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  1. You haven't heard the news, the drama will be shown this fall, but Chinese producers have changed the name and cut all the scenes with Min Young from there, her role will be re-shot with a new Chinese actress. China still continues to ban all projects with Korean actors, so yes, the drama will be shown, but it is no longer a project of Park Min Young. Kim Mi Kyung will play as Park Min Young's mother for the 4th time in Cruel Story of Office Romance
  2. Mr. Coffee Maker asks his friend for help again, I didn't expect that. It's so unfair, how can he do that? Why he constantly thinks only of himself and does not think at all about his friend and his feelings. If a girl chooses her old love, I will lose respect for her at all, her ex does not deserve friendship, as well as for love.
  3. Park Min Young, Song Kang, Girl’s Day’s Yura, And Yoon Park Confirmed For New Romance Drama TV/FILM Jun 21, 2021 by E. Cha JTBC’s upcoming drama “Cruel Story of Office Romance” (literal translation) has confirmed its starring cast! “Cruel Story of Office Romance” is a new drama about the work and love lives of people who work at the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service. On June 21, JTBC officially
  4. I heard that the audience is very critical of Song Kang's acting in his new drama, the comments are very bad, he was just crushed despite the fact that he is a favorite. This will not benefit future drama with Min Young.
  5. You are right, I have heard that her agency is actively fighting against those anti-fans who insult her on social networks, but they do not say anything about the course of the trials and verdicts, maybe even better, because such promotion will only harm her.
  6. I understand and agree with everything you said. To tell the truth, I also don't always understand her actions, because she could have stopped all these dirty gossips and rumors by telling the journalists about it, so the fans would be outraged, but they would be forced to accept reality. But she doesn't do anything like that, I don't know the reasons, but given that that Secretary Kim's popularity would decline after her candid interview, it's also true, maybe it's just PR, or she just doesn't want to hurt fans who can't accept the truth, although I want to believe that she believes in her
  7. Please tell me that although in this story his hero will get a girl, because Born Again just killed me, I did not expect such a turn. And here, indeed, Cha Deserves Love Yes, sometimes he acted selfishly, but they are adults and she will choose. Although, I admit that in the end none of the guys will get a girl. I was very pleased with the 12th episode. I was afraid that the story would be repeated, but we were shown the characters differently, they are more positive and more decisive, the final scene is incredibly touching and tender.
  8. Welcome back Still no news about casting , but yesterday I heard about the start of the casting, so soon, I think the news will appear.
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