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  1. Let's hold off on making judgments against her. From what I have seen she does not appear to be someone who seeks publicity at all (is she even in the entertainment business)? The bottom line is, whether this is true or not, let's just leave the girl alone. If it's true, and we are all fans of LMH, shouldn't we be happy with whomever he dates and we should not disparage who it is? If it's not true, even more reason to leave her alone.
  2. Out of extreme curiousity, I went down the rabbit hole of that "rumor" and this is all I have to say: If this is true, then the person who posted it in that comment is being completely irresponsible for giving clues on who that girl is. We know how some fans can be crazy and they will likely now stalk the girl's IG or leave unflattering comments. Tsk tsk. For what it's worth, there isn't a single post on the IG that links the girl to LMH. Maybe I'm dense, but I really don't see the connection.
  3. All I can say if that if they are together, they will not go out in public together. So yeah, I never thought for one moment that LMH was with KGE in that IG photos of him yesterday. We all know that Korean celebs don't date that way.
  4. Unfortunately, this is one of the BGM that was not included in the official soundtrack for the show. I'm still bitter a lot of the nice BGMs were not included argh. I didn't finish the show despite my love for KSH, so can you spoil the ending for me?
  5. Apparently the stylist of JIW also posted that he was at the same venue last night, so definitely an outing with friends.
  6. I really wish he'd come back with a drama, for selfish reasons: it means we see him more often. Also, the current world situation isn't really great for films, as less people are going to the movies now.
  7. It's honestly just ok for me. But then again, I have not been going out and putting on makeup, and i think this would work best on your cheeks not lips.
  8. He shouldn't be travelling anyway. Also, looking at that audience where hardly anyone is wearing a mask, I sure hope LMH isn't there.
  9. This YouTuber is infamous for using click-bait titles to her YouTube vlogs. If you read the comments to her IG posts, this is obviously not a gift from LMH. A bit irritating that she's using LMH's name to get viewers.
  10. It's just not the right time optics-wise to get international endorsers for these two companies. Also, as someone pointed out, Globe has never used any international endorser, I don't think that's their style. Personally, I really don't want them to be endorsers for Globe as it will just be seen as a copycat move. Something like a Korean beauty brand would be a good start...maybe Kahi can get LMH too? Hahaha. Re products and services: So far, I've purchased the necklace, the multi-balm and The Alley drink. That's it. I don't think I will be purchasing any more. Hahaha
  11. I'm from the Philippines also, but honestly, I don't think Globe should get LMH and KGE as endorsers. For one thing, since Smart already got HB and SYJ, it will be viewed as some sort of copycat move. For another, there's been a lot of issues right now about how our internet and mobile services here are bad (both for Globe AND Smart) so I think it is in bad taste to pay lots of money to foreign endorsers instead of fixing their network and connection issues first. I've been reading some of the feedback on the HB and SYJ commercials and those who are not fans of CLOY, the overwhelming feedback is--- before getting foreign endorsers, fix your network issues first! So yeah, I'm in the minority and do not want this to happen.
  12. Well since everyone's sharing their PPL journey, I''ll share mine. So far: 1. I purchased the necklace from J. Estina (really pretty but pricey for what it is. also the chain length is super short, it's just 16 inches. I prefer 17-18 inches usually) 2. I've bought the Brown Sugar Deriocca drink twice already from The Alley. It's soooo good! I didn't even know we had The Alley in the Philippines when the show was airing. Only found out after the show ended LOL. They don't offer the special drinks here though. I already have Gentle Monster sunglasses which I ordered after seeing them on CLOY. And I really want that Kahi balm but no shipping options for the Philippines, boo! The only other PPL item I want is JTE's phone case. But I don't want them enough to pay shipping for it.
  13. I have to say this series is my absolute guilty pleasure. I get that it's problematic, I find it funny that none of the leads look like actual high schoolers, but I don't know why it gives me the feels. I especially love the first three episodes when they were in the US. And all those scenes where Kim Tan naughtily teases Cha Eun Sang. Heck, I even love the much maligned wardrobe!
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