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  1. I have been missing. But I make it a point to login once everyday to the forum. +2
  2. Two words - "Warm Bodies" Not sexy but very cute! @TiNaDo @Dhakra I am older than what TiNaDo guessed. 478
  3. Yes, I am. Maybe from next week or the week after that. For Johnny boy and Reba's red lips! +2
  4. @triplem did u finish Love designer? I have put everything on hold. +2
  5. Brand loyalty runs strong when it comes to pressure cookers! No points guessing which one we use. 728
  6. changed it back! That was a rice pressure cooker. Hawkins brand! 726
  7. oh new look and all huh!? how cool!! +2
  8. At the risk of losing my Edna gif I am going to change my dp. +2
  9. I am not even going to ask what where why.... but tell me how do I vote... a million times yes to Ko-Yo ship. 566
  10. There is also an older drama of his called Moonlight and Valentine. The only deterrent is that the writer botched up the ending. I am yet to watch it. But if we are into Johnny appreciation that shouldn't matter to us. +2 Edit: Oh hey! There is also his military drama that is coming out. Almost reads like DoTs except he is supposed to be cold not flirty like SJK.
  11. I dont fit into any of these descriptions! 524
  12. Now I am even more at peace knowing it is good all the way till the end! @Lmangla Her expression is what makes the scene memorable! But I loved how Reba hugged Johnny after seeing her mom!!! As if what more can go wrong! 502
  13. It is still on air. I am on ep 29. Which one is MDSY? +2
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