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  1. I have faith with the King and Queen. Joining hands and being a team they will overcome this crisis ♥️
  2. Hi all!. Newbie in thia thread.hope Im welcome. Anyways, Im loving this drama..I adore the king and queen .❤ and soon enough we will be seeing our royal couple developing romantic feelings for one anorher..this part is something Im truly looking forward. Bluntly speaking Im starting to hate the cousin more so the concubine.. Hi @Jillia @Ameera Ali nice to see you here .
  3. Hi Everybody! Hope everyone is in good health and okay Sorry been quiet I have gone back to watching my pending K dtamas.which I have stop watching since I got hooked on DYLB..btw, I still do rewatch my fave episodes before I go to sleep.. @Sky8lue Hi sweetie! Ive missed everyone too..♥️ Ill make sure to drop by every now and then. I LOVE your fanfics! Enjoyed reading them. thanks for sharimg the tweets! @ArmBee welcome dear! And welcome to our humble abode. @Jillia thanks for your insights on episodes 1&2..looking back it is fate that boug
  4. Imagining this scene it could have been perfect..if they included this part on the drama itself. ♥️ . Sorry double post
  5. HI Everyone!! Thanks so much for sharing the goodies and fanfics! Sure does its hard letting go! Specially when are getting crumbs here and there. As for me, I still rewatched DYLB...cant still move on even if I m watching other dramas now .my thoughts on episodes 1 and 2 later.. @Sneha love your FanFic!♥️ waiting for the next dhapters! @Sky8lue thanks for your writings ..love it too! I♥️ If only we have those epilogue...at least in the drama itself... @Doan Mai Dimple Couple become official on Ep 9...just look at JY ! in his happiest same goes with
  6. It seems .this is it..our final goodbye rewatch sked..let me know when..Ill be ready MISSING!!!
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