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  1. OMG! Really? This is exciting news! Well to me at least.. hehe.. I have so many questions now. Why now? Was it because of Vday? What’s the occasion? Did something happen? Or are they already working on something? Why Sso didn’t follow his account too? Gahhhh! I am so curious now. Very curious indeed.....
  2. @loveiskim Reading your thoughts made me rewatched their interaction a lot more times yesterday! Thank you chingu for sharing and spazzing with us here. I can really feel your excitement from miles away! ^^ Minor observations: - Seungho's subtle movement in the video below. Like the way he raised his eyebrows when mentioned abt TTON (at 1:29). What does that even mean?? If this was a drama, he is like playing the role of the jealous ex here. - The total number of times he glanced at Sso in this short video is 5 and the longest was after his "love call" (aptly named by @loveiskim btw ). His body gestures tells me that he checking for her reaction. If only I can get into his head... - Seungho's pursing his lips at 2:06 totally reminds me of Ruler vlive where he did the same when Sso mentioned her ocean kiss scene. Is he still nervous or trying to suppress his real emotions? Or perhaps.. both? I agree! But more than the genre and network, I really wish for them to be reunited in a project with a good script and supportive production team. Doesn't matter which network and what is the genre. I want them to be happy and find enjoyment in doing the things that they both clearly love. With that said, our shyshy did mentioned before that they like romcoms and *ahem* it seems like both have been kinda "gathering experience" for the past 2 years? So... let's hope that they will be able to share the skills acquired with each other someday!
  3. This comeback has been a long time coming indeed. Hope everyone is doing well in the new year! With this recent (and very unexpected!) reunion, who knows, there could already be something in the works for our shyshy this year. Under KBS maybe? Hmm.. Whatever it is, this is making me all excited again and I can't wait to get more updates from them!
  4. Many thanks for this! I just realised i had misread the article title on Soompi too. Lol! Tbh, I was sad when I thought it was for KBS Drama Awards. Anyway, glad that he is hosting for the KBS Entertainment Awards instead. At least we can still hope to see more interactions between them before the year ends
  5. So.. possibly a love square in the making? How about the second male lead, Nok Doo’s older Brother? Wonder what kind of role will he play in the story. Thought he will be kind who will have a crush on Dong Joo and make us all have second lead syndrome. Guess not huh.. Interesting.....
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