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  1. Just noticed something in this series... Why is it Choi Myung-hee is always eating when she is not busy "killing" people. Even Jang Joon-woo is not eating as always as Choi MH. Just couldn't help noticing it. It's cool how JHS is "teaming" with Vincenzo. Like how he asks Vincenzo to shoot him so he can have evidence that he's not in cahoot with Vincenzo. I am caught up to Ep 18 already and having to wait for another week to catch Ep 19 then Ep 20...finger crossing it will have a good ending.
  2. watching towards end of Ep 16 and I must say... That's the best part of entire Ep 16 Vincenzo out to destroy...Let's give Ms Choi a slow gruesome death the worst kind she could ever imagine for the joy she gets from killing others...how could she be laughing drinking wine after "killing" Vincenzo's mother... Yes...she have Vincenzo's mother killed via orders from the nutcase Jang who without blink of an eye had his own father killed. Gruesome indeed... No mercy and no heartbeat at all... Oh yes... better torture is having Jang torture Ms Choi slow gruesome and have that live telecast on na
  3. Just ride onto this series and it is one amazing "thriller" that makes me want to chew out some of the "numb-skull". And I am only watching up to Ep 11 and sitting at the edge of bench each episode. Amazing how Jang Joon-woo can act so docile and trying to act "cute" with Cha-young and in reality he has no guilt whatsoever in killing those who "pissed" him off or just get in his way. It really send shivers up the spine whenever he takes out that Ice Hockey Stick and goes hitting people. He seems to enjoy using the ice hockey sticks instead of guns or knife. It really "sucks" that he kills
  4. The ending is weak and it gives a sense like there is something hanging there What happen to President Seo Ki-tae? He was seen standing in front of the Podium facing the reporters and that's it. And what's with the Senior Reporter Kang Shin-wook? He is like playing to the tune of whatever suits him. The sudden change of JW does not seem to flow with the rest of the story line in the sense too nice too relaxed suddenly. What happen to Nam Sung-beom and the poisonous Kim young-joo? Ep 1 to 10 was intense especially 1 to 7 was the most intense. I enjoy watching Ep1 beginning... the Pr
  5. @willenette Thank You So Much... Was just reading it in Soompi News. Ouch...see the smile on Jung-hoon 씨 face as he share his story...I was like...look at him smile...it is like he is radiating his joy from his heart. I have yet to watch the episode. Actually holding on till there are at least 4 episodes then I start to watch else it is too much "torture" just watching 1 episode and having to wait the whole week for another. Thanks once again Willenette
  6. Does the King and Everyone in the Royal Court knows 1. the Queen Jin Bi even before she becomes Queen has been sleeping with Go Won-pyo 2. the youngest son Gun-moo is not his son but Go Won-pyo 3. the Queen Jin Bi is the one plotting together with Go Won-pyo to get rid of Crown Prince Won the biological son of the King and the late Queen Yeon 4. the Queen Jin Bi is plotting together with Go Won-pyo to dethrone him the King and put their son Gun-moo on the crown Why is it that Princess Pyong-gang is not revealing to her father the King that the Queen Jin Bi is having an on-going a
  7. @kjmcth Thanks for sharing such wonderful read. Am so glad Ravi had a heart-to-heart downtime with Jung-hoon씨. Hoping hereon Ravi will take time to explore and discover hobbies he may enjoy. Maybe like Din Din Ravi can have some "wine-session" with Jung-hoon 씨. Or just go star-gazing together and just relax and continue to explore new territories by chit-chat with Jung-hoon 씨. Seems Ravi opens up to Jung-hoon 씨 easily and am happy for Ravi. Can see the dynamics among the 6 team members how they have grown over the months and being together and finding ways to defeat PD and her Team. Ju
  8. @Sukma Anggraini Have you watch Seo-jin 씨 in Youn's Kitchen 1 & 2 and Youn's Stay which just started Jan 08, 2021. You hear him speaks English to the guests in Youn's Kitchen and Youn's Stay. And you see his amazing dimples as well. Do watch him in Yisan as well...One of the guest in Youn's Stay say to Seo-jin씨 "you are the most handsome King in Joseon Dynasty" and you can see Seo-jin씨 super dimples. Yisan is one series I re-watch umpteenth times and still want to re-watch. He is just that amazing in that series. To-date Seo-jin씨 only acted in 3 Saguek...Am wishing he will take o
  9. @willenette I have yet to watch Youn Jung-hoon in Vampire Prosecutor, Vampire Prosecutor 2, Possessed. Re-watch My Healing Love 2018, Lies of Lies 2020. Interestingly how in both My Healing Love and Lies of Lies, he acts as single father to daughter after divorced from the wife and after long after that he meets love of his life and wants to settle down with her...My Healing Love ended with a hanger yes he ends up with his love but there was no wedding bells. At least in Lies of Lies there was wedding bells. Sadly, in I Summon You Gold / Pot of Gold...he did not end up with the Love of
  10. The Ridiculously Sadist Eun Se-mi, ex wife of Kang Ji-min, she who thinks she still has the right to take back Ji-min and be a mother to Woo-joo... Se-mi ridiculously sadist thinking her affair with another guy is not wrong as it happens when she was in so much pain and like no one can understand. And even better is she brings the guy back to her married home in the bed she is sharing with her then husband Ji-min. Wow...yet appearing after leaving the family...alright Ji-min divorced her...so she had to leave...but to come back and say she still loves Ji-min and wants to be a mother to Woo-joo
  11. Am currently re-watching Lie After Lie. Came to notice Kim Ho-ran house is the same house in My Healing Love where Choi Jin-yoo Step-father, Grandma, Mother, Sister, Ki-bbeum and eventually Chi-yoo is staying. Instead of using the small wooden entrance, they are using the huge double door entrance. Interesting how K-drama recycle homes and all are such beautiful homes. And am watching Lie After Lie because of Youn Jung-hoon...
  12. Just started to catch on this series and now at Ep 08 and I am already so ready to kick out Snobbish Kim Byeong-In. Initially I find him good and loving but as the plot goes on, I find him to be arrogant and snobbish thinking he is the King of Joseon and above everyone just because he has Kim Jwa-Geun as his father and I only found out he is just an adopted son. He has forgotten anytime when he goes against his adopted father, his adopted father can easily get rid of him of which I hope that is soon. I like how Kim So-yong remains so steady regardless of the King or KBI. And I was so happy
  13. Just watched Episode 60 Congrats to Kim Jong-min...Am so proud of him. He did not give up no matter how tough it seems. I find it so apt he got 60 in Episode 60. Congrats also to Youn Jung-hoon for being patient and not giving up on Jong-min and seeing how happy and proud Jung-hoon is of Jong-min on the result...wow...that is really a huge reward. Jong-min...please continue to study English with Jung-hoon. Jung-hoon...please continue to teach Jong-min to continue learning English. May I say... Jung-hoon and Jong-min make quite a team...
  14. When I read this news, I was so happy that Mr Kim chose Jung-hoon to go with his son Seon-ho. Ep 36 when Seon-ho guzzle down that 500ml of Coca Cola Whistle then he ends up in pain...it was so touching to see Jung-hoon got up and walk over to Seon-ho and so gently ask him to sit up straight and Jung-hoon gently pat his back to help him burp. And after that Seon-ho was so touched and burst out calling Jung-hoon "appa"... the two look at each other eye contact moment was so touching. Am sure Elder Kim must have felt so relieved that his son managed to recover from the pain. [ On the other h
  15. Watching S4 E57 and I wish Se-yoon would just let Jung-hoon finish talking what he is sharing about his wife Ga-in reaction to the $20.00 chestnut in Department Store. JH was trying to answer Jong-min question and Se-yoon just had to cut in trying to act cute. There are times I want to praise Se-yoon yet there are times I want to just masking tape his mouth when he does not listen to others at all. It is like when others are talking he is not interested at all. Yes he is a comedian but if others like Jong-min, Seon-ho, DinDin and Ravi can just pay attention and not interrupt..why can't Se-yoo
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