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  1. Only was watching up to episode 40 and I am ready to axe off stepsister Kong So-Young...she is a money grabber...a sponge that absorb anything in dollar sense of Kye-ok. Could not believe that KO is the one financially supporting SY son Jang-won... Cannot imagine SY is taking that as an entitlement... If she leaves her husband or her husband leaves her...why is she back to sponge off KO in everywhere? Yet when she opens her mouth...she talks like she is right and KO is wrong just because KO's father wasted the money of SY mother... and why is SY expecting KO to pay that debt? Once married off shouldn't SY be totally independent... Every time she appears...I want to axe her off... it is so funny that this series...most of the female are irritating in their ways but common in one way which is "entitlement in money sense" Am asking when is the last episode coming in...as I would want to see someone teaching SY a lesson that she will not be able to blame KO ... yet having watch her... am sure SY will cry to her mother then her mother will cry to KO... Back to ep 40...finger crossing as i continue...
  2. Enjoying this series so much because of Joo Won...Enjoy watching his series As I watch this series My Sassy Girl...one character I really want to grab by the neck and bring to the doctor and ask the doctor to permanently sew the mouth is Gyun-Woo sister Gyun-Hee...her mouth does not keep secrets...she is worst than her mother mainly because Gyun-Hee cannot tell what should be said and what should be kept within the family...She plays the "cute little girl" behavior but all in the wrong direction. Ouch...it is just so painful to watch her causing trouble whether unknowingly or knowingly. Each time she appears and rattles her mouth...i want to reach for her neck and plaster her mouth... Still quite a few more episodes and I am close to wishing "death" upon Gyun-Hee Overall this is a fantastic series to watch and I know I will re-watch it once I get over the irritating Gyun-Hee
  3. May i say they already met in South Korea... as Ri took that one single step over the bulb wire after Yoon cross over... That's their destiny to be together for life Maybe or rather hoping mother Kim will play cupid with father Ri to send RiJH back to Switzerland and fulfil his dream there...and somehow a message was sent to Yoon to go to Switzerland... wooo that's is a hope to hold
  4. CCG knows who is Ri's father and he also knows Ri's late brother... I think CCG is the one who murdered Ri's late brother and now he is trying to get rid of Ri and Ri father
  5. just pop in while watching Ep 09... when Ri Jeong-Hyeok was questioning his father Ri Chung-Ryeol, his father's face look so strict and his mouth like glued together... when his mother Kim Yun-Hui asked him to breathe and then go and bring forth Yoon Se-Ri... and Yoon and Ri faces each other and Yoon asked why his face look injured, etc...Yoon's tone was so full of sadness and love...and Ri tone was so loving and the way he touches her face... the look on father RI was priceless...how father Ri mouth just auto open in shock or just stunt and how he kind of shake his head close his eye close his mouth and look away... that moment in time was the best of the best... i actually rewind 3 times just to watch that moment of father Ri expression... another moment to enjoy... both Ri and Yoon and Ri's mother sitting down listening to father Ri.. mother Kim was observing the whole time...father Ri really lost to his son this time round... can easily tell father Ri tho being very strict...he has a very soft heart and he loves Ri lots just that he may not express much... going back to continue the episode...
  6. Oh Yes... Season 1 was amazing beyond and worth rewatching umpteenth times... When I saw there's Dr Romantic 2...i scratch my head and say "hmm...is this a sequence to Dr Romantic 1?" I hesitated watching Dr Romantic 1 just for that one word "ROMANTIC" as i fear it would be one of those lovey dovey kind of series so I avoided watching it all these years. Because of Dr Romantic 2 pop up...i decided ok... I will give Dr Romantic 1 a try and that "a try" went into full speed non-stop watching...it was like I need to watch just the start of the next episode and it just happen to be "just the start of next ep" I fell in deep addiction with Dr Romantic 1 and I want to re-watch it. Of course there are some people in there I want to twist them round and round or put them on the operating table... Opps... enough of Dr Romantic 1... Dr Romantic 2 is pulling me in all in all and I am so happy to see Chief Nurse Oh, Dr Nam, Dr ParkET, President Yeo...oh just love his smile and twinkle eyes... Yet to see Mr Goo...I like his quick appearance like magic...just one call from Chief Nurse Oh...and Mr Goo is there... I did a overnight to Ep 1 to Ep 4 and really worth it all... Initially I cannot handle Dr Cha as she only blames blames blames...she is like blames Dr Seo...angry with Master Kim...then eye blink blink at Dr Bae especially more so when she finds out Dr Bae has divorced. On the other hand...i am glad noone gives in to her whim and nutty ways...Salute Dr Seo for holding in as much as he can when comes to Dr Seo. Ah...she was really mad angry with Dr Seo when Dr Seo went in for the Minister's 2nd Surgery. Is it just her style of getting mad angry before checking out details...at least she apologize to Dr Seo after "kind of" hearing Master Kim was the one who sends Dr Seo into the 2nd Surgery and not Dr Seo intentionally stealing her place. I salute Dr Cha when she bravely corner the high and mighty Dr Yang in front of the Minister's son and Dr Park Min Kook...that's was the best moment of the entire episode...Kudos to Dr Cha and this might just be the waking up call to her to devote herself to Doldam and not see-saw hoping to "buy" her way back to Geodae. Am glad she tells Master Kim her fear in OR but she's ok in ER. Kudos Dr Cha Dr Seo losing his parents could have made him cold and not trusting easily or opening up on his feelings thoughts easily. The image of his parents dead could be a blocking image in his mind that makes him hard to trust others. However, I salute the way he thinks thru and quick on his feet esp the 2nd Surgery where he was asked about the 1st Surgery pre-op procedure, etc etc. Strangely Dr Seo reminds me much of Dr Kang of Season 1... strong headed yet good with their skills and no matter what happens within their own personal window...they give their all to patients. My fear after seeing end of Ep 4 a clip of Dr Park Min-Kook being sent to work at Doldam. My fear is because he knew there was recording of 2nd Surgery by his staff yet he denied it to the Minister's son. That's integrity gone...to lie to the Minister's son there is no recording? He knows there is a recording because during the 2nd Surgery he actually turn look at the nurse like sending a message to her to stop recording hereon... it was like covering up something that happen and wanting to blame Doldam team. To think Master Kim let him do the 2nd Surgery because Dr PMK graduated from John Hopkins... hmmm... that reminds me of Dr Song in Season 1 where President DoYW cover up for Dr Song mistake in the OR and put the blame on Master Kim... Now for this case could DoYW cover up for Dr ParkMK and send him to Doldam indirectly to spy on Master Kim and create havoc as he did when he sends Dr Song and team to Doldam in Season 1 too lengthy already...i better stop here... thanks all for sharing and I am glad I hope on to this Dr Romantic 2 ride and it's going to be a great amazing ride ...
  7. Just started watching this series and must say it is really good especially Master Kim As I continue watching and as the story line progress, I find many culprits that are murderer wearing doctor's gown...simply say President Do is the biggest murderer but he do not need to dirty his own hand. His weapon is the real murderer Song Hyeon-Cheol who operated on the student Jang Hyun-Joo and killed her but he got rescued by President Do and since then he seems to be licking President Do boots with no human heart at all to others. Simply say...I would like to see how these 2 ends up ... but seeing they appear in Romantic Teacher 2... hmmm...must be more "killing" job needed. Kang Dong-joo is still holding grudges and still thinking he is indispensable. He is easily shaken by President Do and can see him wagging his tail when someone praised him. At times I feel like grabbing him and smack his head big time. Kang DJ is quick to blame and only think after blaming. His temper will eventually get hold of him and hope it will be wake up call but seeing how he blamed Master Kim for letting his father die over the VIP, Kang DJ has forgotten he himself let someone's father die because he was so excited to be given the chance to operate on a VIP who died in his hands anyway. So what is the difference here as in he neglect another patient over the VIP... he is quick to see other's error but not his own. Ouch ... when watching how he blamed and hit out at Master Kim on that, I wanted so much to have someone question him over his error of similarity. Where are the pots and pans... I need those to smack this Kang DJ... Ok..at least I feel Yoon Seo-jung wakes up from her pride and knows what needs to be done and who has priority and seeing her growing day by day I feel happy for her. That being said...Kang DJ needs to grow up and not be so self centered. He needs something big to happen to him and hoping that will be the final wake-up call. All in All...this is indeed a series worth re-watching umpteenth times. Thanks for reading ...
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