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  1. Testing with human transparent gif now Edit: Afte testing transparent gifs and pics are approved and working
  2. I don't know how a transparent gif would work out and not guraantee it would work tho. I will try one and then we can see how it will work out on this mode. give me 2 secs I will edit and do it on this post. Testing.. Posted a transparent gif below let me know what you think?
  3. Haha. I thought the same thing but saw the announcement on the top and seems like we are gonna use this mode for sometime. Imo it looks cosy and people can open themselves up further as everything seems secretive where the lights are not bright enough anymore. All the R-rated shippers can step forward now since we are in NIGHT SOOMPI version What happens in the night stays in the night
  4. Anyone else is loving this new mode? feels like we are in a different forum but still in the same forum
  5. I am digging this new mode. This place looks awesome now and very cosy.
  6. You mean sassy not boyish. You want him to be comedic and playful but not offiicial or statesman like
  7. I am assuming that he changed it to lighter first then changed it back again to slightly darker and I am thinking he changed it 3 times in short span of time. TKEM color -> Blonde light -> dark light in his latest
  8. Howdy ladies and gents. I was checking the new polls since I was out of town for awhile and didn't have the opportunity to come online. Someone voted for medical and slice of life? Come out whoever you are for public beheading in KOC. But I agree with the majority in here suspense and mystery. Main while Season 2 demand is gaining momentum elsewhere I have even seen petition that is not heavily promoted online but it's gathering alot of people not that it will matter at all but there is alot of mainstream tabloids writting about renewal and season 2 so it's gaining alot of momentum in that front
  9. He has never released his income or salary never once in his life. His agency and him never post anything like that. It's basically unofficial stuff that has been circlating for awhile everybody knows it in here. Just ignore it we don't as fans never post his salary or income in here
  10. His already world reowned actor but he can always expand further. I tend to agree with some posters in here who want to see him do a Movie and TKEM 2( It comes with alot of benefits it expands him worldwide) I won't even mind seeing him continue on TKEM for few more seasons as the global reward seems to be great and the world seems to be into so continuing with that is probably the best decision for him but he could do movies on the side while doing TKEM has a purpose for his career and he should use it. I think S2 TKEM will expand further globally and so will his social media and as an actor he needs this type of worldly love
  11. This is hilarious. Nigerians are the best thing about Social media Nigerian men sent a letter warning Lee Min Ho to stay away from their girlfriends, what happened? This Letter To Lee Min Ho Is The Common Concern Of Many Nigerian Men. Recently, the netizens were very interested in a funny letter from a Nigerian man to actor Lee Min Ho. Because his girlfriend loved Lee Min Ho so much that she neglected him, the man was deeply miserable and considered the actor a love rival so he sent a warning letter. In the letter, the man criticized Lee Min Ho and gave him a serious warning but did not forget to “shameless” ask the actor about the shampoo he’s been using with the desire to become as attractive as him. With the success of the drama series “The King: Eternal Monarch”, Lee Min Ho has become an actor that is loved by many Nigerian female fans, so the funny letter below is also the common voice of many Nigerian men. “Dear Hyung, I am writing this letter to you on behalf of the Boyfriends Association of Nigeria Lee, your appearance on screen alone has caused a lot of pain and damage to our relationships. you are a threat to Nigerian boyfriends! In fact, I’d say you’ve killed thousands of relationships a few days. Oh why? I want you to know that it’s fine that you are fine, you are not God. I also want you to know that this life is vanity. All of us will wear white long garments when we get to heaven and nobody will be finer than each other. Apart from your curly hair, smooth Skin and your pink lips that are softer than today’s bread, I don’t see what you have that we don’t have. It’s black, we are black, no be say we kill person.. Black lives matter bruh! Our girlfriends no longer post our pictures as MCM or MCW, it’s now your picture that we see on their statuses upandan. Even some of them still captioned you as their MCF, hanhan! The only time they post our pictures is when they need 2j urgently. As I am writing this to you, I’m in severe pain right now. My girlfriend has best posting your pictures back to back since Monday. But I’m a strong Man, I leave you for God. But wait, his you dey do am? Which soap do you use? Is there something that you do and we don’t do? We know that there are levels to these things. Stop tormenting our relationship. Stop making us feel as if we are bad boyfriends. Please leave our girlfriends alone. So the entire association from all over Nigeria has come together as one and sent me to tell you to stay away from our girlfriends! Yours faithfully.” Lee Min Ho is one of the leading Korean actors at the moment, he has a great influence not only in Asia but also around the world, from South America to Africa. Though Asian visual would not suit the taste in Africa, Lee Min Ho is still the top favorite Korean star in many African countries, including Nigeria. Lee Min Ho was called by the Nigerian female fans as the “national son-in-law”. On June 22 – Lee Min Ho’s birthday, he once again became a hot topic on Nigerian social networks, resulting in the humorous letter above.
  12. Well said indeed. He has great and incredibly longevity. He deserves it and way more
  13. leeminho for singapore U weekly magazine. they talked about leeminho’s on & off camera. also top 5 fav scene of #TheKingEternalMonarch full translation Cr: Minozlmho