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  1. Hi Packmule3, nice to see you again! I'll comment on your blog instead of here. I hope you can have sufficient image quality if you are travelling. And above all a good sound quality, because W's background music are exceptional. The same team composed these, as well as "Signal", "Save-Me" and "Memorys of alhambra". I'm currently in writing pose after finishing episode 61, a very long 20 episodes rush written in less than three months! I need a little rest before I finish. The desire and inspiration must be there! So I watch dramas to recharge my batteries, and I'm on the back foot of Empress Ki, a drama that's in my Top 5 now. I will avoid giving spoilers, useless to hope, Professor Park (mule3)
  2. I mainly use dramas screenshots (cut 3 frames per second) for dialogues, and any image for large images. But the phase where I would need help is not started, I finish the script before, by March. I will then publish episode 3 and correct everything and build a solid case. My goal is to propose the script to the production company. Then, since it will probably fail, I will focus on photo-drama for all the episodes. Having photo sources doesn't help me, the only way to do that is to have one or more people who have access to the episodes in advance, and who find the large photos corresponding to the scenes directly, so all you have to do is incorporate them. What takes the most time is the research and correspondence work. There is also the photo-montage work, because it is often necessary. For example, in episode 1, there is a photo montage with the character on a television screen, or the cover of the manhwa, on a television background.
  3. About the "original flower boy", I read that on another site too, yes. This man is impressive in every way. I wonder how he had time to achieve so many different things in life, and doing it so goodly! Maybe he's gifted. He is now one of the male actors I like to follow, with Lee Jong-Suk, Jo-Won and Hyun Bin. I'm lucky because I still have a lot of dramas to deal with him. Thank you for this offer of help, but the nature of my project makes it difficult. In a few weeks, I would certainly be happy to have help with the photo montages, but I'm afraid it's impossible because it takes too much. It would take one or more people hooked on W maybe. You can get a preview of the photo-drama in the "fanfix" section on the subject "W two worlds season 2". In the first episode, there are many scenes with Lee Joon-Gi, in a story where he is finally one of the actors, at least in this version. Actor of a new drama of sorts. We notice on the dialogue images that it is not difficult to find moments when his acting skills stand out easily. We don't see him again in the next episode, but we suspect that he will come back in the story at some point, since there are just over 60 episodes, and that he is on the bill among the leading characters.
  4. Thank you for these translations. It reminds me of one thing.... In the drama, the cutest and sexiest actress is Han Bo-reum as Ko Yoo-ra. But the one I find most desirable is Lee Shi Won as Lee Soo Jin. She has a kind of animal charm. Sorry about Park Shin-Hye, she's one of my favorite actresses, but she never triggered any desire in me, unlike these other two actresses. As we can see, these two secondary characters are not useless, hey hey hey!
  5. I reuse all your tags, thank you very much, I wouldn't have had the patience to create them, especially since I suck at that, because I get my brushes tangled up on the text editor. I miss you all! The MOA forum was unique and warm thanks to all of you.
  6. Someone said he was "the original flower boy". That's not the impression I have of him, I read somewhere on his CV that he was a high-ranking martial artist in several martial arts (including Taekkyeon, a traditional Korean martial art). I lost the source of that information, I'm sorry! In 2009, he received a prize on this subject from the Korean Martial Arts Federation, "Martial Arts Actor Award", for Time Between Dog and Wolf and Iljimae. I think he's pretty perfect as an action hero. The battle scenes are impressive with him. In "Joseon Gunman" for example. I use the photos of this actor for the photo-drama version of my script "W season 2", because of the similarity of Wang Shin's character with the one he plays in "Joseon Gunman". Although the "Joseon Gunman" drama is not exceptional, its role is exceptional because of its originality as a sniper with a rifle during the Joseon era. A kind of western masked vigilante in historic Korea. I needed the perfect representation of the action hero and that he be a sniper, to make him the hero of a manhwa, in much the same way that Kang Chul is a sniper action hero in "W two worlds". In addition, the character had to be very strong in martial arts. In short, I see this actor above all as the ideal action hero. Funny and charming on top of that, and capable of determination, sadness or anger. A really very complete actor.
  7. It is very hard to see this forum now dead and deserted, except for the pictures of the lduc whom I thank. I saw the first 13 episodes of the drama again with a good translation, and it was much better than the first time. Especially emotionally charged scenes, or certain secondary roles. Meanwhile, I have progressed in writing W season 2, having completed episode 59, and therefore writing the last episodes, 60 to 66. I slowed down a little bit because I wrote a lot over a period of two months, and I ended up saturating. I prefer to save an authentic energy for the end. I realize even more how effective Song Jae-Jung's writing is. Often, she brings a plot-twist, then explains it afterwards, in the form of a flashback. This sometimes irritated some spectators. But if the scenes are written in chronological order, it loses all its flavour. The plot-twist disappears, since all the previous scenes will bring it gently. Finally, when the key scene appears, the viewer knows too much, and has been able to guess too much and anticipate what would happen. I am worried that I have written plot-twists that have become too apparent since then, having respected the chronology. Maybe if I reread the script and pay attention to it, I will detect plot-twists whose effect is not optimal. Although concretely, I have also developed the habit of writing in her own way. Surprise first, then explanation. I love it when a scene is powerful and unexpected. I like to push the spectator out of his comfort zone. So I have to use what I learn, especially the principle of "pushing the limits". I cut the pear in half and published the second episode as well.
  8. I just went to see your profile, and I saw that you were a woman. So it doesn't surprise me that you cling to dramas about male actors, as I do about female actors. I continue the conversation in spoiler, so as not to be too off-topic. EDIT: if you look at W soon, put your comments in the dedicated topic, I will come with pleasure to comment, and follow some episodes, even if I already know them by heart.
  9. Yes, I understand. It's quite strange because what I like most of all is a good story, the "plot". But in Korean dramas, there is only one SJJ, capable of making a crazy plot. So I also work with actors, well, especially actresses in fact. Normal, I am a man, so I am sensitive to the feminine charm. And Korean actresses are really good, maybe more so than men. I have an anecdote about that. @moodypie : yes, I think @packmule3 writes very well. I have to hurry to finish my 2nd screening of MOA to be able to read all his articles. More than that, I have to hire you, packmule3! With your analytical skills, you could find ideas and meanings hidden in my story that I don't even know about. I don't know if I can improve or not scenes that have already been written, but until an external opinion has been given, it's impossible to know.
  10. In a way, you're lucky you didn't see it. Having the pleasure of seeing it all for the first time is second to none. But it moves so much that it is impossible to fully appreciate it at this moment. The pace is much faster than MOA. I have an idea for a group name, which would revolve around the word "memories". For example: Endless Memories. or even: Unforgettable memories. Or anything else of the same kind. Quite simply because this drama is one of those that will be remembered forever. EDIT : Yu-Ra is so cute.
  11. It's a hasty judgment. In an interview, SJJ revealed that for female players, objects also appear in the women's toilet. A hairbrush durability 50.
  12. There's a hell of a riddle in your story... How did you manage to see only the first two episodes without stopping you from seeing the whole drama?!!! It is worth repeating the drama from the beginning by reviewing the first two episodes, if you saw them a long time ago. They are very well polished. Especially episode two. I will have trouble defining what my favorite episodes are in this drama. He's fabulous from all over. Even the episode supposed to be a little softer contains some fabulous scenes. I particularly liked episodes 2, 8 and 9. The only thing I don't like is happening from episode 9 to 10. There is a scene that we see in flashback 3 times, and it's one too many times, even if it's fast enough. It's the only notable flaw I find in the whole drama. As I did the subtitles in French, I also put a marker for the beginning of the real episode, because they often contain at the beginning the end of the scene of the previous episode. It's quite painful when you see the drama many times over. I watched the first two episodes of MOA again yesterday. It's such a pleasure with a good translation. I can finally enjoy the drama at 100%! Some scenes are better when you see them again. For example, the scene where JW sees his former wife again on the way to the train station. This encounter has a certain nervous tension and you can feel the emotion of this kind of encounter. When you don't know the story, you have trouble gauging it. At the end of episode 2, the flashforward is announced by JW's voiceover, which extends to the beginning of the scene. That makes me think I should use this trick. Voice-overs are a process that is often criticized as easy or inappropriate. However, there are a lot of works that use this. Comics, for example. Frank Miller's use a lot of them. (Sin city). SJJ uses them in small strokes. - Gradually, my message began to drift like a shipwrecked raft. In W, at the end of episode 3, or when Yoon-Jo does the dishes in episode 6, giving one of the most beautiful scenes in emotion. - If someone read that, they would probably have trouble understanding why I was telling them other things at the same time as they was reading. But I thought it was a rather strange and interesting form of experience. Even though I was going to look crazy one more time. In MOA, there are more voice-overs. I find this exceptional to restore a form of emotion, and to enter more into the subjectivity and spirit of a character. In a drama, unlike a book, no one is there to tell what's going on in the characters' heads. So the voice-over is good for that. - I often wondered if this effect was disturbing for the main scene when you read it. Of course, on a screen it would pass more easily, during a silent scene. But with a description, the texts overlapped. I find that the voice-overs that speak from the future are particularly strong in emotion. It's a form of flashforward. As the scene takes place in the present, but the voice-over comes from the future, it adds a dimension of fatality to the story. Or something tragic, melancholic. - Oh, here you go! There was the moment when I was talking to them about voiceovers from the future. At that moment, there was still a semblance of life on this forum. But we all felt it was dusk. Many of us had difficulty saying goodbye to both drama and forum. I quickly got used to using them in a natural way. I realize that I use very little overall, but that they come at the right time. On a stage, the voice-over really has something to make you cry about. However, I misused their context at first. We need images to show, but I forgot that. Now I have the reflex to take this into account better. But I don't always know what to do: print the voice-over on a scene in progress, and place the voice-over on a series of flashbacks. - Flashbacks and slideshows of images with a song played was much better on the screen. I was quite sad that I couldn't reproduce this form of emotion in a script. I think that the voice-over from the future was one of the few ways I had found, by quickly wiping a sentence at the beginning of the scene, such as "montage: various flashbacks". On a scene in progress, it's not easy, I have to insert the description of the scene, with voice-over sentences, in small packets. To give an example of what it looks like, I did it on this message. You finally have the explanation....
  13. Okay, but in that case, you should see W as a whole! It's even more richard simmons up! I almost forgot you didn't finish it. What episode did you get into? Honestly, ramyuns are not terrible. On the other hand.... Kimchi.... AHHHHHH KIMCHI. it was so amazing the kimchi!!!!!!!! I understand why they eat it at every meal! I guess with habit, their buttocks don't hurt anymore the next morning........... EDIT : The clifhanger from the first episode is so funny! I notice that the scene has some details that make it emblematic. Rather than a simple confrontation in the kitchen, the heroine stands on a table with a broom. This adds a lot of charm to the situation. Also, in a way, she has HJ has a lot more height than JW. Moreover, she has to bend down to his level when she cries, always on the table.
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