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  1. @sushi Oh yeah. Picasso was gone. Into the tummy 722
  2. This is drama plot. Kkk 708
  3. Never thought. From nice Yul Mu to dark YM. Laughing when he starts slicing the ice block and next next lol scenes...but now... Well...its fakeu love 736
  4. Most people here watching many dramas like it was a task. 722
  5. @Ameera Ali to me, only one person trully shocked. The black white shirts man. That or i need glassess 508
  6. If im not wrong, yeobo can use for both husband and wife. 남 편 Nampyeon = husband 야 = ya "Ah" used when the word before is end with consonant, if im not wrong 여 보 야 = yeo bo ya Sushimi ya, triplem ah
  7. Itsn't ji maseyo that means dont? Like "ka-jima" = dont go Ut-jima = dont laugh Still confused abt when to use nan, neon, naneun, nareul, neoneun, neoreul
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