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  1. North Korean review of the train scene. Its interesting to see the research that the writer put on this drama...
  2. Does anybody know if Tvn will be showing special episode for Sunday night? Anyway the way he pouts... a grownup man acting like a petulant child
  3. Uhmmm... i can't think straight... i need a fan right now all of the above haha Waiting for the next episode be like...
  4. Short BTS of the kiss... No sound but if you watch the one with the sound on you can hear the kissing sound Yeah and this is what Hyun Bin do behind the scenes... now you know how he build up those muscles seriously i could watch him all day doing pushups
  5. Interesting read. North Korean review of the drama... its interesting to see the similarities from the real NK https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/north-korean-youtuber-shares-whats-real-in-crash-landing-k-drama/ "captains like Hyun Bin do not exist in North Korea"...Lol filming sightings bringing JH to shopping??? Maybe JH makeover is in the works
  6. This was posted in Ig. This was a lunch date or something with kSR i think that time he was filming negotiation with SYJ based on his hairstyle...
  7. @Ameera Ali i know right. I'm like whooo i didn't know Oppa's hair could move like that when he runs lol and not like his usual Bowl hairstyle haha.. I'm sure the North Ajuhma would definitely dig in his new SK styling if ever they will see him in that Sk Makeover they will definitely go gaga over him I swear i love you and your Gif's your amazing
  8. @GlowWithTheFlow Here it is... it does look so intimate the way he is looking at Seri while her eyes were closed
  9. HyunBin does have some raunchy and explicit scenes in the movie Late Autumn with Tang Wei. Im not sure about YeJin
  10. @thanie I know right. Were not even asking for a 50 shades kind of skinship lol. I would be content if we get One like Oh my Venus, or Some sexy makeout scenes like in Suspicious Partner like what @RobinM mentioned Anyways...this is me right now because there's no new episode this weekend
  11. That Kid would be a force to be reckoned with coming from 2 influential families of North and South having Seri as a mom a business tycoon and high ranking military officials from the father's side of the family. Wow i actually wanted to see this happened the hilarity and antics that will come
  12. I smell jealousy like in the gif @Ameera Ali has posted his face totally spelled it out right his pouty face that is That's his I am jealous face lol
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