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  1. We actually have to thank E&T Story Ent. for including Dong Yoon in those cut scenes. Usually, they cut KSH's costars in the frame but this time, they included him We were all thinking the same thing that he probably had a gf back then... HAHA.. he's so TMI that he even mentioned about having an "accident"... LOL.. he really is something. And yes, glad he was scouted and no accidents ever happened He even mentioned his skin routine.. no drinking (alcohol), no smoking, don't eat junk foods and always use a sunscreen (not necessarily expensive ones because there are cheaper ones with the same effects) . But Jang Dong Yoon, I also do those things and yet it's not the same as yours... HAHA.. he should also include genes ^^... Hah!.. same ~ ... my fave color too is blue and when I learned it was his fave too, ahh.. finally, something in common with him .. not good at swimming tho.. I am not a drinker but if I have to choose amongst the alcohol drinks, I'd rather have wine
  2. And let's vote for both Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun ~ It's funny because our Macaron Couple is going against Vanilla Ice Cream Couple .. KBS really went there.. HAHA
  3. Lol... I was so busy lurking and spazzing in Twitter that I actually forgot this thread ... And here's some edited moments from the gathering from our business analysts of Macaron ^^... Yesterday was so full of Macaron contents as well as Jang Dong Yoon's first fanmeeting.. and I especially like this most-awaited selfie of the two Although I would want at least a video message from Kim So Hyun but I guess this is already enough .. this is probably just one of the many selfies they have together in Dong Yoon's phone .. which they aren't sharing much... HAHA
  4. @Ameera Ali HAHA... thanks for the shout out, chingu-dear .. I also saw the trailers of this and might be checking it as well since it's finally Son Ye Jin and Hyunbin in a romcom ~~~ wohoo... . Hopefully by Dec. 14th, I am ready to watch another rom-com since still having withdrawals from TTON
  5. Kim So Hyun can't be stopped ~!... haha.. she's spilling too much info.. but we Macaron Shippers are living and loving it ! No wonder she enjoys this drama too much
  6. These two... praising each other .. but of all things, lips?...really, Kim So Hyun, lips?? .. HAHAHA... No wonder during this BTS of the scene where she was supposed to hug Nokdu but then she blurted out kiss ...LMAO.. I feel ya, gurl ^___^ @illay Haha... I was confused too at first but it did look to me as Jang Dong Yoon. I was just surprised why KSH included those with the presents she gave Dayeon
  7. The webtoon and her husband are so adorbs ~... here's an epilogue from the webtoon volume 4 from the webtoon's author when they first learned about JDY and KSH casting ctto Just click the thread on the person's Twitter to read it all^^...
  8. True~... knowing JDY's straightforward personality, I can see him confessing to KSH's manager or her mom probably too^^. I bet by this time, Sso's mom already knows him personally .. remember she was competing with Lady Kim of who's the best mom when she sent the cast and crew some foods If what you say about her approaching the person she likes is true, then she is a pretty straightforward person too then.. ha ha.. imagine these two having a competition of who confesses first to each other.. LOL... Oooh.. I see what you did there.. HAHA.. agree. Yes, the wedding in TTON is the best out of those because it may not be perfect but it was so simple yet so elegant and realistic. I'm kinda foreseeing my future wedding too ^^. I also love her dress during the MMA because it feels like the flowers on her dress still reminds us of TTON... Yes, her dress is so fire ~ .. haha.. she's becoming daring when it comes to her dress codes nowadays. She's already grown up. The only overseas promotion I'm still holding on to is in Japan. I hope Japan invites them to promote there so we can see them together in January like in the Ruler, because I don't want the KBS Drama Awards to be the last one we'll see of them. Which I already want to know the affirmation of their attendance right now so I can relax a bit. (And yeah, someone said to me Knetz again have lots to say, like who cares if she wears those??.. jinjja.. aigoo) And oh about your comment about chamomile, you are so me~... I just posted that a few days ago in Twitter too...LOL.. I'm always gonna be reminded of KSH and JDY and all of TTON too. I'm not particularly into flowers but I think I'm loving chamomiles now And I'm posting here too this one... Aengdu and Sso going out together And look at one of the presents KSH gave Aengdu.. a picture of JDY and Aengdu ^^..
  9. @soesje Same, chingu, same... still lurking in IG and Twitter and searching the hashtag for TTON. Even when I tell myself to pick up all my on-hold dramas, but I can't seem to do it because I'm sure I'll be playing TTON in my phone all over again and the cycle goes on again and again . This is so sweet... Aengdu and So Hyun bonding
  10. Me too ~~ This. Being private people. Both KSH and JDY are similar. I know KSH has IG and Twitter but she doesn't post much about her personal life outside of work. And JDY doesn't have any plans because acc. to his latest interview, he believes SNS is more of a loss than benefit. Jisung has an IG where he updates about his wife and children. So I believe Lee Bo Young doesn't have an IG, right? I think that's another similarity. The love story of Ji Sung and Bo Young is really ideal. Bo Young didn't accept Jisung's confession at first because she doesn't want to date a celebrity. Jisung told her manager his feelings first. And he even said he'll quit acting for her to accept him. Which I remember Bo Young said in an interview when talking about their love story, that it looks like she was tricked... haha.. because Jisung is still acting till now.:) Now, I don't know if KSH said anything about having an ideal type of a guy or if she will date a celebrity or not ^^ I love that one. Only shows the explosive chemistry they have. This is why even from their latest photo interviews, they're twinning so much :)... and even looking alike as each day passes ^___^ JDY has nothing but praise for KSH. So now I would like also to know what KSH thinks of JDY. I need some more interviews from her.
  11. @Sky8lue I know, right?.. HAHA.. no Dong Jeon .. again :)... we only have the Drama Awards left... This would be nice.. at least it's not a romance one ... he can finally show his acting range with this kind of genre. And here's a translation of PD Kim Dong Hwi about his thoughts of the drama... hope we can thank him personally too ^^...
  12. Can't keep up with all these interviews ~~ If he didn't become an actor, JDY will probably working as a finance employee.
  13. @petunia Saw that too ~... ahhh.. I hope they can do some promotions outside of Korea too. I can only hope for that Japan screening.. I wish they'll go there and promote like KSH's previous drama. I'm not sure how popular this is in China but any country will do Yasss... Thailand would be good too. I saw many Thai comments in Twitter as well so I can say it must be popular there. As long as we can see them together again please, I would take it. I agree, I wanna know KSH's thoughts too about working with JDY. Let's see and wait for more interviews from her ^^ We can finally see the wrap-up party~! I was waiting for Entertainment Weekly, so happy they covered it. Hope we can see some interactions between our Dong Jeon couple
  14. And I thought I wouldn't be able to love Jang Dong Yoon even more but after all his interviews, all I can say is I stan the right person ~! And no wonder I also like Young Sik from When the Camellia Blooms when he was first introduced in the drama. It's funny how Young Sik was always catching criminals unintentionally there and then JDY being a catalyst catching a robber in real life This world needs more Jang Dong Yoon. I also need one in my life... HAHA.. I'm not even a quarter of JDY's personality and intelligence... and so he's becoming kind of an inspiration to me now that I feel like I should do more in this life... This statement gets me all the time... it's never too late ^___^
  15. @aineofcebu I see. If she wants to get married at 28, then JDY would be 35 by then... HAHA.. now I wanna know if that has changed now. Or it could be...date for 9 years too like ND and DJ ^^... date for a long time and then marry And yes, about your additional list of their similarities, NOTED... that would be NUMBER 9 in the list. I'll make an updated version sometime in the future after gathering more info @Dramageek I so agree with you~! If I was the mother of KSH too, I'd do the same. A guy like JDY rarely comes, so KSH mama should mark him already and tell KSH, "Bring that guy home this Christmas" But I'm more of her unnie, so I'll support her as an unnie ^^. I hope they can follow the footsteps of Lee Bo Young and Jisung, they're my ideal K-couple. I love their story and how Jisung persistently pursued her, how they dated secretly and married in secret as well. Good thing both KSH and JDY are private people so I can see them doing the same. Hearing Kim So Hyun's laugh in that latest BTS is such a music to my ear because I can feel how happy she is doing this drama with JDY and everyone else. Like she just laugh with her whole heart and doesn't mind how she may look @soesje I was so happy seeing KSH looking at JDY ~~.. because all this time, JDY has been the very, like, VERY obvious, one between the two. So I'm so glad KSH doing the same thing as well ^^... maybe we can see more of that in the Blu-Ray... hope someone will share some clips of it. I'll be camping on Twitter as well because I know there were those Macaron shippers who already ordered @Breeze HAHA... that is all over Twitter... about JDY muttering "saranghae"... it kinda seem he did and not to me.. LOL... I'm just not sure if they would use the word "saranghae" since it's sageuk, I know there's this more appropriate word for it but I totally forgot. It was probably in the script and so he did say it, but since it's muted, we really don't know @Sky8lue Chingu dear, I think you forgot to put your translation...HAHA.. you did put it in the drama thread but not here
  16. @Sky8lue And she should have added to that last part, "Through this drama, I met the love of my life"... ... sorry, not sorry @Ameera Ali The ring was updated because the flower ring can't survive a day, much more 9 years ... even they said so.. @petunia I am also waiting for any announcements about the Drama Awards. I agree, the directors and writers deserve some awards too, if only we can give them. Does anyone know if KBS usually opens up a voting for the Couple Award, btw? If they do, I hope us international fans can vote too. I know Knetz are so into this couple too so they'll probably vote but it would be great also if us international viewers can participate as well
  17. I don't know which is which anymore .. the rehearsal interlocking of hands is not in the drama^^ @wildcherry HAHA.. true... now I wanna know what So Hyun's perspective of marriage is too. Does anyone know if she ever mentioned in her previous interviews anything about it? @soesje I do hope it doesn't take too long for them to reunite again. You were referring to this stare of KSH, right?^^... they were not even talking and yet she was looking at him
  18. Is this gonna be the last BTS now?...andwaeeee I love that they are all laughing during the BTS... they really enjoy filming. They didn't show the kiss scenes, huh. PD-nim is like, "Go buy the Blu-Ray" ... urgh, so expensive ~~
  19. Awww... now JDY can't get married before 30 because he's gonna be busy because of his rising popularity. Don't worry, he can wait for KSH I agree with @Sky8lue, there is nothing wrong with his answers. If anything, he has nothing but admiration and great respect for her. Even those celebs who are dating are denying fiercely they are not because we all know how it works in the entertainment industry, it would turn like a relationship with the whole world. And seeing both him and KSH are such private people when it comes to their own life. @Mariella831 Thank you for clarifying it was indeed KSH crying.. there were not much clearer vids of it so I guess people are saying it's not her or it's her^^. What is that photo you were referring to about Nokdu reading a script and a close up of her hand because I don't think I have seen that? @aineofcebu HAHA.. yes ~!.. and no one can stop me or shake me.. I will only give up if one gets married... or if they marry each other, of course , I will be the first to congratulate them and keep supporting them... Ahhh.. I hope we can have a front version of this.. we really need a photo of them side by side... cr han_garim
  20. Jang Dong Yoon is gonna be a busy man from now on, after interviews, MC, fanmeetings, the Drama Awards, and now he'll be starting to shoot his film this December. I hope he finds time to rest well also.
  21. @Sky8lue True~ always a Soompi friend Ah, no, it was actually... So this gift set was actually from the DC Gal, that explains why KSH and JDY didn't have the same ones ^^... Jang Dong Yoon is such an adorable person...making me love him more and more ... ottoke... Here's also the songs for the BGM songs of TTON ~~~
  22. OMG.. Jang Dong Yoon is so precious . I knew it~!... I stan the right person too first time I truly and sincerely like an actor ^^
  23. True that, chingu~ ... and they've been married for 9 years already, ahem ... hope to see you in another drama thread if I decided to pick up another Kdrama after this... all of my Kdramas that are onhold didn't have a satisfying ending so I don't think I'll finish them, I might end up droppping them... LOL... and go back and wait for this Chinese drama I've been waiting for two years . But chingu, feel free to tag me if you have interesting dramas as well, neh? ^^ Oh, no worries there, chingu ... I enjoyed your funny gifs so much^^... keep 'em coming. And feel free to also tag me if you have any new dramas after this, I'll probably check it also if it's to my liking and we'll probably see you there too Me too ~~... I feel like every time I ship two couples, they usually are the private ones and don't give a single selfie EVERY TIME ~!... LOL.. although this is just my second time shipping actively . I was actually hoping KSH would post on her IG for the last episode like what she's been doing, but nope, NADA... AGAIN, won't say goodbye yet because still waiting for the BTS and also the Awards. Although I might be spazzing or posting the Awards on the Macaron thread as well. So to those Macaron shippers out there, visit also the thread . But I wanna thank you guys too, fellow TTON lovers, for the wonderful posts, comments and to your lovely likes . There's so many of you so I'll just probably mention you all when I say goodbye to this thread.. HAHA... but to my chingus all the way back from HDL @vangsweetie637 @Ameera Ali and @uglypearl, thank you as always ~! To you too @Sky8lue for being so responding and for all the translated TTON related, I now consider you my Soompi friend... HAHA.. whether you like it or not . To all of you fellow Macaron shippers @soesje @Mamachum @Breeze @kiraning, my new found friend too here and in Twitter .. to my kababayan^^. @aineofcebu... @petunia for your wild and funny imaginations ...@hahanzyy @realistic2280a @noor1 @faye406 @jstgt1501 @elan1 @rocher22... to @cinnamonsterxx, who I've been seeing in YT comments too...HAHA.. AHHH...so many of you.. will edit if I'll remember all of you ~ THANK YOU for making my TTON viewing more enjoyable ~!!! Let's continue lurking here until Drama Awards ^_____^
  24. @soesje I also read that one comment that someone from DC Gal who attended that said SH was indeed crying and JDY comforted her. But then I'm reading some comments bursting the bubble and claiming it's a mistranslation etc. that there was another staff named So Hyun crying.. haha.. aigoo. Waiting for the Drama Awards to see our Macaron Couple again ~ and still waiting for a selfie of them too . And while waiting, I think this will do it for now ^___^ This ship will stay until one of them gets married... HAHA
  25. Translated version of JDY's interview... https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2019/11/26/actor-jang-dongyoon-said-the-challenge-to-acting-a-woman-dressed-man-was-funny-in-recent-interview-303411/MeSkKjPdksRH1dJJ Also someone translated it in Twitter...
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