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  1. Ultimately a disappointing series. Probably the writer's worst work (although I have not seen Dream High). Definitely not on the level of While You Were Sleeping or Pinocchio. When majority of the audience is disappointed with the ending, I don't blame the actors. I blame the writer and director. It's fine if they want Dosan and Dalmi to end up together. But at least make the progression believable. Unfortunately, in an effort to do that, they sacrificed the characterization of Dalmi (she honestly was just in the background in the last few episodes as they had to prop up Dosan's
  2. The best part about the trainwreck that Start-Up ended up becoming. I am now a fan and i hope he returns with much much better drama.
  3. A writer just can't expect her viewers to just swallow an inevitable pairing because they're the lead stars. The writing of the show has to at least justify why the leads should and would end up together. The problem is that her male lead was written with extremely unlikeable traits, and that problem is compounded when you have the second male lead available as an option. I get that Dosan is supposed to be a nerd with poor social skills, but it's possible to make such a character endearing and someone you root for. They didn't need to make him all clingy and jealous and posses
  4. I agree with your second paragraph completely. He has to believe in himself first before he can enter into a meaningful relationship. Right now, he is so insecure. Being always insecure in a relationship is never healthy.
  5. Count me in as another person who can't stand the Reddit discussion threads for this drama, so here I am LOL. First time I am commenting in an series thread here in Soompi since TKEM. I'm surprised this thread doesn't seem to be that active? Also surprised at the ratings, but what can we do. I really like the show and I hope it doesn't become a disappointment in the second half. I have to say though that between the two guys, I prefer Han Ji Pyeong. Part of it because the actor playing him is doing such and excellent job (the only times I've shed a tear in this series is in sce
  6. Am I missing something? Did anything new happen to rehash these Miss K rumors again? I must be truly dense because I took a look at her feed out of curiousity and there is honestly nothing there that connects her to LMH other than the fact that she follows all of his friends.
  7. Let's hold off on making judgments against her. From what I have seen she does not appear to be someone who seeks publicity at all (is she even in the entertainment business)? The bottom line is, whether this is true or not, let's just leave the girl alone. If it's true, and we are all fans of LMH, shouldn't we be happy with whomever he dates and we should not disparage who it is? If it's not true, even more reason to leave her alone.
  8. Out of extreme curiousity, I went down the rabbit hole of that "rumor" and this is all I have to say: If this is true, then the person who posted it in that comment is being completely irresponsible for giving clues on who that girl is. We know how some fans can be crazy and they will likely now stalk the girl's IG or leave unflattering comments. Tsk tsk. For what it's worth, there isn't a single post on the IG that links the girl to LMH. Maybe I'm dense, but I really don't see the connection.
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