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  1. I think we need this reaction @ebullient @triplem says: You’re Aging me: (I had to put the lol react cause...I really don’t know what to put) This can be a positive one. Cause you are ‘shocked’ 950
  2. Feel like my binge watching days are over.. can’t even watch 5 episode a day without feeling the need to watch something else or rest haha +2
  3. I Guess @Lmangla is feeling grapey today Grapes! 950
  4. Hm. It will depends on the wind change. Rain will help but news came that there will be no rain in september...Yes forest fire causes it but wind direction blew it over... 948
  5. Wherever you go, you get a constant burnt smell. If you are allergic to it, you get your nose running, you get sore throats, you look to afar all you see is a white translucent tint. 942
  6. Our people always had things reversed so it’s normal 930
  7. Here hoh, people wish the school were closed so no need go school..ha.. 928
  8. You day time lawyer. You go create divorce paper for her +2
  9. Haha wait till you see Guest But im not really a fan of character introduction from their child version before they grow into an adult. Cause I’m here to see oppa. Not their child version haha 904
  10. @Ameera Ali more of princeyyyy pleasssse he is cute. Haha 898
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