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  1. @SC2019 Haha thanks ! I became way too invested in TOTNT lol!!! Yea his ending was actually explained in Ep 1 too! Like the fox bride was on her way to becoming human too (getting married to an unsuspecting human husband), but since you know she wasn't a good person, she didn't succeed unlike Lee Yeon lol! With Lee Rang, I'd admit I was swept up in my emotions when I predicted his outcome in my ep 16 predictions. However, I did initially predicted he would die since ep 4 I think, but with me trying to remain optimistic I tried to change my tune at the
  2. Totally forgot to post on here because I switched to posting on Twitter or my blog. Anyways for those who have some questions concerning the very end scene of Lee Yeon, please check out my blog !
  3. Ep 9 Pre Release Clip! I don’t understand much, but Lee Yeon is worried about Ji Ah. Lee Rang tells Lee Yeon to just abandon him and leave him to get eaten by the zombies. Then Lee Yeon tells Lee Rang he is just the same as when they first met, still has no will to try and save himself. Lee Rang then tells Lee Yeon something along the lines of “Well unlike you, I don’t have any family or anyone in my life that I am willing to risk my life to protect like Ji Ah who is waiting to die.” ^Not sure if my translation is entirely correct, but if anyone
  4. Spoiler Alert !! View the following pics for potential clues to the end:
  5. @madmad min Yea I finally deduced that the act of suicide is just a taboo that guarantees no reincarnation. Just go to my Tumblr blog for my analysis on it haha! I feel like the whole Ah Eum death thing is like Snape being worry that his soul would be tainted for killing Dumbledore if you get my drift. With the translation part that you were talking about, I think you may find a better one on kissasian or drama cool!
  6. Whew after working on this post for a couple of hours, I finally finished ! The blog post includes theories about the Imoogi being Bok Gil/Taluipa's son as well as info on what the Green Juice Lady is for all those curious ! Check it out here!
  7. @Jillia Thanks !!! True!! At the same time, he gave up his Mountain God status so that Ah Eum could be reincarnated so like now that she has, does that mean he can be a mountain god again ? Also I noticed he no longer has to work all those assassin jobs ever since he found out Ji Ah is Ah reincarnated lol! Guess that contract is now officially up ! Yay !
  8. @Jillia So Lee Yeon’s mountain God status has nothing to do with why he can’t be reborn right ? This show I swear has got me making so many theories !! I’ll probably make a longer post on my Tumblr tomorrow with new theories and post them on here too !!
  9. Could anyone explain to me why Lee Yeon can't be reborn? Taluipa's husband had said the following things: This left me really confused in a sense. Is Lee Yeon's Mountain God status the reason why he can't be reborn or is because suicide is seen as such a taboo that it guarantees no reincarnation ? Maybe Lee Yeon's original plan was for the Imoogi to go into him and then he was going to commit suicide. However, since that meant he couldn't be reborn, Ah Eum thought it would've been better for her to die because she at least could be reborn. But then I go back
  10. First Impressions of Ep 7 W/O Subs -Lee Yeon looked hot af when he got mad at Taluipa for being aware about the Imoogi. Im glad Talupia's husband interrupted their fight. -Loved the bedroom scene. All I could think of was well those two need to get started on having little baby half foxes. Also I got such Twilight vibes from the bedroom scene lol! -Laughed so hard at Lee Yeon's cooking skills from burning stuff to adding too much salt lol. Shin Ju to the rescue! TOTNT's kitchen scene reminded me of the sweet kitchen scene in
  11. @coffeeboy glad you enjoyed the post ! I think Ah Eum did want to save her parents. Maybe what she meant was that she was trying to kill the Imoogi who was pretending to be her father. For all we know, the Imoogi could have been holding her father hostage somewhere. I would have to go back and watch that scene again, but I think Lee Yeon said something along the lines that the Imoogi was pretending to be her father and didnt imply that her father was possessed. @coffeeboyThe Imoogi does not need a virgin sacrifice to transform into a dragon. What it needs is a "yeouiju". See li
  12. Thanks @madmad min! Yea Ji Ah/Ah Eum seem to have a lot in common with the Princess Bari myth. So I think that’s what myth the writer was referring to ! Haha yea everyone keeps saying Ji Ah is a hybrid, but I’m like nah lol. She just has a piece of the Imoogi in here kinda like how Harry Potter had a piece of Voldemort in him.
  13. Popping by to share some of my theories ! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here ! Anyways I’m too lazy to retype all of my theories on here, but for anyone curious you can check them out here. In my blog posting, I mentioned about what the Imoogi’s true goal is as well as what exactly Ji Ah is ! Hope all is well with everyone !
  14. Sorry everyone for not being more present on here lately !! Been so busy with school lol!! I just love backtracking through all of these pages and looking at all of these wonderful pics of our egg baby !!! I wonder when the next WDH crumb will come to us !! It feels like forever since we have seen new pics of him !! Missing this silly goober : _________________________ @Ava Jo Agreed !! I definitely thought WDH looked the best in TKEM as ES and JY!!!
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