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  1. Today's episode misses a lot of people in the frame... Nweanthals are missing YangCha is hiding Kanmoroe is lost Nunbyeol and ChaEun are homeless And someone is leaving. Momo Tribe Xabara Karika is now signing off.. Aigoo many unresolve cases and we are at our last drop.
  2. yeah you are right... but when it comes to money if Netflix will buy the rights i'm sure they can pay everything... they can even afford some A-list hollywood stars now.. There are lots of movies and series nowadays originally produce by Netflix, budget wise I'm sure they can... if many will petition for another season. The problem is the availability of actors..
  3. I know, I know it wont happen but I can't help but ship them... because Tanya and YangCha are shippable in my eyes. hehehe Everytime I saw scene of them being together, I can't help but root for them. Hahaha my Shippers Heart. Well after watching these scene a couple of times, I came to realize what will YangCha's role on Tanya's dream in obtaining power. She told Tagon & Taealha that she learned her lesson but since she have nothing and no land to stand on her own she found her way what kind of land she will stand as her own and that's "The hearts of the people". YangCha being mute all his time might be the first person to open his heart and change his mind. Since Tanya can hear his thoughts he can talk to her freely and maybe she can cure his sufferings. I can see the look on YangCha's eyes confused and concerned at the same time. There are some secrets that Tanya is hiding which only he knows but he never told Tagon about it rather he kept it to himself. So I think he has his own opinion about it too. Now that Tagon appointed him as her guard I'm sure YangCha will eventually change sides, and Tanya will get her very own first power(YangCha) whose supporting beside her. He's reaction when he was told that he will guard Tanya be like "Why is it always me?"
  4. i notice that too... for a second i thought he was an Igutu... coz i saw violet blood on his leg. or did the CGI made a mistake.. Ki Do Hoon as YangCha
  5. I can't help but ship at them. Since Eunsoom is busy building his company. HAHAHA Don't you think they are shippable...
  6. @lightbringer06 yes you're right about my pic hehehe.. In regards to Gosals which means the Revengeful Spirits, yeah you are right about that she was referring to them all being evil. But i think what i mean is that her being name as the Mother God that can talk to spirits maybe she could heal YangCha's soul and free his spirit from dark evil soul. Then later he will side with Tanya and became loyal to her. In addition to that he got a new voice because of Tanya's ability. HAHAHA my imaginations got wild. And YangCha too also knew that Tagon is an Igutu. Mmmmm i wonder how he end up became Tagon's follower. @bebebisous33 yeah i'm curious on that too who will he tell first.. it will definitely be Mubaek since he is his brother. i have a feeling that the guy survive will lived in fear. And tonight's episode is about the prophecy that will end the world (Arthdal) Mubaek will tell Tanya about this one... I was just wondering is EunSoom knew he was a curse child? Coz i remember Tanya always told that herself that she is. Eunsoom fate under the Ago Tribe will be seen tonight... Meet The AGO TRIBE And after tonight, the worst is there is only 2 more episodes left and I havent grasp the whole story yet. hahaha
  7. =When nweanthal Yiseuroobeu & Rottip visited Nunbyeol they told her that in order for the nweanthal to survive they need her since she is the last living female nweanthal left alive. In order for nweanthals populations to grow but bcoz of ChaeEun, Nunbyeol turn them down that's why when Rottip saw ES he said to himself its meaningless now since Nweanthals will cease to exists, but I think NunByeol will change her mind this time since the people that raised her (ChaeEun parents) are dead. And since Nweanthal have their very own connections like a telepathy maybe they will feel NunByeol's agony and will come to rescue them. =Yeah one thing that i'm concern about is Tanya's fate during Tagon's domination since he became a ruthless king that being feared by everyone.. I have a feeling YangCha will follow and help Tanya. It was said that YangCha is a Gosal (Revengeful Spirit) and Tanya can talk to spirit maybe, maybe both of them can understand each other. I really have a feeling since we can see how concern YangCha is when it comes to Tanya.
  8. Since Saya is the symbol for mirror... he is the one who will reflect the light that reflects the world around him, and the light is a powerful symbol of wisdom and awareness. We all know that Eunsoom is the light (Aramun Haesulla), Saya's role will carries the truth and reflect what the truth is. He will represent as the barrier between conscious and the unconscious mind of everyone else. So it is understandable that Saya reacted that way while Tagon command to beat those tribe leaders, coz that's the truth is. He already know what kind of evil man Tagon is, he even said to Tanya "We need to turn that sadness into fear". So he knew what Tagon will do, even how many times he deceive people with his good leader act, truth will eventually come, Tagon's evilness will show and Saya mirrored it already.
  9. This is the highlight of today's episode.. [Mugwang's Demise] Since Season 1 Tanya curse Mugwang on how his life will end, and the most awaited scene is now happening. "Underneath the crescent moon a hand will rip out your heart. You're Too Late are the last words you'll ever hear."
  10. ikr... Arthdal is very well loved internationally... me personally.. and i want it to be 50 episodes... lol...
  11. waiting for the next ep... tonight... the long battle begins.... im curious to Eunsoom and Ipsaeng entering Ago Tribe... although the search for the purple lips on Xabara's end and the revelations of Tagon being an Igotu.
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