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  1. Random thoughts after watching episode 5: JTE's 17 rules to LG - is it because she called 17 times to try to contact LG while stranded in Seoul, KOC?
  2. I resize the image to make it of the acceptable size in order to make it as DP. Else everything will be too large to upload.
  3. Ooh.. have to resize them. On a happy note... I'm finally back to the present after catching up on all the post! I can sleep better now. LOL
  4. I was devastated when he initiated the break up and went offline on her. For me, I wouldn't even bother to send him email at all since he wants to "find himself" I'm so mad! @Geolyvseven yes yes. CCTV room. Hahahaha. I really love melodrama the best. LOL @Joanna Alfson Yes. I actually like the 2nd male lead. They feel more at ease with each other in my opinion and he definitely won't make her cry as much as the first male lead. @Heilo It's still a nice drama in my opinion. KGE only has 3 drama under her belt so I think Cheese In a Trap is nice
  5. I like it a lot! Cried and laughed a lot. Breaks my heart whenever KGE cries. But @Alice Wonderland @YongZura⁷ Yes.. That ending.. I cried so much every episode and especially in the last episode and then with that ending... I'm super duper upset!!! Aargh!!!!!! And this is the first time I wanted KGE to have both guys! LOL And with TKEM, that is how I determined that KGE has the most hugs and kisses scenes in TKEM. It's just so cute and endearing! @Geolyvseven my most repeated s
  6. I went to watch "Cheese in a Trap" because I cannot get enough of Kim Go Eun. And then when it's finished, I went to watch her movie "Tune in For Love". All from Netflix. Oh man... This is sad. My kids know my Friday and Saturday schedule so well that they even let me watch the TV on Saturday despite me telling them The King has ended on Friday. So as not to disappoint them. I watched The King again. Hahahahahahaha I missed you guys!
  7. JTE is pretty bada$$ herself to handle LR. I really love JTE. Even when she is sad and heartbroken, she is still calm not irrational. I'm thinking that SJ is respecting JTE's decision and not to make things worse in his friendship with JTE. He can't just leave like that leaving his mum alone as well. JTE at least has Luna to cover for her. Oh man... I can't believe The King has ended!!!!!!
  8. Ikr?? He's the King. He could just create an identity for her! If Luna comes forward and said they look alike... then JTE could have claimed she has a long lost twin sister. Then we will get our wedding and the official announcement of Queen. Oh well.. it is what it is. I'll still take this happy ending. Ok. Gone to bed for real now. Lol
  9. I'm still feeling so giddy and happy that our OTP are still together till the ending. And those hugs and kisses (I think I've mentioned this in every of my post today) are just making me loving them even more! I wish the lovely dovey never ends... These 2 are just so cute together! Time for bed since I'm in a happy mood. Thanks to everyone here. Every Friday and Saturday will never be the same for us again without our King and Queen. Will be hanging around here for a while since I have a lot of homework to catch up o
  10. I'm more interested in pulling the cameramen back into the cctv room so we can see more. LOL
  11. It's like she's hanging on to him for those passionate kisses. Lol I'm really really loving all the hugs and kisses here. By far the most I've watched for KGE's drama!
  12. KES did it right this time... And I'm loving all the hugs and kisses here. Very very happy!!
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