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  1. @libra22 Sorry late reply ..atm still on marathon, 5 more episodes of EL S2..after this Ill go back to watching Its Okay Not to Be Okay.Love KSH!♥️ one of my fave K fact one of my all time drama of his is TMETS! I even bought the Dvd boxset a bit hefty in terms of the price..but I dont mind..because the drama itself is worth watchimg.not to mention the A list casts! As for KEM, I love LMH too! thats why I really took time to watch to is it worth watching as a fan it is .just dont focus on Minho's face! Haha! Kidding aside, if you plan to watch this , need to be focus and full concentration required! Not only on the love story between leads( no offense, Im not a fan of the girl) but about the parallel worlds! ( got confuse though in the first few eps, but I got to understand as the drama progresses.) Anyways, is mr honesty a good drama? Worth it? Plan to watch it, just because of Liang Jie. As I said, I love our OTP, Will support them in their individual projects, but I guess Ill never get use to seeing them with different partners! So Im really looking forward to EL S3! Are there any plans to release a DVD boxset of YAMD ? A directors cut perhaps?! which may include deleted scenes...including the bed/nude scenes ZXL are talking about!!
  2. Love the pic of our otp!! ♥️ @libra22 Me too, the new theme is somehow confusing! @savingrace Im on ELS2 marathon now..finished with KEM And its okay not to be okay is at moment on hold- bec of ELS2.
  3. done with EL S1..currently watching EL S2 I'll keep you posted re the pic! Haha @libra22 As always! Thamks for the goodies!♥️
  4. And this!♥️ @libra22 thank you for the info! Hope I can purchase one!..
  5. Tio many deleted scenes!! Too many scenes worth watching ! Why oh why???!!!hopefully, a director's cut edition will be release...*wishful*
  6. @libra22 Love all the EL goodies!! specially of that ZXL!! Hahaha♥️ Fun trivia .joined Weibo because of him! No otheR artist has made me registered before..just him! Simply love this guy to bits! another ELS3 BTS!
  7. Thank you for this..maybe it is the case..the dazed korea will soon feature ZXL..but apprently we can pre order.will ask my friend full details about this.. How to register in Oasis?? Thanks!
  8. @libra22 A friend I were supposed to buy copies but last minute it didnt push through because my friend needs to have at least 5 orders .She said ZXL is the first chinese actor to be featured in Dazed Korea.
  9. @libra22 thank you..can I y yet ask another favor; is there a way for me to see the ZXL Dazed Korea edition ? A pic perhaps? Because I would like to purchase a copy.thankS
  10. Finished with Episodes 35-36 subbed.somehow I pity Dylan for even if he spent 3 years with JX in Hungary love cant be force he had the oppurnity but then their friendship didn't blossomed into something for Anna a bit annoyed because of how she schemed in doing things that would badly hurt JX. jeaously selfishness swallowed her pride..she realized it too late how much he loved XYnot until JX came into the picture ... Truly, time and time has proven that when people are destined to be together Fate and Love will find a way !♥️ I will surely miss my OTP big time! still have Eternal Love 1&2 though..Im half through S1 Definitely Im so looking forward to S3! @libra22 as always thank you so much for sharing all YAMD goodies! And I have a favor to ask , if ever the details of the necklace of how to purchase it, won't you mind sharing it here..Thanks!
  11. @libra22 how to purchase the necklace?? And may I ask what did XY said to JX after their wedding kiss? And the airport pics where are they headed? Thanks! Watched eps 31-32 subbed.I feel that JX and XY almosr reconciled even it werent for Anna's text message. I know that 3 years of separation is not a guarantee that both XY snd JX were truly healed and had move on..Both still love eacother , its just that both are still hurting. I also feel thatvJX is very touch knowing XY had done so much for the bettermenr of the island abd its people.from simple to a tourist destination.and that everything was named after Ximi.