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  1. News from Naver Cafe - It is scheduled to start shooting at the end of October. Where is it? Location at Gangwon-do - First of all they will shoot school memories of heroine
  2. Namoo actor website update #ParkMinYoung’s November 2019 schedule : 8 November : Park Min Young <Busted> Season 2 presscon
  3. wow this drama is absolute amazing !! I enjoy every single moment of it never thought that school could make me so exited ! DO and Haru is sooooo beautiful and I found my new fav actress KHY unforgettably great it this role
  4. Are we talking about So Hyun's kissing skills or YSH's? This guy since 18 was very hot kisser and in Ruler too, But Its not So Hyun's case... I need to see Love Alarm because I didnt see her there.
  5. Radio was really romantic drama with sweet kisses, but its not passion... hot kiss was in Clean with Passion that is what I call hot kiss and I think two actresses is the same age right? So hope here So Hyun shows the same...
  6. In radio romance wasn't passionate kisses i'm sorry but kbs showed really hot kisses in last angel 'a mission so I hope for it. I never saw hot kisses from SoHyun but she had a good one with 2PM's Taec.
  7. Namoo Actors updated Park Min Young's schedule for the month of October. She will attend the DPC Shanghai Conference on 10/21 together with Kim Soo Hyun.
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