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  1. they are not divorcing and hated each other for their faults...and neither of them died that they have to mourn the ending of their marriage..that pain of losing each other in this way is unbearable. he needs all the time to become DHS again after 15 years being BHS. He needs to learn to be the happily married man and a dad as DHS. That’s what the finale is all about. I truly love how the production dealt with real human Behavioral issues. He’s not having a total amnesia, and need to find the right word for this condition (lol) coz he remembers everyone else but he just cannot relate to that 1
  2. This show is discussing on Psycho killer psychology .. is it based on DNA or psycho killer becomes one due to ‘overly protected’ parenting? That’s why I love the writing of this drama. Instead of the usual hoopla on depicting gory act of the crime to build audience interest in psycho thriller..this show chose to highlight the many ‘what if’ instead. Just my pov on why I am obsessed with this show writing.
  3. Thing is..when they both posted at almost coincidentally around same time and with similar theme just made us shippers/sailors freaks out..in shipping way! On my personal note, I seriously do not hope for them to come up with any confession till the day they are going to announce marriage news. Coz I feel it’s like bad omen if they announce it too early . By them posting every now & then...is good enough to keep our hearts flutter for them both. When some ‘waves of negativity’ hit this ship, they better watch out for some heavy ‘manoeuvring’ From sailors here, coz we love this ship that we
  4. They both love spreading ‘crumbs’ at odd hours so that we will be ‘full’ for the next few days with our investigative minds.
  5. Just had some catch up on BTS feed of some current ongoing drama...and nope..am not feeling the chemistry as how our glorious couple gave us from airing time till now. Our couple interaction is definitely beyond co-stars. They both have personal feelings towards each other. Hence, why we are in this together as we firmly believe in what we have seen so far. It’s a rainy weekend...wonder if someone will drop sweet song post later. It’s a wonderful evening to spend it with someone you adore.
  6. We are citizen of that 0 to 1 universe..we thrive under Crumbs... we unite so we can microanalysing every little specs of crumbs we get..we find joy in our King & Queen social media presence. We shall persevere till that Big Day comes. *delulumuch????*
  7. Wow! So much new infos that this ahjumma need to process And connect the dots . I’m happy that our King is being so ever active on Social media these days. He’s such a dork to me...ahhhh..what love does to a Man Eh!
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