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  1. Sorry to cut your comment. We actually have already heard the reason EJ hates PJ, and you're correct, its stupid!! Apparently EJ had the hots for their homeroom teacher, so she made him a sandwich to show her love. PJ had just lost her parents and the teacher, having empathy and trying to care for his student, gave PJ the love sandwich. EJ saw this and has never forgiven PJ for eating her love Hahaha See, ridiculously stupid
  2. @UnniSarah Vixens gloating smug face causes my temperature to rise. I really can't handle the self satisfied smirking as she's being cruel. What a nasty creature she is. I've noticed she's never as happy as she is when she's hurting PJ. That's some serious unhealthy fixation she has. Poor PJ, being the object of Vixens obsession. Hopefully our main couple get back together soon and we get to witness her jealousy drive her mad as she realizes that PJ has something she'll never have, a true loving relationship. And yes, it was good to see SJ suffer. He was such a silly twat earlier on and I wasn't sure I could root for him as ML, but he's improved his behavior a lot recently. He needed to pay emotionally for the pain he's caused PJ, and now he has genuinely felt remorse, I can get behind him.
  3. Excuse me for quoting myself (& I've just commented on this elsewhere), but I can not stop thinking about this crazy PPL. I'm thinking a lot of people missed what it really was & just assumed it was fancy "face cream" as the co-worker said. She also said she had wanted to gift it to EJ before her wedding with a wink & a thumbs up. You know, nudge, nudge, wink, wink...we women should make sure every inch of skin is perfect for our husbands. (Yuck! Misogyny alert & gross mental image alarm about Toady SH & EJ enjoying the results of her "skin care regime". I am sorry). Even the logo on the box looks like a uterus, haha. Anyway, the main reason I can't stop thinking about it is because I started imagining scenarios in other dramas where they can insert this product. Like, it won't be as easy to slip into scenes as say, Subway is, but a part of me really wants it to become as common as a Subway PPL. Can you imagine? They'll never say what it really is, but hopefully there will always be the sneaky innuendo. PS, I'm not saying vaginal health products are too risque to mention, but for kdramas, I don't see them being straight up about it. Like in the scene with EJ, when they opened the box & showed us the applicators, imagine if they'd said "so easy to use, just slip it up there and squirt" Hahaha From now on, every drama I watch I'm going to imagine the JENA Cell Super Serum in place of other PPLs. So I can laugh more.
  4. The girl in the marketing team gave EJ a box of JENA cell Super Serum, a vaginal health product. They even opened the box to show us the applicators. Seriously the strangest product placement I've ever seen.
  5. I'm fairly certain @Syjkmy just made a typo and meant MY's mum is dead. If you read the whole comment, it's obvious what they were talking about.
  6. Ugh, the nasty step sister in the preview pondering how to "screw" GGO over. I really hope she gets caught for her illegal fake bag business soon & that GGO refuses to bail her out. She is just a terrible person through and through. I really hated how in today's episode she was gleeful over the $5,000 her mum scammed from GGO & didn't return, because she can now use it (waste it) on an exorcism. She wants to ruin GGO's current situation, purely because she's greedy, entitled & is angry GGO didn't hand over the $80,000 she wrongly assumed she got back. The only positive about her is the potential for her to meet Chef Aladdin and throw a spanner in his & MJ's evil plans. I hope her son isn't too hurt in the process though. I'm sure she won't consider his feelings when stirring up that hornets nest & trying to get back child support from Chef Aladdin.
  7. I must have zoned out during Secretary Henchmans "gazing at photo" scene. I was confused for a second when I saw your posts @brooksmom& @UnniSarah, because I thought he was looking at a picture of him and his mum, but then, thanks to you both, I realised it was meant to be his long lost sister. So, an older sister with a huge age gap, who happens to be the woman in the photo the Chairman has of SJ's mum. Therefore his sister is the mother of the guy he framed for murder. He set his nephew up for murder. His nephew who will end up with the wife of the guy he killed. Wow. That will be an interesting family reunion once it all comes out.
  8. PJ was really enjoying her con. I feel embarrassed for her. Why would you do that PJ?!! Though it was nice to see her laugh after all the horrible things that happened to her.
  9. This was so hard to pick a winner (um..loser?). As I read down the list I was like "oh yeah, that was the worst ending", "omg, no, this was THE WORST", "EEK, I forgot how awful this ending was!!", "I almost smashed my tv & rioted because of this ending". So thanks @Lmangla for this poll & reminding me how frustrated a lot of drama finales make me.
  10. I enjoyed that ending. My favorite scene in the finale was Jenny/Bonggu's. So cute. That dog is such a great actor!!
  11. I'm guessing the condition will be to keep the divorce a secret from her family for now. Hopefully during that time, they'll rediscover their spark, heal from the pain the miscarriage caused and find their way back to loving and appreciating each other.
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