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  1. will they break up at next episode? I hope MR remember TJ has something to tell after her return and demand the explaination. And I hope MR tell clearly why they should break up. It is not because TJ is a heir (or got promoted higher than her) but because IS is her mother. on the preview, TJ will leave the officetel? where MR will go? I can't wait for the next episode. I can't guess what will happen next. IS is sly to make announcement when MR away, so TJ can't reach her. How far will she make her daughter suffer . the chairman is just opportunist.
  2. if there is time jump, how about MS and MH story? I don't think there is time jump except for last episode when they show us all people happy together. MR said she will fight in the last episode. or IS blackmail MR so MR give up. too many mystery around IS intentions. @maribella pizza hut in my country have black pizza. idk if the menu still exist now.
  3. sorry unrelated to story. but aren't that black pizza or some kind of that? it should no burnt, because MR and SJ eat that pizza. I only following MR TJ SJ and IS story, so I will only comment on IS. I still don't get her logic. After what IS said to chairman about MR and TJ, she go home and cry. why?
  4. I still don't get IS intention. at night she goes to SJ then confront her, the following day, she goes to MR and the hugging scene. But I never heard IS apologize to MR. About SJ react to MR, aren't it similar to what she did to MS? so I guess it okay, SJ is really a drama queen like MH said. But at least the romance is begin.
  5. Definitely hate EG. He will sabotage every potential man for DM then he wish to grow old together? He never act as a man in DM eyes, and he never try. So just out of our couple. I don't want EG to end up with DI too. DI is wrong to say all of that, but she realised she is dirty by doing that. DI also already confess, so I welcome her to the game.
  6. @jasmine19 you just remind me the conclusion for DR's sister in law in My Only One. I don't want IS have conclusion like that one. Suddenly one day IS behave nice to MR and forget all her previous mistake.
  7. Hello, I am new to this thread. a lot debating on kiss apparently. I don't know either if it is fake or real. But, I don't impress with the kiss. The direction seem off for me. They did better when RG told DM his pin code to his house.
  8. I understand why SJ help MS with child and house care. It is same with my grandma who take care of me and my sibling when my mother was on the work. SJ want MS to save up money for nanny to buy house. But it was goes wrong as MS take it for granted. I agree with some people that said MS is spoiled, but her husband is more spoiled. I am curios as how IS will be redeem towards the end of drama. As of now, IS is nowhere to be redeem. I know she will be sorry and whatever she will do at the end of drama, but what she do right now is wrong. And what is that being noble, she is not. I guess she will push Jung So hee to be couple with TJ. I hope TJ and MR become couple next episode or sunday episode. They will have many obstacle, so just let them become strong couple before the storm.
  9. MR and TJ already look like a couple. I love them. Their date is fun, and TJ angry with MR is cute . MR and MS sisterhood, love them together. SJ really love MR like her real daughter. I am glad MS can stay beside SJ side. I don't think chairman is care enough who MR is. I guess he will care who MR is after found out TJ is dating MR. on another note, aren't SJ's brother also call SJ nunim, not nuna? is there any difference too like with hyungnim and unni? maybe someone can enlighten me. thanks.
  10. How about In Sook abandoned MR is the Chairman requirement for her to marry his brother? Are the secret between MR and In Sook will reveal before TJ and MR dating? I can't wait to see more TJ and MR moment. MS story is more enjoyable now. Her mother in law is more bearable to watch now. It is funny to see the mother in law and her son. I still don't get MH story. Need more episode to love MH story maybe.
  11. If only if 2D1N back with entirely different cast or maybe season 4, I want the current 5 member + intern appear on their very first episode. Just to said goodbye and pass the baton. But I still hope if there is season 4, some cast is back especially Jong Min. I know they are getting older. Noooo, I just want 2D1N back. sorry for my rumbling, I just miss this show.
  12. okay, I am sold to this drama. episode 1 and 2 is quite annoying for me. especially everytime mother in law come to screen. so i try to wait till 8 episode come out, but i can't wait to see TJ and MR. Then decided to watch, episode 3 and 4 really make me stay.
  13. there is no update from kbs? I miss the show already did. we can only vote once for one account right?
  14. I hope this hiatus only because they can't air previous shoot with JJY, so they don't have enough footage to air this sunday. I don't mind season 4 if they need to re organize, but please with the same current remaining member and PD.
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