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  1. Okay after the ship sails, there will be storm next right.. The same progress for the another otp on another drama.
  2. So the sail is shipping and here comes the storm. I think it's also gonna be hard for JY on the next eps. He needs someone to lean on. But he doesn't want to show his struggle.
  3. I feel bad for Hyeon Ho. I cried while watching him. Jun Kyung will end up loosing both of her best friends. It's all about the timing. Dong Yun will tell about his feeling to Song Ah on the preview. But Song Ah already fell for JY. I hope this won't ruin SA-MS-DY friendship.
  4. I had a great expectation of this drama until they put some romance into it. Tae Yi clearly has a feeling for Jin Gyeom. Sigh. I dislike the idea of someone like Jin Gyeom will also finally fall for Tae Yi who has his mother face. I thought they're gonna be a cool squad and reveal the shocking twist/mystery of the time travel. I actually love the story of time travel. So I have high expectation. But now I think I need to reconsider this drama. Hmmm..
  5. How did hae sook know about the three evidence (shoes/throphy/cellphond? How did hae sook know about the three evidences (throphy/cellphone/heels)? As I can remember, no one talked to her about it?
  6. I think HH is starting to feel something between JY and JK. Will it ruin their friendship soon..? SA narration at the end eps, was that sad. About she will remember that moment, she will continue to love although she's getting hurt again and again. I don't want a sad ending drama please. I dont need more heartbreaking dramas. Let JY and SA together.
  7. I didn't really enjoy the plot and the progress of this drama. I've been pushing fast forward button for the past two weeks. Until the end I'm still confuse. So, was it Jae Hoon who killed Gang San? Because based on the opening scene of eps 17: Gang San was still awake after Jae Hoon left, right..? And on the next scene, he suddenly was bleeding more and was unconciousness, then man in black dragged him into the bathroom? So, was it also Jae Hoon who came back to clean up the mess and get evidences? And the next question is about Hae Sook. I can conclude that she prepared fake throphy/phone/shoes and got them burnt with her corpse. But how could Hae Sook knew about these three evidences? Jae Hoon hid the evidences in his secret place. And Gongchul was the one who took them with him. And why did Jung Hae do with Gang san corpse? I'll be back for explanations.
  8. I thought it's gonna be a suspense thriller (read: scary) drama. But it's not scary and kinda has unique element here. I love to see more of this squad. Everyone with different backgrounds. The explanation of that village. Why ahjussi and Kim Wook are so special.. Anyway, ahjussi appearance on every crime scene, (when the victim was found). Will anyone someday notice his appearance on many crime scenes and somehow misunderstands him?
  9. Becausr of this drama, I spent last night on serious googling mode haha. I read some articles about Brahms, Clara, and Schumman.
  10. I probably wouldn't have watched this if there weren't great casting because I'm not into musical-theme drama. But the cast seriously made me watch this. Sign me in! I already fell for the quirky yet cute chemistry between the leads. I can't wait to hear Sung Chul voice (but he's not a singer here, I guess he won't sing hmm). The tone, the vibe, the mood, the ambience.. this drama is mesmerizing. And it's kinda interesting to see each of our lead loveline. One likes his best friend's girl. The other one likes her best friend (+also her best friend's ex).
  11. I agree that the child from eps 1 and the torn paper hold important role in this story. We just still don't know. The plot can develop into interesting one. That one year and twenty nine years gap, the mysterious Yoon Tae Yi, the book, Alice, everything can turn into puzzle piece
  12. I'm gonna miss this drama. Definitely a worth to watch drama! Even until the end, they still reveal the truth with a twist. What a complicated truth. Usually the bad guy got punished for what he did by the end of the drama. But this drama played a little unique 'way' to punish OJT. Anyway. It's also touching.
  13. This week episodes reveal the truth. Although I was surprised that det.Nam has the video from the car blackbox. I thought YJS already got it after he killed the men. YJS decision to make a trap for OJT, he really steals last night episode! I like how the writer makes the plot and puzzle here.
  14. I feel relieved to see the reunion. So relieved. Anyway that battle sing scene is super funny. Those siblings. Lol. I think Mrs. Choi has some kind of illness. Maybe alzheimer or something because she clearly shows us that she's super forgetful. After Joon Sun came back to his wife, next is Na Hee's turn and also Ga Hee & Da Hee!
  15. Despite the truth about MY eomma. I thought MY appa would be able to tell MY directly, what's inside his heart, his fear, his regret, and his complicated thought. The moment the chief told GT to not trust anyone in the hospital, and when they analyze the message on paper, at that moment.. Nurse Park suddenly pops up in my head. Some netizen already had suspicion on her but I thought she's not the mother. But after seeing the butterfly pin and her smile while driving, I got goosebump. I read a post, there's a speculation. Nurse Park might be MY eomma evilish twin. And she might actually be the real killer of GT ST eomma. MY eomma wore the pin on different side from Nurse Park. Is she her twin (based on the title 'tale of two sisters')? So, MY eomma is innocent. MY-GT don't have to feel guilty for hurting each other.
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