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  1. I know the killing of LH shocked a lot of people, but personally I was not surprised at all. I may be in the minority, but in my opinion it was bound to happen. The writers showed LH to be unstable, mentally unsound, unreasonable and toxic to those around him. Even if Sec. Lee didn't kill him, the way he was puffing drugs, LH was bound to die of an overdose or kill himself accidentally eventually. They just got rid of him sooner than people expected....Personally I wondered what took them so long since the writing had been suggesting this to me from the beginning. The last straw was when LH came back and started undoing all the good work they had been doing and enabling all the villains around him and then ordering all those who had been trying to help him to prison or death. While I do understand his reasoning and pity the trials and struggles he had experienced to be the king, from a logical standpoint he was not fit for his responsibilities anymore. And since abdication is not an option, permanently switching the king would be the answer. However, I am not 100% certain that HS was in on the plot to kill LH. I think he though he would be sent away to be healed, not killed. So HS may find out later what Sec, Lee has done. As for Sec. Lee, it is sad that he would go so far to kill LH to further his dream to make a better world. This is surely going to be an action that will come back to bite him later on. For now, he and HS are going to be on the same team, but that will not always be the case. I predict that later on Sec. Lee and HS are going to divide eventually based on the different paths they will want to handle the future of the country. By then, HS will have truly donned the mantel of the king and will no longer rely on Sec. Lee.
  2. I agree with several of you that the SN\LH pairing is a pipe dream and in my opinion won't happen. I mean, SN still hates his guts...hard to be a couple with someone when one of them hates the other. Their relationship is very one sided and I have yet to see anything that has softened SN to LH or view him in a positive light. As viewers, we know a lot more about LH background and his motivations than SN does, so it is easier for us to view a possible pairing. But while we have seen alot about LH, SN has not. To her, he is the spoiled evil man who tried to kill her, kill other innocents and kill her family. Unless something happens, SN's personality will not let her stay with him. I see her bidding her time until all the truth has been revealed and then she is cutting him out of her live. At this point, SN is more likely going to end up with WS. I think she feels more for him than she is willing to acknowledge because she cannot risk being exposed. But I think they do love each other, they emotionally rely on each other, are the first person they turn to, they protect each other, and they understand each other deeply. It is not a giddy romantic love that they have, but a deep, silent, mature love. At least that is what I see.
  3. I agree with your points here. ML and TY are great characters, both together and separate, they are portrayed very realistically, compared to some dramas I have watched where the characters were a bit two dimensional. But personally what I love about their relationship is how TY had always liked and respected ML since they were young. And unlike everyone else, he knew what kind of person she was behind her facade. This was really shown when they were in the Sheng school and he had encouraged her to speak out and debate with her. Everyone was like "oh the shy miss. oh sweet ML does not know very much." and TY was like "Lol, you people have literally no idea. Come on girl, talk!" He liked cracking her shell and when she would dish it back out at him. She would give as good as she got when it came to him and he respected her for that. But I think it wasn't till he pulled her out of the river and they started talking about his daughters future, that he truly started to fall for ML. It is clear that with TY, from having such a crappy family life growing up, the key to his heart is family. He mentioned to his Nanny in the beginning that the birth of his children made him feel like he had a place and could for once be loved, when he was always hated and scorned before. Though he had liked MN in the beginning, he did not love her, he did however, love his children. So when ML started advising him to take better care of his daughter, it resonated with him that she cared for and thought well of someone he loved. And where others in her position would look down on a child like his due to birth and circumstance, she never did that once. And it occurred to him that with ML he could have the kind of life and family he has always wanted. So from that moment on, I can see that he viewed her as not just as ML, but as his future spouse. Cause if you watch carefully, his behavior and language towards her changes during their conversation on the beach. And afterwards he behaves much closer with her and starts following her around and taking her safety seriously. Anyways, I got caught up and have started blabbing away.
  4. NOOOOO! I don't think I can handle WB having a sad ending. Can't they pull a miracle "back from the dead" surprise? This show is already a bit nuts with what it has been pulling....why not keep it going? Plus, it could be WB ends up ok in the end, but they are dragging out his cure as it helps bring tension to the story since you don't know when his brain is going to pop. Plus since we are getting to the end of the show, you got to ramp up the drama for the shows climax.... otherwise it might not make for a satisfying conclusion. Since I get too involved with my shows, I may need to just follow recaps for the remaining episodes to help distance my self emotionally so that if WB does go six feet under, I can handle the heartache.
  5. What if the car accident is a set up by them to get WB into the hospital since he cannot hold off his surgery any more? It would allow him to get his necessary surgery secretly without exposing his identity.
  6. With the double date, I though it was hilarious how when SN gets bumped into WS, he doesn't even let go, he just started dancing right away with her. Clearly he did not want to let her go. Also, the dance was very telling in how each character felt towards each other. Both of the siblings are just being petty and trying to keep what they think should be theirs, but SN and WS both did not look very happy except for when they were dancing with each other. Even when SN got pulled back to dance with the Emperor, she is clearly not happy with him. And WS is getting pretty jealous now that SN is playing nice to LH.
  7. My thought is that she is actually dead, but well preserved. Could be due to whatever youth elixir that the ED seems to be obsessed with. I do know that it is possible to preserve a body so that it does not decompose... But it could be that SH was buried elsewhere because the body was switched as some time. The only question is that was it done by the former bodyguard? or was it done by ED to prevent the autopsy from revealing how she actually died? But what gets me is that she is wearing the necklace Suni has...could it be that Suni has a fake? Is there a secret message in the necklace? Also, I do agree that LH is having a redeption arc...which is why he is becoming more interesting. However, he still has to pay for the crimes that he has done. Which I think he is starting to get an idea of since he is finding out that he was wrong about his first wife this whole time. But he still does not deserve SN in the end. Yes his character is interesting and it is fun watching him make a fool of himself, but in the end, he has done too many wrongs towards her and while he is nice to her now, he has shown that he is untrustworthy. For while he may like her now, but just as easily he can flip his switch and go to have her killed again. I mean he left his last lover to burn alive. What's to say that he won't do the same to SN should anything come up. Plus she is playing him now, he is not going to take that well in the end. I do agree though that the relationship between WB-SN has not been as exciting, but I think a big reason is because technically they cannot be due to them being in the palace, and the question of being caught in their mission to destroy the monarchy. They can bee killed for their actions. So while LH can be vocal and outwardly expressive of his emotions (which is very entertaining) WB can't, so you have to pay really close attention to his signals that he is giving. But I think we will start seeing more of WB being jealous and showing more how much he cares as SN pretends to get cozy with LH.
  8. It is interesting, I think it has to do with the comedic element that they have added to their relationship with her kicking him to the curb and not taking his crap anymore. It could also be because they are technically still married legally. But I do feel that WB is better for her, he has constantly been protecting her. And I do feel that SN has won his loyalty, but I am not 100% certain that he is "in love" with her at this point. Because before asking LH for SN at the end of the lastest episode, he did mention that he wanted LH to want SN again as to drive LH to insainity. And then also on the bridge, he mentioned he wanted to protect her with his life. what a better way to do that than to claim her as his own. Lastly, with the previous head guard being YR Baby daddy. I am not sure that she ever went back to search for him. If she had ever loved him, why was she trying to get rid of her son and abandon him? She has clearly no love for the child, if she had loved the father, wouldn't she have loved the child? Her whole goal is to become the empress and have power. Who knows, maybe she had dated the head guard in the past with power in mind, but when he was gone, she changed her target to someone who was more powerful. All in all, I think that they all should either be in prison or a Psych ward... permanently.
  9. Quick question for everyone, when WB yelled at LH after the bomb, did he use saturi? If he did, that shows how much SN has come to mean to him. Also, I feel that the last scene where he promises to take care of her was pretty significant. It shows that in a way, she has become one of his inner circle much like DS is. The showing of the wedding picture at the end in my opinion was to show the contrast of the two relationships. The royal picture was cold and flat, where their moment together on the bed was warm and cozy in comparison. Also, one is more stronger than the other, since her relationship with the Emperor has been just for show and not real at all. Where with WS, they have a true meeting of the hearts.
  10. So it seems that JW is going to want to stick around HJ because he can't be attacked when she is around?
  11. I agree with some of these netzens comments about how the Emperor is supposed to fall for Sunny. But after today's episode, after he obviously tried to kill her... now twice!...he really has to be pychotic. But it would make sense, Hyuk likes challenges, and it could be the Sunny's perseverance and constant refusal to back down against him...I can see him eventually coming to like her. He is that twisted. As for WS, I can see him coming to respect Sunny more as he watches her fight against them openly and refuses to be crushed. Does make a lot more work for him as I see him trying to protect her more secretly. However, as awful as it is to be nearly killed by your own husband, I am glad that she has woken up and is now completely aware of the situation. But it also guarantees that Sunny will NOT be going back to Hyuk. In fact I think she stated clearly that the only reason for going back and staying in the palace is to expose what had been done to not only herself, but the former Empress as well. I think that is rather noble of Sunny to include her and says that despite how angry and revengeful she is right now, she still looks out for others. I am sure that the former Empress's father will be thankful for her righting the wrongs against his child.
  12. Oh wow! I feel like this episode was the most story packed that we have had up till now. I was hoping that WS would keep our empress alive, and he came through. Though he cannot show it, but it seems that WS cares about Sunny's well being. Because of his cover and revenge he cannot let on he is on her side, but all of his secret actions are saying otherwise. I think as she gets deeper into her investigation of what happened years ago, WS is going to get very busy trying to keep her alive. Since she has now met Ninja Uncle, I wonder when Sunny is going to meet DS...or if they meet at all. cause there might come a time when she will have to go into hiding. Maybe at the end after she and WS have gotten rid of the monarchy, they will disappear together and live happily.
  13. Putting my two cents worth on why things did not work out with the ex and still won't. I think that there are still many faucets that have yet to be revealed about their relationship. But based on what they have shown, I got the impression that they were just too different at heart from each other. If you think about it, she never really originally came from her ex's world. Her father was originally a journalist, so I am guessing that when she was very young, life was very nice and she was happy. However, as she has been pulled more and more into this other world because of her love for her father, part of her has wished or missed those times. Notice that the people she is really close to have been those who have known her since almost before her father went into politics. (Nam and the secretary) In her personal circle there is no one from the chabol or elitist world. For me the conversation with the husband when she first met him was telling. She was very straightforward and simple with her conversation, where he spoke in circles with her. Even towards the end when he mentioned that she was his style, he was never straightforward. The Ex was speaking the language of the world he lived in which is full of double meanings and hypocrisy... something she clearly does not like nor understand. While he was interested in her, he was never able to reach her because he would not speak the language she understood. Thus unknowingly isolated her. Another problem, is that he never also acknowledged that she did not feel comfortable about the situation, nor did he try to make her feel better. This is in contrast to JH who is very direct with her and is very honest. She was impressed to find out later that everything he had told her in Cuba was true. Also, JH is very aware of how she must feel. He focuses on her feelings and makes them a priority. When they first met he kept reassuring her the whole time and kept insisting at the end he did not want to pressure her or make her feel like he had an ulterior motive. He motivates her to talk about her feelings and to do what she wants. She is the priority. Could have her marriage with the Ex worked if he was honest with her? On one hand, it would have made her open up to him more. But he would have still needed to step up and protect her from his mother and worked to make her feel less lonely. He was never at one point her friend, like JH is.
  14. I ended up reading another recap of the episodes and it was mentioned that LH asked WS to get rid of Sunny...now whether he meant to actually kill her or destroy her reputation, I am not sure as I still need the subtitles to know. But it that is the case, being betrayed is certainly much better than actually dying. Could this relate to why the corpse was found in the beginning of the show??? Oh! What if the reason that grandma queen dies is because she was protecting Sunny and it was supposed to originally be her???
  15. Man!! Sunni is getting betrayed and used all over the place. It is really breaking my heart. The one thing is that with WS is that it seems to be getting to him seeing her get trampled and used, even by himself. I think that while he did betray her and set her up, WS will most likely use this to let her exactly see the treachery of her husband. WS will rat him out. plus what is a better way to destroy Sunnie's love for LH than to realize that her husband schemed to frame her as the adulterer in the relationship. Also I think that in small ways WS will start looking out for her more and more behind the scenes (He is already becoming more concerned about her). Plus he is having to watch her first hand go through this whole ordeal and her reaction. He is seeing more and more how she is just a victim like him. I think that for a while she will be angry at WS and shut him out, but since we have seen he has a soft spot for people, I think he will continue to watch out for her secretly until she breaks down.
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