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  1. I don’t know if Jang Dong Yoon has had any kiss scene before? Any jdy fan here? But I think it has to depend on the directing too, if the pd want a light kiss, soft kiss or a passionate one. Then move on to whether the actor/actress is a good kisser. Until now I usually don’t expect much from So Hyun kiss scene, the only one I enjoyed was her kiss with Yoo Seung Ho at the beach. Btw poor Kang Tae Oh, I don’t think he will have a kiss with Dong Joo so his only kiss in the drama will be with Nokdu
  2. I was asking myself how could Dong Joo react nonchalantly to the 6-packs shirtless Nokdu when he came in the room but then I remember that Dong Joo wasn’t supposed to have that reaction. She just ripped his clothes the previous night and they were changing clothes in a small palanquin. She couldn’t reached surprisingly or embarrassed like us
  3. I was like “why did Nokdu need to be topless in this situation?? I can’t focus on the kiss!!!” Gosh you are right, So Hyun has seen Jang Dong Yoon upper body quite often till now, in drama they even changed clothes in that small palanquin and she even groped his lower part the PD and writers are so bold with all the skin ships
  4. @Breeze I think it’s the food truck sent by PD Kim Dong Hwi to cheer up staffs and actors. From some staffs ig, they were filming some fire scenes around midnight till 3Am today, and not knowing when the filming finished this morning. It must be hard for all the Nokdu team
  5. Yes she is so comfortable with him to the point that’s it the first time I couldn’t ship So Hyun with her costar offscreen They are basically two kids at the playground in most making vids or two siblings fighting for the same toy but in the drama, Nokdu and Dong Joo chemistry is exploding and I love this couple so much that I’m already dreadful to let this couple go in 6 weeks
  6. @angrytomato from what I remember, Sung Jae and Btob debuted 3 years before School 2015 but they weren’t a mainstream group by then, only after School 2015 success that brought light to Sung Jae and Btob was also benefited from his newfound popularity. And although I’m not against those idols who can act (D.O, Siwan, 2pm Lee Jun Ho…) I still prefer actors with good acting skills so So Hyun doesn’t have to carry the whole drama on her shoulders.
  7. @angrytomato to me, I would choose Song Kang, Jung Ga Ram and Jang Dong Yoon over those idols who can’t act and big age gap any day. Appropriate age gap and capable acting skills are more important to me than the idol popularity. And I think there are too many examples that the popular idols can’t pull in decent rating and I shouldn’t name them here. If you think with a popular male idol Nokdu can pull the 2 digits rating? No it’s simply impossible. About School 2015, it had very low rating for first few episodes before the story got better and the Taebi effects attracted more viewers. At first Sung Jae and Nam Joo Hyuk were barely known and So Hyun was just a young actress so basically School 2015 success was not because of idol. I fully agree with you that it’s hard to replicate such good female character these days. And about Eunbyul, most of us love this character because of her independent and sassy personality, she can solve problem on her own. But the dilemma for the writer is that it’s hard to draw male lead who loves the strong female lead like Eunbyul. The girl crush female lead is hard to build romance around. I haven’t seen any role So Hyun played since then as powerful as Eunbyul. And most of the time the writers failed to give So Hyun character justice. Finally, the tale of Nok-Du is about Nokdu and Jang Dong Yoon is doing too well to ignore his newfound popularity. Same about Song Kang, he got the biggest boost after Love Alarm. It’s hard to So Hyun to get her break through role again but I will patiently wait for it.
  8. I love you guys discussion here. To me, So Hyun happiness above anything else. And more than most of So Hyun recent dramas, I really love The tale of Nokdu. It won’t be another hit drama in So Hyun filmography like School 2015, but it will remain as a happy memory for So Hyun (unlike that Ruler trauma). About Dong Joo, this character may have silly and vulnerable moments, esp in ep 1, but from then Dong Joo is still a very likable character. She is both sassy and fragile. She is lovely and cute (esp when involves Nokdu). She might not be the smartest female lead but she does things reasonable (or unreasonable when the emotions get the better of her). After 8 eps (4 eps) Im really in love with Dong Joo and Nokdu
  9. It’s got effected by SBS airing their popular variety show “Invincible Youth” at 10:30 pm last night. The rating was actually on the rise before that
  10. Even though knowing the reason why the rating dropped I’m still a little bit upset since yesterday episode was very fun and heartwarming and even the next ep trailer looked awesome. Does anyone know what SBS gonna air next Monday since Invincible youth is a Tuesday show?
  11. I read the comments in this staff ig post and she said that she laughed like a crazy person at the filming site it’s definitely super fun filming the funny scenes esp those Nokdu vs Yul Mu scenes next week
  12. Oh I got goosebumps from that seaweed soup tiny detail. I haven’t watched the subbed ver yet but it’s really good observation. What if Dong Joo and Nokdu were swapped at birth? btw I don’t find the King scary at all, he might be obsessed with power but the real antagonist of the show must be Heo Yoon. And I’d like to know more about Cha Yul mu, they won’t waste his character like that right?
  13. Oh thank you so much I finally got it. That Hwang Tae real name Jung Yi ... finally came to my sense. So Nokdu is indeed the royal baby now, there is no possible twist about this anymore. And as there is not much to expect from the birth secret anymore, I wonder which direction the writers will take in later episodes (I haven’t read the webtoon).
  14. I can’t understand the logic here though. If Hwang Tae is the hunted baby then why did mom called him the precious son and then who is her real son because she despised Nokdu so much (blamed him for the misery and didn’t apply the herb on his wounds). And I feel sorry for Nokdu have to grow up like that and yet he still has a very kindhearted personality.
  15. I have a question, in the subbed ver you guys watched, what were the mother last words to Nokdu? I’m afraid that the subtitle I watched was mistaken and I couldn’t understand that part well. Btw why don’t I feel the King is a scary person, whenever he appears I find his face expression is very funny :))
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