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  1. And also it started the pre-sale of the drama's OST album... tbh and not being biased, all the songs of this drama are so beautiful and I listen to them over an over again!
  2. Behind the scenes still cuts! Just 3 days until the last episode of The Tale of Nokdu drama! I'm not ready to say goodbye to Nokdu! And also a kfan update abt this... the Sewol Ferry ribbon in his bag, he's such a thoughtful person <3
  3. Yes I also want more info about this next movie, I hope he'll talk abt in his after drama interviews! And I really hope he'll do a drama as well or a variety show at least!
  4. DongYoon's cat!!!!!! such a lucky cat btw, and it seems is overweight I wonder what's the cat's name? Kkk And Also today is one year since the premiere of his first movie BEAUTIFUL DAYS! Btw I read somewhere that his next project is a movie? I'm not sure about this thou~ And also details about the place where it will take place DongYoon's fanmeeting this December 8th
  5. Bravo!! Bb Dong Yoon's popularity is raising And his Fanmeeting in Seoul is confirmed \o/ yayyyyy
  6. I can't stop the tears now that I've watched the whole ep... I need urgently a really cute bts cut to recover from this ep KBS please be generous with us!!!!!!!!!!
  7. OMG just one episode left of his drama "The Tale of Nokdu" I really hope his next project will be really soon!!!! Here some beautiful fanarts of him as Noksun and Nokdu ***there are more in this account... really cute drawings <3
  8. With just reading your post, I'm in tears huhuhu I need to prepare my heart to watch the lastest ep. OMG I can't believe there's just 1 ep left till the ending my precious Macaroon couple how will I pass Mondays and Tuesdays without you? How? /o\
  9. YAYYYYYYY And also I read in one of his Korean fan's account that for his Fan meeting there were around 700 applicants already, but there are just around 500 seats available!! I think his company underestimate his popularity lol
  10. Yulmu or Dongjoo who? nah... Nokdu's first kiss scene was with this puppy https://twitter.com/_alloveden/status/1196243260357799936?s=20
  11. ARENA HOMME PLUS MAGAZINE Jang Dong Yoon's interview: "... When I started my acting career, there was a time I was convinced that I didn't have a chance, but I got better after adapting. I: didn't you say you have high self-esteem? ...I didn't study when I was in middle school but I started to put effort in studying from high school... In middle school, I thought that my classmate that got the first place was a person living in another world. But when I started to put effort into studying, my grades were better than my friends who were better than me before. I had a taste of it, so at that time, studying was a new world for me, like the acting world right now. The experience of that time has helped me to become who I'm now. So I learned to adapt myself as an actor. I tend to trust in the effort rather than the innate talent..." https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=17393749&memberNo=37982188 A fragment of his interview, I really hope someone translates all his interviews, he's so thoughtful and mature. And an intelligent person indeed, I tried to use a translator to read this one ^^; he talked abt his hobbies, also something interesting, when he started to get offers as an actor, he had already an offer to work in an office abt his career happily that incident in the store happened and all his plans changed. He worked in a music band and he learned to play guitar, roles that he wants to play as actor: journalists and lawyer, he also talks about his movie "Beautiful days"
  12. I agree with you, also I would like him to participate in more traveling variety shows, who knows and maybe we are lucky enough and he visits one of our countries and we will be able to communicate with him yayyyy \o/
  13. I hope all the drama's team take care of their health, especially Macaroon babies, and thanks to them for their constant hard work!!!
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