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  1. Wow thanks. You guys really have the locations. Thank God that Naver map is now in English after the Olympics. Previously I had to struggle in Korean when navigating. Yeah I am one of those people who follow food bloggers. I think I knew at least half the places we went to. So we hardly had any bad meals when out. I have tried to avoid Italian or Western food there. If only I was there whenever an Incheon airport or Cheongyecheon stream scenes is being filmed. I have had acquaintances be there when dramas are done. Thanks again. Found Hanchon checking the menu out since a branch is near where we are staying. And both TJ and SJ look very pleased with themselves meeting up. I am happy they keep the TJ and MR couple in the story each week. I am totally clueless where MS and MH are at plot- wise now.
  2. LOL couple rings or not. PPL rings or not, that is one not- cheap couple rings. Guess it means a SERIOUS couple then huh? Every time I see one of those nice rings on Korean dramas especially those by Tiffany or Chanel I just want to buy one. But then I can't because I already have my own rings. I am not a bling bling sort of person and there's no point buying rings if you don't intend to change them all the time. But still... those rings are gorgeous. And my rings are perfectly fine but I have ring envy. I still have the diamond rings I purchased in the early days which I don't wear. Plus pendants- which I also don't wear. Impulse shopping is bad. What I really, really want though.... are the addresses of some of the nice restaurants and cafes they go to. At least I can look it up when we hit Seoul right?
  3. @butterflyeffect huh? I thought you guys were kidding. It was before 5am when I went online so can't watch videos. No one leaves a child alone in a playground. In any country, except in Kdrama land. We can't even leave a 7yr old alone in their own house here.
  4. Its in the middle of the night here and I just came. Darn. All I see are the painting scenes. And kiss. And spoon. But what is this with the mum holding onto to something... which minute is it? I have a full on day coming up and can't even get to the episode. She is a photo with Yoon Jae on it. So the 3 mums knew each other? Huh? What did I miss? All I have time now is the ending. Then no time at all today. Darn real life. After I have been waiting all week for the episodes. American shows have naked shoulders post bed scenes. Korean dramas have naked shoulders post bed scenes. Why does DM have a shirt on for goodness sakes?
  5. Lol. I guess that's WHY we don't leave kids unattended here in Australia. Wasn't he 7 yrs old? Kdramas and their kids playing everywhere alone. Being in the house alone. And no emergency contact numbers. And I laughed reading that Cindy called MR's mother mother. That is really funny.
  6. I am talking about plotwise. For the remaining 32 episodes. She won't have kids in that time frame. Besides the cliche fetching, nauseated by food smell is so not MR's aura at present. Hope the writer does another plot device to keep them together.
  7. Excellent. I really hope she does. But then it sorts of spoils the plot if she is not in the office being a power woman. And stuck at home being the Chairman's son's wife. Ergh.
  8. If only there is a such an easy way as YT live streaming I would have done it yonks ago. Its always a hide and seek finding a link. Then finding a link that works. This wait is killing me. I have to run errands but all I want to know is.... actually there is nothing I want to know. I don't care about Cindy or Director Eom. I don't care about Eun Gi. I care even less about Lee Sol- that is a series of BAD paintings. I am now convinced they are like Christmas baubles ala Hallmark style and colours. The colours are just too dark and boring. The palate is flat. No life, vibrancy or memorable features except that there are lots of green and circles. And Sian always has the same expression and voice. There is NOTHING I want to see except the 2 leads interacting.
  9. @lebeaucouple I am off to work and don't probably have time to clarify any queries. Can anyone remember dramas where the couple rings go on the left ring finger vs the right ring finger? The left ring finger is usually for the engagement ring and signifies if the writer wants to imply SERIOUS relationship here. I recall more right ring finger moments than left. This is a weekend drama. And Kdramas like to foreshadow things. That is why if the writer is sloppy things go out of whack. There are certain themes in a weekend drama. Family relationship must always end well by ep 50 being the main lesson. Birth secrets. Noble idiocy break up. Abandonment. Cancer or death. Family pressure/ difficulty/ finance issues ie debt etc. With a touch of blackmail. Not too much physical violence hopefully. Family meals with Korean food- week day dramas are when you get Subway/ pizza and steak/ pasta. 2 to 4 couples with at least one wedding. That's the weekend drama. Look at the above. We are at ep 18. 32 episodes to go. There are at least 2 lots of break up happening. Based on the hints then the viewer will or can guess which one is going to be bigger. Currently the writer is going for In Sook and secret more than the Chairman separating. I mean all 3 are there. But the IS and secret is being ramped up in the storyline. Listen to what IS is saying re the marketing team and MR. Then MR and her position going with TR and the graduate hire. The Chairman hasn't done what the usual family opposition moves yet. He's mild compared to what I have seen. He hasn't met her directly yet regarding the relationship. I don't know but it seems to be setting up for a massive confrontation. But 18 episodes is still early for a serious relationship. It usually can take to almost ep 30 to get a confession. And sometimes even longer for a couple to get together. To give a couple ring and first night scene in week 9 of a 50 ep drama is early. So the ring goes on the left. Hint hint. Serious here. It can turn into an engagement in a flash. He has said love a few times. Hit that with a confrontation by let's say ep 24- 26 and we are then set for a separation. At the usual drama time it is supposed to happen. But then that's just me. Might have been Kdrama trained. I started Kdramas and immediately or almost immediately was trained to notice details since I used to do a bit more than watch. Inevitably which episode had good moments and when episodes dragged. And I want to die and chuck the drama but couldn't because I was committed to subbing or a team. I hate weekend dramas subbing. When dramas drag you lose subbers and your brain is wired to know " ergh, its coming its coming. How many episodes is it going to be. Please, please don't make it more than 10 episodes of suffering." Weekday drama separations are usually 4 episodes. 24 episode dramas can drag on for 8. That's how it rolls. A long bad drama separation are those over 20 episodes long. So right ring finger. And left ring finger moments? Tends to stick in my head. And now really need go to work. May not comment till next week. Since I watched most of ep 18 IS moments and heard her. Ergh. What a selfish woman. I like weekend dramas because they use every day conversations and its the easiest to learn Korean. And I probably learnt to cook because of the dishes on the dinner table. Don't knock those family meals. My banchan repertoire has greatly increased watching the dishes. Hahaha. All the Koreans I know are impressed I can cook so much. And practising your standard Seoul accent? Use the weekend dramas. A lot a lot of everyday vocabulary. But I digress from the right ring finger comment. But that's my take on the left hand. And a branded ring vs a spur of the moment ring on finger moment.
  10. Putting aside IS, I am sure it's not common that a new graduate hire be able to afford an officetel in a new building. Close to work. And no parents in sight. And it is a Tiffany box right? I haven't watched ep 17 completely so don't know if he shopped there. She must have an inkling he is not that poor. Since his CV will have had an overseas degree right? Then his house furnishing ain't shabby. In fact his apartment is nicer than the last 2 judges dramas I've watched. Plus the newbies in Misaeng. Plus the prosecutors in Forest of secrets. And the male lead in Prison Playhouse. Gotta squeal though- and the reason why I had to repeat- the morning scene twice. I was too busy dying and wasn't listening. Had to repeat to hear what was said. Too busy swooning both times. No no no what I meant to say is that the ring went on the left ring finger. Not the usual right ring finger where I see couple rings go. In Kdramas. Because for those dramas the writers tend to make the leads break up. It's like or implied that the right hand is for couples but its like dating couples. But when you want to make it look serious, go with the left hand. Where the wedding ring goes. But it's not engagement yet. But left hand trumps right hand. Then its a sign of full on opposition to the relationship.
  11. @smhelen ep 40 onwards. Done. Finished the episode. Good night all. Saw the preview. Angsty as but TJ is solidly supportive. So not that stressed. Those 2 were shooting love hearts in the house in ep 18. And MR invited TJ to her mother's house for a meal. And btw, TJ made some promises. So safe to say the MR and TJ couple are a solid couple. Now we will see what the obstacles will be. Gotta say IS is way worse than the Chairman. Listen to what she said to Park. Late and I have a 5am wake up for work, night. Enjoy the subbed episode. You guys should watch the morning after scene raw you know. How are you all going to see the love heart dripping with honey scene when you have to READ?
  12. Cool bananas. Thanks for the heads up. I am still up. So going to enjoy watching it. At the rate my life is going will be lucky if I get to watch the subbed episodes sometime this week. Truly excellent news. A writer who writes about a couple in their 30s who behave like adults. These forehead kisses when you have Mr Hottie in your arms are nuts. Man couple rings. That is a lot more than liking a girl a lot when TJ is such a responsible person. A bit harder to brush it all aside as a guy who liked his manager while trying to be ordinary and not a nakasan hire. It's set in Kdrama logic now. First night together... couple stays together. Bar a break up or two. Addit- watching it now * steam coming out of my ears * that woman is nasty. Underhanded. How can she smear KMR's morals like that? No wonder Director Park is speechless. Yes its true they are dating but he knew the relationship and was shockec that she just threw away her daughter. Crikey. Might have to skip judicially otherwise would be to incensed to sleep. She literally blamed everything on her. And threatened Park or rather blackmailed. But mama mia, those 2. I barely restrained myself from squealing. Eeee... he is so sappy. Lol. But we finally got the correct moment for " Miri-ya." %_÷=×£^€&£$%/ The writer has set those 2 up solidly. Ep 18 hey? They have moved faster than a lot of other weekend drama couples. And Taeju is rather sweet. Lol. It's a very, very good morning after scene. No need to guess her camisole was off. Hahaha... and it wasn't a separate bedroom. Not with him suddenly being so confident and her not denying him any of his claims. Hah. Good scene.
  13. Hard to time jump right now as there are 2 other couples involved in this drama. You jump MR and the whole MH story will be messed up. It's usually concurrent story timeline. Its whether the writer makes them break up after he becomes the Chairman's son or before. I think it will be after. Or they may not break up at all with that but break up for another reason. Who knows? I guess it depends on how if is revealed. I still haven't had time to watch it subbed commenting from the scenes I watched. He was quite adamant about not being revealed and IS is the one insisting on it now. I am going back to rewatching the break up scenes in Five Children. Surprisingly it has been very enjoyable watching it. I have probably rewatched the younger sister break up scenes like 20 times or more. A good break up storyline can actually be better than a badly written romance line.
  14. Thanks for the link. It is very late now so I have no time to watch the whole episode. I went to the 57th minute onwards. The photos make it look as if it was a break up scene. But its not. I can't wait for Sunday. I don't want to sound like a delusional idiotic woman so no comment about the ending. Or rather not much speculation but heck if my brain thought she stayed or rather he made an implied request. I wonder what happened during the episode. Director Park let spilt some connection between MR and IS. But IS is all about her. And yup the richard simmons will hit the fan next week when the Chairman finds out.
  15. I don't have time for ep 12 subbed for another 7hrs or so and too freezing cold to get out of room to watch it. Just wanted to say PMY is the only reason why I thought DM's saying I love you in ep 11 to be the most natural, genuine expression ever. And its not even to a man. Its to her mother. I actually repeated that scene. Wasn't she adorable? I thought she was adorable. If I could package that sunshine that is her. And another thing, it is actually traumatizing watching writers after writers making children abandoned when they are so old. Goodness. 7 years old. Ergh. How many of you have early childhood memories? And there they are having all those school aged children be left by a parent. Fyi, current Korean law doesn't allow abandoned children to be adopted out. Only those whose parents sign relinquishment papers. Also, way to go given Ryan a token American name and as usual none of the adoptive parents ever call their child once they are in S Korea. And of course, they are always suddenly completely fluent in Korean. Anyway.... back to the drama plot, I will go back to DM and RG now. For the life of me can't work out why Eun Gi and Da In are there for? And is the stylist doing that actress who is tall in padded shoulder clothing all the time? She is so lacking in chemistry she comes across as just limp. Is it the actress? And I am now convinced it is Christmas baubles. She probably left them around that time of the year and the children are forever left feeling sad. And that is truly an awful, awful looking series of paintings. So tacky it might as well a machine print item. Not oil paintings.
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