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  1. No real kiss happened. RG actually saw Cindy taking pics of them so he pretended to kiss DM by blocking his thumb to DM lips while kissing.
  2. Kim MinJae's character Ma Hoon will be the love rival of Seo JiHoon's character King Lee Soo. Ma Hoon will fall in love with Gong SeungYeon's character GaeDdong.
  3. Seems in the preview: DM introduces RG to her parents. RG admits to parents that he loves DM DM's Mom is happy and approves their relationship. Seems Former director Eom isn't approving. Seems DM hasn't yet tell RG about her being SA fan. (DM didn't know yet that RG already knows about her) RG is in DM's place. DM blindfolds RG so he won't know.
  4. Sorry if this is already posted. I also haven't read the manhwa, but I have a feeling that Lee Sol, the mysterious painter, is Ryan and SiAn's mom. Both Ryan and SiAn are possibly got separated and adopted by different families. One of the comments in YT (I forgot the username), said she/he read some chapters of manhwa and mentioned something that Ryan and SiAn are brothers.
  5. Why you find me afraid of your words? Did I come off like that? Is it because of the big letters? I'm not. I do appreciate your replies. Don't worry about it Anyways speaking about the official subs, it's possible that Nadao Bangkok is waiting for media service providers to buy Great Men Academy and the media service providers will create the subs. (I've read Nadao Bangkok's previous drama "In Family We Trust" was bought by Netflix) If that happens, that means we have to pay to subscribe in order to watch Great Men Academy with official subtitles. (My struggles as a poor International fan .... Sigh)
  6. Though Moon GaYoung as SooYeon who is tone-deaf in this drama, she really has a beautiful singing voice. She's singing here in mini drama Mimi. It would be awesome if she sings one of the OSTs of Eulachaha Waikiki 2.
  7. Those links from Line TV are raw, no official subs yet of GMA on Line TV. Just like their previous dramas, we still have to be patiently wait for their official release. (The struggles of being an International fan) Speaking about subbing of drama, we still have to be thankful at least that the the subbers made effort and time on subbing and translating them for free.
  8. About watching Line TV outside Thailand, you can search ways of watching them on net. About the English subs, you can also search them on net but you can never post those links here because those links were not allowed or permitted by owners, Nadao Bangkok (due to COPYRIGHT ISSUES). If you really want to post those links in this forum, this will give problems on your Soompi Account (breaking the soompi rules) and this Soompi Forum Website. And most especially, this also gives problems to the people who worked so hard on translating/subbing them in English because those videos are still not permitted by Nadao Bangkok. Nadao Bangkok will take legal action and take those videos down immediately.
  9. Episode 8 was uploaded by Nadao Bangkok on LINE TV Last Wednesday, March 27 LINE TV Links: (Episode 8) B1 https://tv.line.me/v/5844118 B2 https://tv.line.me/v/5844119 B3 https://tv.line.me/v/5844120 B4 https://tv.line.me/v/5844121 B5 https://tv.line.me/v/5844122
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