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  1. Haven't read through all the comments but finally watched the last 2 episodes today. What a ride huh? What a twisted brother's "love". What a sad sad ending. I really don't understand the killing of Kaneki. It just seems w e i r d. I mean, he can easily pin him down while waiting for the police to come but no... he choose to strangle him with a wire and continuing doing so. And the shooting of our psycho Team Leader Do. I'm speechless. There goes my shipper's heart to wait for another season to see the lead kiss. I'm gonna go collect my thoughts first before I catch up on the comments.
  2. Well, one thing we know for sure... The camera no longer zoomed in to Agent Jin's fingers. Jeng Jeng Jeng.... Did he become the accomplice or did he not? I think NOT. Just kidding! Lol. He should be on the good side. He is just being curious and precarious due to his fingers unfortunate fate since he did go after BJS last season and suffered for it. Anyone will be anxious about it. How about detective goo? I'm not sure. But he seemed too chill and whenever the camera panned to him, he looked "too chill" to me suddenly after the arrest of his foreign wife. Hmmm... Gosh.. I'm getting suspicious of too many people That is not good! I would agree with @ellelyana88. Kaneki has to be Kouske's brother. Because the obsession is way too crazy to recruit him into their whole she-bang with no relation. That's sick to be honest. I won't go around collecting psychos. I will want some one that I can control in order to be the ultimate "God-like" or "boss" for the whole nefarious gang. #notpsycho
  3. I laughed at his entrance and his exit. But that door scene? Not funny for my heart....
  4. *sigh* If only someone warned me about this.. P.S: I slow-mo it. Lol. Too bad.. I can't add in that stupid intense audio. Lol Because I swear.... I Actually I missed quite a lot. LOL Glad that I caught up all of it. It was satisfying to watch the screaming though I'm a bit squirming about it. Heh. The safest our psycho Team Leader Do can go and without guilt huh? @ellelyana88 Thanks! Glad that they didn't just end there. Just find it so funny that he is just disappeared from the story after the fall. I wonder if he will be back with vengeance because of Kaneki's obsession with Kouske or finish off Kaneki for wanting to kill him.
  5. Managed to catch episode 13 only but finished catching up the discussion here. A moment of silence for Chief Na! For always looking out for our psycho Team Leader Do! At his dying moments, still believing in him and asking him to get treated! (P.S: Sorry @sushilicious. I don't want kouske to be all out and to no way back. Psycho Team Leader Do need to honour his words to our late Chief Na. ) Poor Kang Centre. Hope she feel better soon! With the talks of season 4, I don't mind having Team Leader Do solving daily emergencies cases using his psycho thinking to catch the villains. And I wouldn't mind waiting for the kiss that might happen eventually. And I have a burning question. So what happened to Bang Je Soo? Can't be dead like that right?
  6. I caved and binged watch till episode 8! Why isn't anyone discussing here? It is so so good! Dr Jang is such a cutie!!! I found my new craze! I'm gonna go watch the latest 2 episodes now! Edit after watching latest 2 episode: WHAT IN THE WORLD DID I JUST WATCH?
  7. @ellelyana88 Nope. You are not asking too much because you asked for a hug while I asked for a kiss. LOL If there's gonna be a Voice 4 and they change the male lead and again sinking our shipper's heart.. I'm gonna flip the table! OCN can do romance.. they just need to make some of us happy! And as always, I like the way you think. Be careful. Lighter guy might want your brain to complete his art pieces. On serious note, I do agree with you as well. Prejudice and stereotyping is real in the real world. So I also think that young DKW is a victim who had witnessed the unspeakable and hence suffered trauma and became anti social and at the same time, locked up that traumatic experience away. I wish he can just go to a hospital to get help already.
  8. @sushilicious I hope Chief Na is safe. If he has to go, I hope it is a quick death and DKW will not witness it! But I don't think it is possible because we all know how writers love to play with our detective's life. It is like no one is actually safe! I'm gonna stick to overdose hence fried his brain. Because those pills are forbidden and illegal.
  9. @sushilicious actually i am more worried that lighter guy will use Chief Na to bring our psycho Team Leader Do to the dark side. Either hurt him in front of him or make him lose control and kill Chief Na himself. Both don't look good and I really fear for my heart. @lilyphenix I'm having a little hearing problem. If he mumbles or whispers.. I can't hear him well so I don't want my ears near him. @sheelatpsfm actually I still think that because he has been overdosing himself or he was fed some psychotic meds that caused hallucination and worsen his condition. @nateko and @Kiya Kiki I may have forgotten. Who did the diagnosis for him? Or the assessed him just by seeing how he reacts or how he wanted them to see? Perhaps the writers are trying to show the perceptions of what the society will reacts? Remember episode 10? When the ex-con's fiancee was missing, everyone has their "tinted glasses" on and quickly deem he is responsible and etc? Sadly, that's human nature. Most will judge based on past or skin colour or social status. @ellelyana88 WOW. Just wow! Always love reading your thoughts! Side note. I love how different drama re-use a certain venue for the whole mystery effect and successfully make me scared of stairs. I've seen it in Children of Nobody(when CWK was hypnotized to unlock the missing memories in her head), The Fiery Priest (When Father Kim went to meet Scarface) and now Voice 3 Shippers note: I'm also another shipper for our Kang Centre and Team Leader Do to get together! Since JH is out of the picture... I like the chemistry these 2 have been giving us. I waited 7 seasons for Jaime and Brienne (from Games of Thrones) to kiss... I don't think I can wait that long for DKW and KKJ to kiss anymore. LOL So please... Just kiss already!!
  10. Thoughts after watching the latest 2 episodes: DKW: DKW's teeth is too scary. We shall all stay away from his mouth. It's heartbreaking when Detective Park talked to DKW outside his unit. I lost it when he said he will accompany him to a hospital together if he's sick. Awwww.. Detective Park! He was also upset when his Team Leader Do quit the force and then he was so upset when he heard about the "child murder". That fierce loyalty.... please don't give up on our psycho Team Leader Do! Lighter guy: His teeth.... his 2 faced. His psychopath smile.. Who's that on the dining table with him? Uh-oh.. does he know what triggers DKW now? Chief Na: Poor Chief Na!! Please don't let anything happen to him again! DKW can't lose someone who cares for him again! Aargh. The wait for next episode is gonna be a torture!
  11. Thoughts after watching episode 10. First. A moment of silence for the little argument our kKJ and DKW had. My shipper heart is sad! KKJ looks really upset and I thought she was putting an act to be angry to throw the suspect off but that fury of hers when she said NO to DKW, she meant business. DKW better grovel when they finally catch the mastermind. And then the so called yukiko's husband.. I'm confused. Is he lighter guy or the mastermind? Some of you made sense of the new guy who helped out for the "cyber team". So.. we still don't know who is lighter guy? And back to the "husband". He really doesn't look like the guy crying in episode 3! I did a 3rd rewatch for that scene and I still believe they are different person! Is that guy a lover? Who is he? And the "husband"... geez..... he is giving me the chills when he touched the dead face... Aargh. My brain is officially fried today. Edit: @ellelyana88 good points about the brother. I'm liking that thought else I really don't understand the obsession with DKW other than those crazy are collecting psychopath like trophies. Suddenly... I have the thought to rewatch to get clues about the brother. But then on second thoughts.. i think my brain is fried enough for today.
  12. Yet to watch episode 10 but I was thinking... Why don't they bring DKW to a psychiatrist to unlock his memories? (Remembering Children of Nobody... lol) Better than self harm yah? Repeat to myself : DKW is not a psycho!
  13. I just rewatched the scene. His face was not revealed to us but his physique doesn't match lighter guy. The hair and voice as well. Hmmm.. @sushilicious yes yes.. I'm back again after watching episode 9. Poor DKW and KKJ. Will she trust him again and pull him back from the darkness? @Ellenasommer hehehe.. I have the same thought as you when lighter guy was revealed. He is not that eye candy enough for me to feel guilty BUT I'm shocked that he is acting as a psychopath here because I like him in Queen of Mystery and Because this is my First Life. Meanwhile, what's up with that Senior Oh who was seen hugging a hand in the hospital? Whose hand was that?? Like ewwwwwwww... don't it smell? #ocd
  14. Just caught up with episode 8 only and I'm kinda sad that I'm actually losing interest. I'm a firm believer that DKW is not a psycho as his long term dose of weird medication might have fried his head a bit. As much as I like DKW, the split personality, the lip licking after spotting a bloodied ear is eating me a bit. It's like... what happened to my broken, sexy man who is sooooo cool? At the moment, he's shattered and lost and I'm lost together in it. Lol Oh well.. hopefully I'll find the love again in episode 9 onwards and enjoy it as much as I like for Voice 1 and 2.
  15. So many of you have your brain fried after watching the latest episode. I'm still at episode 7. Am just glad that blondie is no hottie to feel guilty for liking him. I want to know lighter boy! That hand... those fingers!!!
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