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  1. Hahah... im.sure u know how many followers they gained from their IG as well? I saw someone counting the numbers on twitter too... am glad for both stars.. Both have worked hard n achieved their popularity through hard work..
  2. I saw snippets of it on IG and youtube recommendations. How did you know it was 10k before this ? Hahhaa.. it makes me wonder, 6 years ago, were they a couple in the drama too? Kiyong character seemed to be nice to her... its funny how they didnt keep in touch after the drama but now they are a blast... and everyone loved their chemistry together... Man, they did share that bottle water together - during the radio interview.... indirect kiss! Hahaha
  3. Wow! Both first and second positions for both actors and 3rd for buzzworthy drama.... despite the drop in ratings, people know the drama is still very good .... Fighting! We should be expecting a couple photo or anything related to their drama MRIAG, to be upload on their personal IG since the next episode is tomorrow... Fingers crossed x
  4. @orion00... yes, Kiyong cant really say on camera that he wants her to be more than friends when everyone in the entertainment industry know that Hyeri is dating RJY.... but ah, to see their videos together is just soooo cute... honestly Kiyong seemed amazed and mesmerized by Hyeri at times... One cant help but ship them right? Kiyong seemed offended that Hyeri said he looked older during the Saturday Night variety show... If anyone has the Eng sub interview/radio session with Kang Hana, do give us the link here so we all can enjoy their chemistry...
  5. @orion00.. many thanks!... i think those who requote the videos need the delete maybe.. . As 1st time uploader, maybe the mods will not delete it.. thank you again.. off to watching the video Ah.. they did address the first time they worked together in a drama during the Volume Up episode. They were not close hence did not keep in touch.. The video also show how JKY said Hyeri can be his real sister... hehe, he cant said girlfriend now can he... haha... he has that distinctive laugh ya..
  6. Hi @orion00... i wonder, if there is any fully eng sub of the above video? I cant seemed to find it... Old ajumma here is not as IT savvy as the rest of the youngsters here.. hehe Im also curious... in the youtube video comments, they said that JKY said he wished Hyeri is his sister... since he is very comfortable with her ...im wondering when and where did he said that?
  7. Haha...i think Hyeri said she was more expressive in real life?... but yes, we are glad the drama finish shooting... i wish there are interviews where they address how they feel working for the 2nd time together... we didnt know they have worked before until someone posted it on twitter.. hehe... JkY said he wish to be in traditonal drama setting, wearing a hanbook... which Hyeri is currently shooting...wouldnt it be great if he come bk from the miliatry and they acted together again? Hehe... all buff-ed up... men after military service are extremely hot ! but.... hanbook drama
  8. Thanks! Yes i watched that 1st look interview again and tada, that's what she said in the interview... it seemed as if JKY still can't school his expression yet, he is still honest and innocent person hence he is caught off guard when Hyeri said something that he is surprised... i like that, it shows that he is an honest guy? Hahaa Ahhhh... his last drama before his enlistment.. sighhhhhhhhhh ... come bk faster JkY!!!...
  9. Ah i see... haha... i didnt really watch Reply1998, i cant remember if i watched all episodes but yes, i remember im also under team Jung Hwan.. and how everyone was glad that Hyeri and RJY ended up in real life.. @orion00.... i havent watch either My Mister or Come and Hug Me... not sure why.. but what! He is due for his military service??? OmG ... *faints*.... just when he is gaining recognition... sigh... gonna miss him then.... his new drama with SongHK... not really looking forward to it, coz, well.. im not sure about this noona and dongseng relationship? When people critici
  10. Hehe.. it was on twitter... i saw someone uploading it but no pics of JKY posing next to it yet... People dont create shipping thread because people know Hyeri is currently attached to RJY... her co-star in Reply1997.. The pictures of JKY and H's photoshots took fans by storm that speculations were made if they have broken up...but in a matter of two weeks, RJY and H were spotted together to put the rumours down... who knows ya.. Kiyong cant afford to attach himself with anyone now, i think.... popularity issue.. he is just up and coming... though i have li
  11. @agenth... yes like literally that snippets of them being cute... and not shy to show it... like whyyyy... hahhaa... oh my shipping heart... Im still waiting for the english sub of their recent BTS of the drama... i wanna know what did they say to each other.. why did he put his face on her hands.. (to warm her hands?) haha Then she sent him a coffee truck at his drama site, when are we going to see him posing next to it? Then to find out, that it is not their first time being in drama together.. that they have acted together before... perhaps that
  12. The BTS of the recent episodes.. JKY and H are just overly comfortable.. its not a bad thing... but one cant help but wonder if JKY did fall for her a bit... her bright and happy personality, making it easy for him to be relaxed and be happy around her as well... he seemed well guarded since he is relatively new to popularity, hence to see him very open and happy at the drama set is a good thing... Their bts pictures are just so good and they look liked a couple who just started to fall in love...
  13. Yes she remembered.. at the start of ep8, she questioned why he didnt erased all of her memories of him... Damn, i want ep9, i just want to know how they made up!!! Ok, how is Mr Gumiho going to become human again?... stealing human energy? Like how? And why is he late compared to hye sun?
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