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  1. Thank you! Oh I enjoyed the show so much! Thank you! I hope you have fun. Thank you! I hope you have fun too!
  2. Wow! I believe this drama was so much fun to watch! I think we had find out a lot of clues! I love the two parallel worlds. So Lee Lim has another Lee Lim? That was so interesting! I love how Tae Eul and Lee Gon's love won the battle. I like how KGE acted Luna and Tae Eul. They were two different people. Luna knew she was going to die. She didn't know what it was like to love anyone. Tae Eul loved and cared about everyone. So Lee Gon saved himself when he was child? That part was shocking. And I was always wondering, "who saved him?" I think we know. Lee Gon had to travel all the way through time to get back to Tae Eul and he found her. They tried to find a time that they both wanted to live in together. The point is they went together. Happy Ending! I think KGE and LMH did a very great job. I'm happy Lee Lim was defeated, but I think Lee Jung In did a great job. I can't wait to watch them all in drama again. I'm sorry I'm not at sharing my feelings! Thanks for letting me join all of your discussions!
  3. So I am so far behind! I have no excuses! Forgive me. Please! I want to see what happens to our Taeul and Lee Gon! I was backreading, but I saw spoilers I don't want this drama to end. I'm going to catch up and share my thoughts on the drama and ending! Thanks for making me laugh. I loved all your posts. And thanks for Tae Eul and Lee Gon's love. I don't know what happend to Lee Lim yet, but I don't like spoilers! I hope Lee Gon defeated him! I'm off to catch up on the drama! I do not want to give this drama up. I am going to watch it until the very end! Why? I fell in love with KIng Eternal Monarch's story. I fell in love with Lee Gon and Tae Eul's romance( I hope nothing bad happened to them! I haven't seen it yet) I am so happy that I found you all in this thread. I wish I could have shared my thoughts and laughs with you all. And I respect Kim Go Eun and Lee Min Ho. So I am going to finish the drama for them. I am trying to become a better fan to Kim Go Eun. And I want to become a fan to Lee Min Ho too! I can't wait to watch the episodes! See you all soon! Edit: I'm going to do some more backreading! Wow. This thread moves so fast! Last time I was here we didn't have this many pages. I think you are so amazing! I love you all Thanks for sharing. I repeated myself! I'm a little crazy! Me to all of you:
  4. I'm sorry! I confused you! I read your thoughts and I think you could be right about LR killing doctor uncle and LG finding the store. I haven't watched anything yet! I think we'll see what happens with King Eternal Monarch! @bebebisous33 Thanks for tagging me. I haven't had a chance to read your thoughts. But I am going to try to give my thoughts when I do. Everyone I'm going to do some backreading and episode-watching. I hope the episodes are up for me!
  5. @leeminhosny Thanks for sharing. I see LMH beautiful and I miss King Eternal Monarch He really is perfect king just like Lee Gon.
  6. I think this is a good theory. Why? I think a lot of us were wondering how LG found out about the bookstore. Did JTE tell him? Did he see someone go in? And I don't think anyone is mad at you for King Eternal Monarch theories. I think we are all coming up with our own theories! And @syntyche Thanks for posting article about Lee Lim and the others. I'll repost it: https://www.soompi.com/article/1401930wpp/lee-min-ho-is-merciless-as-he-roots-out-his-enemies-in-upcoming-episode-of-the-king-eternal-monarch credit to soompi and @syntyche I also noticed that Lee Gon looks amazing in black! credit to @mychoiyoung
  7. Thank you. You're so sweet! Happy Friday to you too! I think Eternal Monarch is a complex drama. But I think I love it that way because it makes me think a lot. What is Lee Gon going to do next? I love King Eternal Monarch thread/forum. I love learning about Lee Gon's life and I love learning about Tae Eul's life. And I love learning about the plot!
  8. Yes! I think Lee Lim deserves a backstory! I think he's so interesting. Why is he doing the things he is doing to Lee Gon and others? Why did he wait so long? But you're right...He is trying to hurt his nephew Lee Gon. And you said "his demise should be satisfying." I couldn't have said it better myself! Good job! I hope they make it good
  9. LOL! Soju! I love King Eternal Monarch thread/forum! We get people like you! You just made me laugh. I agreee TGIF!! But I wish it was Friday for me. It's Thursday night. So I won't look at spoilers! I might watch live though . Repost: Lee Gon walks up to Tae Eul. He wants to kiss her and hold her. Tae Eul walks back because she is nervous. And she is falling for him. She wants to be close to him. Is she hiding her feelings? We now know how she feels. She wants Lee Gon. credit to owner and @syntyche "I love you." "I can't stop thinking about you." "I want to be with you forever."
  10. Ok. Thank you! And you're welcome. I'm glad you explained what you were trying to say about Lee Gon. I agree! I also think the screenwriter is incredibly creative! You said Lee Gon uses mathematics to describe his feelings and relationships. I think that makes him mysterious, smart, and sexy! I love your thoughts
  11. Thank you for posting this! I love the poetry in King Eternal Monarch too! Are you talking about the parts where Lee Gon is narrating? Lee Gon loves mathematics and science, right? I didn't understand in the beginning. I hope I'm following you. I'm sorry if this isn't what you meant. I think mathematics is a big role in this drama. Edit: Thanks for sharing the article. You're awesome!
  12. Ok. Thanks for the reminder. I am going to try to look back at this post next time. You're so kind. Edit: I am going to try to wait for Lee Gon, Tae Eul, and Lee Lim too! I think we all know he's the bad guy. But don't some of ya'll think we are interested in his story?
  13. So many people posting LMH perfection! I'm just going to call him His Majesty! I see that one of us posted Lee Gon is cooking for Tae Eul in a uniform! It's too much! I can't take his beauty! His perfection! Where have I been? @balletgoddess And thank you. I believe you posted a video of fans swooning to LMH! I'm swooning too! Oh I'm going to repost this: credit to @Jemrie Help! Please! His smile! Me right now: "Help! LMH!!!" Edit: Just ignore. I'm going back to backreading. Edit: Mods please don't get me! Edit: @bebebisous33 Thanks for explaining more about the doppelganger. I was going to ask. But you answered my question. I was also going to ask about the scar on Lee Lim's cheek. I believe we saw it when he passed by yo-yo boy( I meant to say yo-yo girl!). I think His Majesty has one on back too. And you connected Dorian Gray to Lee Lim! I think you're so smart! I never thought about the book and Lee Lim! I haven't read The Picture of Dorian Gray in so long so I never thought about Lee Lim! Can I say you're perfect?
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