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  1. I'm behind that theory of Yulmoo wanting the throne for Dongjoo, too. Boy's in far too deep like Nokdu lol, he loves her ever since their childhood (and I do hope that it wasn't all an act), that for him to act with Dongjoo's welfare in mind seems natural. I do think that he wanted to help her and pursue her after all that, but I feel like he has a more ulterior motive (and I kinda wanted that, no to second-leads-whose-lives-revolve-solely-around-the-female-lead!)
  2. I was supposed to reply to some of the others in the thread but first things first----- OHMYGOD HERE!! HERE!!! I'M PROUD TO BE A COMPLETE YULMOO TRASH LMAO I'M A LOST CAUSE (still love Nokdu but u got Dongjoo now soooo bye jk)
  3. Same!! Or maybe it's just my biased self talking. The moment YM smiled at the first episode, I was lured in, hook, line, and slinker Despite me not really wanting YM to go down that path, I feel that these revelations added more layers to his character and yeah, he became more interesting, less of a 2D 2nd lead so there's that. I just hope the writers wouldn't botch up his character haha I still want those bromance scenes lol And I just loveeee how Kang Tae Oh went from gentle to straight-up-yandere-ish-scary. He's good, I'll give him that. He went from "looking like a cinnamon roll and is an actual cinnamon roll" to "looking like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you" like damn haha
  4. You know... I've been thinking something along those lines, too. What if Yul Moo turned out to be on the bad side? Personally, I wouldn't want that hahaha, I would love him to remain the adorable, hopelessly-in-love cinnamon roll that he is, but with the power that he has, it is possible that he could be pulling some strings in the background. Let's hope his loyalties lie with the good side. And, while we're at it, I just want to talk about how respectful Yul Moo is of Dong Joo's boundaries, and how he knows how to step back when she asks, even if he's head over heels in love with her. That's such a big plus for him, though I'm still rooting for Nokdu, of course
  5. What makes it cuter is that someone mentioned that Tae Oh acts shy/more mature around Sso, unlike in his previous dramas.
  6. Why are y'all talking about So Hyun and Seung Ho's kiss scene, my ShyShy couple heart is beating fast akdjdjdj (yes I ship a lot of people with Sso) But anyways, I understand So Hyun's reactions/performance in kiss scenes because she doesn't have real-life experience when it comes to dating, so she probably didn't have any experience with kissing ~passionately~ too. Dong Yoon-ah, we're counting on you to lead her well, alright? As long as we got another kiss scene between them I'm happy lol AND KANG TAE OH-NIM!! You probably won't get to kiss So Hyun so if you want to have another kiss aside from the one with Nokdu, I volunteer HAHAHA
  7. Since sohyunnie confessed in their recent radio show that she laughs when flustered, I think we'd see her laughing a lot in the behind the scenes. I also wonder if there'd be some shyness on both of their parts, or will they continue to bicker as usual in order to cover it up hahaha
  8. holy water i can't he looked like he accepted his fate of falling into the water but after resurfacing he looked like "ahhh finally no more trace of lady omo omo on my skin this is refreshing"
  9. Same! Maybe I'm just used to the whole dramatic-romantic-tension/will-they-or-won't-they for 15 episodes and then getting together at the last episode thing for most kdramas haha. I'm curious though, to anyone who has read the webtoon, was the romance this fast there, too? Methinks that Dongjoo will push Nokdu away haha she'll be the one who'll resist (especially with her plan of assassinating the king), and that will result to the tension in future episodes.
  10. At first I was rooting for Jisoo, too but on the second watch I completely turned to Shin Jae Ha's side Ikr?? You can see it in his face, he's like "hey.... why are you laughing?" hahaha but I couldn't blame her, JDY looked so handsome in that scene and his abs are on full display who wouldn't be flustered??!? ahhh JDY's attentiveness!! Because of that and him copying Sso, I'm completely back on Team YoonHyun again lmao of all the things he could remember tho hmmmm excuse my delusional mind haha! and he's so cute copying her aww
  11. Omfgdksjdjdkd this makes me so soft!!! Haha Shin Jae Ha always comments uplifting and encouraging comments on Sso's IG posts and even now, he set aside time to listen to their radio guesting and leave a supportive comment to both, especially to Sohyun I love their friendship! My piano couple heart is happy ((YoonHyun couple's still my top ship for now but I'm getting swayed again towards the Piano Couple oh no HAHAHA) You guys know which scene I immediately thought of? Hmmm so is it safe to say that Sso was flustered during this scene?
  12. OHHH can I know which interview did she mention it? I'm not surprised tho, Taec is a wonderful and down-to-earth person haha! And lol yeah, I wanna see if DongYoon can dethrone Taecyeon since they're still filming, there's still a lot of time for him to win that crown lol Same!! I shipped her w/ her co-stars, but most especially w/ Sungjae, Shin Jae Ha, and Yoo Seungho. Right now tho, I have a feeling that Dong Yoon x So Hyun (YoonHyun?) will be my top ship for her. Their onscreen and offscreen antics and banter are too cute! I'm really glad, too that she's having fun on set. All of them are! And gaaaahd that picture! When I saw that scene in the behind the scenes video I grinned so hard wtf my cheeks hurt hahaha look at how Dong Yoon stared at Sso while she laughed. So precious!! (Also, thank you to @Jillia for correcting my earlier post! Sorry I'm still a newbie in the Soompi forums haha so I appreciate the help! )
  13. lmao at Sso teasing Dongyoonie i like seeing them this comfortable with each other, seems like they both enjoy teasing the other lol (especially Sohyun haha)
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