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  1. Just wait a little while. Maybe the script will get published? It'll be in Korean, and hard to translate. Machine translation is very imprecise. I'd be curious to take a look at it. Some specific scenes, like the one where the characters arrive in the in-between world for the first time. This was rendered in a way that is not very understandable. I'd like to see if it was clear in the script, and if it was badly done in the editing. My impression is that the script will be faithful to the drama. Maybe a few deleted scenes or shortened dialogue from time to time. But the writer is influential, so I think her script will have been respected.
  2. Interesting. But if you did that, would you change any parameters, or would you take season 1 into account 100%? I say this because to write a season 2, you would need to have a perfect understanding of season 1, or at least rule out a relevant and logical explanation for each phenomenon. However, this task is certainly very difficult. You have to lay everything down flat: what are the precise rules used. Not easy for time travel, for memory stories. There are still a lot of things for which I haven't seen any explanation anywhere, like the timestop after Lee Gon left the palace after his first time travel, with round trips. I remember that timestop persists in one world and in the other world there is none. Whatever it is explained, there are ways to contradict, to be contradicted, etc... I notice anomalies for some of the explanations given, while at last we think we're getting to the point. I gave up on the subject because it's endless, and the flaws in the narration of the drama didn't allow me to appreciate it, which deprives me of any motivation. At a certain point, all this junk started to disappear naturally from my memory. Too much has never been shown, and there is no solid base to rely on except for speculation. I don't even know what explanation the screenwriter has, whether she unintentionally left plot-hole, and whether it's the spectators who fill in the holes. Anyway, if you're writing a season 2, are you just going to start from the existing? And so at least find explanations that make everything that has been seen coherent, taking care not to generate new inconsistencies in the process? There, on a drama like that, I wouldn't even take the risk of going into it, even if I liked drama. Besides, the subtlety of the process might not be perceived, because people watching the drama have difficulty understanding it. But it would be an opportunity to explain things and start again on a healthy basis. I doubt that you will be able to contact KES. But if you do manage to contact KES, please consider contacting me to explain the process. I don't want to write to her, but it would give me a chance to find out how to contact someone else.
  3. Poor things. I really can't do anything for you right now, you need to go through withdrawal. Drama much stronger than that will do the trick. But how are you going to cut the cord? When I saw my favourite work several years ago, I was able to do so. And I saw two great dramas after that. Not as good in comparison, but enough to make a step between two rewatches. Was it luck, or was it talent? Are you so weak ? I say this while remaining humble and modest.
  4. It's not clear if the whole flute give immortality to owner. Or even if it's owner and people with him.
  5. They don't spend a year in the in-between worlds. For example, they visit Venice for six months in 1876. Followed six months in Miami in 1982.
  6. No, it's logical. Saturday 10:00 a.m., they're going away for the weekend. They spend one year like that elsewhere. Saturday 10:01 a.m., they come back from the weekend.
  7. Baaaah... I just take what the drama show (for once it show something, lol). Tae Eul isn't the Queen. She can't be for a random bad reason, like there is also Luna in the world. But who gives a hell of a damn deep down? Every celebrity has look-alikes. So it could be ok, but look like a plot-hole is better. Or maybe Tae Eul is one of those independent young women who prefers to keep her life as a cop in her own world. It's probably more fun than being queen... Now, the King could be even more irresponsible and stop to be the King. And settle down. But let's say, he try to be a bit responsible, so he stay the King. So, here, my solution for that.
  8. The characters use a divine object for a motive as futile as space-time tourism. They're not a step away from an extra irresponsibility. There's no way Tae Eul will accept Lee Gon banging a concubine. So Lee Gon is going to get Tae Eul pregnant using his second flute. The child will be entrusted to the concubine, and the king will make believe it's their child. Then Tae Eul and Lee Gon will take their kid on their space-time excursions. All's well that ends well.
  9. It's a problem. This king won't have an heir, since Tae Eul is not queen. Or he will make this with a royal concubine ?
  10. I remember that, but I'm still not sure. Maybe there is an hidden clue somehere. There is picture of the king in a museum, like if he was the last king, so monarchy no longer exist.
  11. There's one thing I haven't been paying attention to. Or maybe I missed something. In the end, is he still king, or is he just a tourist until he gets old?
  12. Me, it was the whole episode... My seat was on the edge of myself. (sorry, I can't resist to say this kind of stupidity, but it relate well my disapointment)