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  1. Okay...Partying off liao. Goodnight people. Party Offp. 248
  2. Sushimi

    Give me badges!

    ^i just flip them lol Black Shiba Inu
  3. Sushimi

    Give me badges!

    @Lawyerh @Alice Wonderland I am just doing it for the love of his dog and himIm not that advance in photoshop etc but okay..good enough to me. LOL
  4. Sushimi

    Give me badges!

    This is a playboy thing, so I don’t think anyone of us will be doing these.... *cough*.. Me and oppa @Lmangla
  5. Party off..I’m done for the day whewwww~ 13hrs of work.... 246
  6. 234 I will do it on my own accords yeah (the badge lol)
  7. @triplem dears. My first post got number right? The one im talking about is like the second post. +2
  8. @triplem i'm seeing a biasness here..Sarang never put number than i also and you just say me 266
  9. @Sarang21 this is some sick track listen to it +2 256
  10. 252 Work work work work work- @Hanyeoun...*sigh* omg..the expression on the woman’s face @angelangie omg your signature too
  11. Subtext: Hahaha where is she...I want to look at her abs... Btw it gave the I want to lift your shirt up vibe Pork chops~ 306
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