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  1. I agree with the k-netz comment above. This drama is mermerizing. The cinematography, the acting, script, and the narration. When Ji Eun has her narration, sometimes I think "Ahhh this is true! I understand you! Oh, this is so real." Episode 6 is a huge step for Ji Eun and Jung Woo. I can't wait for their next story but on the other side I sometimes feel sorry for Jung Woo's wife. What a mixed feeling. Anyway this is totally a recommended drama. I actually have expectation on this drama. Lee Sang Yeob fits his role perfectly although we have seen his comical babo side for a while. He's back into serious role. While Park Ha Sun with her melo side. They are so great!
  2. Omg i'm totally root for Seol Ji Hwan and Cha Hyeon kiss scene lol. Such a fangirl. Lee Jae Wook nailed it. He has a bright future. I think this project will open a new door for his career. In the drama, Seol Ji Hwan career changes after "What's wrong with mother in law" and in real life Lee Jae Wook career changes after "Search www"
  3. I knew that the moment Kim Dan leaves her, she will immerse perfectly into Giselle's role. I feel bad for her and Kim Dan. Dan already did his mission He made her knows what really love is. But that love hurts them botg
  4. Hello, anyone knows the title of this song? I like the ost of this drama but I can not find the full version on youtube. If anyone knows the title, please let me know. Thanks
  5. The first 2 episodes are quite promising. The storyline about 3 strong women in the internet industry. The competion is getting serious. I guess no more time for Tami to play Tekken, since she will also be busy with her lovelife
  6. On the next episode preview, Ji Kang Woo has revealed Dan's identity. It's gonna be more interesting. TBH, I feel bad for Geum Ni Na. She's giving her effort to be a balerina but in the end Ji Kang Woo is crazy over Yeon Soo. With his attitude, I think he's ruining the whole team. How could he become a leader
  7. I enjoy this drama! The latest episode was entertaining. I laughed hard during the prosecutor Go hospital scene. It's intense yet entertaining.
  8. Watch this in my spare time, without any expectation. it turns out to be a good drama. I think the cast match well with their roles. Shin Hye Sun acting is amazing. It's entertaining. Now I have another fav airing drama beside abyss
  9. I don't really like about the whole bug storyline. I just thought it's a lil bit strange. IMHO. Marco is definitely a bug and he hasn't been killed by Zinu. Other than that, who know there might be other bugs out there :p First, I guessed JW would still alive as human after killing all the bugs. All the bugs are zombie (except JW. JW is still a human), so I thought all the zombies would turn into white sand, While human JW stays alive in real world. Secondly, JW is trapped inside the instant dungeon as a master? What will happen if there's a new master? Instant dungeon can be only used for the master. Hmmm
  10. If KJY is really behind this, there should be a proper explanation. Because the police himself said it's almost impossible to believe there's another real culprit with all the coincidence. Can't wait until next week
  11. One of my fav dramas for this year. But I guess there were some plot holes during a few eps. V V V V V V V V V We saw that the grandpa is clearly having cold sweat because of motion sickness on the bus. Then the spirit inside hwa pyung's father tries to kill him. Those scenes made me sure that he's the real grandpa. But then, the storyline didn't kill him. That's when I had a thought that he might be actually the most important character because the storyline keeps him alive. More (small) plotholes: both father yang and park hong joo are human. No devil inside them but they're reacted to the cross. The cross hurts their hands.
  12. wow I didn't expect the ending. I just ran to Soompi forum to check the comments and now looking for explanation.
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