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  1. Agree with @CarolynH I love LMH more in dramatic role :)). He has such an amazing eyes that would definitely support that kind of role. don't get me wrong. He is also really good in action role. But still, I prefer the dramatic one :D. And GB, that movie was mind blowing for me. From Kimtan, high schooler, suddenly over the night he became a gangster with those intense dan deep emotions that should be delivered. kudos to him. salute. was a brave and brilliant choice from him
  2. Faith. I love Faith so so much. Yes you're right. His eyes was playing such a significant role in there. And for me, that was fantastic. I always love artists who can convey emotions only by their eyes, like Robbin William, or jack Nicholson. Their acting is subtle, but superb
  3. Leeminho. Such a great actor with great works. I love his acting. He could deliver the message of the story so well. I even could understand the message only by his eyes. And as far as I know, only a few artist could do that. Excellent
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