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  1. you right....i repeating hear the last narration by jun and i got better.the ending actually so beautiful. eunpo family always in our heart. Like rara and jun healed, we also healed by watching this. This drama after all, it okey to be ended like that.
  2. when i read your review, i feel better about the endings....this drama hold a soft spot in my heart.It truly healing drama... When i think again, i did not think the writer out of idea but she purposedly choose this endings.
  3. i like the friendship between manbok harabojee and jun....they are true friend eventhough age gap. I think harabojee know everything about jun . I just assume writer want us to right our own scenario about rara and jun. But still, want rara and jun scene more. This drama become my healing drama even i crying too much for this drama.....after dongbaek, this drama warm me with the people surroundings main lead. Happiness doesn't mean only occur when we happy, but happiness occur when your surroundings happy. So, for me 5 years rara at eunpo city does not mean miserable, because du
  4. After watching ep 16 again, narration by jun actually bring a deep meaning as he mentioned rara is like a stars that shines even in dark places. This drama actually want to show us the journey of youth for jun and rara, how they heals each other in eunpo city. As rara said before, the times she spend with jun defined herself. But still, if writer spend more 10 minutes for epilogue this drama would be perfect. This drama had made me laughing and crying with them. Even by hearing they dialogue, made me teary. DDSSLLS is like discovering a talented gem actor like Lee Jae Wo
  5. after watching the finale episode again, i can relate why jun did not want rara to know he sick....he know rara very well and rara would do anything to take care of him.if can made his frustated as he want to be a strong man for rara. But still epilogue would be better...
  6. i'm join the naver chat for this drama.....totally the knetizen raged over the ending.they just hoped kbs for give awards for jaewook and ara for their performance...i just hope can see again in kbs drama award in 31 december. JUN AND RARA BECOME MY FAVOURITE COUPLE FOR THIS YEAR EVEN WITH MINIMAL SWEET SCENE BETWEEN THEM.THE WRITER JUST WASTED THE CHEMISTRY.
  7. Not sure about what this writer thinks...this drama still one of my favourite this year. The chemistry between lee jaewook and goara is awesome. But writer -nim,it is too much at least give us epilogue about jun n rara proper date
  8. such a good explaination.....so i just hope we got happy ending.
  9. the writer also got the best writer at mbc drama awards for this drama....but still i like DDSSLLS.hope for better n happy ending
  10. that right....the writer already put the hint regarding jun illness. Rara personality is consistent, that why we never see her mad She just a simple person without thinking too hard about something.She living at fullest. She such a forgiving person since the beginning.
  11. same with me...this drama still on the top of my list for romcom(+melo) even i dissapointed with jun illness but still i got to see rara clingy again...how i miss rara and jun in the beginning. I think writer use jun illness is one of the ways for jun parents approved their relationship....if jun did not sick, it quite difficult for his parents to accept rara. So, we just need to wait for jun to cameback....i still believe we will get happy ending.
  12. tonight episode reveal all the ties that we want to know....from jun illness to DDSSLLS identity and what DDSSLLS means.it actually a cafe name....i never thought that. so writer-nim, just give us happy ending and if there are wedding scene it bonus for us.we want more rara jun scene.
  13. hope their meeting lead to something happy for them....i anvious waiting for tomorrow. i think this scene came out after rara go to jun house....i just hope jun's mom become the one that lead to this meeting. i just can't take another separation between them.
  14. indeed....i'm agree with you.i also think i would watch this drama again from the start when its complete. same....i usually only watch 1 or 2 drama ongoing every year.so i'm done for this year with DDSSLLS
  15. i decided to watch live streaming even i did not understand....i just can' t wait what going happen to them.this drama would be last drama for this year that i watch ongoing, so i will just enjoy it.
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