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  1. This drunk bike ride scene was one of the cutest scenes! The whole "I guess I'm not sober since my heart is beating too fast" dialogue was feels! Also GH did try to sneak in a confession to a drunk Dom without facing him haha. Scene starts at 13:30
  2. Nice! I had to use https://savesubs.com/ to extract subtitles (.srt) files from Viki videos. Watched it on Youtube with a subtitles using a subtitles-for-youtube chrome plugin after giving up on viki geo blockers ps - Waiting for BTS of the crying and Handwashing scenes hehehe
  3. Meanwhile my shallow self blown away by KYK's tears now needs more of him. Already binged on Gogh Starry night and finding it difficult to wait till next monday. Also, made this gif, to spazz over KYK while waiting for next without bingeing another drama. Its a clip from Reality TV show that KYK starred in. He looks so yumm waking up in that bed hahaha. Makes me wonder if Secret Life of Secretary has any bed scenes later on. Well, atleast I hope so. Till then, enjoy this beauty. :*
  4. I've been smiling ear to ear watching this hahahaah So cute! A playlist of all ENG Subbed BTS scenes from the drama - Would anyone know where to find subs for these VLOG videos posted by the leads? I wanna know what these cuties are saying
  5. Sad Galhee today, sad Dom tomorrow and maybe even next week... (sigh) The writers better make up for this in the upcoming weeks. I demand atleast three four kisses for GH and Dom. One should be super passionate and lots of pent up emotions of luuuruve. two pecks? and one bed scene, romantic, slightly comedic, but still sexy where GH is a badass active participant instead of a passive dummy like in other kdramas. Looking forward to Kim young kwang's smexy-cute expressions and JKJ's innocence-curious-bold moves while rocking her curls and specs. Aigoo, thinking about it makes me blush ahahahahahah What do you ladies wanna see happening next? Sad and emotional bonding? teary kisses? Marriage at the end? GH dealing with mean mother in law? Lastly, need BTS for all of them, as the actors are even cuter off screen.
  6. The BTS is just so damn cute! These two are are the only reason I'm watching the show. The plot is practically non existent and DJ secretary's arc is probably the only thing I'm curious about. Their chemistry is on fire and they are adorable together (I hope they date later hihihihi )
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