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[Drama 2020] The King: Eternal Monarch, 더 킹: 영원의 군주


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1 hour ago, seraphinazz said:

Hi, thanks a lot for this but I just realised that we might be talking about different songs? The song that I was referring to is Maze by Yongzoo, but the piano cover only without the orchestra. 

Even from the first few minutes of ep 16 alone, there are many BGMs that were excluded from the OST album.


- Scene from the beginning of the ep. With Luna and KSJ.

- From when LG and JY had a convo after JY killed off traitor cousin.

- JTE scene inside the in between world with LR.

- KSJ scene with his mom.

- Yes, beheading scene!


This is a more serious treason than LR’s :rage: 


Oh oops you’re right


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On 6/8/2020 at 12:15 AM, Heilo said:


If Lee Gon is out of the picture and we assume he dies on the night of treason it's unpredictable to predict who will reign in such scenario. Hope not the writer goes down that path and she didn't so far in 15 epi's imagine a world without LG

Fortunately, she didn't. :)


On 6/7/2020 at 2:23 PM, mychoiyoung said:




At 1st I was just 10 pages behind got caught up but life called so am here back & 20 pp behind again - LOL


Anw, am sure your Q have been answered but just to make sure & review for myself, here are my replies as per my understanding


  1. SJ needs LR for it flute to work.  As experienced by LG himself, it does not work on him when he tried using it because as LR claimed it was infused with his blood.  Others here refer to it as blood magic.
  2. I think so. But it is also possible that the drama was just not that explicit about it.  LR could have noticed but drama just didn't show anymore.
  3. No Q
  4. If Se-JIn has a son or daughter, then the eldest inherit the throne.  If Se-jin does not have kids, then the siblings of exiled son is next.  The exiled son can NOT succeed him cos he was declared a traitor. But the future will change because of their mission to go back to the past.
  5. Yes, the Prince succeeds him.
  6. Not exactly.  He said God gave him the scar as a reminder for him follow his destiny - not necessarily to kill himself.  If we go back to what Yoyo Kid said LG went back to the Night of Treason to save both worlds from the traitor, LR.  Cos saving his young self didn't stop the turmoil in both worlds. So his destiny is actually killing LR so both worlds could be saved.  That''s why he also told OkNam "How selfish".  He meant hoe selfish for him to think that saving his young self is his destiny.  So allowing himself to be killed is a strategy he formed because he believed that that was the point that LR was most vulnerable.   We shall see it that is actually the case by next episode.  He has JY with him & possibly TE & SJ joining the fray.  Variables he did not factor in when he formed that strategy.
  7. WRT Luna, I think TE is thinking that in the mean time, there is no harm with Luna taking her place.  If they succeed in KOC, perhaps she can find a cure for Luna & can travel back & forth between the 2 worlds. After all, she is now familiar with the legend of the flute.  Or if she is unable to come back, then Luna dies, giving closure to his Dad & friends.
  8. To me it signifies that the future changed. He was supposed to do the suicide mission alone.  But JY joined him. I always interpreted that goodbye visit of LG bearing flowers as his goodbye because of the possibility of him dying or never coming back.
  9. Yes.  I posted it earlier that the plate name says LJH. I interpreted that to mean that the suicide mission was a success and he is able to kill LR which means tLR did not cross the portal & the ROK Lee family doppelgangers were not killed
  10. Ahhhh, that is still up in the air, HAHA!





1) How come LG was able to use the (whole) flute without infusing it with his blood? Did he cut himself on purpose off camera? :lol:


7) Will "good" Luna (the one working as a detective in the Kingdom of Corea) get cancer like "bad" Luna (the thief)? We'll never know... What was her sickness' purpose anyway? Did the author want to make her more desperate than her tough life had already made her?

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17 hours ago, syntyche said:


@1ouise @2handsintertwined @4evrkdrama @acyellowsc @AgentQuake @Alice Wonderland @Ameera Ali @Amy323 @andy78 @an-naum @AquariusMY @bebebisous33 @blobbityblobbityblob @briseis @CallieP @CarolynH @CatWhiskers @Chellsee @ChunSungIm @csmiller1954 @deabakdrama @Deepakmahajan @Dramanoona @Edgar Pordwed @Elnin Joery @Emmy Nur'aenny @extrodinairey @Flloy House @Geolyvseven @goldenashes97 @Goong_admirer @gtLmh0622 @Guine @Guyangi_Dalpeongi @gwin @Heilo @Heretorant @htk9207 @imels @Jad068 @Jaja @jangmi92_ @JC's Lingxi @Jemrie @jeonghyang @JMarei @Joanna Alfson @kaqueski @kboramint @Kdramatic @Killa92 @Kim Rama @Klaus @koreaboooo @krish indu @ktcjdrama @Layali @Learry @leeminhosny @LeftCoastOppa @lindas55 @LRM11219311 @lyrically aesthetic @madmad min @magiclily @mamabear @mingomingo @mrsj3n @ms_inquiry @msdot @mychoiyoung @Nikaa94 @nikki7 @nrbrown @Orientalfan @Phoenix88 @Poppy517 @realistic2280 @rocher22 @scrawford @SCSfanz @Spring Lady @superspace @SweetButters @Thong Thin @Time loop @Umjicheok @vangsweetie637 @Wanderer062287 @wenchanteur @Wis dom @x2020 @Yasaman Asghari @Yippeun_eonnie @YongZura⁷ @yuiy78

@Anagha @Ari10 @ATW @balletgoddess @binniejinniecultivator @Bukk66 @Cara @ChristineH @cynkdf @Euphoria81 @GreenTeandSASHIMI @hiii @Hikki @inBinJinitrust @jees1 @Jeess _yy @Joje @JoyceGEHisashiMitsui @Karina Yuventia @Katrina Abdul Talib@krish indu @lusciousgy @margerytka @Melissa Hadiwinoto @mouse007 @Nodame @NoonaCaana @Sejabin @seojiseoji @shershik @stn5 @suga02pearl @tulip06 @Ummi Hany @winnieho


I really wanted to write a thank you for all the lovely ladies and gents who had been contributing to such entertaining and enlightening posts, but I'm not too much the sentimental type so I had been holding it off. There's so much to say but not enough words to describe it so I'm glad you tagged us all. Also a big thank you to @syntyche for all your mathematical posts and theories. I enjoyed all of them just as much as everyone else's posts. :wub:

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Now what. I woke up this morning and there was nothing to watch. I loved this show because it make me think, it was smart and because I loved the leads. It didn't have all the annoying stuff so many K dramas seem to have now days. So what to do now that's it's over what should I watch. I am open to almost any Asian or Turkish drama if it is good. Help!:w00t:

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3 hours ago, syntyche said:




Beautiful Mathematics of "The King" (part 5)


Mathematics of the Final Episode



The final episode of the “The King” was straightforward – just 22 minutes into the episode, and Lee Rim was already killed.


  Hide contents



Meanwhile, Lee Gon and Tae Eul have chosen to continue on with their own lives in their own worlds, and settled with their weekend rendezvous across the universes.


  Hide contents



A viewer, who’s been following the rather complicated story of the parallel worlds, may find the ending seem lacking or unsatisfying due to the rather simple resolution of things. But behind the ending lies a beautiful solution.

In mathematics, “beautiful” or “elegant” solutions to a problem refer to those that may be simple and unusually concise; or unconventional, intuitive, or insightful.



In episode 5, Lee Gon said in his speech, “When I find a solution to a problem, I know that I am wrong if the solution is not beautiful. Whatever problem you are working on, I hope your solution and your answer are both beautiful.”


  Hide contents



When Lee Gon returned to the night of treason in the final episode, he mentioned the words “Beautiful equations are always simple.”  

Throughout the run of the drama, the complicated consequences and problems brought about by Lee Rim’s use of the Manpasikjeok were shown. The solution to these is to close the gates, and kill Lee Rim.



  Hide contents



With the drama attaining these solutions early on the final episode, it has come full circle – on the problem of the parallel worlds, a beautiful, straightforward solution has been found.


  Hide contents



As the problems of the parallel worlds have been resolved, Lee Gon and Tae Eul continue on with their own lives in their own worlds, and settled with their weekend rendezvous.


  Hide contents



This arrangement can be illustrated by the functions Lee Gon wrote in episode 3. Functions A (Lee Gon) and B (Tae Eul) have different natures, but their trajectories are very much similar. With increasing n, they somewhat behave like parallel lines.


  Hide contents



Lee Gon and Tae Eul chose to continue on with their own lives in their own worlds. But they also chose to stay in their relationship – a harmonious relationship headed towards  one direction.   


  Hide contents



They also chose to spend their weekends crossing the universes. To do this, they pass through the world-in-between, the place between 0 and 1.


  Hide contents



This is also illustrated by the 2 mathematical functions mentioned above. When combined, the function converges, between 0 and 1.


  Hide contents



Lee Gon and Tae Eul may have different lives, but on the weekends, they pass through the world-in-between, the place between 0 and 1, where they converge, and cross the universes together.


  Hide contents



With this arrangement, no doppelgangers are killed and the balance of the parallel worlds is maintained. Thus, in accepting this arrangement, they have loved the fate that has chosen them, and they have found a beautiful solution.



part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4



Thank you so much for all your “Beautiful Mathematics” posts! :blush:


Would it have been awesome to see the OTP get married and have kids? Absolutely! But this ending is the beautiful solution that actually “follows” the science of the universe. 

The OTP realize they can’t actually have it all. However, that doesn’t matter to them. What matters to them is that they will spend every moment they have together doing couple things and showing each other their love for one another, wherever that may be in the universe. :heart:

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7 hours ago, YongZura⁷ said:




The info that I found for the OST Pre-Order.  So not all of them are there?


<The King: Eternal Monarch> OST tracklist


Part 1. Zion.T - I Just Want To Stay With You

Part 2. Hwa Sa - Orbit

Part 3. NELL - Gravity

Part 4. YONGZOO - Maze

Part 5. Ha Sung Woon - I Fall In Love

Part 6. DAVICHI - Please Don't Cry

Part 7. SWJA (SunWooJungA) -You Can't Stop It From Bloomming

Part 8. Paul Kim - Dream

Part 9. GAEKO, Kim Na Young - Heart Break

Part 10. ZICO, WENDY - My Day Is Full Of You

Part 11. Gummy - My Love

Part 12. Hwang Chi Yeol - Night all sleeped

Part 13. Lim Han-byul, Kim Jae-hwan - You are my first and last


[CD 2]

01. GaeMi, Park Jung Hwan - Title of The King
02. Park Yoon Seo - The Fantasia of Another Dimension
03. Park Jung Hwan - The Fantasia of Another Dimension
04. Lee Sung Goo - Empire
05. You Min Ho - Another World
06. Park Yoon Seo - The King Slayer
07. Park Mi Sun - Imperial
08. Lee Sung Goo - Empire Theme
09. Park Mi Sun - Prime Minister
10. GaeMi, Park Jung Hwan - King's Story
11. Park Jung Hwan - Into The Fantasy
12. Park Yoon Seo - Not Dead
13. GaeMi, Park Jung Hwan- My Love and…
14. Lee Sung Goo - Progress
15. GaeMi, Lee Gun Young - The Day
16. Park Jung Hwan - Where Has She Been?
17. Lee Gun Young - Hydrangea
18. Park Jung Hwan - Fury
19. Park Yoon Seo - Hold On
20. Lee Sung Goo – Luna
21. Park Mi Sun - Parallel World
22. GaeMi, Park Jung Hwan - The War Is Over




The CD2 is the background music right?

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15 minutes ago, Joanna Alfson said:


I also found hilarious that lady nuh came out to the hall right after that

To be fair, her boss was busy so she got some time off that night.  Had to go find some fanfic elsewhere. 

Lady Noh is basically a serial shipper.  She is us. 

@Phoenix88 doing GODS WORK


Navy Cap HJJ was my favorite HJJ, no wonder why TKEM hit the way that it did

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