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  1. I wish there will be season 2 but kang bae power (or curse?) already gone. so, I love how this drama end.
  2. so everything is clear. but, there is something make me wonder, who will be Kang-bae's "True love kiss"??? Wol-Ju or Yeo-Rin Wol-ju, she is Kang-bae's (in the past) mother. in ep 9 she did something that I can say, many mother will do that too to their children. of course, I also think, she did that because she just want to keep her promise, since she still doesn't know that kang-bae is her son. Yeo-Rin, she is cinnabar reincarnation. many scenes showed to us that Yeo-Rin has power to neutral mystic things. there will be another chance yeo-rin and kang-bae kiss scene again :3 or will Prince Gwi also include with true love kiss??? LOL
  3. And, I now curious with Kang Yeo Rin Who is she? or what is going on with her? before I wonder like this too, is because of Yeo Rin, the Death can't use his spell to Kang-Bae's friend(Choi Jin Dong)? and in ep 6, we see that boys feels creepy if they touch her. I can't wait to know more about her. for now, I'm thinking, her parent gave her protection, so no one can hurt her, boys afraid with her if the boys don't Like / love her, or just want to use her. and because of this protection, Kang Bae can't make her tell her worries. And because Kang Bae really like Yeo Rin, he doesn't get creepy feels from Yeo RIn. but whatever the reason, I love so much.
  4. I like this episode 5 in the past episodes we saw Kang-bae helped Wol-ju with his touch. in episode 5, he can't make the man share his feels with his touch. but at early episode by said that he likes dumpling, and then dumplings make the man comes to bar is really good idea.
  5. and now... I like Ik jun x Yoon bok(twin med intern) LOL, in ep 6 both like Zoo and now she talk casually to ik jun LOL oh I'm crazy some people keep their marriage when their partner cheating, just to make sure no one happy. and another, let go their ex, so their self can be happy. what a life...
  6. when hwi and song jae-in + young soo going to school together with bike, I got a feeling, these girls going to be best friend. some girls fight each other because a man, another girls became best friend because a man... maybe, at the last book club meeting, song jae in will come too ... how long HW going to leave ES alone? she leave in spring... and back to village again in winter? wow that a long time for a couple..
  7. ha won: lets touch our hand seo woo: . . . ha won: this is for research. seo woo: oh for research ha won: yes seo woo: did you say "sleep with me" a research too? ha won: yes seo woo: will we kiss next episode ? ha won: kiss? seo woo: yes we are kissing, of course for research ha won: probably seo woo: which one will we do first? "sleep with me" or kiss? ha won: next episode? we still do nothing.
  8. I want something impossible.... I want Lee Ik-jun with Jang Gyeo-wool. why? I don't know, just I like when they together.
  9. when ES follow HW, on the phone, he still called SMY "aunt(imo-nim?)". and after that he said "nu - nim? " right? now I'm wondering... was that the first time, ES called SMY "nuna"? anyway... I love when ES wanted to show HW how to chop wood LOL and he failed. and HW can easily do that LOL
  10. well... so SMY will make her new novel base on her real life after she break up. for this part, This will be a way for HW to know the real story of her father her mother and her aunt.
  11. in ep 7. there was a scene where HW wrote in Blog. she wrote with ES beside her. so I m now wondering... is it same Blog that ES used to wrote about Irene? if not same? it has same the moon picture in the blog. if same, did ES allow HW read the past post? did HW read the past post? especially about Irene. Since HW doesn't has a phone because she throw it away... so she can't check the blog when she in Hodu house. since its ES laptop, so when HW alone in book store, there is no way HW touch that laptop,... but... because she work at book store, because she wrote in the blog... at least there is a scene like HW: ES what are you doing? ES: I just update / post something in blog HW: blog? ES: yes, good night book store blog HW: what do you post? ES: something happen in book store HW: can I read it? or can I write something in the blog too?
  12. today I watched again from episode 1. in ep 8, there is a preview for ep 9, where SMY suggested to make a novel base on her life. and then, in ep 2 HW tell a part of SMY best seller novel at her first book club meeting. somehow, for me, the part looks like a story of SMY life.
  13. beautiful the panorama so beautiful the kiss is beautiful too I imagine being the blue bird. looking to beautiful panorama and suddenly 2 human appear and kissing so passionately :3
  14. already watch episode 1-6 for many times. I love everything. not only main lead but also everyone. just finished read this thread from first page. I was wondering who is the person with ES in the photo that droped by his sister from ES wallet. before I thought he is ES brother, but if ES adopted, then probably he is ES's father then? honestly if I follow the drma, I can't believe that ES adopted. because his mother just like my mother . from 7th episode. who is the girl ? the real Irene? if irene is HW, maybe ES have met HW before, before they met in high school, like when he at 10years old? he met HW mother at 10 years old, there was HW visiting her grandmother before too. I can't wait for next episode when they finally kiss :3
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