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  1. @lightbringer06.... im at ep9 and i feel tired watching the drama.. maybe because its too slow and the leads are just too stiff.. i might jump to the last episode... haha Well.. Saturday cant come faster for us to see the latest drama shooting for HDL video promo at the uni.. ------ Great to see IU updating some photos... unfortunately not one with YJG in a proper visible frame... we know he is near but not taking picture together... then again YJG also didnt update his IG to include IU pic... sigh
  2. Im watching ep9... and it seemed quite tiring... main leads seemed akward and i feel like im watching China drama rather than Korea drama... I read good reviews about the drama but i feel tired as i want the plot to move faster and the main actress to be "scared" when acting.... but its very slow... sigh
  3. @constanciandra.... yes the girls... the students. Well, Korean Society? Heh, for sure he would aced the module. I wonder, in his work, how many times has he become Prince, Crown Prince and King.. hahha
  4. Ah... i didnt know... i only follow the thread after ep 12 or 13 until the end.. YN looks natural enough, a good actor... i havent seen captain firefly's other dramas yet to compare his acting. Thanks @lightbringer06.
  5. So im watching My ID is a Gangnam Beauty.... is my eyes playing tricks with me or is Mira and YN in this drama? Hahhaha
  6. Because she was peeved at him, for not contacting her for 2 years? Hence she didnt want to notice anything, event tough he was near. Also, i just dont believe that that she didnt rushed to the US when she feels that he hasnt contact her, not 1 week but 3 months. Her doctor sense, instinct probably should have gotten her on to the plane... but that didnt happen. And yes the person on the other phone, why did he say i missed you? So many loose ends to tie, hence the ending wasnt that great as it should be.
  7. Ok..... seriously...why the mask? They entered the airport without the mask..then mask is every where in the pictures... why would they want to cover their smiles? Aigooo... Did they party hard the night before and count get enough sleep? Haha
  8. Hmmm...just finish the drama... All i can say is... Man, Lee Se Young has changed much since i last saw her as the undead in Hwaygi The girl can really cry, amazing! I havent finished TCC, but i will be continuing that drama after putting it on hold. Ok, i think the drama plot was quite weak, a nurse who was vent on revenge on the dr help end the life of her daughter's killer?, blah... prosecutor same attitude? Blah... people are.suffering and some wants to.die early, is it murder? Or.is it a wish..if.it.is a wish, shouldnt it be granted? Haiz... anyways ending was also weak..3 years away? Sigh... ------ Oh subway, subway advert... its everywhere... dont koreans know subway? How big is subway there or do people still prefer to eat local food? Always like a drama that shows the latest technology, be it cars phones or medical equipments! I always wondered.. whatever they do in a medical drama, i doubt the doctors in my country even knows how to do it... investments in medical area is not really a priority
  9. Watching ep13 now... haiz, why do they keep wanting to hurt Dr Cha? That nurse should just focus on the child killer and not the dr... haiz
  10. Saw the pictures that YJG sat at economy class... i wonder who he sat with?.... would IU sat economy?
  11. Just starting to watch ep 9... pausing when Dr Kang cleans her father athe the hospital bed. not gonna review all comments in this thread yet.. ... Just wanna say, if Dr Cha is gonna end up bed ridden like Dr Kang's father, that is why he is reluctant to do have anything to do with her.... furthermore death is supposedly at his door all the time... hmmm..
  12. All of them are wearing masks because ?...... they didnt wash their mouth after such a long flight... YJG is wearing dark glasses because?.... either he didnt have enough sleep or his eye bags are super huge or he has been crying.... hahaha... Glad to see they are back, and happy to know Sanchez actually joined them gor the trip too... How is it all the actors didnt went to the airport together.. haha..
  13. YJG is very hot property now in K ent. Its great to see his sucess, even though very accomplished since young but HDL cements his handsome manly image from now on... aigoooo...
  14. So that means he should go bk to study now since he already got 2 hits this year.. haha.... finish the degree and come bk with a better dramas
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