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  1. I feel so sorry for Eun Seok, he really wants to help Jenny and she's treating him pretty badly by standing him up and hiding from him when he's done nothing wrong. Sure, she lurked around, promising in her thoughts to run to him eventually, but surely she could text him and communicate her situation. She seems to have no problem expressing her thoughts to Man Soo. Jenny is a very frustrating FL. It's understandable that she wants her independence and Man Soo is a person she feels is on her fake mums side, but she doesn't ever listen to what he's trying to tell her and just behaves like the childlike stunted adult her fake mum says she is. Then with Eun Seuk, she seems to reciprocate his feelings but she's cool with letting him suffer. That seems pretty selfish to me. Plus in her tantrum with Man Soo, she said she'll just marry Eun Seuk. So he's like her rebellion/revenge? Not cool Jenny. He loves her. Proper loves her. I hope she doesn't marry him to spite her fake mum and MS, that should not be her motivation. The preview had a very scary bit with Black Rose/Fake mum/ kidnapper witch saying she wanted Jenny disabled and returned to her so she'd never run away again. What a freaking terrifying monster that woman is.
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