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  1. I don't really like about the whole bug storyline. I just thought it's a lil bit strange. IMHO. Marco is definitely a bug and he hasn't been killed by Zinu. Other than that, who know there might be other bugs out there :p First, I guessed JW would still alive as human after killing all the bugs. All the bugs are zombie (except JW. JW is still a human), so I thought all the zombies would turn into white sand, While human JW stays alive in real world. Secondly, JW is trapped inside the instant dungeon as a master? What will happen if there's a new master? Instant dungeon can be only used for the master. Hmmm
  2. If KJY is really behind this, there should be a proper explanation. Because the police himself said it's almost impossible to believe there's another real culprit with all the coincidence. Can't wait until next week
  3. One of my fav dramas for this year. But I guess there were some plot holes during a few eps. V V V V V V V V V We saw that the grandpa is clearly having cold sweat because of motion sickness on the bus. Then the spirit inside hwa pyung's father tries to kill him. Those scenes made me sure that he's the real grandpa. But then, the storyline didn't kill him. That's when I had a thought that he might be actually the most important character because the storyline keeps him alive. More (small) plotholes: both father yang and park hong joo are human. No devil inside them but they're reacted to the cross. The cross hurts their hands.
  4. wow I didn't expect the ending. I just ran to Soompi forum to check the comments and now looking for explanation.
  5. Mr. Han is acting as an angelic husband and father all this time. And now he's trying to put all the blame on Kim Hyeon Joo. Min Ji was dead because of him. But he's trying to frame Kim Hyeon Joo as the killer. What a bad man. Meanwhile his mother. I think she knew something. At least Yoon Jin has seen a photo of his husband and Kim Hyeon Joo.
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