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  1. The plot is moving fast so i hope they wrap up the politicking and Yulmoo treason story line within the next 3 episodes so we can get cute banter moments with Dong Joo and Nokdu from Ep 13-16. Ugh we need a kiss ASAP but probably won't get it until the story line of DJ taking revenge for her family is over. Hmm or unless she gets drunk again haha
  2. decided to watch ep 9 again. am i the only one who gets distracted by Hwang Tae's strong eye makeup?
  3. just wondering, which streaming sites are y'all using to live watch this? AQ stream doesn't work for me.
  4. i know right! i get that it gives the cast more time to film but on the other hand, ratings tend to decline when eps get cancelled. btw, does anyone know what episode they are filming now?
  5. seems like there's going to be a baseball game tonight :(( hopefully the episode won't get cancelled this time.
  6. i would love to see auntie and young man apologize to song a for the way they treated her in the past. i honestly cannot see young man and song as a couple. Wish they had flashbacks to when they got together.
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