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  1. I just Scrolled ig then I saw Lee Min Ho post. Then I just read through the comments. Lol So many Lee Min Ho & Kim Go Eun shippers in the comments. Everyone is excited with his post.
  2. All Minoz around the world are daebak by doing things like this it will make his birthday very memorable. The kids will love to get cute Minimos gift from Lee Min Ho. I am from Malaysia. I was totally happy seeing the picture of that certificate that Lee Min Ho had adopt Lion in Zoo Negara. Zoo Negara is our country national Zoo but something kinda happen there plus because of the covid 19 pandemic and we are having MCO so the Zoo are not open for months and now the management are doing adoption program to help them surviving and feeding the animals. Very creative of Malaysian Minoz to adopt the animals in the name of Lee Min Ho. So by doing this they are helping the animal to get proper meals and treatment I guess they adopt the lion as it symbolize the Lion Bear Minomis from TKEM drama.
  3. Anneyeong everyone. I am new in this forum. Nice to meet you guys. I have been Kim Go Eun & Lee Min Ho shippers since watching TKEM. Their chemistry is just sparkling and exploding in the screen during BTS also they look very happy together. Lee Min Ho look relaxed around Kim Go Eun. I hope Lee Min Ho finally found his true love this time around and get married lol.
  4. Hello everyone. I am fan of Lee Min Ho since BOF days but I am new to this thread. So I am saying hello to everyone in this thread. Today is Lee Min Ho oppa birthday so I made a video for him. Hope you guys enjoy watching it https://youtu.be/Ui5Jq-Uyp7s
  5. Oh no it is not illegal. It is an Official tv Channel which air most SBS drama in Malaysia & Singapore. It also air SBS variety shows like Running Man, Master In The House, Law Of The Jungle etc. Sometimes they also have drama promotions from the kdrama actor & actress promoting their drama and ending the promotions by saying watch it only on ONE.
  6. Well as for now in television not yet. But usually astro,ONE HD Channel air SBS drama. But maybe TKEM will air a bit late. I also don’t know why? but other SBS drama air 24 hours after air in Korea or a week after. Last time ONE HD did air drama Scarlet Heart Moon Lovers the same time with Korea and it get really high ratings. I will wait ONE HD air it on tv then I will sure watch TKEM on tv again. However we at Malaysia can watch it at Netflix as it air an hour after it air in Korea. Yes TKEM really get high rankings. Now the Pandemic going, with the drama air when we Malaysia are having RMCO, MCO from Late March- Early May. Most People #stayathome So they binge watching TKEM on Netflix.
  7. I mostly active on instagram more tahan twitter. Sure sound fun let’s celebrate uri King Birthday together. Haha I was just relaxing in front of the televisions right now. Suddenly my country tv Channel, Tv3 are airing Lee Min Ho movie “ Bounty Hunter” now. I wonder if he really sepak english & Mandarin by his own in this filem. I am in awe while watching.
  8. Stalking on this forum, uri King, queens & fellow actors & actress social media accounts. Listening to TKEM OST’s and still cant move on haha. But when I am too busy with works and daily live lately I kinda forget it for awhile. But when I have nothing to do the withdrawals do come back. I am not very good coping with it lol. 22 June is uri King Birthday. Let’s do celebration in this forum
  9. Hello everyone how are you guys doing? 1st Friday without TKEM. It kinda feel something is missing hehe. I just want to share with you guys some a news article I saw from Facebook. The article says : Actor Lee Minho was revealed to have more social media followers than the population of South Korea.According to the latest data gathered by Lee Minho's management agency, Lee Minho currently has over 65.4 million followers on his social media accounts.The number includes followers on his official social media accounts; including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Weibo, and more. To read the full article you guys can click the link I share above. Or you guys can Find the article at SBS Star Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/112004329413042/posts/635894120357391/?d=n I am so happy to read this news. Indeed our king is very popular worldwide and I am happy about it I remember years back even my country Malaysia, there was an evening drama that airs at 7 pm. The heroin in the that drama was a huge fan of Lee Min Ho so in her house there are lots of Lee Min Ho pictures and portrait. Even her husband support her and start learning to eat Korean dishes and learn simple Korean language like they use in drama and didn’t get jealous lol. So are you guys having the withdrawal symptoms of TKEM? I do have withdrawal symptoms lol. How do you guys cope with it? Hehe. Wow this page almost 1000 Pages. You guys are daebak Finally it’s Friday!!! TKEM day Unfortunately the drama already ended last week Omg I am having withdrawal symptoms then
  10. I just finished watching ep 16. Now I have courage to enter this forum Haha. Wow you guys are fantastic Last page I read was 865. Now already page 907. Omg So many pages for me to catch up. I am wasted.. totally wasted.. what am I doing? I work night shift yesterday from 7pm to 7am. But today as I just arrive home at 8.00am, Take shower, eat breakfast then watch TKEM finale Online. Me after watching the finale To all the sweet & cute moments in ep 16 Finally Happy ending I praised all the hardwork of actors,actress and crews of this drama for delivering such a great drama for us. The beginning of the episode is kinda suspend for me.. I went like.. did Captain Jo die? Did Lee Goon failed as Lee Rim obtain the whole Manpasijeok? When JTE cry in the in between land. I did cried too. Like no!!! Then finally Lee Goon killed 1994 Lee Rim and he suceed. That moments was totally badass, especially when Lee Goon recite the poem about “Four Tiger Sword” I was getting goosebump. LMH acting was really on point.. his voice, his gaze, his actions.. are well delivered. I was so happy and relieved when the bullet finally shoot Lee Rim, there’s wind in the in the between land, the flower JTE plant actually grow, the baloon is moving When Lee Goon went to find JTE in every universe as he can. I was totally impressed with KGE versatile acting. She can act so many differents characters. I laugh hardly at Jeong Taeri the Baeksang Award winner character So funny. Very different from uri Taeul. But the moment Lee Goon meet the real Taeul. I am putting my hand on my big opened mouth then I smile widely and say.. finally.. That moments was really meaningful. So happy that everything is turning out to be good after Lee Goon went to change the past. Instead of meeting Lee Rim on the Bridge, KOC Shin Jae & mom meet imperial prince Buyeong. So did PM mom adopt Luna? As PM ask Luna to take care of her mom when Luna visit her at the jail. Haha the jail officer is the man who always help PM before right? Lee Gon wardrobe person if I am not mistaken. So if Taeul and Shin Jae couple will never be together.. maybe Luna & Shin Jae couple will ? Glad Luna growing up to be good person after the change Lee Goon made . I am rooting for PM Moo to be a good PM for KOC. Did you guys root for her too? The moments her son appears on the stage and asked Lee Gon who are you? is so cute. Lee Goon is so sweet with the reply to the kid question. So the chairs we saw before is for this event not wedding So Eun Sup actually get married to Nari. Wow congrats Eun Sup you got Na Ri in the end. But I would like to see their son or daughter haha. As for Captain Jo, hehe so he secretly dating Seung Ah but the king knew it already busted. I am glad KES give us happy ending. I am thankful and happy with the ending but I would love to see wedding or their baby in the ending actually but thankfully this ending is better than Goblin type of ending. JTE look very beautiful in the 1960s outfit. I am having fun in this roller coaster journey with all of you dear monarchs. I will miss this couple badly. Hopefully more dramas, cfs, movies or guess on a show together for them in the future. Sorry for my long ranting.. now I am trying sleep as tonight I will still work night shift. 2 more nights to go before my off day arrive
  11. Ready for TKEM final tonight? PM is ready she say tonight final episode of TKEM. WDH say see you at 10 PM Uri Queen also excited for finale. That she post on Instagram. Lee Rim also post something about finale. Mainly our casts are excited for finale tonight just as we do.
  12. Have you tried to drink Livita? It’s also a health drink. Aww this bromance is so sweet. Lee Gon look playful in the picture. Why are Lee Goon bleeding? Omo..
  13. Finally it’s Friday. I am sure everyone is counting hours to watch the finale. Unfortunately for me tonight I am working night shift so I can’t watch the finale on Netflix as I am too busy during work time with short break time. Maybe I will refrain myself from reading the forums tonight after the finale episode has been aired as I don’t want spoilers before I watch the episode haha maybe tomorrow morning after I got back from work.. I would shower and take breakfast then watch the finale I might be kinda sleepy though that time but I eagerly want to watch the final episode. Time sure fly very fast. I remembered that I was very excited watching the 1st episode of TKEM but now.. we already reach the final destination of this ride. It has been a beautiful, breathtaking,fun,suspen and roller coaster of emotions for me during this ride with TKEM and I will really miss this moments. I hope LMH & KGE would do another project together in the future as the chemistry when they are paired together just sparks in your eyes and from BTS of TKEM they look playful and comfortable around each other’s. I am praying for they will be paired again in any drama, movies or CF’s soon. Wishing for happy ending please..
  14. I saw this post on one of my country Malaysia, Korean Restaurant name “myeongdongtopokki” instagram page. Wow So exciting. So While eating customer can watch TKEM?