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  1. Both of them should stay together till end of their life, that's what i believe the writer is going to tell us by putting scene of their hands together till old ages. Although, i really hope LG and JTE shall have royal wedding ceremony, but thinking of LG's position, it is impossible for them to have royal wedding. As the Queen of KOC, citizen must want to know where are their queen comes from? Education? Family background and ect will be published in the public forum and newspapers. And do remember Nona lives in KOC. Going back to few decades might be good for them because nobody knowing who they are and they will live happily forever. The ending might not bring satisfactory to viewers like me, but this might be the best for both LG and JTE.
  2. Wishing the Queen of KOC - Have a wonderful time and a very Happy Birthday, ........
  3. Although TKEM can't have expected ratings in South Korean, but the popularity of TKEM is worldwide. I remember the korean drama "Dae Jang Geum" MBC, did not have high ratings too, but this drama successfully gained popularity in Asian countries and even worldwide. No matter how, i am happy with this drama..........
  4. Hi, Monarchs, I just voted the latest poll. I m happy to get know that this forum is keep moving. Lurking around TKEM forum becomes my habits........
  5. @Ilmo yens I just vote as requested because TKEM worth it. But i have no idea what kind of award ...
  6. Like her outfits. Simple dress up with her good looking and charming face, make you feel more comfortable. She hold the stylish with those coats. Without any heavy makeup, made her more charming. To be honest, in TKEM, i pay more attention to her acting and charming face rather than fashion, because she really caught my attention. She balance up her acting and fashion whereby suit her character as police officer in TKEM.