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[Drama 2019] The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du, 조선로코: 녹두전


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The queen tells nd to escape through the secret door. Nd asks the queen to escape together with them, but the queen says she can’t leave. She says the king won’t be able to kill her and she can’t leave as she is the only one left by his side. ND tells her he can’t leave her here where it’s so dangerous. She tells him that he is precious and hopes he lives freely.

ND and DJ leaves with the sangoong who guides them to safety. 


the king finds the queen and asks her where ND is. The queen grabs a sword and threatens to kill herself. Meanwhile, ND and DJ has escaped through the secret door. 


at the boat, master Hwang and widows gather to get on a boat. Vice curator does not get on.



ND and DJ in some storage room (?)

ND: I’m ok

DJ: why do u always say you are ok

ND: I’m in pain, it feels like death.

Dj hugs him, and asks him when he is going to sleep. Nd says he isn’t gonna sleep and is gonna stay up talking to her.


nd: since when did you like me 

DJ: you can ask this kind of question in this state (basically Nd really does look like he’s in a lot of pain) 

nd: you liked me since we were living together at the village right? 

Dj: why would I like u, you were just a man pretending to be a women.

nd: so if you were to go back in time you wouldn’t like me? 


Nd loses consciousness, DJ hugs him tight and says that if she could turn back time to when they first met, she would run away with him, before they found out who they were. ND does not respond, and DJ cries like crazy.

((Guys when will they be happy???))




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