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  1. I binge-watched the drama over this weekend, and while the story, filming, characters, 'Start Over' song, and performances all are very good (a big shout out to the mean villain Chairman Jang who was phenomenal), I do feel that the main contention i.e. injustice over the death / manslaughter of SRY's father Mr. Park was settled in Ep.10 (with the master-stroke by Jang against his own son) and the rest of episodes really dragged / elongated the 'rivalry / enmity' between Jang and SRY without any good reason. The writer / director kept the pace fast, but most of the cliffhangers were predictable, and there were some extremely ridiculous / hard-to-believe things for e.g. opening up a restaurant without knowing anything about food business, not owning the building at first, the CEO and CFO of a multi-national company (SRY and YS, of IC company) didn't have a driver nor security and were just roaming around even though SRY had a very visible / credible enemy. Also SRY as the owner of a huge company goes to gangsters place without a plan or telling anyone! It's a miracle that he, YS, and GS survived the attack. That sequence felt like a D-grade Indian movie. I also thought it was out-of-line, very mean of SRY to see an old cancer-stricken dying man kneeling in front of him - he could have stopped Chairman Jang from doing so and still make his point that he should talk business. I don't think SRY's father would've liked it. But I guess that scene in Ep. 16 is supposed to show the impact YS has had on SRY, as now SRY dealt with Chairman in a cold-hearted business-like manner, while YS developed empathy and a bit of emotional intelligence through SRY when she is shown to hug and console GS at the end. Coming to the ships, I think that the role of Soo-A, 'first love' of SRY, was written to be nothing more than a tool, a complete nuisance, a character whose sole purpose was to make viewers feel angry enough to sling arrows at her for not supporting SRY or helping him, for taking his love / liking for granted, for sticking with Jangga group when any other sane k-drama heroine would've left the gig and found some other job. The whistle-blowing action against Jangga was all conveniently belated: it took SRY 15 years to destroy Jangga and Chairman Jang, 10 of which he spent in jail and doing odd jobs, then opening his pub, just imagine Soo-A could've easily been a whistle blower 5 years ago when he first opened the pub, and then they could've lived happily with his money and her ambition, opening a restaurant together etc. (as she did alone by the end!) - he would've gotten his revenge and she would've gotten him - but she is purposely written as a lame duck, clueless, self-centered woman who just expected SRY to stay true to her without moving a finger. And so the love triangle was stretched till it became ridiculous like why is billionaire SRY sitting with Soo-A in a restaurant when he obviously has tuned out, and doesn't like her anymore! I guess the only reason why she was even in the 'triangle' was because SRY's continuous insistence that he liked her! (because she was independent and pretty and had known his father, and technically was the only pleasant connection from his past). Other than that, there was no saving grace or attraction to root for her. She was just a decorative item who came around to claim her prize in every episode, because SRY 'liked' her. Just imagine, a 19 year old kid YS, has become one of Forbes most powerful business women in just 5 years working with SRY, building his business empire, while Soo-A is still some manager/ director-kind of position in the biggest food conglomerate. I guess Soo-A was conditioned to not take risks, and not being a part of SRY's life or goals didn't help matters. SRY was a very solid legendary character for the actor to play, and YS is a cool character. But the manner in which SRY suddenly starts to see YS as a 'woman' after working with her 24/7 for 5 years was very cringe-worthy. YS was turned into a Soo-A hair-and-makeup lookalike just so that she looks a bit feminine and 'adult' - which goes against YS's tom-boyish and no fuss stylish personality. They are close and there were signs after the time jump of 4 years that he is uncomfortable with Soo-A and stares at and is speechless around YS more, but I still don't know how he suddenly realizes in Ep.14 that he loves her as a woman as opposed to a co-worker/ partner / best thing in his corporate life. There's a fine line between being thankful for all her accomplishments for his business and her continuous maverick support, and wanting her as a lover or girlfriend and I didn't understand how suddenly SRY sees the sketch she drew 5 years ago, and he immediately realizes what every viewer knew from the third episode! (that YS is the real deal, a cutie pie rock, who believed in him and rooted for him, and he is only a conglomerate success because she decided to work for him, and that was only because she fell for him instantly and has continued to love him unconditionally - so he should hang on to her for his dear life, and love and appreciate her, and thank his lucky stars she bumped into him!). There's a difference between being business partners and lovers, and SRY was always in work-mode around her, despite knowing her feelings. At least SRY+YS scenes in the last episode were 'romantic enough'! But he never found out that she was beating a bully in the beginning, not bullying a victim. Mr. Park's horrifying death scene was filmed in a very good manner. Hits the viewer in the gut. Over all, no complaints, it was a good drama. Ending scenes were thoughtfully done, and SRY's smile with drums beating as BGM plays was very satisfactory.
  2. Season 2 will happen. They've gone into this much effort to build a team of oddball eccentrics and show them in a new rundown office as underdogs, to start work as 'undercover detective' lawyers with JGJ as the boss lady and HJ as under the boss lady (because all of her tactics are shown to work in this drama), and a few things are left open for future conflicts and lots of new cases coming their way - apart from the leads relationship status - the intention was always to serialize the show as an American procedural on netflix - I'm sure it will happen if the costs and salaries can be negotiated successfully to lock dates for an autumn shoot I fear Season 2 of Signal will spoil Signal 1, and ruin the arcs big time (because let's be realistic, what if LJH is talking to an even older version of HY 15 years in the future and finds out that on arrival at hospital SH will die, so when HY and SH's car reaches hospital LJH will not be there, and maybe is working incognito as a private detective or something. That will really screw up my head and stress out my heart big time!) Signal 1 ended on hope and promise of what ifs if you keep the faith. But yes, am curious to see if they can keep the standard up without killing anyone for real, but not really looking forward to it. But Hyena is easier to produce and easy on the eyes. Just grab this cast, throw a bunch of sleaze ball millionaires, bring in the cameo of Mr. Song and Chan Ho, discovery of JGJ's real parentage, HJ+JGJ's unresolved status as a 'couple' couple, get them in a closet, move them from that tacky office, HJ retaining his loft because JGJ is saving money for that building! etc. etc.
  3. Loved the last scene in front of the building, have watched it so many times, cannot get enough of it. It really spoke of fun and work partnership for life, very modern in attire and demeanor. I have not seen another k-drama that goes 8 episodes (as well as the last episode) without a single kiss scene between the leads in a drama which touted the sexual tension aspect to hold viewers for 16 episodes. I don't agree with the 'covid' theory because the drama was shot and sealed way before South Korea got a huge corona problem and they wouldn't have shot 'together' if that were the case. Did something happen between the leads for there not to be a kiss scene? My guess is something happened, maybe they fought on set or personally over something. There's no way a kiss scene isn't given center-stage in this kind of show, so something's wrong. Even though I thought Lawyer Boo confession was such a cliche' (does everyone have to fall for the lead?!) but loved the confidence JGJ displayed when she said to Lawyer Boo "Give it your best shot" - that spoke volumes about how secure she was about herself and even HJ. Loved how JGJ reacted to Kevin and told him that 'I only spoke to you because of work' (damn, what a put-down!) Liked how Park told HJ off saying 'I cannot call her dude.' Liked what HJ said to JGJ 'I didn't study this hard for bar exam as I have on you.' Did not like the 'bed scene' - too amateur, uncomfortable, and kdrama trope (what's upstairs doc?!) - couldn't they've just gone upstairs to sleep or have another 'use-me' moment or maybe he could've cooked for her?! Loved JGJ empathizing with HJ over the 'emotional scars' he must have had over his father's conduct, as opposed to her very serious near-death experience. She's one tough cookie. This forum was right in pointing out that JGJ's way of showing love is by being loyal, being there for the other person and helping out, but she also focussed on solving the problems as opposed to just giving false hope or shoulder pats or 'honey' fluff. And frankly, in this drama, she was the knight in shining track suits and HJ was the damsel in distress (I'm not complaining!) Hated the track suits. Loved the rainbow sky-high heels GJG wore, and the orange-sole shoes HJ wore. Where can I get them? Anyone know the brand names? Actually everyone commenting on HJ's fashion sense in the last scene have obviously forgotten the extremely hideous sweater he wore right at the start of episode 2 when he reminisced their love life. So this guy always had an eccentric personal dress-sense. Though that suit really is OTT for a serious lawyer! And that 'adoptee father' did not save JGJ's life, he was talking nonsense to that killer, living in the crazy mental state he had created for himself. And thank god he's dead. Mr. Song was a good baddie. Shame won't get to see him in an orange suit!!! It turned into too much of an American show in ep. 15-16, lawyers being undercover, too much focus on the murder appeal and Get Song, the case in the end wasn't much of a case (and no wolfish legal eagle like Song nor CEO of a big company like Son would be this dumb to leave so many trails to get caught - people like that get other people to do their dirty work, not be in the thick themselves) and there were too many filler scenes (of others, the Choong gang, eating that pizza, etc.) I hope and am sure there will be a season 2, just like the ML's kingdom, running on netflix, maybe negotiations are going on over production costs and who will foot them (netflix or sbs). You never know. But not if the leads hate each other so much that they won't even kiss! To everyone on this thread, hope to see you munching (drooling?) over some other drama soon!
  4. I believe writers of this drama will make someone else the murderer or it will be ruled an accident, but it will send a very wrong message because generally people like Chan Ho, who are entitled, abusive, control freaks and have addiction problems do much worse in anger / when things are not in their control, and this relationship was a ticking time bomb. Chan Ho did not once ask anyone how SJ died, what happened, who did it, or even cry for her, or call her family or tell JGJ to do something for them, and his first call was to his secretary/ manager who called his lawyers so that they’d ‘fix’ it! All that Chan Ho is concerned about is what his father thinks, whether he’ll retain his CEO position and how and when JGJ will get him off. Admitting she’s wrong does not make JGJ weak. It’s a sign of maturity. JGJ is extremely defensive about how she tackles abuse victims and makes money off them by giving bad advice, because she was an orphan who saw her adoptee mother get killed and then survived the adoptee father’s assaults but she has not understood that not everyone has her grit or strength, especially rich people who have more to lose and feel more trapped. JGJ tries to settle her own unresolved childhood issues / scores through victims - and HJ is right in pointing this out to her, when he says ‘isn’t it exhausting to live like this.’ JGJ needs to grow up too. Winning isn’t everything. Decency also amounts to something. HJ is a decent person. Simply because JGJ had a tough life, and worked her way up from nothing, does not give her a right to play with people's lives. She will get Chan Ho off, and hopefully then find out that he indeed did push SJ on that table and saw her bleed to death rather than call ambulance. And she'll have to face the fact that she got an abusive murderer free. I hope that happens. Fingers crossed! (even though the chance of writers going this way is very slim)
  5. @larus what about the 3rd scenario? Too far-fetched? I know that suspects rarely are actual murderers but I so want Chan Ho to be the guy who gets away with murder, because I want JGJ to be wrong just once about people and HJ be right! I want her to be shocked and more guilt-ridden because she gave bad advice to SJ and continued to give bad advice! Let's see what is in store, because Ep.13 will be explosive!
  6. Ep. 12 went by so fast. Poor HJ’s sincerity is drilling holes in every heart except JGJ’s! My hair has turned grey watching JGJ stomp all over him in her 6-inch heels, but boss lady has only raised a white flag of ‘I worry for you too.’ Hope that’s good enough for HJ because it looks like it will take another season for viewers to see them together as a couple! Contrary to popular opinion on this forum, I think Chan Ho DID kill SJ in a fit of rage. This is a spoilt rich addicted tycoon who had placed SJ under forceful house arrest when she last wanted to leave, and she had gone on a hunger strike to protest and nearly died, and he didn’t even know about it because he was so drugged up. I don’t think he’d let her escape his house, or leave the country alone or with the son of his father’s third wife!!! I think he killed her during a struggle and then took drink and drug to make it look like he didn’t know what he’s done. He kept insisiting on JGJ because he knows she gets things done (he probably was not counting on HJ being there). OR someone told SJ to frame Chan Ho with a domestic incident by getting him drunk and knocked out, and then actually killed her. OR didn't D & T chairman mention he had a 'woman problem' to Mr. Song, maybe SJ was threatening to expose D & T's corrupt son over something and Mr. Song thought he'd kill 2 birds with one stone by bumping her off (i.e. get rid of her for D & T and Chan Ho for AP Eon in one stroke). But the actor playing Chan Ho is doing a good job, it’d be great if JGJ gets the shock of her life when she gets him acquitted on murder charge and finds out that he was indeed the culprit. It would leave the door open for his entry in season 2.And it would teach JGJ a lesson that I think she badly needs. I hope in the end Hye-won takes over Issume and Ms. Kim takes over what’s left of Song & Kim. HJ will either leave or continue to work there, while JGJ will set up shop in that new building. So all these females end up being bosses of their own lives and managing companies. Mr. Song has played the game very well but is looking at a lengthy jail sentence. There should’ve been more episodes.
  7. Ep. 13 promo: it seems Mr. Song is going nuclear on everyone around HJ, his father, JGJ, and the non-couple couple go before the bar association to explain themselves or lose license!
  8. Ep. 11: JGJ was extremely rude to HJ in that opening scene even pointing out that his father and brother would bail him out if he ever got into trouble and disparaging them. I understand her being defensive because her methods are unprofessional but get ‘the job done,’ and she doesn’t have to apologize to anyone for surviving in life, but she was being cruel to the only person who genuinely likes her - and he was right in pointing out how her decisions ruin people’s lives - and frankly, why is she so burnt up about people leading successful dignified lives just because she had a rough start? So that did not sit well with me. And neither did I like her looking down at the ‘inheritance law’ thing he’s working on - he’s a lawyer in a powerful law firm, they work for big money, and mostly corporations, what’s her problem with him working for big corporations or politicians?! But she cares enough about what he thinks of her to let him know she did not leave the abused daughter in a lurch. And she likes classical music and has a taste for fine wine too. So she has that common interest with HJ but beyond that, I don't see her caring for HJ as a woman, even when she is alone with her thoughts! When has JGJ ever acknowledged HJ? She has been obnoxious or condescending to him since day one. She has never agreed with his methods nor liked them, in fact she even berates his emotional state, child-like manner and even his family! The only reason why she even let him in is because she was horny or wanted a release. If this is what she does to people she likes, I shudder to think what she’ll do when she hates! (and we’ve seen what that is like too!) There's a fine line between being a commitment phobe, not allowing anyone near you because of your past, and what JGJ does to HJ all the time, she's not emotionally involved in him, nor interested in him as a man. She likes him a little bit, like someone would like a toy or puppy, and she treats him like that too, but she is focussed on her career and that building. HJ needs to get over his JGJ obsession, just to maintain his self-respect, because right now it’s looking like a roadkill (and he’s the roadkill). it almost seems like he wants to be insulted and brushed off by her again and again. his behavior actually reminds me of the theme song from a J-drama: ‘I’m a slave for you’ by Reiji: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv6U5R4VKAA&list=WL&index=19 The ‘comfort me’ scene at the end was extremely cool (so was the 'sorry' scene). JGJ doesn’t know how to be kind (i don’t think poor HJ wanted to make out but a kind word would’ve gone a long way!) Did JGJ and Kevin Jung take things further after that dinner? It wasn’t shown (she declined the ‘dating’ part but did she decline the ‘sex’?) So JGJ will buy that building and HJ will come and partner her? And the rest of the team will join in too? OR she’ll buy the building and he’ll stay at whatever is left of Song & Kim and both will continue to face off against each other in court (like they did in episode 1)? Setting up Season 2? (Ep. 16 cannot be the end of this great acting duo, relationship or series when more is needed!!!)
  9. I found HJ’s attitude and behavior incredibly immature, disturbing and extremely unprofessional. In fact, I can’t believe that he’d stoop so low. He has no right to go and bombard JGJ’s meetings and appointments. In fact it’s none of his business how she gets information or who she meets. Plus, the person she’s talking to is the owner of a 3 trillion dollar company FGS! How can HJ or anyone else just treat that client so shabbily?! Not even interns are that careless. And she's 'working' - which she's very good at, getting information without sounding like a lawyer. But more importantly, I thought this drama would be a bit adult than the usual k-drama tropes, but no, it literally took one episode to turn it into a sordid ‘i am so in love i am going to stalk and haunt you and that will be proof of love’ kind of crap. I think there were better ways to show that HJ wasn’t going to give up on JGJ than this running around. So much so that I’ve started wondering what HJ sees in JGJ anyways? I mean seriously, what?! Why does he like her this much besides some sex or attraction? At first, their squabbling looked like straight from the ‘Tale of Nokdu’ drama book, but the leads in that one were kids, literally, I don’t expect 37-plus people to act this way in front of clients or staff. I think JGJ is right in distancing herself from HJ - not just because of the obvious class difference or totally unsuitable wife material for someone from HJ’s background. But because she’s extremely independent, and doesn’t really need him for anything, while being associated with her will impede his career (as per South Korean society) and her controversial background (orphan, murder, abuse, lies, poverty, odd jobs) will not sit well with his brother and father - both of whom are upright judges - and it will create problems for them too, and if someone starts to disclose her skeletons, it will put pressure on her, HJ and his family. She also is extremely ambitious and doesn’t like distractions (i.e. romantic attachments) beyond a certain point that she can’t control. It also is a foregone conclusion that HJ is going to leave Song & Kim eventually. I was wondering if Hyena is going to have more than one season, then PD may just extend the romantic ambiguity to season 2 and give a ‘hopeful but non-committal’ ring to their relationship at the end of Ep.16. And it looks like it will go that way. I don’t know if all the pandora’s boxes can be resolved in the remaining 6 episodes. Apart from the obvious blow hot-blow cold couple entanglement between the two, the impact that JGJ’s past on HJ’s career growth and his judge brother and father, and her own rise within an elite law firm, their role in Team H i.e. elite lawyers deciding cases of rich and influential to safeguard major crimes and scandals, the way JGJ will be undermined to be thrown out from Song and Kim and how she fights back, if and when HJ himself leaves Song & Kim, etc. These are all scenarios that can and probably will happen. And from the preview for Ep.11, it looks like HJ lost his high-profile case and is looking for quid pro quo (some emotional honesty or sex) from JGJ landing at her apartment (uninvited)! This went south pretty fast. I dnf’d Ep.9-10. Hope Ep.11 is better. Edit: Okay watched both episodes twice, they are good, but i still don't like HJ immature / stalker / unprofessional character arc.
  10. Love this show. Love this pair. They chew and burn the screen off when they are together in a scene. I miss them when only one is shown! Love the team. Love the soundtrack, well-placed songs perfect for each scene. Loved both episodes 7 and 8, the childish banter and work-play balance (bumping each other, 'should I bring you coffee,' high-five, 'I just came to see you, it annoys me more when I don't,' 'I'll use you'), the feminine energy HJ exudes (soft, the heart on sleeve, unconditional support, long stares, admiration, can cook too), and the masculine traits / energy that JGJ/JE brings to any conversation (no nonsense, commitment-phobic, boss lady). Some folks still are hung up on Song Hye not playing JGJ, that she would've 'looked better' visually with the good-looking ML. My take is simply that Song Hye may be very pretty, but she has a very limited acting range, and I THANK GOD that she isn't in it. Kim Hye Soo has taken this role to an entirely another level, gritty, steely, smart, real and relatable, oozing sex appeal without showing a single bone or cleavage while wearing tackiest of suits! In the drama, she is supposed to be just 4 years older than ML (some lawyer mentioned she's 41). Her real age shouldn't be an issue, because she's not playing a noona! And I don't know who else could've used the ML and kissed like that and owned it like it's nothing, and make you still root for her! Both, she and Ju Ji Hoon, are brilliant in this drama. But Ju Ji Hoon killed the 3 soju/wine scenes - this guy's face actually has a thousand expressions per scene, very sad, honest but breath-taking adult scenes. Great dialogues too. On a side note, JGJ/ JE comes across as one of those women who pile on a wreckage of paramours and flames, all ready to do her bidding and help her, while she climbs the ladder of success and remains alone! Hope she changes (for the sake of poor, pathetically hopeless HJ!) To me, HJ was pretty useless in the D & T case, I don't think lawyers should be investigators to dig dirt and evidence (those can be hired separately) but D & T case was won squarely through the fresh perspective and foot work of JGJ / JE and how she guided the teams, she cleanly set all things in order outside the courtroom too. Good lawyering. I find Yu-Mi to be extremely irritating - less screen time she has, the better. They didn't make it clear what relationship the detective has with JGJ, I think he was just her neighbor, because it did look like she was the only child, and he was never shown beaten or around the father. The father is one horrible man, still up to old tricks. I hope there is no sham K-drama-style 'forgiveness' track for him, because he came with spite and vengeance, to show JGJ that he holds power over her no matter how far and big she gets (most probably will blackmail or threaten to disclose her 'criminal background' or unsavory family background to get her out of Song & Kim) - i don't expect him to do any good and he won't. Is he her real father? Is there more to Mr. Song and Ms. Kim's back story than merely the convenient 'accident' of Song's wife? Maybe Kim was in love with Song, as both were lawyers in her father's firm, and Song picked/ loved Kim's sister instead. And once the accident / suicide attempt by the wife happened, Song hung on to the wife and remains committed to a comatose wife, while becoming co-head too. That would be so K-drama trope! Is that young - 'guinea pig' - intern, son of Song and Kim? Is JGJ daughter of Song's long lost sister? (I'm thinking of more K-drama tropes) - hope the drama remains fresh, no K-drama route! I wish they'd release BTS of that fight scene JGJ had in Ep.1. And a big shout-out to @Ameera Ali - that was one laugh-out loud post - missed you!
  11. Here are my two bits: JGJ is the hero / shero of this drama - others can pretend to be shark or hyena but she is the real thing. HJ is second lead and that's okay because JGJ propels the story forward and their personal history and current childish bickering provide the sparks and sexual tension. I think more than the class difference, it's the apparent lack of grooming / tough exterior, all-out claws, un-ladylike behavior (!) from JGJ that makes her look out of place. Of course, it looks worse when she's standing next to the cool, polished, debonair HJ. It will look far worse if she was sitting next to the SC judge father of his! But HJ has already seen that she can appear to be whatever she wants / needs to be. Maybe JGJ never felt like a woman / human being till she met HJ?! Who knows? Right now, I cringe to think of their future but HJ is the 'black sheep' of the family so if he likes her the way she is, and she is a very attractive, tough, uncatchable, rowdy woman, that's it. Do the cases they work on really matter? Or the power politics in the firm? Not to me. JGJ's life story - whatever background and how hard she fought to get here - is intriguing and also what HJ sees in her and their hot-cold, fake-real, work-home relationship. Since HJ thinks they 'both' fell in love, it's apparent he just wants to hear her say she likes him too. Two scenes of him working out shirt-free mean he's taking out his frustrations on that rope and floor. He found out she likes classical music (or maybe she found out she liked it only when she fake-dated him). But knowing her will be like an onion peeling operation, tears and fake tears and back stabbing and passionate kisses that lead nowhere. That's the fun part. In this respect, it's a very U.S.-style production.
  12. I disagree, that spoilt rich abused mistress had plenty of options but the best one was the one given by HJ: leave Korea, go settle in London, have an art gallery of your own. This would've ensured she's far removed from that crazy household and Chan-Ho. I think HJ is a more cool-headed professional idealistic lawyer than JGJ who is an unapologetic desperate go-getting cynical shark. She played the weakness of that woman and told her to go back. No sensible conscientious lawyer would've done that. But frankly, it's not JGJ's fault either. The mistress shouldn't have agreed with the exploitative nonsense JGJ spouted. She knew better (that Chan-Ho is a crazy unhinged maniac) and still went back. I think he'll either kill her or that bf, or she'll kill him. HJ's deal was better and professional and the only one that gave both clients (the evil mother and son) something. The only reason JGJ felt strongly about the violinist is because she recognized herself in that abused boy and wanted to get a thorough revenge on the abuser-mother. Again, not good sensible lawyering. As we've seen in flashback, JGJ bit the ear off even when she was a child, she was a strong never-back-down kind of kid. That violinist had none of her grit, he was one lonely depression away from suicide or a complete nervous breakdown! HJ read him and the situation better. That was a great scene. But I read her dialogue 'whatever I was in the past and in the future is not me' to mean that she will continue to roadkill people to get what she wants (because she either wants revenge from someone or her background is too notorious) - that none of the personalities is the real her but help her achieve her goals. And his dialogue, 'I am the same, in the past, and future' read like whatever he liked in the past, he will like in the future too because he has no grand mysteries, he's an open book. I think it showed HJ was willing to cross a bridge to show his vulnerabilities more than JGJ, who will continue to step on his toes and other organs. The score is being maintained by both of them - but he didn't start it. She did. That she's a tough nut to crack is the understatement of the century, with a giant wall inbetween, and he recognizes it. But he is a quiet loner too. I don't think he's looking for anything from her side anymore - he's been burnt in more ways than one by now. But he will learn to respect her professionally when she gives results in her unique way, and talks tough to all the boys-in-suits without batting an eyelash. But as ex-lovers, right now, she's the woman who screwed him up and cost him professionally and personally and is now a partner in his law firm! He did nothing wrong, she reminds him of his failure as a sentimental lover-boy, so why should he be kind or understanding? JGJ is nothing like the woman he fell for. Or is she?!
  13. Okay a few thoughts (which I'll probably add to after watching Ep.4): 1) The one percent on the show really have no iota of morals or ethics. The eldest son is a spoilt loser drug addict abusive and really one major scandal away from oblivion - but Chairman wants him to run the company and not the sane ambitious daughter. That family is full of fake people who don't give a damn about each other! 2) JGJ knows it and capitalizes it on more given everyone thinks she's just a classless sleazy lawyer (which she is, because of her trajectory in life). I think she made the bad judgment-call telling the mistress to go back to Chan-Ho. This will end in either the mistress killing him or Chan-Ho killing her and /or her 'real love'. But JGJ isn't in it to save the rich screwed up people who know better but do worse. And it will not end well. @taeunfighting @triplem she has zero respect for these people and it shows. She made sensible suggestion just once to each member of this family and they all disregarded it one by one. So she probably thinks they are cooking up their own hells, why should she care! 3) The shadow workers and past of JGJ (the guy who gave her the phone list will come up again, and he knows JGJ enough to ask her whether she has been eating - which means JGJ is under stress / driven too much) and her background in various jobs before becoming a working lawyer. 4) What happened with HJ was bad. First the company's CEO tried to punch him, then his sister poured a bottle over him - as if he deserves no dignity in their eyes as a professional. I felt bad for him especially since there was no way to predict that the spoilt rich mistress would go back to the abusive CEO for no apparent reason. And he failed to deliver for both the CEO and his sister, losing to the same woman! He was already emotionally burnt by JGJ, so for him, it's personal on some level. It stings to be a man fooled and upstaged by a woman who is not even of similar background but is playing a better game than any seasoned legal eagle. I hope he wins soon and gets a bit of that punching-pride back! Also, he is dissatisfied working for Song & Kim - so that is news. He looks like a misfit in any case. 5) The law firm's head (Pil-Joong) is lenient with HJ only because he is from an influential rich family of judges (grandfather was a SC judge, father is going to SC judge, brother is a clean judge). He probably knows HJ is working for another law firm on the side, but ignoring it because HJ can be of use to him. That's my read on him. He maybe a friend of the family but business is business and he hasn't made a successful building full of lawyers by being an understanding cuddly bear. I think he'll show his colors soon. 6) The sparks or romance or professional back stabbing is so BDSM at this point (the real JGJ gets her rocks off by riling him up, @Shinobu said it right). I think he mentioned 'there's no ramyeon' as a pun because she likes to drink just coffee too but faked interest in eating that breakfast in front of Chairman. Or did he cook ramyeon for her when they were dating? Which reminds me, if they were lovers, how come HJ never noticed that she was wearing a wig or extensions? Just sayin'. 7) Mr. Jo, JGJ's sidekick and HJ's sidekick should have their own over-worked/ over-stressed workers union! Edit: Ep. 4: Love the fact that in a room full of 20 hot shot men, in senior boardroom, enters JGJ, as part of Song & Kim! And a new pretty legal aide is probably the latest foil for the not-so-poor HJ. Sparks and Envy will collide in that file closet. And loved the scene in the restaurant between JGJ and HJ - that was one honest conversation (he even guesses right that JGJ isn't her real name) and she accedes 'yes, I'm cruel.' I mean, wow, what burning layers. Good show.
  14. Loved the first 2 eps. Hope it keeps the momentum up. KYS has nailed the role of JGJ. Maybe she makes an odd couple with the ML due to age difference but I don't think many actresses would've been able to portray the quick thinking, vicious, conniving, pragmatic, sensitive, tough-as-nails sleazy, go-getting, bottom-feeder who wants to have a respectable law firm in a high-rise and will do anything to get it, without coming across as vamps or complete b*****s. You cannot not root for her despite her unscrupulous methods. And I think if director wanted to make her look younger, she would've (as in the flashbacks for the great 'Signal') but she is supposed to look older (4 years older in dramaland), rough, street-smart start-up. In fact, her tough childhood makes her suggestion to that beaten up woman on the roadside very effective - she knows rich will find a way to screw poor or work the system to get off, so why not leverage a gain / benefit for the poor victim and make it a win-win in the real world for everybody. I think she's a good lawyer. The ML had great expressions for every whammy, so that was good too. And I noticed that he is said to get bored if women demand too much attention - well, JGJ won't give him any! It's also interesting that the laundromat woman he fell for (picture-perfect, quiet, soft spoken, laughing at his jokes, skirt-wearing, long-haired beauty) is nothing like the actual woman (cringe-worthy poor double crosser without scruples who wears suits and bites back verbally and physically!) ML is a shark but an idealistic shark. JGJ isn't idealistic at all. She is like a bull in a china shop! I bet that cheap vintage timepiece ML saw at her office has some emotional value to her, and is not some pawn shop sale item. I don't want them to get together - the verbal sparring and cat and mouse game is too much fun! Is it just me or is South Korea experimenting with shaded, unconventional, morally grey, greedy women who get to have their cake too (Misty, 9.9 billion won woman and now Hyena)?
  15. Okay guys I am dropping this one. Jang Hyuk's hair is not enough to hold my attention (the hair btw has started looking like a plumped up wig / one with too many hair plugs). I liked a comment on newasiantv (by ''allucard hellsing"): "They enter crime scenes without gloves, touch evidence without gloves, leave their office open while having sensitive files, 2 serial killers entered the investigation departments as easy as drinking tap water, the "photographic memory" girl almost got killed 2 times or more, a victim got killed under their watch while they watch him how is he taking his last breath. The logic of this drama is **** up! How are they the private investigation of Korea! Yes, it is just drama, but come on, you can write better than this!" And add the incredibly slow pace, predictable dialogues, with zero emotional hook, one-dimensional characters and their whiny, robotic faces, as if their pain is greater than the constant death and victims they investigate, I'd rather watch paint dry. I'm sure we'll cross paths on some other show's thread!