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  1. Just watched the drama after downloading it last year, haha.. took them 17episodes before he kissed her... and he barely talked in the 17 episodes Im not sure what the subsequent episodes will bring... but gonna finish it for sure. I gotta say, the first 15 episodes were quite slow ---- Ok done with the drama. Has it been 3 years since the drama aired and it was probably made in 2016. I guess its bound to happen, to read up on the leads and the 'scandal' of HYT after the drama. Even saw the video of the dec 2019 when SY greeted HYT after he stared at her and both acknowdged each others presence... sigh... Yes WBS did a lot of CXX and logically would be better suited to end up with JC... wouldnt it be stressful without someone who doesnt tell the partner his feelings? And the ending didnt really discuss how CXX can solve the issue of JC's difficult working hours in their future life. I would think that Put Your Head on My Shoulder is nicer and faster paced? And of coz, college drama, Love 020 is still the best? Maybe i need to watch more drama to make comparison.... hehe...
  2. I still havent finish watching it! Ok, im confused with the new soompi's dark mode, good for the eyes i guess
  3. Looking fwd to this drama... More because of Park so Dam than Bo gum. The birth of another Park Park couple? lets hope it will be good
  4. Debating to rewatch the drama or... watch something else...... its good to rewatch since it is a happy ending
  5. Ah so Richard Wang is his name. Haha.. ok, at least he has made his name in EL2, change of hair style really makes a difference. As for XZL, i do prefer his hair in Youre My Destiny, having that front fringe makes it look messy... hence i do wish they act in another modern drama, just 24episode long, so as not to drag the story.. tight story, tight ending, and nice kisses. Both have improve in their kissing styles, compared to EL1 to You're My Destiny (ahem, headache hotel kiss) ... swoon.... And i agree, he does have that Yang2 look on him. Speaking of that man, how is it that i seldom hear his name after Love 020.... hmmm
  6. Nice update Just wanna post something.. i missed the 1k page... Saw the chinese dramas, Youre my Destiny and the Eternal love series, and bam... paralleL universe, time changes.. all look familiar ... time travel dramas are an in thing now is it And i must say, the Shippers thread are on fire ... i mean, its great, we see a lot of creative thoughts and minds how the 'couple tries to hide' their relationship. I do hope people do take rest and enjoy the whats happening in our surroundings too
  7. How do people follow him? He stayed in the hotel is it?... ops, strike that....hotel security should be more tight, not to allow people to go in without any business? I think i will ^park^ here for a few months since updates on the couple are probably more frequent here due to their new drama In the previous EL 2, many wanted the 1st prince to have a better ending and i do agree he should have a better ending than the last two. He only turn evil due to his love for Tan'er and Cheng2 do want to save his elder brother from his fate as well. So lets hope EL3 have more modern element and 1st brother have a happier ending
  8. Just finish the 1st season of EL.. i see the link why they want the same couple to do YAMD, - kind linked to their eternal love lines, i guess. Ok, i gotta say, the ending of EL 1 was weird. It just ended abruptly. As many have mentioned, it was a low budgeted drama and EL2 and their subsequent pairings have more budget for their dramas. Definately much more improvement from EL 1 to YAMD, from what i can see. Will try to have a look at EL2 soon
  9. Hehee... thanks for agreeing on my comments... i just wish XY gets more love from CJX, instead of keep running away and expects CY to come to her over and over again... ok, that is done and over with, i hope their next modern drama will be more fun. I look forward to the next season of EL (2), im still on ep15 and hopefully finish Season 1 by tonight
  10. So i just finish watching the sub episode.... overall thoughts, 1. Wish it was JX who went to find XY, after all the mistrusts she had on him and he patiently, up until ep36 at that to show that he really, really, a gazillion really really cared for her... and yet she just misunderstood him and always want to leave him.. sigh... 2. The Dylan character in this drama is super nice 3. The first half of the drama was too long while the 2nd half was short since it focused too much on the side characters, as some commented, epecially on the last two episodes... it should have shown how JX redeem XY after all the anguished she put him though in all the episodes Basically the ending could be better? 4. I tot the headache hotel kiss in Hungary was far hotter than the final boat scene? Maybe that boat scene was shoot, together with the first few episodes and they are still shy? Who knows? 5. Jx's mom in this drama is so pretty Im at 15th episode of the Eternal Love and ZXL is still stiff in the drama and the kiss scenes - no one is moving their mouths! And yes, i hope LG doesnt act so weak anymore... seeing EL1 - her timid weak character (the other personality) and the snail character here - just doesnt suit her. I hope she has a stronger characters in her future dramas, even though they are now filming EL3. Hope it would be good.
  11. Hmm... just finish ep33. JiaXin never did give Xinyi to explain why he allowed the abortion to take place. Xinyi have tried his best to show his love to her ever since he found out he actually cared and fell in love with her but it is always JiaXin's vulnerabilities which doesnt allow her to believe that XinYi love her dearly. Torturing Xinyi, brining up about baby just to hurt Xinyi. I do hope JiaXin made up to him. Haiz.. --- Ok, ep34, she apologised...
  12. Hmm... are they the most coupled leads in drama these days? 4 times in a drama together? Is that a record? (EL1-3; You're.My Destiny?)... Amazingly when when male lead was just 18 years old when they were first paired? Havent watched any of the ELs, since the review is good, will try to see it as Im out of dramas to watch
  13. I just found out that Yeo Jin Goo of Hotel Del Luna fame is also 22 years old... Man the acting poweress of the young actors now are amazing
  14. I stil cant believe the male lead is just 22 years old!... And i want to visit Hungary next time
  15. Am at ep26th episode... sigh... Xiyi did try to tell the ex that Jiaxin is the wife, but Jiaxin stopped him and said she is his nutritonist? Is it normal to have such person? Reminds me of the drama the Boss and Me I tot the 1st part of the drama is quite long and i look forward to a strong Jiaxin in the 2nd part of the drama.