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  1. Ep 3 and 4 were really interesting. I wasn’t expecting any of the things that happened!! So many questions!!!
  2. I can’t believe no one has subbed this show yet. It is 1/4 in already and blah. Waiting is the worse for foreign drama fans. I need to go back to Chinese class lol.
  3. I watched Shoplifters on the plane and ended up crying. It was such a good film that really made you think about society, relationships, poverty and what it means to be a family. I highly recommend it.
  4. Oh if it come out in June, it'll be very soon. Yey! So many new shows to watch but I am waiting for subs for at least several episodes before starting. I just hope that one day the producers of Chinese drama will just get English subs done automatically for even broadcast online etc. It's 2019!
  5. @rapo65 Don’t worry about the Cnetizens comments. They said the same and even worse when Mark was casted as Ye Hua. His solid performance changed their minds by the end. Chang Chen is a very good actor so I have hope that this won’t disappoint (especially with this director - I lover her work).
  6. @kimino Finally! For the photo above lol. Very Adam and Eve imagery lol. I am pleasantly surprised to see the ‘most romance’ line from the news above too since most of the emphasis has been on the politics from everything we have read and seen. I am glad they aren’t revealing too much about the fine details of the plot. It will indeed be interesting how the romance will be a triangle and or a square?!?
  7. I am watching episode 1 and am loving it!!! Some really good lol moments and just what I need to de-stress. Just finished episode 2, which has a much more serious and dark tone than the first episode. It also left me a bit confused and looking forward to the new episodes.
  8. I liked Li Xian since he did Tientsin Mystic and was sad he couldn't do part 2 with the rest of the original cast. I may check this out when I"m in a mood for modern romance.
  9. I still await his return to TV dramas. Still rewatch NiF for him (and somewhere a far off wish is for him to join the upcoming Novoland Pearl Eclipse as the male lead and reunite with YM).
  10. I am excited! While I am annoyed at the GoT reference, it is understandable to convey this drama’s genre and ambition to be an entertaining political fantasy historical drama to probably viewers that may not be familiar with Asian dramas etc. I think most serious Asian drama fans - can see the potential and how amazing it can be and so no need to compare to GoT. It is ambitious to compare lol (not that GoT is perfect). Anyways - can’t wait for June and I am sooo happy to have Netflix.
  11. I will start watching this weekend since it is on Netflix!
  12. I hope it will be subbed soon too. Until then have to wait. Wonder how it is being received?
  13. Thanks @bluehibiscus for clarifying. The new previews made me more excited. When is it airing?
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