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  1. I just started this and it's looking good. So excited to see SSR again on screen so quickly. I love the intro with SG's character and the flashbacks clips of him with his nephew (?) really nicely done. Having been a fan of suzy in dream high but no so much in her other dramas, I hope she shows some more range here Updated: loved it haha
  2. I think the drama is portraying the terrible korean work culture. He and his girlfriend are like because they kind of have to just do whatever their bosses say/anyone who is higher ranking than them at work since they are young and very new in the field. They are pressured to take in all the nasty comments and are basically ‘owned’ by their bosses/superiors. Work> anything outside of work for them at this point even though they are trying to meet up
  3. Loving this drama so far. I usually do like romance but for this drama I think it would be nice for the two main characters just to remain close and help each other with what they love the most - music. I think it keeps it more poignant that way. Lee El is great. Her look is just awesome.
  4. I like man weol's and the guard captain's chemistry hhaha
  5. I love how Yi Do is kind of letting JH/YR gain the courage/confidence/build up her own self esteem on her own before really going to her.
  6. Really liked the class two episodes 19-20, 21-22. The stories were interesting and I love Dong Woo so much - I hope someone can care for him and raise him well Dong Woo's actor is doing a really good job haha (like the part where he was clinging onto dad and yelling at the aunt and after that with the prosecutor). I hope his dad gets treated before it is completely unstoppable & I am soooo shipping Dr Jang and Dr Noh...idk why it's so subtle but I'm on board the ship hahahahaha I just realised that one scene we had with Dr Jang, Dr Noh and her daughter in ep 21-22 was Dr Jang trying to be 'funny' by crossing his eyes hahaha. I like his sense of humour, I didn't even notice he did that until I rewatched the scene again.
  7. Wow I am really glad I watched this show. Have watched No Min Woo previously and am glad to see him rocking his role here (and fits the role super well). Glad hes back on screen too. The whole cast is really good. I want Dr Jang to get treatment with his mental ilness. I also ship the mother, daughter and him as a family lmao. I hope they keep in touch throughout the story. I hope Dr Jang has gets treatment and moves forward to be happier I don’t want something bad to happen to him because of some higher ups. Really didnt like the scene where one of the big bosses calls him up and triggers his alter and trauma...so cruel and it just makes me so angry. I like how this series illustrates how mental illness may seem shameful, something out of this world and unacceptable in certain countries as it is something very true. It isn’t wrong to seek help if you are ill and it the issue needs to be educated to people properly and encourage help if you need it.
  8. The episodes from this week have been great and I so love the tension/love between JH and EO. YR/JH are doing a really good job and I think both actresses have great chemistry with their daughter too, JK. The sweet scenes are just so sweet. The one in the clothing storage room where she was with ED learning how to walk. It was just so sweet. So glad with the cast in this drama. So happy with SSR and KJK (one of my fav models) who I've seen their previous works. Love the song choices for scenes too, especially, 'it's a man's world' hahaha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW8Mdlh59ZE the lovely scene from ep 13 14, vid doesn't show up for some reason. the direction of this scene just flowed so nicely with the song lyrics like oh mann it was so good
  9. Loving this drama, surprised it's not more popular. Everyone is doing great and I love our main leads
  10. Watching ep 4 now and am loving Konmaru (?)/Healer (the horse) haha. Also liking the angst between Tagon x Tanya
  11. @katakwasabi thank you!! I just watched the live stream and ohhh i am liking their chemistry together and it looks like he will have good chemistry with her present/original self as well!! i am excited
  12. loving this so far all three characters Seo Yi Do and both versions of Jae Hee Edit: confused now. I read that there is Jae Hee and Ye Rin? I thought they were the same person? or? or she's actually actually the fashion model that died but is alive or is it Jae Hee with just the fashion model's body ?
  13. I just finished watching ep 1 and wishing young Tagon was still played by the same actor in present day somehow hahaha & oh yes ragaz tooo.....
  14. Been a big fan of SSR and his works and am so glad he's back pretty soon after 'The Last Empress'!! This drama looks great
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