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  1. Does Sky castle have a satisfactory ending? Might bite into it seeing how good reviews have been here. 508
  2. @triplem ooooo!! I love it!! Thank you! +2
  3. I m waiting for Head n shoulders to get over. The subs for last 4 eps will release today , tmrw. I think ep 21 is already out. +2 @triplem Can u gif this scene for my dp? I am looking for the clip on youtube.
  4. I skipped all his scenes. And her friend's too cos she is most of the scenes with Fu Pei! I am now on ep 20. Waiting for next 4 eps. 892
  5. Oh good then! Nothing worth repeating! thank you Soompi Messenger +2
  6. I sent a PM saying I was angry over something! That was morning my time. Didnt u get it? +2
  7. Hey @cenching it is ok to tell me I am wrong. I think I scared u off in PM. 874
  8. 850 @Lmangla not feeling too wise lately! Thought lets clear out things to get some clarity.
  9. @cenching Bitching is the way! +2
  10. @sushilicious I always do me!! Hence the post. Advertise all you want without making others feel bad. @cenching I didnt drop TYH. I finished it. +2
  11. As a free human being you dont have to force yourself to watch something you dont want to or dont feel like. But as a friend it would be kind if you wud let us fangirl and tolerate us over nonsense when we go crazy over a drama! Thats what forums are supposed to do. I am getting a different vibe especially from @sushilicious. As if my drama choices aren't as good or well thought out as her's! I know, I know it is all in my head. I am just putting it out here so that I dont end up bottling up that feeling. I might just go all 'Dracarys' someday who knows! @cenching I think I am already half way crazy! Help! +2
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