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  1. Thanks, Minyeonie for sharing the above photo. The heart post-it, the strawberry cushion and the hedgehog in the figurine set are adorable
  2. I watched both episodes of this variety show (waiting for the episode for YIN’s turn to showcase her idea(s)). YIN was so adorable and warm-hearted. The other participants were also very funny and their ideas on creating a social cause in their own way is very moving - I enjoyed watching this show so much and cried for one of the episodes on the Korean flag. Regarding that the yellow highlighted portion, it was more a response to the speed and the way which YIN responded on how ready she would visit certain places with her partner/spouse upon the latter’s suggestion, and the speed was akin to someone chasing after YIN as if YIN was part of a spy couple. Very funny segment lol...
  3. I’ve been a lurker for a while now. Tbh, I can’t say I’m a LDW or YIN fan, as I haven’t followed their news nor watched their movies/drama series, prior to TYH. And even after watching the extremely enchanting TYH, which enamoured me to both of them, particularly YIN. I think she is a great person in terms of her character - very warm, thoughtful and talented, and clearly very sexy and attractive. As I love to observe and analyse human behaviour (though I don’t have much resources to conduct the amazing “investigative” work that so many of you have done, so thank you for this!), what made me so curious and occupied about these 2 is their scintillating chemistry in Goblin and TYH. I’d like to think there is an element of objectivity in my observations, though perhaps ultimately they are biased haha. I think quite clearly LDW found YIN attractive during Goblin days. I suspect he hoped he could have progressed further with her. I’m confident that YIN was holding back. What happened between Goblin till the time they agreed to act in TYH, in that whether they decided at some point in time during that period to explore that attraction, is honestly not clear to me. But I am certain the dynamics of their relationship (whatever it was) changed during TYH, and I strongly believe that LDW has expressed his romantic interest to YIN. Despite the latest news on a few kdrama real couples breaking up, I sincerely hope that LDW and YIN will get together and pursue happiness together. They seem like 2 wonderful people.
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