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  1. So we’re only in the 2nd month of the year 2021 and already we’ve had one person posting her gift; White Rabbit candy and the other posting pictures of himself taking a stroll in a graffiti tunnel popularly known as the Apgujeong Rabbit Cave (압구정 토끼굴). If we weren’t aware that this year is the Year of the Ox, we would have thought it’s actually the Year of the Rabbit Y’all have a lovely week ahead
  2. Okay, I really tried to be objective but seeing how ARMYs are connecting BTS lighting and holding match sticks to Goblin, I can’t help but to also connect LMH’s lighting & blowing out of matches to Ji Eun tak (KGE). Sorry but the dot connected itself
  3. Aww LMH’s 200th post is on 2nd January 2021 which happens to be the 6 month anniversary of Dancing Universe. And also his first time using emojis in his IG caption Happy New Year everyone
  4. First of all, you’re welcome to this platform. Secondly, I don’t think @Peekaboohoo meant anything negative by her comment. You probably missed the part where she wrote “ No truth in this whatsoever. Just my delulu mind talking.” It’s perfectly okay if you find her comment unfunny or inappropriate but there are ways you could address her without sounding harsh, rude, condescending and insulting. You could send her a DM & explain your stance or you could respectfully point out her “mistakes” (if there’s any) on the thread. I believe @Ms.sunshine reply to her clear
  5. Why am I spazzing like a child over the fact that both of them now have Salon mirror selfies in their IGs? OMG..What have these two done to me..??!!
  6. Though she might have her own reasons for doing that, my initial thought was; ‘oh she’s cleaning her timeline’. I personally do that with my social media accounts so I’m not reading much into it.
  7. Yes. She has so far deleted/archived two posts (that I know of). In October, she archived/deleted her mindbridge post and today (17 nov) she deleted/archived her TKEM library still cut post. With regards to the roadside pic with Demi kimee, KGE didn’t post that on her page. It was posted only on Demi’s page.
  8. How weird..?? Almost everything they do align with each other.. Hmm So KGE’s music collaboration with Henry is coming out tomorrow (18 nov) @ 6pm & now, from MYM’s post, the Minoz shop (new stock/products) will be available for purchase tomorrow @ 3pm (three hours before the song release). Why why why???
  9. I don’t know why I find this funny. People have been wondering & asking why didn’t he & KGE tag the TKEM cast on their reunion photos and some people were saying that he never/rarely tags (which is true though). He then decides to tag the people with him in his next post. Its like he read such comments and said “here, I know how to tag, I just didn’t and you know why.” I just can’t with them Now tagging his crew/friends will lead a lot more people to discover that his photographer follows KGE. And now my delulu brain is telling me that this post & ta
  10. So 97% of LMH post (from September 21) has that filter but for some reason, he decided to upload the reunion pictures without that filter. Surprisingly, KGE rather decided to upload one of the pictures with that exact filter. Based on the posts of LMH & the others, it’s clear that there’s a version of the picture that doesn’t have that filter. So why then did KGE upload her picture using that filter when she could have simply uploaded the same picture as the rest of the group..?? It’s like 2nd July all over again. LMH wasn’t using borders in his posts but decided
  11. Finally!!! We get to see what LMH has been working on.. Beautifully done. So proud. But but.... The timing got me scratching my head a bit. KGE’s short film (which she started filming in August) was released just recently in which her character was a vlogger who edits/produces her own videos & posts them on her channel (Jini TV). Today, LMH launches his YouTube channel (Leeminho Film) whereby he’s the exec. producer & director. And all these surprisingly happened in the month of OCTOBER. What is this??! Is it intentional or a coincidence..?? Is the univer
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