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  1. It doesn't really hurt my eyes when you change this Dark mode theme to the evolution theme. If you want to change the theme, just scroll down to the bottom page, you will find "theme" and then you can click on it and switch to Evolution Mode. for my side, its friendlier to my not so ahjuma eyes. So I can enjoy their precious smile longer
  2. I thought looking at this dark theme at night time will be better than during day time, turned out it's not. It still hurt my eyes hope Soompi release the other theme soon. I'm currently watching Faith too
  3. @extrodinairey HAHAHA sorry about that I tried to change the highlighter color several times, but any color still make you blind LOL, I blame this new dark theme!!! @Helloswmh Couldn't agree more with you!
  4. you just click who likes that post, and then you can see the list account who liked, and you will see her acc. ggonekim is in the list. edit: oh @extrodinairey already replied he he he
  5. Sorry to cut yr post. I couldn't help smiling at your comment 'baby faced general and the hair" , I have to agree on that. I am currently on eps.2 of Faith (finally find a safer place to watch it), glad that i endure the pop ads from the site, to found that Daejang is so lovable. I find him really cute in this 2 episodes, I want to pinch his cheek
  6. LOL yeah me too.... at first it's mute, later on there's some music but the view was in reverse so you can not read the subtitle unless you see it using mirror
  7. I wonder how many chicken did he had to eat during that CF filming ... this make me craving for some fried chicken. too bad we don't have bbq olive chicken here. Is posting WDH pics consider OOT here?
  8. so its in the middle, some wanted dark color hair for him, some wants lighter color. He pick the middle color. Everyone is happy