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  1. I enjoyed this episodd as well. I watched the Yul Mo x Nokdu scene while commuting on a bus haha.. I grinned a lot like a crazy person. On the other side, I am super curious of Kim Tae Woo's plan. The cutie Aeng Du, what did you do??? She really can't keep a secret. Now Yul Mo finds out about Nok Du. And he interrupts the kiss scene. We need that kiss sceneee. I mean, Yul Mo and Nok Du 's kiss was hotter Ahhhh Aeng Du and Yul Mo. Yul Mo must be very angry with Nokdu. Nokdu even kissed him before and now he's kissing his crush.
  2. I agree that female detective's role is kinda annoying. I understand that the writer needs to lower the tension with some light and funny scenes but seriously her scenes aren't funny. I feel like the writers are forcing her character too much. I don't have any complain for other characters. I hope the storyline will be superb. I belive there will be a twisted and complicated case that hard to solve.
  3. TBH, I feel a little bad for Na Ha Yeong character. Back then, even if she keep fighting against the tv station and uncovered the truth to public, nothing would be changed. She couldn't save him either because prof. Hwang was in coma. I hope the writers make another reason for Ma Dong Chan to leave Na Ha Yeong. Not only because he feels more comfortable with Mi Ran, now. Afer just a few weeks, and Dong Chan already had a changed heart. Hmmm
  4. I think the writer has a purpose to make us confuse with that scene. I am pretty sure that JW killing MJ scene is really happening. The policemen said what JW did is purely a self defense. So, I guess JW really killed MJ. Then JW sees MJ from ambulance is purely his hallucination. But then on the next scene, the writer shows us that female officer also saw MJ in the elevator. Maybe the write is just playing around with the viewers. To make us keep thinking again and again and again.
  5. A little OOT here. I think the small rented room or goshiwon is on highlight. I've just watched the interview on Asian*oss account. I think it will be tiring to live in that small room for a long time. Especially when you have those creepy neighbours from other rooms. I think I understand how Jung Woo and Yoo Ki Hyeok lost their mind. Not just mentally but phisically. I've stayed in a small room near Seoul station. It's a cheap one. But the room is the smallest one. The bed is small just like Jung Woo's. I had back pain after a few nights lol. I can't walk properly with my suitcase and stuff in the tiny room. I can hear hairdryer sound from another room. In my country, there are also rented rooms. I have a friends who live in a small room. The rooms are just too full lol. I can barely sit and I can not move around. That's how we live in this lonely world.
  6. As the viewer, I feel annoyed. When don't you leave that damn placeee... you keep saying the people are weird and want to move out.
  7. I can't believe this drama is about to end. I'm a slice of life drama lover. I enjoy this drama really well. I like the jokes. I like the character development. It's refreshing!
  8. At first I thought why would they make this romcom drama with the suspense serial killer story. But I realized, that thrilling story makes this drama interesting.
  9. I agree with the k-netz comment above. This drama is mermerizing. The cinematography, the acting, script, and the narration. When Ji Eun has her narration, sometimes I think "Ahhh this is true! I understand you! Oh, this is so real." Episode 6 is a huge step for Ji Eun and Jung Woo. I can't wait for their next story but on the other side I sometimes feel sorry for Jung Woo's wife. What a mixed feeling. Anyway this is totally a recommended drama. I actually have expectation on this drama. Lee Sang Yeob fits his role perfectly although we have seen his comical babo side for a while. He's back into serious role. While Park Ha Sun with her melo side. They are so great!
  10. Omg i'm totally root for Seol Ji Hwan and Cha Hyeon kiss scene lol. Such a fangirl. Lee Jae Wook nailed it. He has a bright future. I think this project will open a new door for his career. In the drama, Seol Ji Hwan career changes after "What's wrong with mother in law" and in real life Lee Jae Wook career changes after "Search www"
  11. I knew that the moment Kim Dan leaves her, she will immerse perfectly into Giselle's role. I feel bad for her and Kim Dan. Dan already did his mission He made her knows what really love is. But that love hurts them botg
  12. Hello, anyone knows the title of this song? I like the ost of this drama but I can not find the full version on youtube. If anyone knows the title, please let me know. Thanks
  13. The first 2 episodes are quite promising. The storyline about 3 strong women in the internet industry. The competion is getting serious. I guess no more time for Tami to play Tekken, since she will also be busy with her lovelife
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