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  1. At this point, I don’t know how this drama is going to end. If DO dies, how everybody is going to end up. Are we going to have a new set up/ manhwa ? Is it possible to have an happy ending when you are never in control of your life ? All theirs efforts for what in the end ? IMO how to understand EY : - it feels like a critique of artistic creation. Like sometimes you are going to create stories and characters. At the beginning they belong to you but sometimes they become alive. Your creation is bigger than yourself ( I am thinking about GRR Martin for exemple who create an universe so rich than the writer seems lost and eaten by his own creation). They move without you and the artist doesn’t control anything anymore. - clearly it’s also about how an artist can be limited by his own perspective and his own success. Always having the same stories, characters and lines. The writer is maybe afraid to attempt something new and worse nobody ( readers) expect him/her to do so. They’re here for the same tropes and same stereotypese - in the same way, it’s also about life. About how we are in existential dread. We don’t know why we are here in this earth , what we are supposed to do ? Even with religion, we will never 100% be sure. We think we have total freedom but it’s not true. We are be conditioned by our social background, the country where we live, etc. Despite of that, we are still living even in the worst conditions. The strength of humanity. Anyway i love this. 10 episodes well done. I didn’t have expectations and here we are. Impressed by the story and how some people can really be out of the confort zone.
  2. Whaow so many posts to read. I have to catch up so much. Really happy to read everything. I am sorry if someone already said something like that before ( I will catch up) After yesterday’s episode, i feel like BK is almost dangerous and maybe his inability to cope with change (DO and storylinés changes), is going to trigger the tragedy. I feel his anger isn’t about his love for DO but his desire to follow the script. He is terrified to become useless in the story.
  3. You may be right. I find it weird that « Flowers » cover became pink when it was blue, right ? I have to rewatch because I am not DO and HR were in the blue colored manhwa. I am confused and thought Flowers and « Trumpet » were the same. Secret has a black cover, right ?
  4. I didn’t watch episode 8 with eng subs yet. But I think the shadow world is more logical than the stage. What i mean by that is without tropes and cliches, you understand DO, DH and JD. In real life, a woman who is dying, isn’t going waste her time with someone who doesnt’ like her and have cruel behavior. She is going to surround herself with people who loves her and are more positive. In real life, someone like JD, who is poor and super smart ( scholarship isn’t easy to have), she isn’t going to be bright. She has her grandmother sick, she has to take care of herself and her family, work and face bullying. No someone like her grow up so quickly and is more cunning ( not mean but understand how the world works). In real life, she will try to rebel and have the upper hand on people hurting her if she has the possibilities. Still logical that DH like JD in the stage and shadow. He is a nice guy liking a nice beautiful girl.
  5. Do you believe that if Haru take more importance in the manhwa BK can be pushed back or even disappear ? It’s seems too big but at the same time the drama is unpredictable. I am hoping now DO will be happier. I love her to death. She is my favorite character but she was so down (with good reasons). I need her, DH and Haru to have more funny/friendship moments. Someone ( sorry i am going to tag later after i find the post) on this forum told some characters were weird. It’s so true and unsettling. Especially JD’s smile (I don’t know if it was revenge toward Saemi or something else but ugh it’s so frustrating)
  6. I missed most of the episode. DO isn’t happy with this new HR even when he looks for her. He is deeply confused by DO and some flashbacks (sageuk period). BK and DO’s family had dinner ( like meeting with the future family in law kind of thing). Of course we are lucky. Dramamilk is starting their recap.
  7. Are they serious ?! How the hell did they put a drama during baseball season ? That’s plain stupid for the drama’s ratings. They could have put Tale of Nokdu a few weeks later and let us enjoy it instead of stressing about baseball each Monday’s/Tuesday’s
  8. Yes he read the book before this episode with Dan Oh, Do Hwa and Haru’s clues and words. He was self aware after DO broke their betrothal.
  9. I don’t believe Jinmichae is the villain but NJ’s mother ( ok I see that I forgot a word). But he is creepy because he knows a lot I supposed. He is more an antagonist than a villain. He tried and failed to change things or change things but with horrible consequences. So now he follows the script.
  10. Jinmichae and NJ’s mother are so creepy. We know nothing about her except she is an obstacle to the main characters relationship. Since the writers is unoriginal, NJ’s mother is maybe the villain in the manhwa “Flowers”
  11. I assume YM will be officially king next episodes, with a hypothetical time jump. King Injo will be married to another woman ( plus concubines and all). Maybe he think DJ is dead ? (Same way DJ may believe Nokdu is dead ?). So he will try to forget her and marry another woman to strengthen his power. He won’t have to identify corpses since the flames burn everything. I am angry YM will be rewarded for this cruel actions by being king. He apparently died of a disease at 53.
  12. At first I thought EY was going to tackle important Issues like freedom, oppression but in reality it’s roasting uninspired writers...
  13. It’s also so interesting to see characters becoming self aware. They dont’ have the same reaction. BK is so quick to accept this new reality.
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