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  1. Happy Birthday LMH.. I have been listening to Ysabelle Cuavas english cover of creating love on repeat in my car and it is in my mixed selection hardisk collection and everytime it comes on I remember LMH automatically.. Such a mood it gives me. Even my friend who has no clue about all of this heard it randomly while it was on and she was like wow this song and included in her own collection..
  2. Oh My? This can't be real. She has been getting alot of RIP and mourners were leaving posts and flowers on her songs comment sections. For the last 2 months she's been getting ''Rest in peace'' posts and comments on her previous works comment sections. I guess a major misconception has occured. I checked out the photos and it seems like you are correct.. The two ''Kim Bo-Kyung'' has been inter-mixed
  3. I haven't been online here for quite some time and it could be that it was posted here around Febuary when she past away but many still don't know that she actully past away this febuary
  4. Mystert/Suspense that is new. I have never seen anything that is Mystery/suspense before because it is not crime-thriller which is a big no currently but aside from that thanks for sharing the poll. I think if we did another poll the result would be completely different now RIP Kim Bo Kyung. Alot of people may not know this but she actully died two months ago and she past away in young age. She lost her battle against cancer but she will always live on in ''Suddenly'' A timeless song
  5. Pachinko filming has finally completed.. As per twitter sources and even from LMH himself on instagram. Hopefully he will announce new work immediately. @CarolynH I missed the poll what did people chose?
  6. I'm not sure if they write fanfics aside from @Time loop perhaps lowkey bad rating fanfics just kidding haven't seen any fanfics from that poster but I think she/he said they write fanfics. I don't think sweetbutters writes and if it was it would be a theology heavy edition of tkem. @AgentQuake Could write decent fanfics tho if she/he wanted. We have another potential candidate @Nikaa94.. @CarolynHwhat do you think? If people are up for it why not. You know what I have an idea why don't everyone at the re-watch event write a short fanfic nothing to demanding or time co
  7. Okay this is very funny atleast the first half of it is hilarious and I was not planning on laughing but had to share it Okay Okay. I will tune it down since it is nearly the 1yr anniversary I mean why not and I have been lowkey surviving on steamy fanfics the rewatch is over due.. steamy 19+
  8. I was honestly alarmed by the budget $130 million I thought it was BS to be frank but I tracked down the sources and it is coming from The Hollywood reporter lo and behold claiming the budget is akin to Netflix's ''The Crown'' meaning Pachinko could be the biggest budget Tv-series ever created. Game of thrones finale season cost only $90 million. https://www.cultofmac.com/612550/apple-picks-up-high-budget-tv-series-pachinko/ https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/pachinko-picked-up-series-at-apple-1194524 It seems like I have been completely out of the
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