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  1. Me when I see Team Add Winning: "I am so sad!!! Team Subtract never wins!!! So the number is 526!
  2. Me after Ryan and Deok Mi Kiss in Episode 9: "YES!!!!!!! I'm so happy. I've been waiting forever!"
  3. @richelle Thanks for sharing the scenes from Familiar Wife! It was so beautiful. Of course HJM looks beautiful in it. It looks like she has a lot of chemistry with Ji Sung . Here is a picture of HJM from Familiar Wife
  4. Park Minyoung is shocked! She's so cute. This is from Her Private Life
  5. I'm enjoying reading all your lovely comments. I'm laughing and smiling too! I wish I could join you all. I'm not ignoring anyone. I am not caught up yet! But can I share something? RYAN GOLD is perfect. Me when I see Ryan Gold: And I love his outfits. I love the way he dresses! He is so sexy! I got sad when he went to the hospital! I was like NOOOOO! I'm glad Deok Mi was by his side Ok. Ignore me! I'm watching right now! Edit: I hope I catch up in time! I want to share my thoughts with all of you
  6. Thank you! So they have great chemistry. I'm excited. Edit: @Oksana Sutra Thank you for the pics! She's so lovely.
  7. HI! So PMY has a new drama! I'm so glad she is back! I just started it! I am curious. How will she do in this drama?(I don't know much about Lee Jae Wook). I hope they have good chemistry!
  8. Hi! I'm watching this drama right now. My first time watching the drama. I'm trying not to read the spoilers. Thanks for posting your thoughts and opinions! Edit: I really liked the story. So I'm watching it!
  9. Thank you. So next week is the finale? I am so sad. I missed all the fun. I wanted to watch it with you and everyone else! I will still try to watch it. I don't know much about Namgoong Min. I agree! I think he's really cute and handsome too! AHhhh. You showed me his picture. I might faint! I'm sorry. I wish I had been here sooner. You are so kind. Have a nice day too!
  10. Thank you! And I'm glad you don't think I sound creepy. She just makes me so happy. So you love how she dresses and you love her hair too? Yay! I'm glad you like it too. You said she is a beautiful woman. YES! She is and she is more too. She's sweet, angelic, professional, cute, and sexy!
  11. AH! Han Ji Min! I feel attacked. I was feeling sad. Guess what? I saw her smile and I'm not kidding. I'm smiling so wide right now. I am her fan now. But I'm a bad fan. Is she shooting a new drama/movie? edit: @richelleIs she shooting a new drama/movie?
  12. @Ameera Ali Ahhh! Spoilers! I wasn't going to look. But this scene looks funny. PMY is so cute. She makes everything so much fun. I don't know what's going on. Thanks for posting! High-quality gifs! Edit: I don't know the others in the gifs. Edit: You showed me PMY. I am not ok. She's so pretty. I'm sorry. I sound creepy. I love her hairstyle. And I love her red jacket.
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