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  1. HUHUHUHUHUHU i can't change my username again!! Well lawyerh's busy hunting sum slime, wolves, and spiders in the rpg +2
  2. SURE I WILL!!! You did so well! If i didnt saw the episode i might think that there are three of them
  3. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED THEIR KISS! But it felt like a little rushed I dont know, I wont mind waiting a little bit more unless it is suited in the episode or situation... I dont know huhuhu
  4. =CONGRATULATIONS TEAM SUBTRACT omg I am so sorry team add, I felt asleep while writing +2 huhuhuhu +2
  5. omg 200+ imma be spending all day tom or later reacting to all ya all derseves some coin 182
  6. i wanna know know know what is love? +2
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