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  1. I hope the tutor isnt the birth mom. I'm already prepared for the unexpected twist here. Amyway, I like to see how young master x maid relationship will be!
  2. Officer Oh, he knows something doesn't he? He saw Min Jung that night. This drama is really good at distraction. I suspect someone then 30 minutes later, I suspect someone else, then 10 minutes later I get confused. Lol.
  3. I like how the story goes. It was pretty fast. It makes us keep guessing but I'm sure there will be twist to make it more interesting. So I guess there is bigger issue here regarding the people in that small city
  4. From the preview for eps 7, both share same soul. So the soul of chef JBH comes back to his body for a while (the scene where he wakes upnin the hospital). But he suddenly back to state of unconsciousness. That moment, the soul goes to the queen (the scene where the queen suddenly wakes up). So, where is queen soul going? Is it gonna be a sad ending?
  5. I keep asking.. if chef and queen really switched souls, what happen to the real queen. I can not imagine queen soul in the playboy chef body, here in this modern world, lol. I guess the preview of Choi Jin Hyuk on eps 6, is just an imagination or unreal. -just found out this video from tvndrama IG- https://www.instagram.com/p/CJSJ5KbHoeb/?igshid=8yrytjfylsci Choi Jin Hyuk spc appearance is really special. He's quite busy as a cameo lol
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