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  1. Yay! I am so glad to hear that they have at least cleared up for sure that YY did not kill anyone. Even though I was pretty sure that she did not, but knowing Kdrama writers I was scared that they would go down that route just for the thrills and keep up hanging on till the bitter end. This should help our little duo here start to team up and help each other find out what is going on and spend less time avoiding each other and getting nothing done.
  2. I totally agree, she must have two left feet or something. But what really gets me is that when she falls on the ground she doesn't get up right away. She just stays down in a vulnerable position waiting for the other person to make a move. Personally, I would have been back up on my feet as fast as I could. But it could be to demonstrate how scared and terrified she is of the situation?
  3. So I re-watched the latest episodes to see if there was something I could gleen from it. And I thought it was curious that while she was in the warehouse talking to the guy in the hat, he said that because she didn't remember anything could be the reason "the higher-ups let her live" and that they were looking for an item. This suggests to me that YY is innocent and got dragged into something Ian got involved with. Clearly what ever item they are looking for, it contains evidence of what ever wrong doing they are up to and they are willing to kill for it. Next, I think her talk with her cousin was enlightening in that in her professional opinion, YY did not actually murder Ian, but thinks she did. Could have there been a scuffle with the bad guys and Ian got stabbed by accident? Also, JY's "Hyung" seems a bit suspisious to me and a bit untrustworther as JY appears to be losing faith in what he has to say about the incident. He apparently knows more about certain things than he is letting on and may actually be involved in some way.
  4. Isn't the cranky timpanist guy married and his wife is supposedly overseas somewhere? Could the wife be a friend? I have wondered about this too. In particular in that wouldn't she have had evidence somewhere that she and Ian had dated? So far the only evidence is coming from outside sources. Where are the pictures on her phone or in her home? Other than someone coming in and stealing them, which is possible with the recent break-ins we have been seeing with her. I have thought that it could be understandable if her family didn't know about her dating if she is known to be very private. For example, did her family know about her idol-wanna-be ex boyfriend? But if her closest friends did not know, then that is saying something as I do know her friends knew about her previous ex-boyfriend, so why wouldn't they know about Ian?
  5. @sw33tm3lody Welcome! I am so glad that you decided to come out of lurking to share you insights. I agree with a lot that you said about DH's conflicted feeling for YY and finding out what had happened to Ian. I think we should also take into account that compared to Western countries like the States, the culture of what family is much different in Asian countries. Plus, there is the idea of saving face. And it could be possible that what ever everyone is hiding could be related to a scandal of some sorts, which would affect the reputation of the Orchestra. And I don't know about you, but Ian appeared to me like someone who kind of walked to a different rhythm. All in all, I think how frustrated we all are on how confused by the story so far, is actually a good thing, in that the writers have created so many options in how the story could possibly turn out. The only thing is, whether or not they can pull all of theses loose threads together in the end. Cause I swear we have so many possible red herrings, it is crazy.
  6. It is just a vicious cycle of never ending guilt I agree. But a part of me hopes that somehow they will end up being each others source of healing from the tragedy. However, I think our circle of guilt will continue until either they find out what really happened, or they come to like each other so much, that it becomes more important to them than feeling sorry.
  7. @Heidi Seow Thanks for giving spoilers about what happened. Boy are they making us run in circles wondering what actually happened that night. I do hope that JY finds YY soon though. But maybe this incident will recover some of YY's memories.
  8. @morningdew Awww Shucks! They are too precious! They better have a happy ending for them, I am not sure I can stand having such a sweet and pure romance end with a bittersweet ending.
  9. Oh, SNAP!!! If that is the case, even if he was not the actually murderer, he is still just as guilty because he knew what was going down. It sounds like he is neck deep in some sort of conspiracy here, and one that went really wrong that night with Ian. The question is, is he going to let the light in his soul prevail and fight against the bad guy to free himself, or will he just get sucked in more and more and start doing even more questionable acts to cover up their trail. I think that will be one the defining moments of the character.
  10. Thanks for the spoilers! I am glad JY is starting to come clean with YY a bit. I think he is starting to be swayed by her character, which is clearly not murderer material. Plus it looks like she is going to start actively trying to remember what happened. YY makes it very hard to hate, as there isn't anything hateful about her. Based on the preview, I think that JY is going to feel very conflicted about her. Plus, I am pretty sure he is very suspicious about the people around her. And with her being very trusting and naive, I think he is going to be worrying a lot about her, but pass it off as trying to keep his suspect in his eyesight. But as time goes on, he is going to see more and more how much a victim of the situation as well. Also, it is looking like YY is going to be in danger and JY is going to be the one to keep her safe. But, I really think more and more that JY's dad was probably involved. It could be just a red herring though.
  11. I hope that JY figures it out too. But he seems like a smart guy, so I think that he will find all the clues. But I think it he going to get himself confused here, as he is going pretty deep here with his deception. When it all comes to light, I think he will be kicking himself the most particularly when she finds out his role in all of this. That is if she doesn't mental fall to pieces because of what she remembers. I mean, it has to have been very bad for her to forget so completely. I just hope she is ok in the end.
  12. I think ES said his real name when she showed up in front of his house last episode or so....but I cannot remember what it was... it began with "D" I think. I am not able to check right now, as I am at work.
  13. They were kidnapped?!? Wow! then could it be they were trying to escape, with Ian died and was killed? Oh gosh, the possibilities! It makes sense that he would use his brothers name when approaching her to see if she remembers or is faking it. I haven't been able to see the episode yet, but has YY caught on that JY is trying to get her memories back?
  14. Thanks for the link. If I understand what is written there correctly. JY's father was actually a part of covering up the accident, suggesting that he may actually know part of what had happened. It seems to hint as well that Professor Song may know something as well and does not want YY to remember. Hmmmm...this is getting interesting. Also, for the JY's age, while it is not posted, I am going to take a gander that he is roughly supposed to be 10 years older than YY. I say this because JY was 10 when his parents divorced. So assuming Ian was born after wards, then it would be around 10 years. If that is true, then it would fit that he would be a professor/teacher at a music school she was a student at.
  15. It just hit me, this is a noona romance. If understood correctly, Dowon is around 20-22? years old, while HY is 26ish? Then in that case, then the casting was really on point, because Dowon does look young. But I am wondering about their romance. For the most part it has been slowing growing in secret, but all in all, they really haven't run into any huge obstacles that prevent them from being together. It has been fairly smooth sailing for the most part. Usually you would have someone saying that they couldn't ever be together because of status, relations to so-and-so...etc. But that really hasn't happened. No one has been warning them off from each other and no one has butted in as the third party. But I still wonder how the ending is going to play out. Dowon is so head over heels for her. And it is sweet that he never tries to control her or push her around. He just worries about her and helps her from the background. I agree with the theory that Dowon is probably the true crown prince. But I don't think that they would make him the prince in the end. Unlike his elder brother, he has not been trained at all on how to deal with politics or anything leadership related. He has been going around doing mostly nothing his whole life without responsibility. While I do think he could grow to be a good leader of sorts, I think he would be miserable, being restricted and constantly plotted against. Plus, he would be separated from his HY and that would not do.
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