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  2. to be a good ballerina, nina need to confident with herself because its does matter yeonseo making cameback or not. She need to figure out the improve herself instead showing that she look troubled when yeonseo to be mentioned....how came you want to be a excellent ballerina if you had inferiority complex. nina is good ballerina but she not mentally strong and i think because of her mother and sister. nina performance is good as she confident and she potray giselle very well based on the story. for me, why she lost i think she didn't put herself as giselle meanwhile yeonseo put herself as giselle.that why yeonseo win the audition....i like the last part of yeonseo performance, her fingers pointed to dan.
  3. i agree with you about all three leads deserve happy ending. i hope ji kang woo become the one that help dan and yeonseo to be together.... after ep 10, i see ji kang woo with new light, as he confront the truth with senior hu and i think his also pitiful although in the beginning i quite annoyed with his obsession toward yeonseo. BUT I STILL WORRIED ABOUT DAN LAST WISH TO YEONSEO....HOPE NOT ABOUT YEONSEO TO BE HAPPY ALTHOUGH HIS NOT AROUND
  4. after finished watching this week episode, made me curious about the ending..... my opinion regarding this week ep: 1. dan and yeonseo childhood story is so innocent and sad.i curious about what the other things would be revealed next week. 2. i do know why, i didn't like nina attitude. why she need to blame yeonseo everytime she not selected for female lead...she cannot whining like child she need to accept the result.this type attitude i really cannot tolerate...its common sense girls, you need to accept all the outcome. 3. shin hye sun really good actress, the giselle performance with lee moon sae ost truly masterpiece.the song blend well with the scene. 4. yoenseo voiceover during dan get the umbrella like a hint for us about ending.i know not all the drama need happy ending but i hope the ending would be satisfied us although dan and yeonseo not together.(hope this not happen)
  5. i still didn't watch this week episode....but why i got vibe we will got a sad ending from the recap. i hope the writer would try to give best ending
  6. i think last night the real climax for kim dan and yeon seo love story....i keep tearing watching scene kim dan and halmoni.(halmoni voice really nice to hear, so cute) yeonseo ballet dance really good...she really emphasized the real feeling.hope next week kim dan would be back together with yeon seo.
  7. this drama hooked me.... firstly i think this couple did not match but after strt this drma, they match each others. i did not think the wedding would be this fast...but we don't know because the story are not predictable. one things from the teasers about dan wearing black, i curious about maybe dan would turn evil or something like that. (i hope not)
  8. why i got the feeling sang seob would sacrifice his body to be used because he know da il want to sacrifice his life for yeo weol
  9. after see the date scene, why i getting vibe the sad ending???? i hope i wrong....that scene seem sad and with the ost.its blend the scene ver well.
  10. hope to see that scene tonight....both of them really know how to act with eyes
  11. that true.good actor when their eyes also act....choi daniel really good in this drama.
  12. i had watch the japanese version after i know korea would be remake this drama.....the japanese drama quite good and its shown the realistic things would be happen in marriage. i like how japanese ways of thinking....so i'm looking forward for this drama as cha tae hyun here.
  13. look like the development of the story starting revealed one by one....i curious about how the writer would conclude this drama. any scene between da il and yeo weol tonight??
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