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  1. Manhwa version : Young Lee Hwi and Jung JiWoon (both in disguise) This is In the later chapter
  2. Their real ages (but in this drama they played middle school students of almost same ages ) From Top Left: Tang JoonSang 17 Choi HyunWook 19 Son SangYeon 19 From Below Left : Kim KangHoon 11 Lee JaeIn 17 Lee JiWon 14
  3. Already got teary eyed on the teaser. I think I need more than a box of tissues for this heartwarming, emotional and touching drama.
  4. Though is more light hearted than Tale Of Gumiho, there's still a possibility that someone is going to sacrifice his/her life in order for the other to live in the future episodes. I'm ready for that scenario. I haven't read the webtoon yet but I feel this drama will still have a happy ending.
  5. I watched them first without English subs. Since I only understand few Mandarin words, I just used translation websites to convert their subtitles to English in order to find out the translations. The youtubers like AvenueX and others are also great help in explaining the lines, hidden meanings, easter eggs, etc in order for me to understand further the story and scenes. I also read some parts in the novel. I'm rewatching it again in Youku's youtube channel with English subs. I really agree that they have truly set the standards high.
  6. I think WOH is one of the best "danmei" dramas I've watched. I like the two main leads very much. Their acting and chemistry is awesome. Those "subtle" moments (which are still very obvious -- we could still see the real relationship between the two main characters)... those easter eggs... those metaphors... I really like them all so much. It's been weeks since the drama has ended. I miss this drama so much. I hope Zhang ZheHan and Gong Jun will do another project /drama together.
  7. Theories: 1) Dohak Construction president is InBeom's true father. -The ones who possessed InBeom when he was young is person who died because of his dad and seeking revenge, 2) Dohak Construction president is the one who caused the death of InBeom's parents.
  8. In latest episode So Bong asked self what was s/he forgetting... It seems s/he's starting to forget her original plan to find way to return to modern times and go back to original body.
  9. Episode 11 gave me a roller coaster of emotions. And that tragic twist in the last scene, I almost thought it was going to be a happy moment and then that happened. It's so sad.
  10. In Joseon dynasty, they use "gaejim" (cloth sanitary pads) and "darisokgot" (traditional underwear) This is gaejim This one is darisokgot
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