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  1. 200219 Polaroid event - Dong Yoon Daum fancafe
  2. 200216 pigret1638, kakatora, pt.ilsan IG update with Dong Yoon
  3. 200216 jjam0305, jssy8356, grk0708 IG update with Dong Yoon and TTON staff and actress Bulky Yoon!!!! That body, I approve lol PD-nim of TTON ;___;
  4. 200214 pt.ilsan Instastory update with Dong Yoonie at the gym!! (^-^)9 And Dongyi Company update:
  5. 200213 1st Look Magazine update with Dong Yoon With Eng Subs \o/
  6. 200213 OCN IG update about drama 'SEARCH'
  7. 200213 OCN IG Update about 'SEARCH' I hope they will release news about the script reading!!!
  8. 200211 Dongyi Company IG update with Dong Yoon And
  9. 200210 Dongyi Company Naver blog update with behind the scenes of Asia First Moment tour in Bangkok -Thailand
  10. Actor Jang Dongyoon Brought a 100% Sweet Mood in His New Pictorials with '1st Look' Actor Jang Dongyoon is getting ready for Valentine's Day. On February 10th, fashion magazine '1st Look' released Jang Dongyoon's new pictorials for its February issue. In the released pictorials, with his signature fresh visuals, Jang Dongyoon perfectly portrays a variety of styles for the warm spring season. In particular, Jang Dongyoon once again reminded viewers of his nickname 'Pictorials Master,' as he stared at the camera with his sweet gaze and natural poses. cr. Kstarlive
  11. Update with Dong Yoon - he looks so young and white lol or is it a filter? Cr.to owner It seems he's with a fan... I wonder where is he? . . Oh it seems he was at church, he took these pictures yesterday! Btw more HQ pics Cr. As tagged
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