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  1. I accidentally went to ep 30 tonight and totally bummed the romance is still not going forth. I am at subbed episode 12. Raw ep 22. The Cdramas are doing my head in. I think I marathoned You are my destiny ep 1-26 a few days ago and will skip the rest as episode 36 was dumb. Cute male leads in both dramas that's why I am watching it. The female lead is so brainless I can't imagine her as a Queen. This was a marathon to ep 12 last week then tonight I am up to ep 22 with no subs from episode 13. The plot is pretty bad. The guys are not bad looking but overall this drama kills my brain cells. Which is about right as I am smack dab in the middle of revising some serious work readings. So the contrast is laughable. Because my brain is switched on reading why Covid patients are having strokes and revising critical care medicine. Then I have this twit of a female who pouts around ?Prince and tonight was pouting refusing to meet said Prince because she was due for her rose petal scented bath. Hahaha. Man this show is silly but I literally can switch my brain from thinking mode to mindless mode. There is literally no sense in the romance progression or why a respectable male would like someone like her. I am still trying to unsèe her pouting her way round a campfire to under a tree to around the King's table tonight. She is very pretty but the hairstyle is terrible with those double pigtails etc. Anyway. Anyhow. I am off to sleep knowing I am confident I would not be haunted by the plot. My brain would not be thinking about any romance or romantic moment or kisses. It leaves my brain cells free to go tackle all the new disposable equipmemt sets or teaching videos.
  2. I am only commenting because somehow having HK have 15 girlfriends hysterical. The writer has made him out to be such a learned, devoted boyfriend to EN. And such an understanding, empathetic guy to DH; and who happens to be super hot in tight polo tops. All because of SSH. Did you see the smile, smirk head bopping KHK in ep 9? Then to read that Saint Kim Hak Kyeong had 15 girlfriends? It just made me laugh so much.
  3. Whoa. Can't comment as a fan today. First off DH is enabling JH in continuing to engage in dangerous behaviour. 2- crikey GW and DH are not doing JH any favours as friends. Then HK has been put in a difficult position. He can't accept JH as a patient when he is that disturbed and patient is obsessed with HK's girlfriend. I can see where the writer is going with this. I don't agree with it. I also know mental health is handled very badly in S Korea. Bad writing does not help this situation in this instance. How can anyone watching JH be so stupid or clueless? I just can't watch a disaster in both story telling sense and professionally I just want back slowly away. Jae Hyuk's close personal circle are absolutely no help or support and instead are actively getting him to self destruct. Hasn't anyone conttoned on yet that he is delusional, lack insight and basically needs acute intervention or hospitalization? Shesh. So yeah no talk about the drama today. I am just looking horrified thinking the writer thought this was ok to write it in such a way. And I just pray sane Korean viewers will know when these things happen get the person to a hospital or psychiatric help stat. And to have a scene where HK is grabbing JH aka helpless victim persona- in a full room is a massive no- no as a fan. No you do not advance a drama plot like this.
  4. Why do I this to myself? I watch a raw episode because I am addicted but almost never have time to rewatch it with subs. That is because I am usually following 4 other series. So. I am rewatching episode 9 and goodness might as well watch it raw. The subs are so bad its not even translating the right things. So anyway, was Keanu ever deregistered? Because a patient is allowed to hoard their medication. Its a bit much to say they died from a prescription medication overdose. A family can be resentful but the reporter who defamed a psychiatrist on air needs to substantiate a report and check that it is not commonly done by other patients. Anyway that's all I got from episode 9. Besides seeing the trench coat in DH's room in episode 11. I mean I thought I saw it but the preview went by a bit fast. But the accusations are nuts since I see overdose cases ALL the time. Any medication can be misused and overdosing on psychiatric medication is a regular and common presentation. And yes some die. Anyhow I have to get to real life after this. It feels a bit strange to watch episode 9 after watching episode 11 raw. I don't think I will need to rewatch it again as I will probably end up watching episode 12 raw tonight. As if I can wait 24hrs for a subbed episode right? I am a bit bothered about Keanu that's all. Even if he exposes JJH it doesn't restore his reputation as a psychatrist. That is why I am bothered with this plot line. His family will not return and he might not get any new patients. By the way he did not refer to his wife as an ex- wife. Did they divorce and I missed it somewhere?
  5. @romance06 I thought the scene was there. I just finished the raw episode and going back to bed. I can't recall the exact words- it is like 3am+ here- but AY was right that NDH should be more responsible. This is a show featuring food. The basic responsibility is to check everyone's allergies. I know its done for the drama's sake but she is written in as an experienced PD. What I can't remember is to analyze the preview scene by scene. @celebrianna seemed to have given a comprehensive recap. KHK is very understanding. NE must have pushed him to his limits for him to end the or end his feelings for her. This guy has more patience than many other males. Oh yes some funny scenes. The paintball acrobatics and grandstanding made me laugh quite a lot. NH was evil as she shot KHK. Lol. Ah Yeong and Keanu were adorable together. He was rather sweet and she is so feisty. Hahaha his reaction when she proposed that they live together. And her defintion made me chortle at his reaction. I actually felt sad watching Keanu when he was talking to JH when he mentioned what happened to his family. That is really bad especially if it was libel. Anyway its in the middle of the night and hard for me to recall every word. The BTS- it sounds or looks like SSH went off script. You know how actors usually discuss angles or step by step especially if one person is inexperienced in kissing scenes. SSH went angled his head to the right- that must not have been discussed- if he was explaining to her why " this side, this side, the head. " Since a couple of BTS were discusing angles, sides, and who can see the kiss. I presume the crew filming it. I wasn't paying that much attention since there were multiple posts of the same. There are only about 4 actual BTS right? I think 3 for sure at least based on what I heard.
  6. What are you guys going to do if after 8 to 10 months of speculations everything that is said does not happen? I mean I don't know how many predictions came through since shipping is a hope. And only a hope. I have a very, very basic expectation. I would like to see Ahn CH because realisticslly not everyone will stay. I must say you guys have stamina. I am not really following any shows right now or at least with as much obsession. But revising some Korean is keeping me busy at least. My government said no overseas travel for at least a year so its going to be a long time before we can travel to South Korea. I am getting more antsy now to visit than for the drama.
  7. I say, I might need an explaantion for that video. Were they both in that drama? He obviously died by why and by whom? And she had an injured face too. What happened to both their characters? Well it only shows they are good actors. The characters personalities are obviously so different. Their expressions are so different showing they are a different person in that drama. The vibes being given off is amazing to see. Not even remotely tempted to compare the 4 people inhabited by 2 actors.
  8. Lmao. The soup discussion has been hilarious. I went back to have a look too just to see what coddled egg in the soup. And yes it was maybe just crushed tomato in a bottle and yes the meat was browned. And yes his white polo top stayed splatter free. Hahaha. And no, this is not my sort of soup which I would ever cook for my kids. They won't eat it. Too much tomato- based. Well at least it was not the usual bowl of colourful capsicum and onions. And the artfully tossing spaghetti dish. That dish always makes me laugh whenever it appears in a Kdrama. I sometimes avoid cringy scenes. And when the CEO threw herself at Keanu. And with DH looking flabbergasted I felt some sort of second hand embarrassment watching and closed my eyes. There are times when watching sentimental scenes on Kdramas makes me cringe. What I liked about ep 9 and 10 is surprisingly Kim Hae Kyeong's maturity. I supposed I didn't really spend too much wondering how the romance was going to be like. However I was rather amazed to see a calm and mature male going full steam ahead. I am so used to the Kdrama acting all coy and flirtatious that to see a male lead really interested in the ramen offer and be prepared to act on it as hilariously frank. I have hopes that this rom com will proceed to a bed scene. And there was no beating round the bush about the first hand holding scene. And that the guy was prepared to kiss but it was the flustered female who couldn't work out what was going on. I presumed with long relationships that she can't be a blushing novice right?
  9. Lol. I was so busy wondering what cut beef it was. Then going ' did he used a pasta sauce and then blanched a whole tomato as well? That's way too much tomato in the stew and the broccoli would have been boiled to death. And that was sour cream right? But I finally finished episode 10. Mama mia if I could have gasped aloud and clutched my hair I would. The tension was a bit much for me but the presumptuous ex in this drama are living in la- la land. However I think those 2 have done post graduate degrees to be clingy ex.
  10. The subs or earlier subs were ripped from iQiYi for the previous episodes. However episode 9's subs are not uploaded from the one main site where all the illegal subs are. Normally. And taken by the streaming site today. And so I am unsure where it was obtained. The subs are not good for episode 9. I watched it several hours ago. And decided to wait for the proper subs to be loaded. I mean I presume it will be changed. Otherwise episode 9 subs will suck. The romance was sucked out of the scenes with the current subs. I don't even know what the subber is listening or is it machine subbed. The actor says one thing the subs says another. I would say in this case go with the Mandarin subs. I presume someone here would read Chinese? I don't but I know Chinese subs are usually accurate. I am in Cdrama land currently until the subs are corrected.
  11. Goodness me I have waited all week for this. Have to actually remind myself to watch this with subs since I've yet to watch last Tuesday's with subs as well. This episode is heavier than I expected. The writer is really digging deep with the secondary characters. I confess I am slightly apprehensive how they will continue on with the homeless psychiatrist love line. And what the heck is going with the 2nd leads? Why is it getting more complicated? Plus the stylist friend's mop of dark blonde or chestnut mop. Poor guy. I used to like this actor in Heartstrings with his singing. They really styled him badly making him have bad hair just because he is gay. Ok. Back to the main couple. Can anyone tell me what song was played after the confession? I was giddy in love listening to the lyrics but then thought better find out what the song is. The lyrics made me laugh you see. This is not a complain as such but KHK is so perfectly understanding then I am half contemplating whether he sounded like a psychiatrist or a boyfriend when she was eating the stew. However I did like it that she did not reciprocate his confession immediately. The leads didn't actually have that much time together this episode. That is why I said this episode is actually very heavy. The back stories here all have heavy themes. The psychological aspects of the 4 yes FOUR back histories are enough to fill 4 dramas. Yikes. So excuse me if I say I hope the writer is not going to spend so much time on those. There are only 2 I am interested in. Or rather one I care about. The other 3 can go hang for all I can. I have 3 selfish individuals so those 3 can live with the consequences of their own actions. Back to Kim Hae Kyeong. Hey. If he was the perfect boyfriend then. And the perfect boyfriend or rather interested man now don't let him go Woo Do Hee. That guy has never even raised his voice at you, followed all your taste but has his own distinctive preferences yet willing to compromise, plus gives constant encouragement AND cooks for you. AND keeps a clean house.... didn't the writer writer a perfect love interest? Oh yeah lets not forget the perfect looks and physique. Man those biceps. I still laugh when I recall the penguin winning contest. Those back lights. The starstruck audience. That was too funny. To clarify not raising his voice doesn't mean shout. Look at his tones. He is not violently angry or the angry outburst angry type. Look at what he sounded like when he is upset. He is inherently good vs inherently selfish and self centred like the other 3.
  12. Wow. I picked the correct weekend to start the series. Wow. That young man Park Hyo Shin made me snicker. Did he speak in banmal to her before? I noticed him in ep 24 talking and when they were talking about him last night. I laughed quite a bit at the little snippet there. So cliche yet so good to watch. Hahaha. Korea does grow some beautiful young specimens. He is one of the hunkiest male actors to wander over into weekend halmoni drama- land. Why is he in a weekend drama? They usually have sweet young innocent things- male or females.
  13. The Korean words which is always translated as " I miss you " is actually " I want to see you " as well in Korean. So " I want to see you " is sometimes more appropriate. By the way I don't notice subs half the time. I just substitute what is really said when I don't like what I read. Lol. I don't recall which moment or minute you're referring to as I will have to listen to what was said. As there is or can be another sentence which says " I want to meet or see the woman " in Korean without using 보고싶어요.
  14. I know. That's why I didn't want to watch until the main leads start reconciling. I will just come by and peek. There are enough dramas to keep me occupied.
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