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  1. I've always been put off by the illogical plot. I read sci- fic. The writer's logic is not based on any principle or even mythology. So straight it makes my head spin and then spin more and it even makes me sneer. However. And a big however PBY and SIG have such good chemistry then whenever she gazes at him I just accept whatever she says. Then in my mind smack myself on the forehead and go " omg such lame lines. " but then proceed to coo at the couple. Sigh. The 2nd lead couple is irritating as all heck. They are also not logical. However it must be said I can't even
  2. May I have some spoilers? I watched 4 episodes and don't intend to watch it. However am dying to find out the ending especially the story behind the skeleton and watch. Its killing me reading without actually watching it. The couple was so sweet and innocent. Can't he have practised medicine?
  3. Wow that's an epic ep 10 preview? I have been so busy at work that I had to fast fw ep 7 and 8. Looks like I have to rewatch the episodes before ep 9. I loved the ep 10 teaser for the TL or whatever his name is.
  4. @4evrkdrama thanks. Gosh "Run On " seems so long ago. I actually stopped watching Kdrama for months after the Ruwoon drama. Nothing caught my fancy. I actually watched this drama because I have a soft spot for the leading couple. As individual actors. I am unsure how I feel about the drama and writing itself. I've seen how CTJ and SY in other roles before so I presume their down characters is because of the writers. Ofherwise I can't understand why they chose to play such painful characters. You know how I love analyzing? I just started Law School yesterday
  5. Its ok I've moved beyond it. I just thought if you guys were here on soompi someone had the answer somewhere. Either from Navers or DC or something. Me on the other hand think that PBY looks so grown up here. I am not sure if its the hairstyle or the eyeliner. But the stylist made her look striking vs her usual very young scene look. She used to just be so so perky and young. But now when the FL looks serious- her whole hairsyle, dark eye-liner look and the straight hair makes her profile look so striking.
  6. Hang on. I will go back and watch. I went back to ep 1 and 2. Doom wants to end the world but he can't- he said so in ep 1. But she being the human can. So she has to wish that the world is doomed for her wish. To get the pain-free 100 days. Otherwise it transfers to the person she loves the most. Her death or their death. At least how I understand it. However its a Sunday night and work starts tomorrow. And my mind is no longer on this drama with a full work week. And I have picked a new drama which is more complicated than this. So my brain cells went there " Law Sch
  7. @Yinyelol I know the journey is the drama. But the sci- fi fan in me is bugged when the contract terms doesn't make sense. The writer is trying to make a point. And I can't get the point he/she is trying to make. About the importance or her making a wish that changes the person she loves in the end to him. And not the brother. She won't make the wish so the person whom she loves most will be Doom. Who is sick of his endless aimless existence. So he will die- and she loves him enough to not make a wish- so he can die. But where does that leave her? In pain? Dying sooner?
  8. Hello. I was just watching the drama. All 4 episodes. I wasn't thinking really hard. Its supposed to be this Doom person. He gives a pain- free 100 days to the FL. She dies. The drama is about the 2 of them. Yunno. The usual Kdrama plot. I like both actors so I watched it. Did I hear something wrongly? Or read something wrongly? I even repeated the scene where she wrote the contract terms in the diary. What is the problem? I mean what's the problem with her wish? She dies if she asks for her wish anyway. Its just pain- free. If she doesn't her brother dies
  9. Has anyone analysed the preview? I need a slowed down video to see the scene sequences. To work out which part is the part when JY is sabotaged on the show. Vs when or after they kiss etc. They seemed to have released so many scenes from episode 9.
  10. Did the doctors have an IVF pregnancy? This came up on my newsfeed. Yesterday was Parents Day in S Korea too when it came out. I am going to watch the last episode of HP again now. Its made me feel so nostalgic. They have been married a long time those 2. So happy for them. I remembered when he talked about Sinchon Severance Hospital in one of the episodes. My child was treated there; such an impressive hospital. This drama aired at the peak of Covid 19 last year in my country and it was so stressful during that time. Every time they showed Ahn Jung Wan using the hand s
  11. Not me. I loved him in this drama. However his previous drama choices have been very iffy. Its not that he cannot act; its that he needs to make better drama choices. I am now cursing my way through Le Coup de Foudre which was recommended as having a mature romance like You are my hero. The FL there is the new drama's FL as well. And since I can't stand their Reply 1988 format ain't touching his new drama. I still can't explain the FL's baggy clothes, tied up hair and minimalistic make up here. However since I love this drama that much hope the ML finds a more interesti
  12. I am satisfied with this couple. Did I NOT notice his dimples whole series long? That guy is so adorable with her. They are just too cute. I did watch Nirvana on fire. Yes I was sad but the whole tone of the drama was fatalistic so I wasn't optimistic. I still think it was an excellent drama just that I wasn't expecting a happy ending with that.
  13. Omg. That is a melo drama. I am running in the opposite directions. So much PAIN in that drama. Yucks. What is Happy Camp? I won't mind watching it.
  14. Psst... I have been waiting for ep 44 for a long time. Oh the pain. The wrenching moment where your love one will DIE. Yup. Too much Korean dramas taught me to be masochistic when there is a good angsty scene around. Am satisfied with it. Btw that's because I absolutely hated the ruined ep 45 from bad editing and abrupt scene transitions. I am still on ep 37 subbed. Been waiting for ep 45 to come subbed so I can finish off the last 9 episodes since I know the spoilers. At this point I am finishing this drama because I like the leads.
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