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  1. I reworked on the original screenplay files published by screenwriter Song Jae-Jung. Here, episode 1, after some work, so the auto-translation give better results.
  2. This drama is a comedy/satire/parody since the very beginning. There is a mix of this and thrilling content. I supposed all Penthouse fans already know this, it's so obvious. It's the following of "crack-majkang" style the writer started in "the last empress".
  3. Indeed, there is even a background music providing this feeling, for comedy purpose. This drama is the best surprise among new dramas being broadcast this month. I didn't tested alls, but on this one, I'm hooked. Writing is sophisticated, punchy dialogues, dark comedy. Almost no useless scene. Directing is perfect, movie style, nervous.
  4. Yes. It's what the drama is all about. A loop, and probably a near infinite one, like Sisyphus myth.
  5. No idea, I think this information was not given to us. I bet on 28, if the time travel gap is constant (19y, 4m, 25d). So she come from 2040 and not 2035.
  6. Out of curiosity, I read the recap of episode 5 on a website, written by an experienced drama viewer. I was amazed that the author asks some questions that have already been answered, including one important point: how does time travel work? So this is a sign that a point on this subject would be useful, because if even the most experienced spectators are in trouble, those who are less experienced are even more so. Sisyphus: How does time travel work? Introduction. What makes Sisyphus an exceptional drama is the principle of how time travel works. Somethin
  7. Most logical explanation for now : Sun played and won lottery (thank the Seo Hae numbers). Control bureau survey lottery and catch him. Then they blackmail him (threatening family as his sister). Order him to spy Seo Hae, so have a better control on her than just to try to kill her. So, it's why he come to save Seo Hae with no apparent reason to know she need help here and now, and ICB teams don't shoot them, and why ICB chief tell to Jung that the Sniper shoot was already considered as unsuccessfull before he try. It's a theory and not mine ! I just got it from a clever comment
  8. I wasnt aware it could be helpfull, because I know too much the drama. So, as it could help more watchers, I made change and completed with some additionnal informations people sometimes ask for. Damn-it, I made a stupid dislexia inversion. Thanks.
  9. I summarize the list of organizations that stick to Tae Sul and Seo Hae's RickRoll'D. - Control Bureau : Sometimes they want them alive, sometimes they want to kill Seo Hae, sometimes they want them alive but still shoot them, and sometimes they shoot but miss because of a possible timeshifting phenomenon from Seo Hae. What the hell do they really want?! Additional info : Official government organization since 2002, special branch of NIS (Korea secret service). Goal is to regulate illegal immigration from time travel. Much of the funding comes from the seizure of money
  10. First thing I thought too. But now, I'm not sure, because he have a suitcase. I have to rewatch the episode a check the date when this happens. I think also it could be Sigma leader (guy we hear at the end of the episode 6). Maybe, Eddie Kim from the future ? Let's resume : someone come from the future. Next, his accomplice are So Jin and her father. They plotting and have a company called sigma, with parts into Tae Eul company. Thanks to this they try to take control of Tae Eul time machine. Or something like that. I need to rewatch now. ;
  11. Yes, it's my latest theory. First one was about the loop, eternal loop. Then the force making this loop happen, Sigma. Sigma prevent them to be killed, but because Sigma lead them to accomplish what was accomplished during the previous loop. Actually, there no more "previous" or "next loop". It's always the same loop. I don't have the whole text, I posted it on this blog... Sisyphys don't concern a specific characters but all, it's the loop : https://bitchesoverdramas.com/2021/03/02/sisyphus-ep-4-review-analysis/ Who is Sigma : https://bitchesoverdramas.com
  12. We don't have a proof of that yet. But it seems she "run". Run = create a timeshift alteration. There is many details in the drama showing that time isn't accurate around time travelers. And it even spread on other part of the worlds. People forget how many time passed. Some events look like happening before they should. A clock can go wrong. A character could be two step after or before in time, relative to other people. About train scene, it mean the scene show Seo Hae and ICB team, but they are not in the same time.
  13. Ep5 some fun facts. First : Tae Sul don't want Seo Hae help, he want to do it alone. SERIOUS MAN ?!!! What is this ^$ù*^$:! ??!!!! You want to make useless drama or what ??? I suppose it's because there is some meaning I didnt understand next scene, when they have hallucinations problems. And... What happened to the money in the trash can ? Tae Sul take it back, or is it still in the garbage can ? Second : Good man chief of ICB. Aaaahh he support policeman Jung. Hand on the shoulder, now we are your family. I dropped a tear, it's so feel good and sin
  14. BTS show the starting of the jump (on a green screen). It look good in the drama. Only the way the body moves is shaky, but background set is convincing. I'm curious to know how end the stunt. Who jump into the river ? Stuntmen ? Bags of potatoes ?
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