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  1. I've finally finished episode 14 and I am up to date now! Cried tears of joy and not complaining at all! JS's dad is just beyond redemption. Hopefully JS and Dahee will tell the truth in next episode!
  2. About the mysterious diary. How would anyone know it is a diary at the first place? I don't recall that the diary look anything prominent that scream "Diary! Look at me!" So we are talking about another witness that we have no idea or........ The ex police guard had hidden it somewhere and not disclosed yet?
  3. @cinnyangel wow thanks! The timeline is now clear! I actually missed the part of SH sitting down with Dong Hee, not wanting her to be left alone. *smack forehead* @ktcjdrama I'm almost up to date on the drama now! Left episode 13 and 14 to watch! I really love this drama. Thanks for recommending! As a parent myself, I can relate to every mothers in the drama. Be it the crying, whining or screaming. Every mother will always protect their own kids and choose to believe them. Ultimately, I think we as an adult, have to really sit down and listen to our kids. Because the world we were taught back then does not exist for the kids now. Edit to say: But for murder /cover up the accident / lies. There's definitely a line that no one should cross.
  4. No. SH got Da hee cake but because she cancelled on him, he returned the cake to his mum and went to the library. So flowers came when? When she stopped going to school and he tried to visit her? Sorry if I am confusing anyone. I'm trying to do a timeline to better understand what caused the bullying and lead to SH's accident
  5. @liddi @cinnyangel thanks! There was a scene that SH picked up a book for Dong Hee after JS dropped her book on the floor in the classroom. Was that the trigger that caused a crack in SH and JS friendship? Trying to piece together the timeline here. And there's one thing I don't get it. Da Hee only told her parents after SH's accident? Not right after her birthday?
  6. Hmm... Da Hee's parents mentioned about wearing "Scarlett Letter". So can we presume they meant the worst that had happened to Da Hee as she claimed? I don't know but Da Hee does look guilty of blaming it on SH. It may or may not happened at all... I've not watched episode 13 and 14 yet so I may be missing some more clues.
  7. So I've binged watched up till episode 11 and my heart ache for poor SH. Bystanders words are usually the worst when they know nothing and they judge everything. I'm not sure if I get the timeline of bullying or the fallout between JS and SH correct. Did JS start attacking SH before or after Da Hee's birthday (September 19)? SH started to reach out to Dong Hee way before hence the fallout of SH and JS? Or after he knew what happened to Da Hee, he started to "see" the real JS and he reach out to Dong Hee.
  8. Episode 8: Please tell me the evidence is in the pot of cactus!!!
  9. @sushilicious yes.. when I binge watch the latest 2 episodes tomorrow and I will join in the frying. I'm too scared to watch it at night now... LOL
  10. @thistle I know.. I have been following the thread and reading and decided I should continue watching because I know my speed will not be in time for the finale. Lol But I'm totally disgusted with the adults and I can't help but feel helplessness for SH and his parents. And then those kids. Those lost kids who did not have a good role model to guide them. It hurts me and anger me so much that suddenly I wish Thanos is real and he will just wipe out the evil and the bad instead. And the background music. It is so haunting and it gets to me everytime it is being played. Aargh....
  11. @ktcjdrama I'm feeling so mad with Js and his mum!! Aargh!!! JS is good at manipulating his mum and had her twirling at his fingertips! Aargh!!! I wish I can shake him hard and let him drop all his loose screws!!! Aargh!!!
  12. Oh my heart!! I'm at episode 5!! Do I need to watch the rest or I can skip till latest episode???
  13. @sushilicious I see that you have found your new crack...
  14. Honestly? I only want to see NYJ if there's season 2. I can't take Director Seon. He is tooooo sly and dangerous to be on anyone side as he can just flip any time! Loved how they took down LJJ! The open ending seems to be giving us hope for a chance for season 2. @misspiggie I loved Chief Kim! The part whereby NGM released the laughing gas with the gang members after him in the night club.. I laughed till I cried. LOL
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