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  1. I guess that Yulmu will rely on Nokdu and Dongju's help to escape the village, so he has to join a hand keeping the secret. Base on the writer-nim style, maybe all the widows come back home after the festival and Yulmu stuck in that room. It's like Dead-by-the-women or Alive-with-secret. No time to bargain Yes, I hope they have something to do with AD too. She finished her mission of exploding seobangnim's secret here. They shouldnt let this cutiepie become annoying I read a comment on DC, they ask when will ND have a new hanbok, he wore the white/green one for at least 3ep
  2. That webtoon!!!! And yesss! They have to bring those scenes to the drama. Or at least, they need to make us think those things do happen. It's ok with the pace of the storytelling up till now. And I think they need to let KSH show off more, at least her shoulder (actually, I wish there was one in the palanquin scene) Think abt it, DJ is a gisaeng-to-be, she's no longer a shy noble girl with tons of decorum. Just do it, Pd-nim Cr: DC
  3. Oh guys, I've never noticed the death body found. I thought it was clearly the missing widow assassin and King's guard would have killed her while they wanted to investigate widow village, so Heoyoon'll know the king figured out the village and his secret organization. But reading dramabean review, now I have second thought too. The bared-foot dead body appeared right before the scene that ND saw DJ's shoes, there should have a link. That dead body has something to do with DJ. My theory is: 1- DJ saw the body of the missing widow on the way she came back from her secret office which led to her terrible nyctophobia. It was all caused by the king. 2 - The body is the missing pervy aristocrat who once threatened her life which lead to some dangerous side of Yulmu but not a plot hole. PS: I think in the preview, there's someone find out DJ's practising archery.
  4. That wardrobe is for scholar in their ordain ceremony. I once saw it in Moon Embracing Sun. Which means Nokdu will be in the palace as a general maybe (as he wish to be). Dong Joo with the ribbon in her hair, seems like she'll be a Court Lady. And Nokdu follows her to the palace.
  5. I agree that Ruler has the most beautiful kiss scene in saeguk drama, when female lead saved male lead from the water. It was not just the kiss itself, but the camera angle, lighting and position between two actors. And the most important is, like @lightbringer06 said, it's the situation when the kiss happen. That's why I was so excited for the kiss in confession scene between ND and DJ. It was needed when her mind said no, but her body said ok. I'm watching drama for entertain and dont hope for an excellent plot. But as audience, I hope for something worth. KSH's Ruler had the worst plot I've ever seen, they couldnt balance the romance and political game and they weakened the female lead, made her totally useless. That's traumatic, since I'm KSH fan. Moonlight shared the same problem. As I know, Moonlight writers also in this TTON. And I'm still afraid it can happen again here. (especially when DJ also aims to kill the king) Actually, I think DJ was quite passive in the recent episode compared to her dynamic characteristic before. For ex, her drunken habit was out of highlight due to the boy-boy kiss (I'm not annoyed with boy-boy thing but in this scene, I see no need, it's just for shocking) Abt our OTP, I guess there'll be a kiss next ep when DJ gets angry and hit ND with the dipper. It's gonna be a long and hard time for ND courting DJ PS: Does anyone notice ND put his bag between him and Yulmu?
  6. I'm confused abt Nov 19th. The king's child was said dying after birth, so it must be Nov 19th. But Nokdu birthday is not long before Danoh festival (May 5th) And the Queen also memorized her child's death on that day with okchundang. The more the story goes, the less I think Nokdu was the prince, haha, Idk why. Anyway, I love the confession scene. What he said and his topless thing... all are true to the naive but clever Nokdu. He really cares abt what Dongju says. And she once pointed out how it was impossible for her to like him, he just followed that (again) and hit right to the point: "Look, I'm a man, I like nobody but you!" (but holy hell, how can he wander around the compound with those abs?) However, maybe I'm in my late 20s and having a writing career or I'm kind of too old for rom-com like this(?) I think that the storytelling here is kind of clumsy, they push to climax and unravel the knot unbelievably simple. I dont know how kissing Yulmu can solve the risk of Aeung Du and drunken Dongju. Why they really need that big mouth kid stick around Nokdu instead of her father? It's not a smart move compared to what we see from the beginning. And the misunderstanding jealousy was overused but love tension is not just around jealousy. They skipped the awkwardness around the palanquin scene too fast and superficially, it should have been a turning-point which awakes their sexual tension toward each other. Think abt it, you see a girl among hundred women, and a boy disguising as a woman, what make they different? Did I expect too much or the writers have to make thing clearly innocent like this? I'm just saying my pov, I still love the show
  7. To tell the truth, will thing like last night happen again tonight (or next week)? There's another baseball match tonight and seriously, I dont want to waste an hour (plus a week) to watch it. I know it's hard for KBS to arrange schedule to please both drama fans and sport fans but they cant let it happen again and again without announcement or apology. Bcs the drama is not only aired in S.Korea, it's now available in other countries and people around the world waiting for it. It was a terrible Monday when I surfed web, all I saw was suicide and cancellation. One bright side of this is for the cast and crew. I know Korean film production is the worst. And look at how skinny Jang Dong Yoon was yesterday on the radio show, and So Hyun too, her eyes swollen. And for audience like us, I also feel worried abt the script. Like... they started filming in July (or June?) but till now, they've just finished half of it. How abt the other half? Flop is the disease of kdrama Anw, I tried to read a few chapters of the webtoon. Fyi, here the link. I hope the drama can bring long-hair Dong Ju back. And all the snow scene... And she'll call him eomoni till the end
  8. Nice day people. We have been waiting for a week and now we're watching baseball OK, let's find something to watch while continuing this desperated waiting.
  9. I have a full weekend making some fanart and watching the BTS. Sohyun acting is amazing. In the swing scene, how can she laugh and tease around then immediately turn emotional when camera was on? The chemistry is on point, both on and off screen. I used to ship her with Yoo Seung Ho in Ruler, but that drama just gave me political-saeguk-trauma which made me stay away from kdrama for years. But now I'm back with another saeguk and another ship T__T I'm still scared of the politic thing and hope that the plot wont flop. Btw, @Breeze Thanks for sharing my art
  10. I notice that there're many hints (or should I say links?) for our couple love-progress. 1. How to deal with woman: Follow what she denies (aka too shy to admit). Remember the cat fight with other widows? Now, Dongju said no to the chicks and the swing, Nokdu got them for her. And even when she said she hate becoming a gisaeng but kept working on it, he helped her out. Uri Nokdu is such a good student of observation 2. Dept. After being released from jail, Nokdu asked Dongju for money and a meal. It ends up she was released from gisaeng house and got a debenture from him. And even their surname Dong-Jeon together means Coin. 3. The rooster crow. First time we heard it is when Dongju found out Nokdu was a man. Second time is when Nokdu told Dongju to call him mother and they got goosebumps. That sound is like taking Nokdu's masculine back to the situation. 4. "Dal-nim". When Dongju visited her old house and broken down, Nokdu caught her calling her daughter. Hmm... it was a bit scary when you visit an empty house at night where a massacre once happened and someone hold you back and call you the way your late mother did...T_T Anyway, it was Nokdu. And now he becomes her family, he takes her back to the time she was still a daughter. This can be the most important factor to ease her aim of revenge and suicide. Well, we know the "mother" joke is not just-for-fun. 5. The pillows. They went to the market and buy pillows (those blocks of wood, I guess) And then, there was a pillow fight, they switched their pillows which had same colors with their clothes... Now, they're going to switch their clothes Thanks to @herina_90, I read the review and totally agree about how different Nokdu and Yulmu to Dongju. Nokdu can wake up the her inner power, while Yulmu keeps staying around her and solves her outside-troubles. Maybe because Yulmu is just the 2nd male lead so he doesnt have any chance to understand her. It's sad for him to realize that all the things he did for her just evoked her painful past. I'm really amazed with the details in character development and hope this drama can preserve it till the end. BTW, should we get a name for Nokdu and Dongju? Ex: Coin Couple?
  11. Let me list some questions after 4 episodes. 1. Thing everyone wants to know: whether Nokdu is the king's child. 2. Why did his father take the baby away? 3. Why did Heo Jun let them go and now chase after them? 4. How is Cha Yool Mu's family and how he involve in that political game? He's the one can deal with the yangban. Nokdu also questioned how rich and powerful he was. 5. Why was Dong Ju's family massacred? And how did haengsu-nim find her that time? 6. Who is haengsu-nim in the Muwoldan? And... finally, how Nokdu and Dongju fit in that palanquin? Indeed, listing those questions just make me want to forget all and focus on our couple only LoL Cr: DC
  12. From today episode, I learn one thing abt this drama: After the almost romantic/swooning/touching/warming/peaceful moments, there're chaos and craziness. We're fooled by this (seem-to-be-doleful) still cut. w Which is later turning to this
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