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  1. @Ava Jo For real that man deserves an award for all of his micro expressions ! Oh yea I saw that KeyEast update !! Yea on the 15th infantry cafe there were talking about the date for the completion ceremony which is coming up soon !
  2. @Seonhoyaa He really does have the most beautiful smile ever !! I swear to God though, despite having such a beautiful smile, it can be so creepy sometimes haha!! He's so skilled as an actor at controlling his smiles. He make it go from creepy to so cute to enduring! He definitely needs best actor award !!!
  3. @rocher22 OMG HAHAHA!!!! I never noticed this before either !!! Haha JY is wearing whales...this is such ES energy hahah!! Its like in this picture...notice where Nari/KYJ's hand is... its near ES/WDH's um "family jewels" LOL All I have to say is that KYJ is one lucky gal
  4. @whiteclover Haha yea you and me both with rooting for the Jin Se Yun and Cha Hyeong Bin, but oh well. Disappointment indeed !!! That's the thing, HJ is kinda wishy washy much like SB was in BA lol. I just finished watching ep.8 and I'm kinda at a loss of what to think about it really lol. Why did it feel like we got no where in the plot development lol? At least with BA, you found out new info and it felt like it was progressing somewhere. In today's episode, the only thing that felt like it was getting somewhere was that HJ tells JW that she was the girl that he saved lol. Otherwise there was nothing else going on lol. There's still a love triangle with JW, HJ, and DG and that hospital chairwoman trying to get revenge/find out more info about Song Min Ju lol. I thought for sure they were going to kiss this episode, but nope, nothing, nada lol. Part of me feels like even the writer doesnt know what to write next because they just keep stalling. They only got basically three main plots here: 1) HJ remembering JW 2) HJ getting married to whoever 3) Evil chairwoman trying to sabotage HJ and JW's relationship Even those main plots could be paced a little bit faster. There's just something off about the plots like it seems that the writer doesnt know what the reasons are that is driving the characters to do what they're doing lol. If anything, the characters' motive just seems pretty weak. For example, DG liking HJ bc he's known her a long time, JW liking HJ because of past memories, and Chairwoman sabotaging HJ and JW's relationship because in the past she had liked JW's former self lol.
  5. Anyone feel like this show is like "Born Again" 2.0?! I dont know if anyone here has watched "Born Again", but its very similar to ATGWLM from the love triangle to the whole reincarnation lovers aspect lol. I keep watching this show with hopes that the reincarnated couple will get a happy ending together this time !! Like some of you here, I also feel like the show's pacing is a bit slow. I feel like we have been circling the whole JW, HJ, and DK love triangle and HJ not remember things for what feels like forever now lol. Even though I will finish this drama, I'm just hoping it will move a little faster or develop more somehow!
  6. @annannh18kYea I finally managed to finish it haha. I was delayed a few days following an eye injury, but my eye finally healed today so I could see out of both eyes again haha!! Didnt want our WDH to look funny hahah !!! No prob !! Yea so proud of him !!!!
  7. @Seonhoyaa haha thankies I try !!! Those are WDH's original legs and feet though just taken from another image hahah !!!
  8. New EXA promotional ad !!! __________________ @Ava Jo @Seonhoyaa based on what ive been reading I think you guys are right ! Seems like our WDH baby is indeed a company commander !!!!! He's killing it !!!!
  9. Tried to clean up his new military pics, but they're still looking so bad haha!!! _________________________ @Seonhoyaa I dont think you have to provide sources unless its like articles or whatever. Or if its artwork of WDH by someone else ! I could be wrong though haha!! There's a whole page dedicated to rules about that ! HAHAHHAHA YES I AM THE CONSTANT WDH KYJ shipper on twitter hahahahah !!!!!! I am still keeping the hope alive that they're dating in secret hahaha !!!!
  10. Sexy bae ________________ @Seonhoyaa Welcome fellow WDH fan !!! Oh no that's most unfortunate that twitter suspended your WDH twitter fan account !!! They're so evil for doing so !!!!!!
  11. @annannh18k Haha I did one even better.....I started Photoshopping him some new pants and shoes haha !! Will post the final product once Im finished haha !!! ______________ @kmsl Amen to that !!! He could shatter my heart and I would still go back to him for more hahah!!
  12. Excerpts of Woo Do Hwan's Interview in ELLE Korea Found some scans of the interview with WDH in ELLE Korea. Note: There are still some missing pages and also I'm not sure how accurate these translations are since I got them from using Google Translate and Papago lol: It wasn't a scheduled that Woo Do Hwan would be leaving so soon. The news of the enlistment that was given a week before the photoshoot was done. Woo Do Hwan posted on his SNS a hand written letter saying, "Thank you for watching and loving me in my 20s." Planning to meet him became more busy. Three days before he enlisted in the army, Woo Do-Hwan's last photo shoot in his 20’s would began. Along with him were staff who had worked with him for a long time. The actor with his bold appearance and intense eyes were well suited for the screen. In fact, he has a new look of curiosity these days. This is because he played a two-person role in “The King: Eternal Monarch”. He played a cheerful and sensual character that had never been seen before. As I am still a little late, I still want to know a lot about this man after watching his show. After a brief stint in the studio ahead of his final costume, he appeared with a short haircut and stood in front of the camera once again. Woo Do Hwan: I heard the news of enlistment all of a sudden. I wanted to have more fun before joining the army and I wanted to eat more delicious food while meeting people, but I have already done a lot for today. I wanted to be in the best shape I could be since this will be my last photoshoot in my 20’s. Interviewer: Three days before D-Day, how do you feel now? Woo Do Hwan: I have so many feelings. I always write a diary as to remember today, but I think as the enlistment approaches, it has forced me to be reminded of so many things. I have many thoughts such as how I lived my life and who I really care about. Interviewer: “The King: Eternal Monarch” became your last work before enlistment, what does this work mean for you? Woo Do Hwan: If I think about it now, I’m glad that I was able to play a dual role. Thanks to this, fans will feel like they got to experience two roles in just one show. It was great to work with many actors/actresses and staff, so I will feel like I am going to the army with a lot of support. Woo Do Hwan: It seems that it would have been difficult to play Jo Young and Jo Eun-sup, different characters and indeed it was very difficult. There were times when I had to played two people a day, and there were days when I had to play Yeong and then Eun-sup and then become Yeong again. Our staff also suffered too because they constantly had to wash my hair and set it up again. To play Eun Sup, I had to have a lot energy from the star. While when I played Yeong, I had to tried to be as calm as possible. It was really fun to show two difference sides of myself. Of course it wasn’t easy. While it was the most difficult, it was also the most fun because one person is able to play two different people and see it onscreen. I had to plan out how each character would react. Interviewer: In particular, Jo Eun-Sup was a character who brought out a new aspect of actor Woo Do-Hwan. How was it like to play a dialect and play a cheerful youthful character? Woo Do Hwan: I know everyone, I know. I’m Eun Sup (laughs). I played a lot of serious characters before, so it would seem publicly that I’m more like Jo Yeong. Thanks to this show, I got a new look and I felt new while acting. It was always a role I wanted to try, but finally I was able to show it. I think writer Kim Eun-sook discovered this inside of me and wrote it vividly. Interviewer: Everyone has different sides to them. What do you think is the most conflicting aspect of Woo Do Hwan's real life? Woo Do Hwan: When I meet someone in a private place, I’m often told that I’m different from how I may seem publicly. For example, people always think that I am drinking, but I’m really not like that! Interviewer: Another thing you said is that you tend to cry a lot. Woo Do Hwan: Actor Yang Se-Jong, whom I met in “My Country”, gave me an earful and that’s why I cried so much on the last day of filming. Even when acting, I still lack technical skills, so I try to focus on that one role and emotion. I got a call from Sejong. Since he was in the army before me, he told me a lot about this and that. We’re grateful to each other. Interviewer: It was the best partner, and if a parallel universe exists like a drama, the results of other choices made by the past... Woo Do Hwan: I was thinking about going next year, but when I was 25 and had to go, I was cast in “Master”. And I’ve come this far. I feel like I’ve learned a lot about what the military is like by just listening to my friends who have both been enlisted and discharged over a course of 10 years. I’ve learned a lot during my time as an actor so now the time has finally come to learn with my own body. Interviewer: Now that 29 years have passed. How was your early to mid 20’s when you had no work? Did you have a good time? Woo Do Hwan: I think I had a good time (pauses). Looking back, I met a lot of people, some of them hurt me, some of them hurt by me, and I loved. I think happy times often passes by too quickly. I don't want to say no to the question of whether I lived well in my 20s. Even if I haven't done so, I don't want to leave a heart of regret (laughs). I've been asking this question since the beginning, but I'm even more grateful because it's just a number of "true age," but it's not a good thing that happened ahead of enlistment. I think it's more emotional to see so many people. Interviewer: After the military, what kind of work do you want to do? Woo Do Hwan: There are a lot of pressures. I'm more experienced than I am now. But even now, when I meet my friends, I naturally don’t like I am who I was before, so it feels different. Based on what I felt like learning, I did two movies and had a dream about a drama soldier. I think it's so cool to keep something. When I was filming "My Country," I felt something changed on the spot. Perhaps, I want to do my best for a long time. And when I get back, I would feel like I could enjoy the work again. I wish to come back looking more mature and cool. My face in the mirror may be limited, but I think I've changed a lot behind the camera. I can't wait to see if I will still be good. Interviewer: If we were to film actor Woo Do-hwan's 20s record, would the ending cut have had just show only hard times and concerns? Woo Do Hwan: I would hope if they are watching it, they would be smiling happily. But it's probably one of the biggest concerns as my celebrity. The thought of enlisting has always been in the back of my mind. There is this one scene where I as Eun-Sup, tosses a coin in “The King: Eternal Monarch”, when things don’t go well, …
  13. Woo Do Hwan Reflects On Career And Shows Love For “The King: Eternal Monarch” In Last Pictorial Before Enlistment Woo Do Hwan teamed up with Elle magazine for his last photo spread and interview before his enlistment. Woo Do Hwan enlisted in the military on July 6 and a few days before the date, he worked with Elle for his last photo spread in his twenties. In the interview that followed, he looked back on his life so far as a 29-year-old [Korean age reckoning] and shared his honest opinions. He was asked how he felt looking back on his life and he said, “Compared to some people, my time in obscurity as an actor was not that long, but I did still go through a period of time where I was desperately waiting and hoping for my big break. I feel even more grateful about where I am now because things weren’t perfect from the start.” “The King: Eternal Monarch” was his last drama before his enlistment and he said, “If I look back on it now, I’m glad I got to play two different characters. I was able to show two different sides of myself in one drama. I got to work with such a great cast and crew, so I feel like I’ve gained so much support as I head to the army.” He concluded his interview by stating, “I’m grateful to be enlisting with the support of so many people. You can’t turn back time, so I always just want to work hard and do well. When I come back, I hope I’ve become a little more mature and cool.” Woo Do Hwan’s full interview and photo spread will be available in the August issue of Elle. Source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1414015wpp/woo-do-hwan-reflects-on-career-and-shows-love-for-the-king-eternal-monarch-in-last-pictorial-before-enlistment
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