/dad and SW for her funds) i don't like DK too much either atm haven't seen enough of her yet cant believe he took out a mortgage loan???! and a loan under his sons name...