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  1. Hohoooo Our thread comes back alive And still, I have to do backtracking too many pages I'll do it later tho. My eyes still have a problem with this night mode. Sorry for cutting your post here ma friend. CMIIW, but did PSH call him oppa? Even at the sbs awards, she called him oppa when she was on stage. Saying thank you to him.
  2. Woow. I have so many pages on backtracking. I really miss this forum. But I have a problem with my eyes with this current night mode. It would be so difficult for me to read. So sad. What should I do
  3. Sorry for cutting your post chingu. 1. I agreed totally. 33 yo or 22, he is still the same or if I may say he aged like wine. 2. Again, his eyes are amazing. I think only hatters who don't have the capability to acknowledge them. Even the media praised them a lot. 3. So glad that I am not the only one here. Still couldn't find any actors on the same par in terms of this. He is still the most prominent. Your summary is awesome ma friend. Thank you Sorry to cut your post chingu... Yes, i don't mind seeing them collaborate again. They were cute together and definitely had good chemistry. @Nikaa94, @scrawford Yes. I agree with you ma friends. Their reunion would be fun. I have no worry about shipper too because PSH already has a BF. I also want him to collaborate with MCW. They look good together. MCW is so feminine. I like her.
  4. Second gif Just look at the way LMH stared at PSH. It's like we also can read everything that spins around his mind. I really love this scene back then, also now that I re-watch them. His stare is so on point. Btw, does anybody realize that in the scene where Eun Sang cried out loudly when her sister took her money from her suitcase, KT stared at her and also had tears in his eyes? Amazing. And the way PSH cried in this scene also so heartbreaking. I also love the scene when KT said to ES in the wine room, that he realized she was just another bad dream. He owned this scene wonderfully. BGM from Heirs I think one of the best. And there were scenes that executed amazingly. I love itttt He is like manga character in real life. And look at his smirk. Daejaaang Me too My eyes hurt so bad from reading just one page
  5. Hahaha, agreed on your statement chingu. He is at his best when he is jealous. He could be so annoying yet endearing 100% is true ma friend. Again, back to his eyes
  6. Chingu, you really spot on here with those you have said. I really feel the intensity from LMH toward his FLs. When he was in love, I also could feel it. When he stared lovingly toward them, it really feels. I remember how he stared Eun Sang with such a high intensity. I looked away because it was too intimate. I was shy. Hahaha. I also really love the way he looked to imja and mermaid. Full of caring and loving. So warm, pure, and sincere. In TKEM, I remember this scene, the first time they ate chicken together. When he asked were there things that could make him stay longer in her world. His stare was intense and really full of a layer of emotions. It's so deep. I was really amazed by this scene. Never saw other actors pull off such scenes the way LMH did.
  7. @msdot Can't agree more. Imo, it's a really rare ability to acting with the eyes. Not every actor has this ability. I would favor actors who have it naturally. So my favorite actors mostly have that ability. Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Tom Thank, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robin Wiliams (his sad eyes were really prominent), etc. I found LMH from the BOF era. At first, I mocked him because I really admire Jerry Yan at that time. I thought, ah they wouldn't be able to do the serial as best as Meteor Garden. And who is this the weird guy with super funny hair. But then BOOM. The mighty GJP won my heart and attention. And the first that I noticed from LMH of course the power of his eyes. Imo, he can own the character even only by his eyes. He owned it. No one will doubt it I think. Maybe I am not really into Kdrama. I only watched several of them. But based on my watching experience, LMH's eyes are the most prominent among them. I said what saw
  8. Tbh, I think LMH has a rare kind of external appearance compare to his colleagues. He has this mature vibe even from the BOF era. For me, he is not a pretty face or a beautiful one. He is more to a handsome category with full of charm and IT factor. He has the elegance in him. That's why beard will suit him greatly imo. Hahaha But, what surprised me the most is the way he behaves daily. He (almost) always shows us the boyish vibe. He is so pure, warm, and friendly but frank and straightforward. He is indeed unique and classy. Our boy. Yups hahaha GB will always be one of my fave characters of LMH. He acted so damn well in it. Even the director loves him
  9. Whoaaa, so I think I am the only one who enjoy seeing him with the beard like at the end of Faith. Hahaha
  10. He is really having "the boys next door" vibe in those gifs. Hahaha. So young, warm, and free Btw, @msdot, chingu, your quiz only made me want to watch and re-watch Faith. Again and again. Can't help it. Hhhh, what should I do. I am tired
  11. You explained it so well chingu. The way he acted here with his eyes was really wonderful. The layers of emotions on his eyes were sooo readable. I did replay this scene for hundred times. The ironic smile at the end, made my heart broke
  12. No comment about his hair. Still looks good but too boyish for me hahaha
  13. Have you seen this. I think I got this from our dear friend @mychoiyoung https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/faith-translations/#comments It was a very wonderful website in terms of Faith. We could dig deeper inside of the daejang's mind. Wooaahhh I remember this scene. And I love it very much. Daejang's anger was superb and LMH has executed the scene tremendously
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