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  1. Watching ep. 3 now... why did Kim WB dared to go to the mansion just to free LYJ???? He would have died on the stairs if he just barged in like that... haiz... and did he fall in love with LYJ immediately after seeing her? 'shakes head'
  2. I'm curious, anyone has data on how many KJW's IG followers were before the start of HPL and now? Wanna see how many new fans are following him throughout HPL run. Thanks.
  3. Hehe... no problem, i love Healer very much, and have wish both actors well in their future careers after the end of the drama. PMY being so natural with her affection in a way, created great chemistry with all her leading men. She is indeed, Queen of Romance/Chemistry, hands down.
  4. I'm glad this thread is not as active as the other two.... shippers wars are scary Go Park Min Young! One lady single-highhandedly managed to make shippers war in Soompi discussion forum in May 2019.... This should be part of Soompi's history right? Her sister is probably a lurker here, send our regards to PMY!
  5. Thanks for the link... Somehow, Sungkyunkwan Scandal should be in the list as well, despite what happened to Park Yoo Chun, as the drama itself raised the profiles of Song Jong Ki as well as Yoo In Ah. I do wonder if she still keep in touch with all of them... Joongki definitely with InAh since he was invited to the wedding. (I watched City Hunter recently and i see soooo many holes in the drama, i dont know why it is a favourite?... but Healer is the best action drama, if not one of the best action dramas of the decade for me). Someone pointed out the OST of HPL recently, and I'm getting hooked on it (Think of You and Maybe by Davichi)! Have downloaded it and i'm gonna listen to it when i drive back and forth from work... its been a while since i'm listening drama ost songs...
  6. Calm down people.... someone/a few people? is/are probably trolling and trying to make this thread into a shipper's war... let's not fall into that trap. If there is anything negative, just see and move on... some new people were not in this thread when the drama was on air, and they don't know what they are talking about. Read and move on.... peace
  7. I still think PMY hit KJW hard during that identity revelation part... and so did Dok Mi's mom, when she hit her with the pillow... gosh, these people do make the scene believable and yet, 'painful' at some point as we flinched when we saw it was done in all seriousness. It must be an ad-lib, ie, the scene where DM didnt want to see elsewhere but Ryan in the car and said 'I want it' after he said 'this was made in 1987" - look at KJW's happy laugh During the press conference (other another interview?), he said he cringed at those lines because it was not the usual thing to say Wonders if KJW was shy from PMY's gaze, and was it an ad-lib as well for the car scene
  8. Watched the 4 episodes, not bad... dont really recognise the girl, first time seeing her in drama. I just wanna say, the office set look so luxurious, SBS really has big budget for the drama (and that fish! - arwana), or else, SBS's studio is really huge Just love the scenes with all the flowers, all dramas should take advantage of the blooming flowers before summer arrives. Now, back to the drama, so basically Min Ik can see Gal He because he loves her... hmm... i guess the show need to show us how is she different from the rest of the 1 year contract secretaries that Min Ik have so far... Gal He is cute, doing all those stuff, more maybe compared to Sec Kim (PMY')s in WWWSK... makes me wonder, is it so bad for secretaries in South Korea, that they do NOT get out of work after 8pm?? How is the ratings for this drama? I checked Wiki but it doesnt show anything... does that mean that it is below top20 show, but still there must be certain percentage of the population watching the drama? If only, online streaming are included in the statistics, TV companies in korea need to take that into consideration. Overall, enjoying it (havent touch Abyss) and the other drama in my waiting list is 'Different Dreams'
  9. Haha... while i know that KJW is a model himself, but the model in that magazine is soooo skinny, it doesnt make that jacket nice at all. I do notice that some actors tend to dress like that... its summer in Korea soon i guess... If he is not going to proper jacket, he might as well wear the tops he had in the previous episodes (the opening button session with DM), at least with other colour... and that would look cool and manly as well.... just my thoughts That 'energy' PPL is getting annoying, it got more screen time than DM's father
  10. This thread was already around since 2017?! Wow... but it has not aired yet right.. looking forward to it... Go LYW
  11. Great episodes... ok, did Ryan not wear any shirt in with his jacket on ep12 ending? and again, 'short' pants... I think PMY really hit KJW hard at his apartment when he revealed he was Latte and then she really hit him hard when playing go-stop.... need to see the bts to see KJW's real reaction...... And KJW's ears were really red at the end of the ep12 scene... i wonder if there is a kiss scene after that (beginning of ep13?) haha... (and yes, why is his neck red when they were making the dough) .... DM's mom is love - claiming all the stuff in DM's house as hers...
  12. i wonder, after reading the comments this afternoon - cute comments - eggs and it being fertilised (haha), i got curious and googled to see if KJW had any rumored gf before... i was surprised to see it was with Lee El, exactly a year ago. Apparently they were in theater together and she was silly enough to upload his sleeping picture. Sigh. What do others think about the story?
  13. just saw the ending on tv.... i havent watch the drama but i do plan to do so, (downloaded it but havent start watching it)... just wanna say, that ending scene was so pretty - the flowers.... it must be spring in Seoul
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