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  1. I will just put my remarks here: Mo family has fallen or broke apart, this ending is good enough for me. But what breaks my heart is WS hanging himself & not getting justice served to him. I know he is probably feeling guilty about it, but I just don’t see why he needs to kill himself. I know he is trying to prove to mum that he is capable but dying can’t proof that. He should have just gone to prison.... With that pointer above it also falls short for SH who all this time have been wanting to capture the killer, with WS dying, she technically did not catch him. So to me, it’s not really serving the entire purpose of her goal. But if you look at it from the outside..yes her goal has accomplished, but she is not the one who caught him. WJ & Second Wife, Second wife crying..In relation to what happened in the kpop world, this also shows that despite WS having that playful personality, his mother & brother look down on him, he still needs to be loved and it’s only when he take things to his own accords then the two of them cry and yearn for him. It’s too late, so to me it’s telling me to spend time with people and not regret later. I don’t mind the ending..but I feel conflicted after WS’s death..he really should have taken the high roads if you ask me. He really don’t deserve to die. The luckiest person is Heo’s father...Get to see his idol twice meanwhile I cannot even see my oppas.
  2. Oh yes! What makes me pissed is that my oppa will turn into a tree and live on as a tree after his death on the second draft. Heng ah they never do the tree draft. I swear if they do this ending imma put voice 3 as the worst drama +2
  3. I have the same experience with you a few months back. So I understand how you feel about the character you like or even loved dies at the last episode. It indeed ruined the entire experience, you might even feel like you wasted your time on the series. Understandable.it takes awhile to feel better...you have us to rant So...I really loved a series..then at the end they killed of my favourite. Later they released that the script have a different draft and that at the end of the day no matter which draft, he had to die. It was crushing... the writer was pretty cold as well “yeah. He has to die.”. Which is a second blow for us. He was shot to death Let’s rant @Lmangla some how I have no idea what is wrong with the writer/.but he was supposed to reborn into a tree lol. (Just what the is the writer thinking lol) on a serious note..should I watch the finale @ktcjdrama? What if my old wounds open again? 532
  4. @angelangie not sure you will agree..but when translating from Chinese to English is quite challenging because the translated English is not literal to Chinese. English have to be switched around to form the right sentence. So it takes longer to sub. @Lawyerh some of us might be Chinese but our Chinese cannot make it like me, so we have to read English 534
  5. Ohh i hate it when people are like this. If they complain...go ask them to learn the language sghdhrjsihr Plus viewers are not exactly paying the subber to sub stuff..so why demand? They don't have the rights to. Feel so sorry for the subber.. 530
  6. 530 happy chappy. Dreamt about chocolates.Then afterwards everything melted
  7. When you are siwan dp-less and have to make do with whatever I have 516
  8. Yes it’s the thug. I don’t think he was telling the cops that a JW is apart of it. I think it was just to throw everyone off. Yes. He was reborn in a sense. It will never be the same ever again. Pretty much it sums up for him. But do you believe he actually died? Could you imagine if the Dentist survives? Honestly this series ending gave a lot of endless possibilities of theories. Haha this series is indeed really nice. It’s one of its kind & it’s hard to find. Sad that it ended.. Oh about the woman on the ground floor..it could be possible that the auntie killed her so they can coverup everything.
  9. Right~ the woman on the right is like “My god. This girl!” The woman on the left is just “...” guy on the right like “hm...” 510
  10. Haven’t if you wanna spoil me go ahead 510
  11. Blindly watched through half of Nokdu to realised I watched it before. Had some hard thoughts wondering why ah the episodes are odd number I thought completed this week..then oh yeah! BASEBALL so missed one ep. 504
  12. @triplem Name Call, Student name Brian Teacher: BIRYANI! Oh shoot I hungry! *Class proceeds to laugh* 502
  13. Talking about mistyping stuff. Haha I remember there was this time when I was in class, the lecturer was hungry and misread one of the students name into a food name. +2
  14. Apparently @triplem is angry & disappointed until... ^ don’t worry. The work I waited for has been shelved for 4 years..just started waiting some more.. 506
  15. 자기 (Honey/Babe) - Chagi 자기야 (Informal.) - Chagiya 여보 (Husband) - Yeo Bu 여보야 (Informal.) - Yeo Bu ah
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