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  1. Will they release more detailed behind the scenes after the drama ends? There were a lots of long BTS for LOTBS. That’s y I’m asking.
  2. Then why did you comment in the first place? This is a space for everyone to share their thoughts about the drama. Please don’t be like this to others. Please don’t laugh at other fellow people’s thoughts.
  3. Why does it seems like he is shooting a little boy? This is a scene from the episode 14 preview. I don’t know if it is only me.
  4. But why would he do that? Why would he wait for an year to pass in KOC to expose the dead body? I was asking “why” , not “how”?
  5. I don’t know if this has been discussed here earlier, but don’t you think there is a mystery behind LR’s doppelgänger’s dead body? After committing the treason, LR escaped to the ROK and killed his doppelgänger. All these happened in 1994. But the dead body of the doppelgänger was found in KOC a year after all these in 1995. Why?
  6. What if it was the future LR who killed Prince Boyeong by travelling to the past in the same timeline? It will explain the time freeze (more than 1 hr) and the interrogating scene. LR who returned to the future was caught by JTE and KSJ thus the interrogation scene. That too in the current timeline.
  7. This theory is brilliant! ❤️ From the beginning, I was stuck with the one timeline theory. But the multiple time line theory is amazing too. Don’t know which one KES chose for our story. But I don’t understand why LL is keeping LJH’s mother as hostage and how is he going to use her as the final bait. I don’t understand this from what u said.
  8. I got ur point. But don’t u think this theory is too complicated for common people to understand? But yes, the production team for sure has enough potential to make the viewers grasp the story through visuals. Btw your theory is really good. But I still am confused with the name tag with 3 syllables that LMH was wearing in a spoiler video. What could it be? Also how else is LR going to use LJH’s mother as bait? This drama is really good. Excited !
  9. Hi, I don’t know what’s gonna happen to the story in the next episodes. But I had a theory that I posted on youtube a week before. I just wanted to share it with you guys. The preview of ep 13 is sooo confusing. And I don’t think my theory is right. But still wanted to share because even if a single element from that make sense, it’ll be nice. I’m stuck with this Lee Ji Hu idea. What if he some how escaped from Lee Rim and grew up somewhere secretly. He might appear in the next episodes. I guess he may kill Lee Rim and take hold of his flute, travel back to the past, and save young Lee Gon. This might sound naive but I really do think that’s how it is gonna be. Because it’s definitely LMH who saved Lee Gon. Another possibility. Lee Lim might have raised Lee Ji Hu secretly. There is no reason for him to kill Lee Jin Hu anyway. But he can use him as his final weapon against The King since both of them have the same face. Why do u think Lee Lim is protecting LeeJi Hu’s mom? He doesn’t even allow her to die despite her attempting to suicide several times. I think this is to threaten Lee Ji Hu with his mom. Lee Lim might want Lee Ji Hu to do things in his favour. But as I said Lee Ji Hu will somehow kill Lee Rim, and save his mom. Then he will take the flute and join hands with LeeGon. I am so much confused with theory of Lee Gon travelling to his past to save his younger self. It is because he was saved that day that he is alive today. If he was killed that day, there wouldn’t be a present lee gon to go back to the past. So in brief, if he is alive today, there is no reason for him to go back to save himself. My guess is Lee ji hu is the one who saved young Lee Gon. We did not see lee ji hu getting killed in the drama. We just saw lee lim approaching lee ji hu to kill him. This was what I thought before ep 13 preview. But now when I think about it, maybe LG can save his younger self. But he might have gone to the past for some other reason like killing LR but ended up saving himself. Please share your thoughts.
  10. May I know who is the lady guard u guys r talking about? Is she the bodyguard who reports about KSJ’s mom to lady Noh? Does she have a doppelgänger in ROK?
  11. I too don’t want both of them to die. To be honest, I like JY more than ES. But killing ES will make me more sad because ES has nothing to do with the things happening around him unlike JY who is a bodyguard who protects the king keeping his life on the line. Haven’t you seen the preview of episode 13? From what we see from the preview, ES is the one who dies. We see a man injecting something to ES’s infusion and we hear ES saying “should I tell you a secret before I die?” But we have to keep in mind that we can never trust previews.
  12. I think it will be ES who dies from the preview. It will be so sad because he actually has nothing to do with these complicated worlds. He is just helping them for his siblings. He is soooo innocent and cute. If something happens to him, it will be heart breaking. I won’t be that hurt if it is JY who dies because he is somehow involved in everything and is a tough guy unlike ES.
  13. Oh Finally! I always thought Lee Ji Hu was the one who saved young Lee Gon by travelling to the past. I was never convinced with the theory of LG himself saving his younger self. I never believed LJH was dead. But I lost all hopes when we figured out the reason why the lightning scars only appear on certain people. According to that theory, since LG has the scar, LJH must be dead. I was sad. But now seeing this, I guess I was right. LJH is alive. <3 Not sure though. And I don’t think they will pair up LJH and JTE for sure. Even if they have the same face, they are of course two different persons. So just because LJH has the same face of LG doesn’t mean JTE will end up with LJH. Also I don’t think anyone can change the future or past once it has already happened. Everything that happens is meant to be. LG was meant to be saved by someone from the future and the ID card was meant to be fallen there. Everything is already set. In episode 6, when the court lady was reporting to LG about JTE’s ID card being lost, LG said “Everything that is happening now is meant to be. And it is all set to action 25 years ago.” i.e; even the time travel is meant to be. We’ve seen LG visiting JTE from the future. Even that must be written in their book of fate. I don’t know if I have conveyed what I actually wanted to say. But I hope at least some of you who also think like me will understand.
  14. @koreaboooo I know right. @Wanderer062287 I was just confused with the fact that this time freeze started only after LG crossed the door. Before 2019, there was no time freeze. Why? This was my doubt. I guess this issue of time freeze will be solved once the two parts of the flute are joined. Then LG and JTE can cross the door anytime they want.
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