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  1. i didn't know how MS behave around others his female lead, but he look so comfortable with HS....
  2. i think.he want to want to go independent first as he still infinite and i think its also good for him to set up one man agency.
  3. so his new drama on kbs channel...so we can say it confrimed he would attend KBS Drama Awards this year.
  4. same....i hope he can try another drama genre he never try.but maybe he want to be in this drama because of cat theme....he is known as cat lovers
  5. i think the drama that offered to him look like fantasy also. his character is cat originally i think...
  6. i also think that quite harsh....sometimes k-net is too harsh and they act like they never make mistakes
  7. but the possibilities to reunited is still there as long as he still under same group...
  8. when i see many real couple from kdrama that i shipped getting divorced,(song2 couple and ahnko couple) i feel scared to ship danyeon couple....so i just hope they stay in good relationship and if they date, i hope they don't reveal it yet.
  9. i know its quite hard for idol to date....i don't prefer if they date and would break up because of pressure from certain fans.just hope their relationship is still strong just like when they filming drama....hope both of them would came for KBS DRAMA AWARDS.
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