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  1. @nohamahamoud2002, ahh that is what I thought too. So which husband left Dong U the land? His bio dad or stepdad? If it was his bio dad, then I'm even more confused about why those parasitic Nam siblings are cheering and jumping up and down. They seem to presume what belongs to YW, belongs to them. If it was the stepdad, it is a strange thing to do, and shows he didn't trust his own children. I hope YW realises she's not an invertebrate and stands up for herself for once.
  2. I'm a little confused here. So I thought Dong U was Mrs Wangs biological son, and the other 3 were her step kids from her second marriage. Did I get that wrong?
  3. Aww, I loved what CD said during the back hug. Hopefully YW stops pushing him away now. Seeing them having lunch in the preview probably means she does. I feel so sad for Trang. Even if NI knew about their son, he's such a lazy fool that I doubt he'd be much help.
  4. @triplem Ahhhh!! What a difficult decision to have to make on Christmas morning! Luckily nobody else is awake and I've got time to ponder over a coffee. Merry Christmas to all my fellow Soompiers. Hope you all have a stress free day. Xxx
  5. @nohamahamoud2002 Ahh true. It's probably just my wishful thinking of what I'd like to see. Rather than 119 episodes of SJ trying to cause trouble between our 2 mains. Haha, oh well, I'll still enjoy watching.
  6. At some point it has to be revealed that her husband's death was suspicious and not really an accident. Then they will have to look into what he was investigating and uncover the corruption at the company, why he was murdered and who was involved. I'm hoping CD and YW can do that together. Perhaps having the heart donor stuff revealed will lead them to start questioning what happened to DU... (As CD always credits the Chairman with saving his life twice, saying he helped him get a heart transplant, I'm assuming there was something dodgy in how CD recieved DUs heart that CD isn't aware of.) I'm guessing the second half of the drama will focus more on discovering all the evil stuff that JH and SJs dad have done and covered up, eventually revealing the truth. Though I'm sure it will be a dangerous and frustrating process, I'm hoping CD and YW will support each other through it all, and we'll continue to see sweet moments between them.
  7. So the affair between SW and HR went on for 2 years? That is a lot longer than any of us were assuming. And a lot harder to forgive/overlook. That means his attention and heart was elsewhere for 2 years, and the whole time she was trying to get pregnant through IVF, he was getting busy in hotels with his mistress. Eek. No wonder the nasty side piece HR believes she has some footing & acts so entitled.
  8. HJ is a sweetheart. The way he secretly gifted BH that stroller was perfect. He is totally smitten by her and baby YM and it's adorable. I really disliked PKs scene with his dad. I get that it was for exposition purposes, so we'd understand why he doesn't believe in love, but yelling at an elderly man with dementia like that was really unnecessary. The preview looks like HJs mum is planning something nefarious for BH. I hope she'll be ok.
  9. Thankyou @icemaid and @triplem for the preview and YT translations. I really appreciate recieving the teasers when we're all hanging out for the weekend episodes and I'm sure all the other Soompiers following this drama get excited to see them too. Helps whet the palate. That MHR is so shameless asking CA to keep her true nature a secret from her father. She really suffers some kind of disconnect from reality doesn't she? She seems to believe she's entitled to behave hideously yet suffer no consequences. Unfortunately for her, that wide eyed innocent sad face she pulls won't work on the Kim sisters and if she keeps pushing them and over stepping their boundaries, she'll find herself exposed as the manipulative bully mistress that she is. I really hope by the end of this drama that she (MHR) faces true ramifications for her actions. She still hasn't even apologised to CA for the torment that pushed her to want to end her life. Even if she doesn't know that CA was suicidal, as an adult she should now know how wrong her bullying was and take advantage of the chance that meeting CA again offers by seeking forgiveness. That's what a half decent human would do. But I think HR is too deluded and selfish to recognize that she owes CA (& SA) a fair bit of grovelling. (Unless the writers try to excuse her with some sob story about her early youth as an orphan, which, seriously...a sad childhood does not excuse nasty behaviour. As much as Kdrama writers seem to think it does). She's too consumed with her own needs and has convinced herself that her desire to be with JW is some kind of pure love story, erasing anyone else's feelings, history and needs in the delusion, including his. Trying to get her to take ownership of her cruel behaviour in the past toward CA would be impossible, as I'm sure she's already excused herself in her mind and has some sad sack reason or accusations ready to use. I'm looking forward to this weekends episodes.Even just for the book cafe date cuteness, despite any hint of angst, those two are so perfectly cute together that I can't help but get excited to see them. So pure. Protect them Show. Let them just love, please.
  10. How bratty of SJ to throw that black box at YW and CD. Does she really think a person as kindhearted and genuine as CD would fall for her when she behaves so rudely? She's so unpleasant. What is with the poet lady? Is she a con artist, or am I just overly suspicious? Something feels off in the way she's pursuing YWs dad. I hope she doesn't ask him for money.
  11. @ktcjdrama ahh, true. I totally forgot about the opening scene where DS was arrested and declared himself a psychopathic killer. I guess the plan SIW came up with (that he announced to BKs dad outside the hospital, with his scary richard simmons smile) to make DS take the blame for all his murders, goes well for him. Poor silly DS
  12. So, as per the preview, when Seo In Woo says that this time his trophy will be Bo Kyung, what do you all theorize he means to do with her? He's already said to her dad that if she keeps investigating she'll end up dead, but then trophies are objects you keep. So killing her wouldn't suffice his desire to collect. Perhaps there will be some kind of showdown between Dong Shik and In Woo over Bo Kyung. Whether that's because they both decide they need to kill her, or woo her, not sure, but either way, I think she'll become a catalyst for their ultimate battle.
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