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  1. I don't understand Deok Chuls wife. At that age why are you still worrying what other people think? To the point you're cutting up your husband's clothes without trying to understand why he's taken up ballet, and constantly harassing one of your kids because he chose a different career path than the one you had planned. Worrying about what other people think about you or your family is something I'd hope not to be a factor by that age. Surely you'd just be wanting everyone to be happy as you'd have had enough life experience to know what's important and what is not. She doesn't seem to be an a
  2. I can't stand HJSs whisper like voice. Why is he speaking like that? For sympathy? As he tells his tale of woe to everyone without once taking responsibility for any of the destruction and mess he's caused. Yet everybody seems to feel sorry for him. Such a gross character
  3. I liked the deep intimate kiss between GS & MJ. The way it was filmed was so much more natural than most drama kisses in my opinion. Plus, after watching the bts/making, those two went in deep. Commited actors haha
  4. I actually fast forwarded all of the Wonky Bros trot song stuff today. Trying to ply us with cute ByR isn't working anymore. I hate their stupid YouTube channel anyway. Can they please not exploit her for their lame broadcast? Haha, see the rotten people have made me cranky now. Tomorrow sounds like they've worn poor AR down as she says she's exhausted and follows her cruddy dad to the hospital. Sure, it looks like JS arrives to stop her being forced, but what comfort and support can mister "still in love with her sister" really offer? He's made a marriage proposal sound like issuing his
  5. JS really went straight from proposing to AR, to confessing his love to KBR. Then announcing he's going to marry AR to his parents so they can turn up the heat on harassing her. Well done dummy.
  6. JS still seems to be giving KBR his wishy washy excuses in the preview with that "the woman I should choose" nonsense. He's again giving her the message that he's being forced into being with AR. Perhaps he feels that way, but if he really wanted to protect AR and his baby he'd stop supplying the ammunition for KBR to hurt them and remove any hope she has of them being together. DR was annoying again this episode with his fawning over KBRs looks. He's like a delusional fan boy who imagines a personality for some pretty girl on tv, despite who they are in reality. Thankfully we had s
  7. DR must just be another shallow fool. He's too influenced by BoRas looks to notice her nasty personality
  8. So JS told BR that he had feelings for her. He reaffirmed her belief that AR and her baby got in their way. Good job fool. Was he planning on dating her then? But not marrying her? He should have added that tidbit to his confession. Or not said anything about returning her feelings at all. Now he's just added fuel to BRs hatred and resentment of AR so she'll keep attacking. What a complete plonker.
  9. I'm actually confused with how BoRas character arc is going. Are we meant to see her interactions with DR as cute or heart fluttering? To me they are just sad scenes, as he's so genuine and she's just enjoying the attention (that she expects because apparently no guy can resist her charms), with no intention of reciprocating. Are we supposed to feel empathy for her when she pouts, whines or throws herself on her bed sobbing over the loss of JS? Or when she glares at, threatens, insults or physically assaults her step sister? Its difficult to understand why they are making her so unlikeable. I
  10. We all know Ah Ris dad is going to flip out at her for being pregnant. Plus for the father being JS, as he already announced at the breakfast table that Bora has dibs on JS. Because she's entitled to everything apparently. I suspect ByR is his bio daughter too. If so I can't wait to see him eat crow about being such a deadbeat dad to both his daughters.
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