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  1. Have you guys seen this... Lee Gon and Jeong Tae Eul's happily ever after She Penned one of the most amazing fan fiction stories for TKEM https://kaahaani.tumblr.com/post/624734591784206336/the-corean-royal-family-click-image-to-enlarge
  2. Lee Min Ho's antics Old Video but Gold!!! ***Tennis Striptease Well let's just say he started fully clothed and ended with just a shorts... ***Kim Tan Battling with surfboard @AgentQuake this post is dedicated for You. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CCVThfiosht/?igshid=qybk6uk87vlc Enjoy!!!
  3. SOOMPI UPDATE: My eyes.... THE SWOON BTS EP 11-13: My heart.... OK now kidding aside i will be on hibernation mode until the King or the queen post another IG update. As my eyes can't handle the DARK MODE
  4. Well this proves it then! I am 100% sure now that he thinks and looks at KGE appetizing as a chicken leg! Yum
  5. Look at this... Cute it looks so real... Well maybe just maybe this actually happened in real life last July 2... Wishful thinking https://www.instagram.com/p/CCKrvAEpygg/?igshid=13zt851sw3w5z
  6. Just sharing a perspective from a non shipper male's point of view. for reference My Husband and i have been married for 19 years. And this is his point of view so to speak. We watched TKEM as it was airing and he loves it. By the time beheading kiss on Ep 12 were shown we got a tame version of the kiss that was broadcasted. And when they released the behind the scenes of the Kiss it was scorching hot. And i mentioned it to my husband and he got curious and he said wow why didn't air that footage what a waste he said LMH is totally in to her. This last weekend we were watching LMH other drama TLOTBS with Jun Ji Hyun and he saw the kissing scenes and he said why does LMH kiss feels different like he's just "let's kiss and get it over with" unlike his kisses with KGE on TKEM he's said he's more like enjoying it and the kisses seems more natural. I said to him hello JJH is married with 2 kids he might feel uncomfortable with her compared to KGE as they were both single while filming TKEM. So there you have it. Coming from my husband's statement he sensed something is different with LMH and KGE kisses. Mind you he's not a shipper he's just a casual KDRAMA watcher.
  7. Lol i can't imagine LMH being domesticated and doing Laundry... but i must admit that is one sight to behold
  8. Attn to LMH look what you have done to us. It's all your fault LMH... TKEM days we are so busy analyzing and measuring the shoes of the savior... KGE bday we are busy measuring the shadows from your cryptic post... THE FOLLOWING DAY...we are now busy focusing on measuring the length of your shorts... Just a heads up Soompi forum community are capable of complicated math just like Lee Gon and that includes measuring anything in between... I'm just saying
  9. Well this just proves he have numerous pairs of black shorts and not just one... lol Its either he's a night owl or he's an early bird...
  10. Doesn't he sleep at all... https://www.instagram.com/p/CCMLHmrph88/?igshid=rxgv0l7qo6ru he's awake when everyone is dozing off....
  11. Who knows maybe he does that at his home? It just crossed my mind... he mentioned in his interview on his fanmeet that he like to sleep naked though.... so.....
  12. Yes LMH is such a witty guy! And that's one of his charms Here's the Video where the snippet from IG came from with English Sub from his 2017 Fanmeet. Let's enjoy the funny side of LMH
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