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  1. DanOh Is Blaming Herself Of HaRu's Temporary Disappearance. I Get The Feeling It's Really Baek Kyung's Fault And He's The One Who Intentionally Switched On That Emergency Button.
  2. Based From The Preview 13-14 : HaRu's Role In The Secret ManHwa Now Is That He Is Part Of Tennis Club And He's BaekKyung's Good Follower.
  3. Preview 13-14. BaekKyung Getting Nicer To DanOh; HaRu Comes Back In ManHwa Included As Extra (Level Like DanOh), Treating DanOh Differently (Seems BaekKyung Tore Up Haru's Drawings)
  4. Jung JunHo Mentioned In The Interview That When He Was Young He Look Like Jang DongYoon . What Do You Think?
  5. Their KBS N Sports Channel Is Non Free To Air Channel. (They Have To Pay To Watch The Channel) KBS2 (Which The Tale Of NokDu Aired) Is Main Broadcast Channel. KBS2 Is Not Only A Drama Channel And It's Free To Air. (Aired In Local Television) They Have Their Own KBS Drama Channel As Well. Many Locals (Especially Those Who Can't Afford To Pay) Love To Watch Sports Specially Baseball And Soccer(Football).
  6. They Haven't Mentioned It. If The Baseball Game Ends Early, We Will Might Have Also Episodes 11 and 12 As Well Tonight. Edit: But That Possibility Might Not Happen.
  7. --------------------- This Is 2015 Eat Your Kimchi Video Talking About Issues With KDrama Industry. I Hope It's Not Happening During The Tale Of NokDu Filming.
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