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  1. Sorry still on holidays so quick reply. I have 2 young kids. She did call her 5 year old niece a pig and crybaby if I recall. Don't ask me what subs said. What I mean is if my kids aunt call my kid a pig for eating twice I would be cross. To put it mildly. Plus its not as if the girl is overweight. MH the character and the newbie actress is a Kdrama character I understand it. However people's reactions to animals and children show their basic character. Without the veneer of manners/ social skills they have to show adults or superiors. So an adult who shows basic characteristics of bullying, demoralizing, mean, thoughtless comments to a young child is someone I dislike. Yes I work with adults and children. I found adults who are mean to children are usually or can't be excused with " oh she didn't mean it, she is not used to being with children etc," There is almost always a big part of their personality with self centred characteristics. People who are inherently nasty to kids are people I find hard to like. That is even before I had children. And I was never someone who goes nuts or love playing with children. But I am never mean. And I have seen many, many self centred and selfish adults who are mean to children. Oh MH will be redeemed by ep 50. But then I will be a Kdrama viewer who knows that one day she will be like those Kdrama mothers who are only focused on their child. And make mean, catty remarks to other mothers and of their children. In another drama. So yeah, lol. She's out. MR and HTJ are pretty addictive as a couple,. I finished ep 8 yesterday. The build up is good. Exactly what makes me addicted to weekend dramas. Time to build a slow fire till they do the first holding hands scene, @maribella I agree. The actress playing the self centred MIL carries her role with aplomb. Her sheer arrogance and selfishness are said with such confidence. Her explanations to excuse her behaviour has such gall and bold delusions are unreal. And she believes in it. Because she believes she is so right I believe in her character. I see the character. Not the actress. I swear she was the chaebol Chairwoman in another drama fairly recently.
  2. I am back at ep 5. Or rather KBS 2 calling it ep 10. The half episode numbers are making me confused when I am trying to talk about something. I am over the whole IS relationship with TJ in relation to MR. Let's talk about MH. She is obviously being set up with the other guy. I know KtY but have no clue of his character's name. That is because I have been skipping his scenes because of her. In fact Jaebeum is not even making me irritated. It's her. Its MH. Is it bad acting from the actress or is it the writing? Her screeching, self centred behaviour is seriously grating on my nerves. We have other dramas where the characters slog doggedly at her writing but she keeps making excuses at her lack of talent. We had a weekend drama once where the female lead is a writer. The male OTP was terrible at acting too. She was memorable but it was totally forgettable as a drama character. I am trying to recall which drama now. She lived in a rooftop apartment as well. I Are you sure she is meant to be nice? She was really, really mean and petty towards Dabin. I don't even find Dabin cute. What a crybaby. But MH does say some inappropriate mean, catty remark to a preschooler for crying out loud. I am frankly appalled an adult is that mean towards her own niece. Yes I have caught up to last Sat's episode as well. I am probably going to be caught up by this week. Does the actress look unconvincing when she screws up her face and tries to whine? Offhand I compared her mentally with some current bad actresses and she sounds and looks like them. I then compared her to some good actresses anguished over their failures and they do look anguished. MH doesn't. She just comes off being whiney and shrill. And all I can see is her too- light foundation. Why would the guy like her? Why would Jaebeum like her? Oh MR's MIL is pretty self- centred too. Ok make it wow she is a piece of crap. I thoroughly enjoyed the grounded husband. MR and HTJ is making a very nice couple to watch. KSY is always good acting and she is spot on with her expressions. She has a nice chemistry with the guy. Sorry, don't follow his career or know why he is famous. Or is he? Anyway I like HTJ as a character.
  3. TJ called her eomma or eomoni- I can't remember what. But in one of the earlier episodes he definitely called her jageun eomma and in the conversation at the bar in this week's episode, he already mentioned his deceased mother. Plus mentioned his new stepmother. I wasn't really paying PAYING attention to the actual subs part, I just remember hearing the Korean conversation. It's easier to tell who's related to whom if you listen to the Korean way of addressing someone than depending on the subs. Currently MR should actually be his cousin full stop. I hardly ever hear Koreans use the wording step- cousins in Kdramas. Does anyone remember if anyone refers to someone as stepcousins? I only ever hear sachon. If you use his aunt's relationship- his paternal aunt- there is no blood relationship between them. The problem is that even if MR is from the aunt's first husband it technically makes them sachon. But the aunt is under the 2nd husband's family registry. And MR would have moved to the current mother's family registry. Unless she stayed under her father's family name. And we have the Chairwoman called MR's current mother hyungnim which implies she was the former younger sister in law. Sorry. It makes things complicated explaining like that. But one just traces the bloodlines. If there is the same family registry even not blood related that's when plot devices gets messy. If the Chairwoman reconciles with MR and move her back to her family registry- that would be under TJ's family name. But technically she can't as her husband is dead? Both husbands? What a mess. I am going back to my packing. @mentarisenja go back and read stroppyse's answer to my query if you want to know why hyungnim not unni.
  4. @stroppyse oops that what happens when you watch it at 4am with almost no volume. Lol. Lemon soju? Gosh. In that fancy bar? I do remember lemon and flavoured soju yes. That's the only way I want to try it since I can't stomach 20% of just straight alcohol. You know where I live our award winning vodka is green native ants vodka? Since we are talking colourlese alcohol. Yeah the hyungnim part surprised me. I wasn't thinking of a sister in law relationship. I was thinking something else. But in those instances it would be just umni unless BJ was working in a company prior to the shop. And since she was an announcer maybe it was a sister in law relationship. Who knows. Either way it's set up to be complicated. Any couple who has the girl's mother be her guy's jageun eomma. And her eomma is her maybe keun eomma- if the hyungnim part is via mariage- is just a mess. It does my head in with every drama it happens. Those relationship issues. The only reason why I pay attention to it as the degree of relationships makes a difference with the plot devices the writer comes up with. And if you use the English subs you won't get it. I need to get back to packing since it's school holidays now and we're going away. No time for Kdramas. I just thinking about KSY when she was in All about Eve. Her features are so sharp now.
  5. Another Aussie awake too early. Anyway went to watch ep 7. On low volume so may have missed some stuff. I was a bit short of time to went to ep 5 and 6 a few days ago. To see if the story was interesting enough to start a 50 episode drama. So seemed to have missed some stuff. Don't get me wrong, I will continue on as I actually like all 3 actresses playing the mothers. Plus the pace is fast enough. Its really disorienting seeing KTY with the long, flowing artistic locks. Wasn't MR drinking something alcoholic? The only match I can think of is limoncello. At least she is no knocking down straight whiskey shots. I am just happy to see Korean food ie ramen vs Subway. Hahaha. I hope going back go ep 1 will clarify matters. Although I did watch half of it before starting ep 5. Just a few things bugs me. The way Korean writers just happily writes parents abandoning their child in every drama. And those children are not young, MR looks as if she is 6 or 7 years old. I think Her Private Life had KJW's character abandoned when he looks like 5 years old or more as well. How did the show explain why a worker has such a swanky address? They are still addressing each other by their titles. After a gadzillion poor sawons in other dramas this is one confident shinip sawon that's all. Which sawon just ups and goes to their Bujang- nim and which of the team leaders in other dramas goes and does market research/ feedback themselves? And a Marine? Ok ex- Marine being so nice and innocent? Did I misheard he used to be in the Marines? Looks as if I really have to listen. And oh yeah its going to be a big mess isn't it? Since his father has a new wife and life. Since In-sook has been so good to him. But chose to abandon her biological daughter. So she did keep track of Park Sun Ja if she knew where to go. You mean she purposely left her there? Its so late here I had the volume really low. I didn't hear what she told MS. I know that it will take up to ep 20-30 for the romance to start officially in a weekend drama. I do HTJ and I do like MR. However selling him as an upright, innocent, caring, loving guy and making him look as if he is a polite, loving caring son jars with his backstory. Isn't his backstory that of him wanting to be independent initially and off to the Marines. That's a lot of determination to step away there from a privileged background. Then he comes back and comes across as all smiles and amiable amble at all. Really jarring.
  6. I am watching. Watching watching. No complaints been waiting so long for it. PMY is always feminine and acts well. However wondering if she is being stereotyped but she always looks so cute, polished and competent. No time to comment. Busy planning holiday to SK. Ciao guys.
  7. Just wanted to say thank you for contributing to the thread. I just watched it. Alternatively squirming in embarassment at how embarrassing Dan and Choi were. Then supporting them. Then she makes me squirm again. That couple is a hoot. What can I say? The writer must have secretly wanted to comment on the fan shipping. That was an excellently done piece of writing about a celebrity romance. All my secret speculations all acted out written by a writer. Hahaha. 3 good dramas in a row. I want to pinch myself. Encounter, Romance book is a supplement and this. I have never hit good romance dramas in a row before. I now need to go back and rewatch it. Hard to comment on LDY and YIN. They are both luminous here.
  8. Where is LSW? Plus the actress playing the other lawyer? I spent 5 min staring at the photo.
  9. If she just did a return doesn't make sense for an actress marrying a non celebrity. Kdrama or not the writer knows the business. It doesn't make narrative sense she marries, Unless she continues on without getting pregnant. However would OYS marry so soon after her return?
  10. They can't have a wedding if there is no time jump. I mean she's a returned celebrity. How many K actresses get hitched fast anyway in all the Kdrama news?
  11. Well. That's how to do a preview. I don't know why having a great kisser for a male lead is bad? After all her real boyfriend in the drama is a great kisser. But no he's the male lead in this drama who's a great kisser. She has a male lead in her drama as she is an actress in this drama. The meta jokes are killing me. I am cringing at my own bad humour. Honestly though the experienced actors are doing a fantastic job being their characters. That was a beautifully timed " I love you." The * I give up trying to resist being with you * sigh was genius.
  12. Lol. I was tagged? I woke up early and just watched ep 15 raw. It was a very restrained sad episode. I laughed because its consistent with his character. I am not afraid to say I loved it that the writer didn't write in any histrionics. They are both mature adults with working responsibilities and life moved on. No bar scenes and drowning in sorrow. The preview was reassuring. OJS has really been written nicely. She is such a nice person and so warm hearted. Is it any wonder that he likes her? It is a new thing though for me to watch a stoic guy being stoic and somehow LDW manages to portray being shattered inside. While looking ok. Its only at the end after the note when he broke down that one can see the emotions externally. I still can't work out WHY the writer even WROTE the LSW couple? There was nothing in that storyline. And considering I actually love LSW that's saying something. It was a total waste of his time. Now I know he stepped in because the other actor stepped down. Considering that actor couldn't work for years because of his medical condition- that would be an insult to him as well. I now feel indignation on behalf of the two actors. The narcissistic lawyer vs pretty boy compulsion lawyer was a hoot. I was honestly shocked it just ended like that. Hahaha. Seriously? I started laughing when the backlit lighting started and I saw yet another pretty boy. Have no clue who he is and I don't need to know anyway. It was the whole " ooohhh... look pretty boy alert. Run after him!!" That was the fastest hook up, break up ever secondary line. Have a good day everyone. I am flat out busy so won't even get to the subbed episode for the rest of the day. LDW and YIN have such good skin. And the weather is still freezing. They keep putting her in short skirts at night. Its actually really mean. I am pretty blase about the break up episode because the writer didn't dwell on it besides the bus stop scenes. And thank god the flashbacks were kept to a minimum. Feeling pretty pleased. Romance is a bonus book was a nice drama watch. And I am feeling pretty optimistic about episode 16 here. Am not expecting any nasty surprises. Its pretty much written in stone that it won't be an open ended ending. Those 2 are not an open ended ending sort of couple. They are both devoted to each other. And there are no freaking interfering parents on both sides.
  13. Thank you everyone for posting. Just finished ep 16. It has one of the most natural ending ever. Yes we can criticise but seeing how shitty some; ok most Kdramas endings are this was pretty much tying things up in a believable, natural way. The characters stayed consistent in their personality and how they ended the drama with. All the styles stayed the same . Ji Yul cracked me up. The declaration by EH was soft yet obvious. Yes the kissing was subdued. But the mood carried over from a work lunch was light. They are secure. It is lunch time. Yes you can be all heavy breathing etc. But its not as if the whole last 1/4 of the episode was directed as heavy and emotional. It was a early afternoon kiss. Could have more lip movement. But I wasn't expecting heavy breathing and lip sucking from them. It didn't suit the mood the writer and director set up. Did you see how brightly they set the backdrop? LNY appears like a professional actor. Would she even consider a chaste kiss just because she is married? Surely not. If the director calls for a more lip movement kiss I am sure both actors would have done it. Actors are actors. Can someone post the OST that played at the end? I haven't been following the OST. I was distracted reading the subs than listening to the song. Such appropriate lyrics made me all warm and fuzzy inside. The ending left me satisfied. The book ended well. I can reread it again and pay attention to what I missed. I can recommend it gladly. Nice nice ending. This is probably the best LJS drama I've watched. The cast really gelled well on screen. LNY was a joy to watch. Such an effortless belief that she is Kang Danyi. And yes I am happy SHR ended up with JSJ. She is really nice. A nice person. A nice character. So refreshing to like a Kdrama character and I don't have to justify liking her.
  14. Thanks. Did a massive google search. Nope never seen him before or heard him as well. He must be a very good musical actor if he was part of SM. Man the illustrious names he started with is impressive.
  15. Hasn't it ended? It is almost 2300 KST? Only asking because am worried what the cliffhanger is tonight. Since its still all stalker. Thanks everyone for the recap. Off to bed after this. Isn't it late for everyone? I am going to be bleary eyed tomorrow. Hasn't anyone found out who the actor playing the stalker? Is he a known secondary actor?
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