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  1. Just saw the sub ending... Didnt see all episodes as the reviews from dramalist werent that great, hence skipped to the last 3 episodes. Probably skipped like 27 episodes to just watch the last 3 episodes (38to40). Overall comments based on the last 3 episodes, The fight scene between Gao shan and that guy was funny.. sigh The secondary couple seemed nice...it was nice to see that they are expectant parents As for the leads romance... sigh.. nothing dramatic.. i guess?... yet the wedding scene is almost alike Forever Love (which i finish yesterday) - work came up du
  2. Finally finished the drama, without skipping any of the episodes, an achievement for me since the end of Love is Sweet! The ending 1. Like that FL secretly came bk from study and surprised him at his office 2. The way male lead walk without noticing anyone along the way, just focusing on his phone, thinking about the FL 3. Then the huge after he realised she is bk 4. He immediatedly want to go to her parents house to their approval for marriage. 5. FL's mom seemed to know and prepared her residency document on that visit. However the very last e
  3. Just finish ep15 of the drama... Started to watch coz IG keeps updating the drama leads on my search list.... Interesting drama... new young leads, and yes the girl is just 18years old and i just read on mydramalist that more kiss scenes were cut because of that? The most annoying part of the drama to me was the 2nd leads - Gu XiaoMan and YiChun... like, girl get a life, the boy doesnt like you and keep embarassing you... move on! Im not sure what this drama is trying to teach the youngsters??? Another repeat of A LOVe so Beautiful... so the girl keep throwi
  4. A lot of people looking at this thread.. but not much comment... Am at ep8... kinda dramatic scene where FL went to his secret room and the sudden outburst... hmm... 8 episodes on, did the ML showed any romantic feelings to FL yet... not really obvious so far....
  5. It did drag a bit, but somehow im more happy to see the extra episodes, to see the proposal... though i would have hope that Yuan shuai would have proposed earlier than before his cousin and lili's wedding... The extra episodes in LIS is better than in Begin Again, coz i find it unrealistic that they beat around the bush about their feelings after the reunion, and then bam, ep34, he confessed and everyrhing is bk to normal. The sudden transformation of the baddie Gor is almost like LIS's Du Lei, though we didnt think DL would still pursue JJ knowing she is with YS in the past two y
  6. Congrats to Bailu and Luo Yunxi for winning Iqiyi's Popular Actors of 2020 award for their drama Love Is Sweet And i was just rewatching the drama and currently at ep35... and yes, im not sure why the massive downgrade of the ratings in mydramalist... Mean people... hehe
  7. Hmm... finish watching ep32... the reconciliation seemed too long... its a matter of just talking about it, does it need 6 episodes to do so? Sigh...it could end it 30 episodes i guess... Not even watching the 2nd and 3rd leads romances... Why do men seemed to doing the cooking these days... (the other being Love is sweet)..... old China society would expect the women to be in the kitchen all the time
  8. I downloaded it... then i read the reviews.. ended up watching just 1st and 10th episodes only... so im curious how did Captain Jo survived? Yeon Woo Jin- i missed him in 7 Days Queen !.
  9. The couple thread closed amd archived... checking out updates from this side
  10. Thanks HP... hehe... the brand? Hmmm.. still i would think that he needs to move fast... rather than wait and wait... i mean its fine.. but i think the whole drama is about 30ish episodes, so what else could talk about... less misunderstanding... Even the mom's comment seemed simplistic... understsnding her means love... ermm.. not so ... it was too short of a conversation. So he is going to wait till she really loves him then consumate the marriage? That could take how many episodes? Man, i think my old Mill and Boons romance books move faster than this.. h
  11. Hi... not sure about the schedule... haha.. About the plot.. i find it funny that after ML knows she is from his past, he was willing to get married with her... yet refused to have any physical contact with her during their wedding night and the day after... yet hr got jealous when her uncle came over.. but even then he didnt do much *to her... So to me that seemed lile a plot hole. I havent moved beyoubd ep5 or was it 6, so still waiting for the mood to watch..
  12. Sigh... why am i bk.on this thread.... Begin Again wasnt as interesting as i hoped... i mean, the guy had a crush on her for a long time and during their wedding night, he didnt even bother to do anything with her? Or even the next day.. then got jealous of her ^uncle^... ish...gaps gaps gaps... Which brings me to this site again... Another observation, LYX told audience not to criticise BL's singing during the fan meet... thats just so nice of him... I miss the couple! LYX needs to make more modern dramas!
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