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  1. Soju is dead cheap in South Korea. So expensive outside. I had a craving for makgeolli but its so expensive overseas- where I am now. I think its funny when I drink flavoured soju and makgeolli when I am over there. But bring overseas wines into S Korea for gifts for Koreans living there. I can't stomach paying over $30 for a small bottle of makgeolli. This Covid. I am having such bad cravings for Korean food and alcohol right now and no way of flying over there. Every time I've looked at the Cheongyecheon stream scenes it makes me wish I was there again. Doesn't it loo
  2. I am enjoying the OTT scenes in this drama. I thought I laughed at the hand grabbing the leg scene. But the dragon vs crane scene cracked me up so much I couldn't stop laughing. I also just made some mandu you see and I fold it like Heo Jun. So when I saw Su Ho's pleats I went " oh my forgot to do it this way ; the Korean way. " The appalled looks from the Oh family just made me laugh even more. The poor stunt actors in this episode. The car accident looked painful. They used real stuntmen right? Bouncing off the car looked so painful. I am not
  3. Ep 8 was deadset funny. I laughed at the ending. Hahaha. If I was the policeman I would be throwing the bag at him. Where is the preview? His friend's drunk behaviour is nuts. So so funny. The one and only time I was ugly drunk was the first and last time I was ever that drunk again. And its also dangerous as I've discovered especially if you drink around the wrong people. That's why I shake my head at the Korean drinking and drunk scenes. It looks so unsafe for a female at work drinking rounds. And even for guys its nuts. The only certainty is that the male
  4. Huh? I like the writer. Maybe this story format is the experiment on her part. I do remember the writer totally dropped the FL's child during the Romance is a bonus book. And for all her other dramas there was always a " what the heck is that? " part of her writing. People tend to watch a drama that has a story in the present time. Not told via flashbacks. This must be the concept for this drama. How to relate or accept a different reality or accept reality. And letting go of a fantasy. I am off to bed. I will give Friday's episode a go. If they don't meet by then I am
  5. Who is the writer? I have just tried to watch this as a marathon but its so hard with the monologues. I finally finished ep 7 and they still hadn't met up? I like JCW but even for him its torturous watching this drama. All the multiple monologues are so draggy. I don't know what format the writer is trying to achieve. I like the actors separately from their previous works but man this isn't a slow build up. Its more like a concept from the writer and I ain't so sure I like it. Why do the viewers have to spend 7 hours of flashback watching? Its like the time jump is tak
  6. Did I miss something? What baseball game did JG go to that the baseball player was looking for her? Can anyone tell me which episode or roughly which minute please? Thank you. Details like these bugs me.
  7. I never even aspired to ship this couple because we know a drama is a drama. But even my heart skipped a beat once it was confirmed. For a very realistic person who has had a crap year in 2020, this brought my first smile today. Please, please, please go all the way. As an onlooker I just want to marvel at their visuals. God their visuals together are unreal. SYJ obviously works out because she has such a toned body. And she is gorgeous. I am probably going to spend tonight just marvelling. Did you see her legs even in the blurry Despatch photos?
  8. This is a Netflix subbed show. Which means viki didn't get the license. You need Chinese subs as its known- well I did anyway even if I don't read Simplified Chinese- as I have back translated Chinese to English before when English subs were bad. The reputation of the Chinese subs have always been consistent because they are extremely fluent in Korean. @vanillakitties you have a lot of posts. I am making the assumption that you know that all the other streaming sites uses ripped subs. No matter what D- cool claims. I checked the main site where the sites gets their ripped subs. Its
  9. I finally watched ep 5. It is nice. And warm and I am happy to get some background story. I finally paid attention to the subs and I don't know how it compares to the previous episodes. There are 2 ways of subbing- the literal translation vs intent behind the lines. If Netflix is like viki sometimes- you get the script. And sometimes the script vs adlibs do not match. The Netflix is subbing the Amerixan style which has no honorifics which sometimes confuses viewers because the intensity in a line is lost. She is also subbing with intent which meant words were substitute
  10. Now you guys are going to make me pay attention to the scenes. I wasn't actually paying attemtion to the translations to be honest. I haven't watched the latest episode full as it was Christmas morning and I had to prepare a family lunch. So I skipped forward a bit and need to rewatch. I like Mi Joo's character. She is refreshingly realistic and pragmatic yet has a kind heart. And some ethics and doesn't screech her way through scenes like some actresses. I am intrigued with how she will handle dealing with the parents. His sister will definitely be on his side. Lateral
  11. I never even knew I liked ISW's body type till I saw it. Since when did my little intern in Misaeng grow up? It doesn't look gym grown. Nice W I D E shoulders and gosh those arms. Lol. I delurked just to say this. Enjoying this drama and really like the heroine who has principles and sense of self- worth.
  12. Sigh looks as if I have to watch this for KSH and the other couple. I watched episode 1 yesterday then couldn't wait for episode 2 so went to 3. Then skipped to episode 16. I don't care about the main couple and never did that's why I haven't bothered watching this drama. Its personal preferences peeps. But omg, KSH from Catch the ghost is here. I fell for his voice and acting so much there. I can watch a whole drama just for him. And the young JP is played by my favourite young male actor- who does like every male child version of a male lead- is young JP. I don't know
  13. Do I watch episode 13 or 14 or not? The spoilers don't make it seem worthwhile. And I really want the 10 year old couple to stay together. I don't feel like watching it unless I know they end up together. And there was a time jump right? I like the actors playing the OTP but tbis continuing angst is like a background irritant. More so than the normal mildang plots.
  14. No continuing comments. I am only watching this drama because of the OTP. I was quite upset with the stupidity in Yunxi. The plot is choppy here but I like the male actor so forced to go along with it. I watched a few BTS. I cannot believe how his natural voice and demeanour is totally opposite from my expectations. In this case the dubbed voice works. Its just that its been distracting how much he looks like JiSung. I keep having deja vu whenever I see him.
  15. Is this like after his military service? Also no one is allowed to use electronic devices during basic training. I laugh thinking about PBG's agency controlling his Instagram. And this is a drama about an actor and MJ controlling his media releases. And PBG frequent Instagram release has made laugh. By the way if THAT is the ending I ain't going to watch episode 11-14. I have watched ep 15. The drama didn't grab my heart. PBG the actor was good. The minor supporting cast is great. The plot and flow was plodding and had no lightbulb moments. I am currently r
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