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  1. Toda is a great day!! we have Dong Yoon as an award presenter not in just one but two drama awards: KBS and SBS!!!! Plus trailer of Joseon Exorcist Happy NEW YEAR!!!!
  2. Jang Dong Yoon Injures Elbow Due To Fall From Horse During Drama Filming Dec 29, 2020 by J. K Jang Dong Yoon fell from a horse while filming for his upcoming drama “Joseon Exorcist” (literal title). On December 29, a source from the drama told Star News, “During filming today, Jang Dong Yoon injured his elbow due an accident in which he fell from a horse.” They added, “It’s planned that he will receive a thorough examination tomorrow.” Filming for the dr
  3. DongYoon's greetings: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJK7WGNgi2V/?igshid=1monmsbr96de6 Btw I wonder if Dong Yoon will attend any Drama awards /sighs/ no news about it. Tbh I wish he will attend SBS drama awards kkk because his uncoming drama.
  4. View larger image [Sports Chosun Reporter Seung-mi Lee] Beautiful young man Jeon Tae-il comes back to life with animation Through the production briefing on the 9th, the feature animation'Tae-il' (director Hong Joon-pyo, produced by Myung Film Studio Rumor) depicts the life of a beautiful young man Jeon Tae-il, a symbolic figure in the history of the Korean labor movement who became a spark of hope for workers' rights. I told a story about the movie. The production briefing was held online due to the influence of Corona 19, and Myung Film CEO Lee Eun and Shim Jae-myeong,
  5. Ep. 8 is such a great ep. it has many revelations. I really thought the host was Yerim's dad. And when I saw captain Jo I was O___O The encounter of captain Jo with Dongjin, his son, was emotional. But I really think they still don't know abt each other's identity. Abt congressman Lee, I agree with many on Twitter, he's the real monster... He wanted to kill baby Yerim >____< is he even human??? grgrgrgrgr...
  6. OMG I shouldn't but I'm reading on Twitter the spoilers of ep8 I need the ep with eng subs asap. Dongjin finally knows abt his dad. Btw his dad still such a hottie even as a mutant.
  7. WTH that's the ending of ep 4? You must be kidding me, OCN!!!!! Dongyin's cute and funny friends, no please noooooo...
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