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  1. I'm thinking along these scenarios, based on the first two episodes and preview of the third one: 1) KSH can be the ultimate unreliable narrator because we are being shown flashbacks she remembers - that could be the biggest twist and also fit into the title 'Everyone's Lies / The lies within.' Maybe she has a double / split personality, kills everyone who comes near or between her and her husband, and father and husband were trying to protect her, but she killed them anyway. I also don't know why anyone would want her to run for anything, given her meek personality, when there is a successful (so we are told) elder daughter who has done well for herself and would be more presentable. HMK probably only wanted her to run to make her lose and then take the place of her father in the party. But for someone else to suggest it in a video means it could be KSH herself, telling herself to run for election. 2) JTS and KSH are a pair of serial killers pretending to not know each other but killing people left, right and center (highly unlikely at this point.) 3) JSH went into hiding and is working with someone to eradicate people who stand in his way - and is then double-crossed - shocking his wife. who will then kill him when he comes after her. 4) The other scenario - and the only plausible one - is that despite the marriage being arranged between a politician and an industrialist (though we don't know how JSH and KSH two got together), JSH and KSH had a loving marriage and both will do anything for the other: the picture of sunset in his office is taken by KSH (a correct photograph of the same sunset is right next to KSH's photo in his office, which the investigator JTS notices on the shelf and actually does say how could a trained photographer take a bad shot.) JSH found out that his father was pressurizing KSH' father, KSC, over the land deal, so he came back to do the right thing. He and KSC find corruption and links between politicians and JQ (e.g. HMK or others and JQ chairman) which do not safeguard rights of citizens / workers, and set out to expose them. But he also finds out that he is not the only son of JQ chairman - (my guess is the suicide girl and young investigator, JHK are chairman's other children, that's why chairman simply told his right hand man IDK to 'handle' the situation - IDK killed the girl and abducted JSH so that he doesn't expose any secrets, KPY was holding him, but JSH escaped, and is then caught by the actual killer of KSH's father and his eventual hand-cutter - the young investigator JHK - who wants KSH to campaign because he knows she is the only one who will expose everything if he can bait her with getting her husband back alive. I think JSH is alive right now with an intact hand (the only reason why his hand was identified as his is the coroner, YSJ and I don't trust her; she probably is JHK's mother and lying), in the end JSH will end up dead, chairman will kill himself once exposed, JHK will either get caught or die, JYM will become the chairman of JQ industries and do the right thing for the workers, SH will continue to work as a congresswoman finding confidence and a voice, and JTS will hold a torch for her, possibly unrequited. The reason why I'm suggesting JHK is the ultimate culprit / killer because this drama has the same setup as Secret Forest / Stranger, and an insider was the ultimate betrayer / killer in that one too. And everyone else is too obvious a suspect (especially JYM.) So when JTS and JHK went to the tea house to interview the owner, she said meaningful strange things to JHK's face (the man quarreling with JSH had a 'pungent smell,' and JHK asks her what does she want). He has killed KPY (whose dead body KSH stumbles upon in the container), and will continue to kill others for protection or revenge. There is no other reason to make sure KSH finds each body, and is at the center of everything, and that she be blackmailed into running for office 'if she wants to see her husband alive.' At least not logically. (and in the preview JTS asks himself why she is everything is circling around KSH) JYM and IDK etc. are all red herrings. Besides IDK's future as an alive person is very slim too (so is the tea house owner's.) I am getting tired of KSH's screams at every turn. But I think the writers are showing that she may be meek on the outside but has a ticking brain and is brave and self-sufficient, while others see her as a problem. Though the writers are also setting up poor lead detective JTS to have his heart broken! I think the female detective is fine because every female on TV doesn't have to be serious or super smart - women can be faulty and shallow and still be part of investigative teams!
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